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  1. The goalie that Hart's game most closely resembles, do you think?
  2. It's all good man, just having a laugh. I agree. Three months ago I couldn't be bothered to watch this Flyers team. Hart and the play of the young guys you mention are the only reason I have an interest in watching.
  3. I'm not really superstitious and don't believe in jinxes and stuff like that, but Christ man STFU already! jk
  4. Yup, versatility is important. There's a reason coaches value it way more than your average fan.
  5. Yeah, he is big. I like him at center, like way more. "Natural center"
  6. That's true. In fact, the guy we're describing is pretty much Coots eh? So maybe not ideal.
  7. Well he's worth looking at because the price may be reasonable. There's nothing flashy about his game. I like his smarts. He might also be an underrated passer. Sees the ice well IMHO.
  8. This is precisely the correct attitude to have as a Flyer fan.
  9. I'm liking what I'm seeing from Hayes in Wpg. I didn't really know much about his game prior to seeing him in a Jets uniform, but he's a very smart player. Great on faceoffs, And big. So a pretty good 2nd/3rd line center all in all. I think he needs to get himself into Blake Wheeler-type fitness level though. He looked gassed every shift his first game as a Jet.
  10. This is the problem with reffing in general. The slashing penalty because the stick broke, regardless of intent or proximity to the hands, or whether it was a hard chopping motion or a one-handed tap. Drives me bonkers. Bonkers I tell you!
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