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  1. We were center ice, club seats, so basically right along the front rail of the upper deck. No, it was very difficult to see the puck, and the play, as the ice was so far away. Since it was drizzling rain on us, and the score was 3-1 with a lot of sad faces around, we decided to into the concourse area to order a couple of wobbly pops, and finish watching the game inside on the big screen, with the play-by-play! Man, did that place go wild when Voraceck scored, and then even crazier G potted the winner. But, it was a trip of a life time for me, b
  2. I was at the game, and that place went nuts when we scored in overtime, but that video is awesome, with the guys mic'd up and a lot of insight as to what goes on during the game! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. Yes, this makes the most sense!
  4. Ya, I’m guessing new GM will take a look and probably bring in a new coaching team, but not sure when! Tough to do in season, like right now! Snider must have talked to Holmgren in a dream! Lol.
  5. Wow, would have thought Hakstol would have been fired first, so I’m shocked, but I get the impatience from upper management!
  6. @brelic Wow, you weren't joking about that Cathy Newman interview. She seemed to really have an agenda and wasn't listening to what Jordan Peterson was actually saying! That's 29 minutes of my life I won't get back! LOL! Anyway, here's hoping that the Flyers can actually compete tonight, and draw on their "experience" of getting their butts handed to them on Wednesday night!! Now all the playoff rookies have some "experience" to draw on!
  7. That was a good read. Thanks for sharing!
  8. FWIW...the Canucks have been using Rick Flair's WOOO for a couple of years now. After a Canuck goal, they announce the goal scorer and who assisted on the goal, followed by a WOOO through the speakers, as the crowd joins in. Not sure if this is where it originated or not, but its been happening in Vancouver for a while now.
  9. Yes, he was on the top pairing with MDZ last game against Montreal. They seemed to play well together and we won, so I guess Hakstol is sticking with that pairing for now.
  10. My thinking is that the Panthers are doing better than expected, sitting 2nd in the East behind only Washington. They have quite a few young stars already playing, the Legend that is Jagr, Luongo who is playing well, and who knows if they can duplicate what they are doing this year, next year. We have no one comparable to Crouse in the system and he is exactly what we are lacking. What about trading Streit, Read or Raffl and a lower pick? I don't want to move Sanheim or Provorov, but I'd move pretty much move anyone on our current roster except our first line, Couturier, Schenn a
  11. Speaking of bigger and faster.... What about trading for someone like Lawson Crouse from Florida? Young, big, strong and fast. Meets all the criteria. Apparently grew up best friends with Konecny. Have Konecny play center and Crouse on the wing, letting them grow and develop together, and hopefully have our second or third line in a year or two. Couturier and Schenn could stay together too, play either second or third line? Laughton centering 4th line? What would it take to get him, especially trading with Florida at the Trade Deadline, this year, to give them a playoff push?
  12. I caught the third period of the game. From what I saw, Dupois and Laberge where the best on the ice, accounting for all of Team Orr's goals. Either one of them would be a good pick. I though Logan Brown had a pretty good third period too!
  13. Yes, Weal would have to clear waivers, that is apparently why he wasn't getting much ice time in LA, as they were afraid they'd lose him.
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