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  1. Risto's *** is not the body part mainly in need of intervention in my opinion. Go up, about 3 feet, and you will find the body part that is the problem.
  2. God bless you for this, but the sample size is now over 500 GP as a pro. He's just not that good. He's a a career-175 adn apepars to be dumb as a post.
  3. It goes without saying that you have a hate list. You are champion list-maker: favorite list, hate list, little-old-ladies-to-be-pushed-down-escalators list, etc., etc.,
  4. I don't doubt this, but I wonder if Torts actually knows anything about hockey, like the Xs and Os stuff? Ack, maybe that sh!t doesn't really matter: take the shortest route to the puck and arrive in ill-humor amirite?
  5. Christ almighty man, maybe put the beer down. Have a good weekend. Enjoy the hockey
  6. Ok, settle down. This line of yours is ridiculous. Obviously, I like the player. I'm simply saying that Sean Couturier is not a "lazy" hockey player.
  7. Lol, the man can barely skate. You think Sean Couturier is a lazy hockey player? That's one of your main complaint eh? That Sean Couturier takes shifts off? Ok
  8. With some fake Grittys and a dear old friend (and long suffering left winger on all those teams when we were kids) at the Jets game last week
  9. Lol, he finished -2 for the night with the EN shortie, lol. So -45 Heefukcinhaw
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