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  1. OK a few thoughts on some of the designs Pittsburgh- barely any effort put in, even by the standards of text jerseys this is bad Kings- I love it, though I have a soft spot for purple in jerseys Coyotes- love it, they're doing something interesting with this one Ducks- simply awful. The person on the jersey is wearing a better looking jersey Tampa Bay- while I understand its use, any jersey with the 'I spent five minutes with WordArt' logo is automatically terrible Detroit- oh wow, that's... boring Calgary- ooh me likey that one. Very striking
  2. What does it look like? I've only seen the awful ones
  3. [Hidden Content] Could the Sharks' days in SAP Center be numbered? Yes, if you ask the team. Sharks president Jonathan Becher indicated Thursday in a tweet and post on the team's website that they don't want to leave SAP Center, but development projects in the area surrounding the building could mean they are forced to leave the arena. Let me be clear. We want to stay in San José at @SAPCenter. We are supportive of development and public transportation but must ensure guests will be able to safely and conveniently access the arena for #SJSharks games, concerts, and other events. More [Hidden Content] According to Becher, the proposed development of the Diridon area surrounding SAP Center by the city of San Jose and Google could impact fans' ability to get to the area. "For more than a year, we have been sharing our concerns with you regarding the proposed, massive development projects within the Diridon area of downtown San Jose, which surrounds SAP Center," Becher wrote in a letter to Sharks fans. "For the past several years, we have been sharing those same concerns with city of San Jose officials and Google. Unfortunately, those discussions have yielded limited results and the planners of these projects appear intent on moving forward in a manner that could force the Sharks out of San Jose." The Sharks claim that the proposed development would bring seven times the amount of car traffic to the area while lanes directly outside SAP Center will be reduced. Becher also wrote that Google's Downtown West project will bring tens of thousands of new employees to the area, and that there would be an inadequate number of parking spaces to satisfy fans attending a Sharks game or other events at SAP Center. RELATED: Biden's campaign plane used to be Sharks' charter The Sharks' last objection to the project revolves around the impact they believe the construction would have on fans' ability to reach SAP Center for the next 10-15 years. After playing the first two seasons of their existence at the Cow Palace in Daly City, just outside of San Francisco, the Sharks moved into SAP Center (then San Jose Arena) in 1993. Based on Becher's tweet and letter, it's unclear if the Sharks would be forced to build a new arena somewhere else in San Jose or have to move to a new city in the Bay Area if they have to leave SAP Center.
  4. [Hidden Content] Apparently Arizona was the last team willing to deal with him
  5. Honestly I didn't see the sharks giving him another contract, it'll be interesting to see how they utilise him over at Toronto. To be fair in regards to the Swiss team he was playing for free.
  6. This is what happens when you post on no sleep
  7. Pens have signed Dell to a one year 800k contract
  8. The next day he was signed to a four year contract, total value $25m. They're still below the floor, though
  9. One thing I can't unsee: on Facebook a person pointed out the 2D logo looks like it's in front of the Flyers logo
  10. ... and here are the new jerseys. The design is unsurprising as it's been known what they were going to do for a while. Going all black is a nice change, though it's a little plain IMO
  11. This is a playoff series full of teams hanging on for a few games, huh
  12. Game two was closer, thankfully. The Islanders put up a much better fight this time, only to lose in the closing seconds. I hope there'll be more games like this
  13. And the Islanders almost get a goal with that one shot that *somehow* didn't go in. They didn't seem to take advantage of rebounds as much as they could have during the pp.
  14. Well that was an odd goal, what with it being called a bit later

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