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  1. His story as to the reason is the firing is a result of a call with Melnyk, so it's definitely work related and definitely Melnyk ego related. He only had the job for 55 days which isn't a good look
  2. So many fans have given the standard Pavlovian response that it's because he crossed Melnyk somehow and got fired for it. The only thing Bettman said was that "is not what you think" and that it was an internal Ottawa decision. It's hard to tell with so little information, but it is interesting that this reason has been given a few times this season for sackings
  3. Pageau signs six year deal with Islanders with AAV of $5m [Hidden Content]
  4. Sharks have traded Dillon to Washington for one second and one third round picks
  5. Flyers have released a statement
  6. If it's anything like the Order of Australia, it's a public honour similar to a knighthood but without a lot of the colonial baggage.
  7. It's odd that if it did happen, it wasn't caught on video. At these sorts of events at least one person has their phone out videoing things at any one time Edit : his twitter has gone quiet so people are just replying to his most recent tweet which is a video of him using a bin as a drum
  8. Maybe if Gallant kept Goofus around like in the old days he'd look better
  9. That's... Unexpected. Especially the Deboer part
  10. Does the NHL actually cover some of the cost of putting up these outdoor rinks or do they just expect the local government to subsidise them?
  11. Merry Christmas to all, and for a more local addition to the thoughts put by OccamsRazor, I'm lifting a glass to all those volunteer firefighters battling fires all over the country. Australia has the biggest volunteer firefighting force in the world, and they're all working hard saving lives and property. This is a bad fire season, and they've been hard at work for a long time now. I know I wouldn't have the courage to face the hellscapes they have had to deal with.

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