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  1. I am also in the vast minority who has always liked Hagg. He seems like a smart player.
  2. Yeah. I'm a huge fan of Maurice. Needless to say, not all Jets fans are. And at the first sign of trouble (was last night it? I don't think so), there will be loud Jet fans calling for his head.
  3. I missed most of it. It will not be a fun day at Jets practice, no.
  4. Yeah, fair point on the D. I think Kulikov was actually very good last year until he got hurt, missed like 2/3 of the year. He's rusty as hell no doubt. Morrow too has been good as a Jet, on the whole and earned a contract. The whole team is not humming yet from Helly on out. Wait until they do.
  5. Yeah, it's about as ugly a match up as their is. On paper at least. The Jets' offense hasn't really got going yet outside of the Wheeler line. Tonight could be the night. Look for Brendan Lemieux to be in the Oilers' face all night. Not his first NHL game - he got some games in late last year when they were kind of inn coast to the playoffs mode - this will be different. If you're on the Oilers' 3rd D pairing imagine the fun of looking forward to Lowry, Copp, Tanev, followed by Lemiuex Roslovic, Perreault? That's a lot of hard minutes in your own end.
  6. TK was a great PK guy in Jr. I don't think it's rocket science: 1. Win the faceoff 2. Pressure the puck 3. Block lanes 4. Eat the puck if you have to 5. Get off the ice for fresh legs asap
  7. Totally came to this thread thinking it was a defense of McTurd based on the title. Instead, it's that we should hate him more!! I cannot count the ways in which I love Philly sports fans. Simply the best.
  8. Lol, it's not?! I thought the general NHL consensus was aggressive PK wins the day? I guess maybe you have to have the right people to execute it....and maybe we don't.
  9. I don't really have a problem with it. Both the hit and the extra throw down. For years Mike Matheson has been told that if he's not willing to do precisely more of that he will never play in the NHL. So that's why I don't really have a problem with it.
  10. Beauty. Love Gritty. I want one for Christmas.
  11. I know cheap and easy jokes. I really should try harder. I haven't been around much lately, trying to change that. So really, I was just saying "hi" Hi!
  12. Gritty drives a '97 Lumina with a wonky transmission.

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