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  1. I think those two things are essentially the same thing. He just needs to play a game here, a game there, almost never in a row. I think he can do that. Maybe not, I don't know, but it's not the end of the world.
  2. What was the better or cheaper alternative? McEIhenney?
  3. I thought it was because the chicken was stapled to the frog?
  4. I know people are tired of me making that joke, but really it's just a comment to remind us and others of our horrible decision-making/luck with goalies. I mean, we had a goalie go and get vertigo for chrissake!
  5. I dunno. He's a veteran backup. We have Carter Hart. That's all I care about. To my knowledge, Carter does not own a Porsche.
  6. It's only $1.9M more than he is worth, so I'm ok with it given that Hayes is worth about $4M and getting $7M.
  7. After surgery and his knee is still all loose and wonky? I believe that is what is known as unsuccessful surgery in the biz.
  8. Yeah, I think they find a way. I was a bit surprised that they didn't try to package Perreault with Trouba. Maybe they did, but in the end made a hockey trade instead of a cap trade.
  9. Gawd I hope that doesn't happen. I cannot see the Jets making that calculation. For one thing, they are not equivalent players because Simmonds has lost his step. Tanev might be the quickest, most fiercest puck hounder in the league. That's a pretty good quality in a hockey player ("take the shortest route to the puck and arrive in ill-humor") I think they try their damnedest to sign Tanev. Coach, teammates, fans: they all love him.
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