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  1. Yeah, not to mention some cities will open as some are growing worse and the whole prism in between. I mean, do you start the season back up when New York and Philly are coming back online while they have the start to the ugly in Denver and Phoenix? Just as people are well enough to burn buses in Vancouver and buy lawn chairs for the parade in Toronto, people in Edmonton and Calgary getting sick...etc. I do think it's highly possible the 2020-21 season is at least delayed. Obviously just guessing on that, but I think it's unfortunately likely. You watch, though. Knowing the insane ineptitude of the NHL front office, THIS will be the year they do the draft lottery in front of a live audience.
  2. I could see doing the playoffs late fall if next season's start is lost and they're able to do it just to keep interest until the following season. Logistically, I don't like it, though. People that were injured for this playoffs would be back, others healthy now would be injured by then, draft picks that are NHL ready--or even prospects currently playing--would be ready to go, but would they be allowed or not? People who were FAs would be elsewhere--pretending they'd be going forward with that. I think this season is over full-stop, including playoffs. It sucks and I'm sorry to crap on any kind of hope, but it's done. And I wish the NHL would simply acknowledge the reality rather than this "day-to-day with an upper body injury" horse####.
  3. The season is over. There is no best or worst to do. There's just reality: it's over. Period.
  4. How is this fair to Vaive? And besides, he only played 77 games of 80 that season. If you pro-rate it, he scored 56 and Matthews still has to wait another year to do better. Maybe Matthews could claim the alltime Goals/game in a season in Leafs history?
  5. Plus, you'd have to have only teams that haven't hit 72 play each other. Then you still don't have even up opponents. The warm up thing is more troubling. But I guess none of it is ideal so go with whatever.
  6. He's not lying. It's calloused from all the wool rubbing.
  7. Yes. But if the same happened in Florida, there'd be no change at all if Tampa won. They'd have the "full" parade they had last time.
  8. Yeah. Exactly. So that kind of thing can be discussed in a general for thread (or here) but would probably have a different tone or exchange of opinions with a largely Wild-fan audience. But for a Leafs fan on here it's difficult because most Leafs fans are not on here. They're in their lawn chairs saving their spots on the parade route.
  9. Yeah. So did Universal. Though currently, they're both set to reopen in April
  10. Yeah. I mean, to your point, it's a shame there isn't a bigger population here for other teams. Because the subject probably could support threads in general forums as well as multiple team child boards. Because each team's fans probably would have slightly different discussions because it likely does affect individual franchises differently. The Flyers because it's the first in a long time that not only are we likely to make the playoffs, there's at least some legitimate hope of winning a round. For Detroit fans, it might seem like merciful euthanasia. Tampa and Toronto the loss of a chance at redemption. For Florida and New Jersey fans, the loss of the chance to be the lucky 100th fan to go through the entrance turnstiles this season. Etc.
  11. Some on here know that I was very sick and in the hospital for 14 days over Christmas and New Year's. Flu, double pneumonia, MRSA and sepsis. It got to the point where I was told I'd be intubated by the next morning and "if you have anything you'd like to say to your daughters, now is the time." I began responding to treatment on a V60 external ventilator and ultimately avoided intubation and the death they were not-so-subtely predicting. I missed the early stages because the symptoms were the same as the sinusitus/bronchitus/allergies I've dealt with my entire life. Here's the thing, people: the KNOWN cases of Coronavirus are doubling every 3 days. Known cases. We don't have tests. We have 75000 or so tests for 327 million people because Nero has fiddled with his groin as Rome burns. Unlike SARS or Ebola or West Nile, etc. there is no coordinated action among nations and no leadership to bring that about. Truth: there are vastly more cases than we could possibly be aware of due to no way to test. So, as allergy season approaches, myself and thousands like me will miss early symptoms because "it's allergies" or "it's sinusitis" and "take Mucinex and Excedrin for a few days and I'll be fine." Until it's in the lungs and we're in trouble. And no ventilator to save our lives because the hospital has 3 machines and I'm 24th in line. So, I like everyone here. Truly. But f### you to those worried about a Goddammed hockey game.
  12. LMAO. I watched this like 50 times and laughed just as hatrd every time.
  13. It's funny you bring up Lindros. That's exactly what was in my head when I was writing my post. Both in the context of interrupting chemistry (I was really against reinserting Lindros into that lineup for the exact same reason) and because of the ultimate result. Didn't want to come off as comparing Patrick to Lindros (despite that not being the point), so I didn't.
  14. All of that. Plus, we really have a good mix right now. I'd be hesitant to insert him and juggle lines and chemistry, etc., that seem to be working. Probably a little short-sighted of me, but on the other hand that seems to be why Ghost remains out. I don't know. That's a hard call.

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