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  1. Well, if you prorate, the problems become oblivious..
  2. This is exactly my own minority opinion. No argument will change my mind on this. Not that there aren't Americans who enjoy it, but i do think the enjoyment is stronger in Canada. Give me world juniors a million times before this. I'm not as strong as you in dislike for the Olympics in general, though i don't remember the last time I watched a total of 10 minutes of any Olympic games. I kind of like some of the downhill skiing she sled stuff if I'm somewhere and they have it on. I appreciate the skill in curling but for me it's like watching televised horseshoes or cornhole. So, I really don't bother watching, but I aggressively hate the NHL participation in the Olympics.
  3. I'm in the minority on this subject. Moving right along.
  4. Great call. Fully on board. No more, no less. Don't want him to put a slapper into an empty net? Don't let him. This is hockey, not synchronized swimming (NTTAWWT).
  5. I cannot imagine the justification for the Flyers retiring someone's number whose number isn't already retired. I can't think of any player -- and I've liked my fair share -- who is deserving of that.
  6. We certainly do this with driving, or operating machinery, and often childcare, etc. So yeah, I can't disagree here.
  7. For whatever it's worth, I think this is a spot on take.
  8. Frankly? Yes. But I'm in the US so I cannot begin to throw stones.
  9. Except we're not talking about #4. We're talking about the one too busy reading his press clippings to stay with his man and stopped skating. TZ is simply a terrible/selfish hockey player. Good not great in about 60 feet of it and no idea the rest exists and wouldn't be bothered to be curious to find out. In 2 weeks, Philly would eat him alive if torts didn't bench him yet.
  10. I'm on my phone and the video was below my screen. I would have won money betting it was a video of #8.
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