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  1. The traffic out there is simply nuts, though. If I had a helicopter, I'd take it to the grocery store out there.
  2. I feel badly for the others. I can't imagine losing my family member(s) and all news reports and mourning tweets, etc., mention my loved one--who was everything to me--as "everyone else" or "others," etc. I get why. I'm just imagining myself in the shoes of a spouse or son or daughter or parent of someone just suddenly taken and they are "oh, and other people died, too."
  3. Yikes. Any chance you mean David Rittenberg? I wouldn't have known him back then and I don't think I've noticed burns, but he lives in Penn Wynne, which is Lower Merion (Wynnewood) or did, but I haven't seen or spoken to him in years. Just thought of him based on your post.
  4. Exactly. I'm just being playful and this is as much about entertaining the board as much as anything. Years ago in a discussion of I don't know what--wasn't relevant to lace count, just typical fan exchange of opinions--wanted to prove their knowledge and my lack of it by demanding to know my lace count on my skates. It became a running joke that actually has long ago died, but this thread seemed like a good opportunity to resurrect it. Again, sorry, really not helpful to your question but sadly I really don't know. Welcome to the board and good luck!
  5. Sorry. I'd be a lot more helpful if I knew the actual answer. I think the important question is, what's your lace count?
  6. Stick a fork in one. If it comes back out clean, it's fully baked.
  7. Exactly. I think Toffoli, while a nice player, is being grossly overvalued here. I like the guy when playing in a sensible role. But especially if he indicates he's not staying in LA, you can get him for a 3rd round pick.
  8. Are you feeling okay? That seriously might be the craziest thing you've ever written. You very rarely write crazy stuff, so it's not like there's a lot of competition, but wait...what? No. Not in a million years. No for Toffoli. I mean....seriously? No. Not if I someone had me at gun point and showed me videos of my kidnapped children facing torture. He is first line on a team that isn't the worst in the league only because the Red Wings figure they already paid the rent at the stadium. He has no business--none--being on the first line of an NHL team. He really is a 3rd line winger. Which would be fine, but I am not trading Ghost, my top prospect, and picks. I might trade Ghost, but Tyler needs to have a pick coming back with him. No way I pile more on for a UFA 3rd line winger.
  9. OR had mentioned him awhile ago. Honestly, I was initially against it, and I don't think I could enunciate why at the time. I still can't. I've actually warmed to that idea. I'd kick the tires.
  10. I think probably the idea is that if you're trading Ghost, you want someone young to get the bang out of the Ghost trade buck. I like Staal. I think we get a lot more player trading for him than either Saad or Zucker. I like neither. Zucker, in particular, seems to be a popular favorite, but he's never shown me anything. Between Staal, Saad, or Zucker, I go with Staal. Short term, he's a help, but I don't think we're that type of player away from something. I get Staal if I need a seasoned guy to get me to the last level. My preference would be something in Zucker's age-range that is actually good. I'd consider the longer-termed contract if that were the case.
  11. I saw Senator Heinz' crash onto the soccer field at Merion Elementary School. I didn't see impact with the ground. His Piper collided with the helicopter. I must have been about a quarter mile --maybe up to a half mile-away. Of course, I had no idea who was in it at the time. Ironically--and I just now realized this by looking at the Wiki of the crash--I lived in Narberth at the time and like I said, maybe up to a half mile away. The Piper flight took off from Williamsport Regional Airport--about 3 miles from where I'm sitting right now. That's really the only time I've ever been even remotely close to something like that involving aircraft.
  12. I don't know, actually. Good question. If I had to offer suggestions, they'd be based on personal and playing style rather than era. Gretzky and Lemieux both got away with cheap shots along the lines of Clarke and Crosby (sorry to put them in the same sentence). Stick work, elbow-type sneaky cheap shots. Nothing happened because they had players riding shotgun. Lindros may have taken abuse because he dished it out. I mean, he could HIT. And did. And he'd park himself in front. Crosby takes some of the "in front" abuse. But Crosby has never hit the way Lindros did. So, he may have drawn the attention of bigger guys either doing tit-for-tat or just leaving calling cards of "don't eff with my guys." The other thing early on may have been about his sitting out on Quebec and then having the population and GDP of a small country traded for him. Probably more the first guess than the second, but it could have been mixture of both. And then the fact he didn't have someone riding shotgun to take care of things for him was huge and probably the biggest factor. If Lindros gets hit, maybe he kicks the crap out of you but you've managed to get him off the ice for 5 or more minutes. You hit Gretzky or Mario and someone else is sitting. Bonus if you injure Lindros in the process.

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