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  1. This guy's videos are pretty amusing, here's his overview of the Seattle draft
  2. Clan Ghost Bear Maybe Mechwarrior 2 memes are a little niche.
  3. It's OK because Boston went on to win the cup, making Toronto the second best team for the season
  4. Doesn't take long to get into the nose beers
  5. Congratulations to the Habs for winning the *checks notes* Western conference championship? That can't be right.
  6. Hoo boy this was quite the game. What was with people throwing stuff on the ice at the end? Even the commentators were confused by it. Typical NY nonsense? Shutterbug wasn't impressed Any news on Coochie? After leaving in the first there was no real news as to his condition. I guess they'll put out a press release at some point On the game itself, TB had opportunities but didn't quite land them. I'll echo the general sentiment above, this was more a TB loss than a NY win. I'm really looking forwards to game seven, this will be very interesting- e
  7. Hmm well this series is getting fun, huh? Habs continue to frustrate Vegas' offence and make the most of the opportunities they have. It's amazing we're in a situation where it's possible the Habs will make the finals. And then lose... right?
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