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  1. I'm not, that guy is a pain in the asss. I hope he is suffering. Not too much, but yeah suffering.
  2. Like Hayes was busting his but in July. Lol.
  3. No deal, that's like $12,000 Canadian or something!
  4. Lol. Exhausted from counting their Benjamins no doubt. Small sample size. Of pre-season hockey. Wake me in November when they are 4-10-3
  5. I own him in fantasy so want him to play in the show and also have never made a nickel in the biz, but you might be right: half a season in the AHL is probably just what the doctor ordered, especially after all the blushing, fangastic reports. Keep him humble, keep him eager, make him take the next step, don't offer it to him. Etc
  6. It's not that, or just that, it's that NHL referees suck asss at everything. The sooner they are replaced by chimpanzees the better.
  7. What, traded 5 times in 3 years, mostly back and forth between the same two teams?
  8. REPORTED. Everybody knows that just because you score 1,000 pts in Jr., it doesn't mean jack. It's not even really the same game. Sure it's on ice and all, but basically a totally different sport.
  9. Lol, next he'll be pushing old ladies down the escalator based on your advice that it is good for his karma.
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