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  1. That's it! All night I was like, "it was 'Z-something.'" I couldn't get "Zofo" out of my head but knew that wasn't it. It was numbers after that but I don't recall.
  2. I knew this thread wasn't long in resurfacing given the other thread.
  3. @TropicalFruitGirl26 This close back and forth stuff has been the story of my season so far in both leagues. It's kind of why I'm mid-pack in both leagues. I don't like it. Maybe if I trade Draisaitl for Seth Jones straight up. That ought to right my ship. Right?
  4. True. It was utterly hysterical for the first couple hundred posts, though.
  5. I forgot all about that. That's awesome. I forget the name at the moment, but was it the same poster that started the "I'd like to thank...." thread?
  6. Yeah, he's really come on lately. Dubnyk is actually playing better, too (though his team stinks), but I wanted both halves of the Edmonton net.
  7. Yes. It's funny you didn't counter because I probably would have gone up. You did fine, but I was actually surprised by the accept. I've gotten used to FD wanting Jesus Christ for Jared, from Subway.
  8. If you can find anyone at wawa to wait on you... You might actually not be in Wawa
  9. Honest answer: Yes But not for restaurant workers and some other excluded positions. Servers make $2.83/hr. (plus tips. $7.25/hr. if the $2.83 + tips doesn't reach that figure). The $7.25/hr. is actually still the federal minimum wage, though many states and municipalities have raised theirs higher. Not here in Pennsyltucky.

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