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  1. Look, I'm not a Hakstol fan, but it's really a tough sell to blame this on Hakstol -- depending upon how much input he had in the team's expansion draft. I mean, they had people they could have drafted if they wanted to be remotely competitve. Instead, they drafted Twarynski and the like. They are skating the Island of Misfit Toys. And no one wants a Charlie in the Box. If they want to be angry at someone, they should join the folks in Raleigh and realize Ron Francis sucks as a GM.
  2. He's okay as the "B" option. He's not the guy you want to run with.
  3. I just want to make sure I wasn't misunderstood somewhere and I'm not sure this was being attributed to me, but just in case: I haven't advocated for AV being fired. He has through next season I would think (June 2023) if he's treated fairly. That last part remains to be seen ("treated fairly.") Depending upon our defense and PK this year, I'd take a long look at Mike Yeo, though. Maybe even Michael Therrien if the PP isn't better this year. On paper, they have the players that it should be good.
  4. It's tempoary, but it's enough that "not this year." And the old wasn't directed at any one player. I don't know the metrics so maybe this part isn't even true, but the average age (didn't do the math) of the group as a whole just doesn't *seem* like a contender. So, in a conversation predicting ultimate outcome for this year it just makes it kind of hard to predict place in the standings. Like Rad (and others) said, it really could be just about anyhwere up and down the division. Hoping you're right about some of the kids. We'll need to figure out the cap situation f
  5. Yeah, in the past few years I was interested in this or the other rookie (whether Hart, or Farabee, etc.). But as a team yeah, it'll be interesting to see. I think we've potentially made this team too old, but this statement is very true so time will tell:
  6. SportingNews -- 10.13.2021 With the puck drop last night, the Philadelphia Flyers have been eliminated from the 2021-22 Stanley Cup Playoffs. "I feel good. We're only one year away from being 5 years away," said Chuck Fletcher.
  7. I don't think top 3 either. Even if Hart plays well,, he's going to have to play a LOT of hockey because Martin Jones is a disaster on skates. And Hart will break down as a result. And the flyers went from a problem of young and inexperienced straight to being OLD. They didn't pass GO!, they didn't collect $200, they went straight to old. Holy overreaction, Batman! This is such a bumblefk organization. BUT...things can shake out. *Can.* Because Washington is broken and Pittsburgh is on the way down as well. And I legitimately don't understand what Ca
  8. Not sure I read either link the way you did, but I'll tell you this: I am not putting a lot of stock in any"pundit" who is saying Carolina will win the Metro. Prediction: they miss the playoffs. I think they screwed up their goaltending, their defense, and their chemistry with a truly bizarre offseason. And I think they're way too high on the capitals. Not sure what to think of the Flyers, but I didn't actually see "mediocrity" regarding the division. Maybe some mediocrity on prognosticating, though.
  9. 1. Panthers -- first team in history to have more points than people who attended the games? 2. Lightning -- might be Toronto here depending upon how much the Bolts kind of relax until it matters. 3. Les Impuissants -- the all foreplay all the time and can't get it done Maple Leafs will have another all bluster no muster season. Possibly good enough to slide into second. Just enough to get their delusional fans all revved up only to be left panting, but unfulfilled as they watch random cars pass by from their lawn chair on the parade route. 4. On se sou
  10. It's just that he's a terrible goalie. Period. It was a ridiculous signing. Sorry, but that's all there is to it.
  11. @yave1964 These discussion posts are more successful when the OP is wrong about something. Lol I don't think there's anything I disagree with. I think the Carolina prediction is probably bold, but I also completely agree with it. They're goaltending was good last year. There was really no reason to blow it up to, in my opinion, replace it with lesser goaltending. I really like some people still on the team, but I think their goaltending and chemistry kills them.
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