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  1. Who declares their innocence by saying there is "a 150% chance that it's not true"? Not once, but twice. You don't have to be 150% innocent (as if there is such a thing), 100% innocent suffices, thank you very much. I'm guessing the IP addresses say she's 100% guilty.
  2. They need to come up with a "mental combine," which can test the hockey IQ of a player. I'm only mostly kidding.
  3. Yeah, I know what you mean. I don't know what the hell "exodus of apathy" even means, but I sure like it!
  4. Mine is Overclocked. Hey, we've hijacked the thread, nicely done!
  5. A lot would be easier if you could partition your mind!
  6. Trotz is from Dauphin, MB and he went on to coach the Dauphin Kings (Jr. A) and was coaching my last year of Jr. Nice guy. I could feel happy for him.
  7. Ok, you've done it. I'm now cheering for the Caps. May God save my soul.
  8. It's one thing - and a crazy thing to be sure - to pick a fight with rux, but these here are fighting words my friend! As a former Canucks fan (lol!), who has jumped onto the next shiny thing and got lucky to be on the bandwagon a little earlier than others, you are in NO position to make fun of us long suffering Flyer fans. Please stop before you get humiliated.
  9. So, slow learner then? Just kidding, carry on. I'm cheering for the Kniggets by the way, they're quite a story.
  10. You're not special you know, @ruxpin hates ALL things. You should know that by now.