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  1. Removing JVR from the PP will help. He's only there to try to get him going, basically sacrificing the PP to that purpose. That can't continue forever. Get some young, energetic skill out there.
  2. I don't remember how close it was to hitting the post. Still a bullet from Ron. Love how happy the guys are for him. I would have given my left nut and my spleen for a goalie like that and I'm sure that's how they felt.
  3. Plus Farabee only makes like $4M or something, not over $7M like JVR that tit.
  4. Yup agree 100%. But I'm at the point where that's the trade off that has to be made. We had to get more skill into the lineup.
  5. Any word on TK? Concussion? Was he favoring anything when he left the ice?
  6. Lol, I was just looking at Olli's stats since I have him on my keeper team. Distinctly meh.
  7. That pass from Farabee is the reason the kids are playing: skill. Didn't look like much, but everything about that, the slight delay, the timing of it to freeze the D-man, the pace of the pass to make sure he was not offside - all of it is elite. That's why the kids have to play, we had to get more skilled. EDIT: oh, and also: Couturier is a BEAST
  8. You had me at: I hope the team is angry EDIT: "punish that ass" Lol
  9. Turns out all you have to do to get a popular post around here is attend a STH meeting, bitch at the ownership for an hour, then write it up. Anybody can do that!
  10. Exactly. Perhaps the right play there was to forget about the puck altogether and take the man, which would have been interference probably.
  11. Lol. The way I look at it, that mole has only 6 fewer goals than the body it's attached to. And likely comes cheaper.
  12. Lol, it's not, but I too "did not have sexual relations with that woman. " Narrator: that's true, it was a sheep.

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