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  1. What, traded 5 times in 3 years, mostly back and forth between the same two teams?
  2. REPORTED. Everybody knows that just because you score 1,000 pts in Jr., it doesn't mean jack. It's not even really the same game. Sure it's on ice and all, but basically a totally different sport.
  3. Lol, next he'll be pushing old ladies down the escalator based on your advice that it is good for his karma.
  4. Laine headed to Switzerland to play video games train with SC Bern per Twitter
  5. This kind of insight is why we pay you the big bucks to be here.
  6. Yeah, that should be the ballpark. I love both their games, with a slight preference to Provy because of his skating.
  7. There appears to be a body of evidence to sustain your hypothesis.
  8. TOI just under 15 min because TK doesn't kill penalties, which he should be doing. He was an amazing PK guy in Jr.
  9. Yeah that answer was horrible, rather like his play away from the puck. My understanding is that he likes Winnipeg, doesn't care about being in a big city or anything, like that. Not uncommon for Finnish players to not care about stuff like that. Hell, you can play video games anywhere, which is how he prefers to spend his time. I think maybe some of the leadership group have likely grown a bit tired of Laine. But that's just me speculating.
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