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  1. I have changed mine to another Flyers legend. If we had more players like him, we wouldn't be in this mess.
  2. So I'm counting approx. $2.5M in cap space difference (to the good), is that rigt?
  3. What even is this thing called a "2nd round"?
  4. My internet is down, does anybody have directions to the Walt Whitman Bridge?
  5. On the off chance that this happens, imma gonna go ahead and predict that Ghost challenges Makar for points by a Dman and gets a Norris-nomination. You know, just so I can come on here a year from now and brag about how smart I am.
  6. Don't you go pissing me off, or I will go to your house and put that beer truck back on your head (empty of course).
  7. Prolly someone with undiagnosed vertigo or some sh!t.
  8. I agree, but you and I are in the minority it appears. People keep raising the point that he was put on waivers and people passed, but that's a different context in which teams often have very limited room to maneuver. The truth is Ghost has a unique set of hockey skills that have intrinsic value. What the market, at any given point, values is a different thing. And it's what matters sadly.
  9. But I liked Pitlick! In the right situation, with the right linemates, he could have potted 60!
  10. Christ, you must be exhausted from patting yourself on the back. Best go to bed.
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