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  1. Not a chance. He will sign a long term extension this summer.
  2. JVR: the best, most engaged Flyer. God help us
  3. Chapstick, humidifiers, and lotion. None of that will make you gay don't worry.
  4. I've agreed with two things you've written today, it's surely downhill from here...
  5. I know. I appreciate it. Winnipeg. But originally from up North, Flin Flon way. Never been to Birch River, but played a lot of hockey in nearby Swan River and, of course, Dauphin.
  6. No worries. It's ok for straight men to tell each other they love each other. I think it's encouraged actually. Makes you more manly. So I do it all the time. I've decided to start drinking, making bourbon sours.
  7. I always thought you were from the Philly area. Huh.
  8. LOL, I knew that would get attention. It happens to be true though. I don't see why not, doesn't bourbon go with everything?
  9. Exactly. It's not like Winnipeg is where you'd come to anyway, lol, other than to see me, of course. Vancouver, Banff/The Rocky Mountains, the South Shore of Nova Scotia, Montreal. Hamilton (jk) Not necessarily in that order of ranking, but lots of great places to see.
  10. Yeah. Problem is, the whole world also knew that neither Laine nor Roslovic wanted to be in Wpg. Tough situation for the GM.
  11. Good, book a trip post Covid, I can put you up at Chez Podein25's. There's a great steakhouse nearby, you're buying: http://529wellington.ca/
  12. @Zzeke I'm not from Winnipeg so I don't feel a strong need to defend it. But I had to move away and come back to appreciate it. For those who don't know anything about Wpg besides the cold: - Some of the best restaurants in all of North America, due to a diverse immigrant population - A world class ballet and generally one of the best Arts scenes in North America - A fantastic music scene with many great old theater venues - Lowest cost of living in all of Canada, cheap housing, cheap electricity (Hydro) - A diverse economy shielded from the negative
  13. Time will tell on who wins this trade. So Laine signs a 2 year bridge deal to get him to UFA (there's no way he signs a deal that eats into his UFA years). On the ice, eventually, Torts runs out of patience with Laine , and vice versa. He gets to UFA and asks for $12 million, which he knows will trigger a trade. This scenario is not only a possible one, but a likely one. At which point Winnipeg wins the trade.
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