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  1. Off-season is different than deadline because of the cap. But, to your point, I don't believe he gets the value some may be thinking. He may be good to get something done in a package. Even if it just sheds from our own cap.
  2. Only if he makes it through the expansion draft. He's perfect to leave exposed. Though my preference is they take JVR
  3. Last comment on Patrick (until my next one): it's quite possibly he still has something to provide and this coming year is his turn around year with a strong offseason and the confidence of having come off a season without something falling off of him. This is exactly why I move him NOW while there may still be other GMs that believe this is possible and before the inevitable proves otherwise. He's a 4C on this team and that's it. Move him now and possibly get a more useful asset than that while you can and move on. I wish him the best, but I see no fire in him let alone even a
  4. Yeah, I do that, as well. And I like Sanheim more than most here (horrible season), but this seems like a no-brainer.
  5. I think that's a refreshing take on things. Well said.
  6. Just happy with "barely competent #4 center" from him at this point. But maybe #3. I don't know if I'd go so far as "average #3."
  7. Proud charter member of the American Society of Smarmy, Hateful Asshole TeddyBears. a.k.a.: A.S.S.H.A.T.
  8. Okay, now I remember the screen name! I wondered while mowing my lawn and was coming here specifically to ask if you were actually named Ken and married to GolfPro Barbie. #AnybodyNeedaLexus?
  9. "Smarmy" is a running joke from the old board when someone clawed me up and down because I was a "smarmy bas***d." The good old days (they weren't wrong).
  10. Say it again a few times. No one has ever accused me of being a smart cookie. Maybe a smart a##...
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