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  1. Take the Lexus with the 42' plasma mounted to the roof.
  2. Sad that you deleted my post speculating on why certain people are so angry, but I'm glad you left my Santa never forgets post in. That was genius.
  3. Absolutely. E.g., Myers - undrafted. I said this in another thread, or maybe here I dunno, but I like that the Flyers drafted character guys. If the draft is a crapshoot, why not take guys with work ethic and character, it improves the odds that they become pros doesn't it?
  4. You may have fooled the wife but you're not fooling us.
  5. I grew up in the North (not the Arctic, but North) where it got to -40 c on some winter days. For years I thought that the Russians were fukcing with us 'cause my oldest sister told me that they controlled the weather and that's why it was so cold.
  6. Canada has higher taxes, colder weather and an infrastructure deficit, but a record number of Americans want to move here. And immigrants all over the world looking to start a better life for their families have Canada at the top of their list of places to move to.
  7. It does look rather controlled and with a purpose. The other thing I would say is that every one of the Flyer picks, as far as I can tell, are character guys. Every one of them. Character guys who have put the work in and are rewarded with contracts is about as good a way forward as I can imagine.
  8. Are you saying Santa forgets? Santa never forgets. He may forgive, but he never forgets.
  9. Meh. I don't mind Fletch bargain hunting for good value propositions. He's made two errors so far: re-signing Braun and letting Pitlick go. And both of those I can live with given rationale at play. Disagree? Fight me!
  10. I know, right? No skill there. None whatsoever. Can't skate, or pass or shoot or take pucks off his skate onto his stick to score, or see the ice and go to open areas for scoring chances. Certainly nothing like that. Might as well have 68 year old Brad Marsh out there playing D with a scotch in one hand and his dick in the other.
  11. I like Gustafsson. Whether he is the right type of Dman or right fit, remains to be seen. But he's an experienced (but not old), mobile puck mover with some skill. And he's way better defensively than Ghost. Note: this is not the same Erik Gustafsson that played for the Flyers 2010-12. This one is slightly bigger and I think better. The other one is playing in the Swedish Elite League

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