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  1. And when he got back he was baited with taunts of "Collar McBroken" But yeah, he's a true natural talent. It would be good if he did eventually hold the cup
  2. I heard about this in a sharks group with the members split on whether he'd be a good idea to bring to SJ. Honestly I'd be open to it, he'll be an improvement. Hell, a copy of Football: it's a Funny Old Game would be a step up
  3. What exactly does the President of a hockey club do?
  4. San Jose Sharks have a historical rivalry with the LA Kings due to geography, however in recent years it has been replaced by a rivalry with new entrant to the league the Vegas Golden Knights. It became entrenched with this major penalty in the play-offs
  5. Low res I know. I was under the impression Ottawa were dumping the Roman logo in favour of the O logo. No huge changes that jump out at me, though I see the expected change for the Oilers is in there.
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