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  1. If it's anything like the Order of Australia, it's a public honour similar to a knighthood but without a lot of the colonial baggage.
  2. It's odd that if it did happen, it wasn't caught on video. At these sorts of events at least one person has their phone out videoing things at any one time Edit : his twitter has gone quiet so people are just replying to his most recent tweet which is a video of him using a bin as a drum
  3. Maybe if Gallant kept Goofus around like in the old days he'd look better
  4. That's... Unexpected. Especially the Deboer part
  5. Does the NHL actually cover some of the cost of putting up these outdoor rinks or do they just expect the local government to subsidise them?
  6. Merry Christmas to all, and for a more local addition to the thoughts put by OccamsRazor, I'm lifting a glass to all those volunteer firefighters battling fires all over the country. Australia has the biggest volunteer firefighting force in the world, and they're all working hard saving lives and property. This is a bad fire season, and they've been hard at work for a long time now. I know I wouldn't have the courage to face the hellscapes they have had to deal with.
  7. Yep, apparently they'll be wearing them in 13 home games, because management at Buffalo aren't superstitious. The design itself seems... ehh, uninspired. I get what they're going for, but it just looks like a very stripey away jersey
  8. Have they said what the drug was, or is that a secret?
  9. Nice backboard pic.
    Are we a Sharks fan now? :bigteeth:

    1. Puck_Pun


      Yeah, changed over sometime near the last trade deadline. I still pay attention to the Sens in the same way someone keeps tabs on the ex they know will eventually shiv someone with a stiletto.

  10. Article Late Wednesday night the Golden Knights began trimming down by sending Erik Haula and his $2.75M cap hit to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for 22-year-old prospect Nicolas Roy and a conditional 2021 fifth-round pick.
  11. As the DOPS explained, the responsibility for making sure a check is legal is the responsibility of the person executing the hit. He didn't make enough of an effort to do so, and there's no movement by the person being hit that would have made an otherwise legal hit into an illegal one

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