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  1. Now you're talking! Some summary executions would shake things up. I say start with McCrossin, just 'cause.
  2. Stopped watching after 2 and prayed for a quick death. Question for the analytics folks: we must be near the bottom in all the key possession stats eh? Because other than when we win a faceoff (today that seemed infrequent) and momentarily have the puck, we never have it. So much panic, so little support for that panic, so many giveaways, so many little battles lost, so many 50-50 pucks lost, so little possession. It's grim.
  3. Surely you take the under on this and bet the castle on it.
  4. Yeah, it's very concerning. He doesn't look as mobile as he used to. Then again, none of our D look particularly mobile at present. Some of this is systemic: by the time they get the bloody puck they are too tired from chasing and can't skate it out. Imagine if we weren't a top 5 faceoff team, we'd be chasing even more! It's all so damn sad.
  5. So, you're telling me there's a chance I finally get the call? Noice!
  6. They don't generate scoring chances to be specific. It's not like they are all snake bitten or something, almost zero quality chances being generated over 60 min.
  7. I'm with you on the bad passing, it's been a theme for years. I do think it is more symptom than cause though, because I refuse to believe that an NHL caliber player can't make a 6' pass under normal conditions. I'm not sure I agree on the gaps being ok. Last night, before I turned it off, I noticed several times that when our Dman got the puck (stationary of course) that all three forwards took off in a straight line away from the puck, quickly eliminating any good outs, any good angles. Earlier in the year the D were flipping the puck, which seemed to be working. Atkinson scored
  8. Yikes, that's not good. Put Giroux in goal I guess.
  9. Sounds like I missed a good game. Also, I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue.
  10. That's some impressive lurking right there. Nice to see you man!
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