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  1. Good point about Jenner. I picked him up not terribly recently just kind of because I had people injured. But he kind of just stuck. Nothing exciting but FWs and some peripherals like you said. And can do it from the winger slots. Nice depth guy. But what do I know? My team is flatlined.
  2. That would be the only reason, because otherwise, it really isn't Hextall's MO. And I'm guessing he was brought in specifically with the idea of going young
  3. Honestly, I move on if I can. I'd prefer to get something for him. If Nashville wants him for Ekholm, that's fine. I know some people's heads here will explode and I'm completely sympathetic with that. I know the Flyers history of trading young potential for rentals. If my suspicion is right and it's still medical, then it's potentially fixable and we will regret it. If I'm not and what we're seeing is what we're getting, then let's get something else. I would hope the front office knows the difference. But in any case, I've been hesitant because of lessons learned with
  4. LOL Oh, I saw this. But even the possibility was entertaining to me. But yes, I'm seeing the same thing. And that discourages me more than any rust or lack of production does.
  5. So, just to clarify and summarize. You realize you're thinking the same thing as me, and that brings you to the conclusion that you're not crazy. Interesting. Okay, so as a completely unrelated question, does your employer offer an EAP program or does your major medical cover psychiatric?
  6. I'm open to the idea. I'd rather the D be younger if I'm moving Patrick (because of the hesitation you mention), but I'm open@ @pilldoc without knowing specifically what he's taking, isn't it possible the headache medicine could affect some of that? I know that some SSRIs and other similar-purpose meds can. Just spitballing because what OR is citing is what I'm seeing but to me it's somewhat new (or I just didn't notice it).
  7. We could always put him on waivers and let Hextall take him.
  8. I agree with you in the way you frame it, but I think I view the team with rosier glasses. I actually think we're simply stabilizing the defense away from being a threat. But I'm really not in favor of blowing huge holes in the roster to do it. Certainly not Sanheim. And, really, not someone like Patrick or even Laughton or some of the others. I don't really like even talking about Frost in an Ekholm deal. Like you, when we wade into trading such names, I want looking term. And in the case of either Ekholm or Savard, I don't want either one to resign. I like Savard
  9. It's all good. That's the way I took it. What's amazing is that we're this far into the season and I was still asking the question. LOL
  10. LOL! He is! Yeah, on Buffalo I'd consider Montour. Okay, so Blue Jackets. That changes the algebra on Savard, right? First, they obviously won't go for Gus. I don't think so, anyway. If they will, jump on it. Same offer as I errantly said when I was drunk and had Buffalo in my mind. But you're right that it might take Ghost, which I'm fine with if but for the expansion draft. But what the heck, go with it. Seems to me that Columbus should probably do whatever it can to get either young centers and/or picks. But if they're willing to go with
  11. I like your conditions. Yeah, usually I would say, "Ghost won't do it," but since this is Buffalo I'd say go for it Ghost + a 4th that becomes a 3rd if we make it to the finals (or semis). You could possibly do 3rd to a 2nd, I suppose. I'm not ordinarily in a rush to toss away draft picks, but I'm not that bullish on this year's draft, so do what you have to do. The only problem with doing Ghost is I wouldn't mind keeping him to expose to Seattle. I wonder if Gus instead and make the pick condition contingent upon whether Buffalo is able to
  12. Not really much to see here, huh? I'm sure the board will have additions by the time we get to the deadline, but right now kind of meh. From a a Flyers perspective, they've been involved in Ekholm rumors, but in some ways I'd prefer Savard. Player vs. Player, it's Ekholm all day every day for me. But Savard would be cheaper in terms of what is going out, we wouldn't be saddled with his contact next year, and he's a right handed shot so could slide next to Provorov better. Not a fan of him on the top pair, but it's not horrible. I'd prefer Montour. Luckily, with Buff
  13. I totally never saw it. Nor the apparently 50,000 NHL articles that led with it.
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