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  1. Not bad for a guy who literally can't skate.
  2. Oh my, the old ladies at the top of the escalators will be positively swooning! All the better...
  3. All joking aside (and it's a bloody good joke), whomst among us can definitively say that a minor "tweak" to his Prefrontal Cortex wouldn't help things? Sure, it could result in him having the brain of an eggplant, but I see no real risk here.
  4. Yeah, should have said exactly that, skate away shaking your head.
  5. Poehling is wearing #25 and his name practically rhymes with Podein. Of course he's succeeding.
  6. Lol, it harkens back to this field I used to ramble through. There were these sheep you see...
  7. Math, I'm not much good at it. But I don't disagree. Terrifying in the sense that I'd want her on my side.
  8. Plus Ghomeshi had an absolute shark of a lawyer who made minced meat of those women.
  9. Yes, if you're going to say nothing you go full legal and say this, in which case you prolly don't even hold a presser.
  10. Yeah, fair enough. I guess they had to do a press conference, but a press conference where you read a two sentence statement that says you have nothing to say but will take questions, and then when questioned say you know nothing, just creates cynicism. Unavoidable I guess.
  11. It just doesn't seem believable. Carter's name was being thrown around at various points about potentially being involved in this, including on this forum. DB's presser today on this is completely underwhelming on all fronts. Doesn't know anything. Carter who?
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