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  1. Nor do I. I'm just wanting to emphasize the brutal play, and lack of effort, of the sad sack of sh!t. His play is awful at a tenth of what he is making.
  2. My emerging dislike of Hayes - his play, not his contract - is quickly going from moderate dislike to raging, red hot hate. Move your feet you lazy piece of overpaid sh!t.
  3. I dunno about the overvalue thing. I liked Raffl as a Flyer, more than most probably, but I think he really lost a step in the last 18 months. It was very noticeable to me of late. He turned 32 in December, he's on the wrong side of it now.
  4. I've owned Vrana in my keeper since I drafted him as a 17 year old. He's a special player in my opinion. The Caps did a good job developing him. I think he's a good young pro.
  5. Sort of. I'm certainly willing to pick Cliffy boy up if he's in Minny at the time I'm coming through. Big snowstorm here today, so my trip might be delayed...
  6. I'm only 24 hours or so from being put out of my Flyers misery
  7. Good 'ol Frosted Tips playing for the Yinzers. Never thought I'd see it.
  8. So if we got into the prorating business like you we would be less disappointed?
  9. Fair I guess. I don't think Ellis is what this team needs but that's just me maybe
  10. I would not trade Hagg. I would develop him. He has a natural grit that this team sorely lacks.
  11. Hagg was amazing last night. He made one bad play, which was a giveaway in his own end, but that was a communication problem with his (new) partner more than anything. He made several fantastic plays on both sides of the puck. Played with great poise and confidence. It was actually a thing to behold. I've always liked him. When he plays like that, he's a top 4 NHL Dman.
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