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  1. Seattle undertook a rigorous process
  2. It still blows my mind that after spending what, $1.5 billion? on this team (license, stadium rebuild, team setup costs etc) they'd hand the keys to him
  3. This is gonna be a long season for Seattle if they stay like this
  4. I was talking about him with my parents last night and my dad said "you'd think after declaring bankruptcy he'd avoid getting into trouble" and I just said "you'd think so, but he's a dickhead"
  5. Hmm, that could make for a good addition to my glass collection
  6. They've released the schedule for the first season. Something about this whole league smells. It's not endorsed by IHA, and the timetable from 'announce new league' to first game is absurdly short. It feels like there's something dodgy going on, like it's a tax write off, or some sort of vanity project created due to petty personal politics. Oh well. I'll be going if for no other reason than I haven't been to a hockey game since 2019.
  7. Now let's hope they don't trade him in three years
  8. I think the plan is to eventually release Sturm Classic and reap the rewards
  9. I remember finding those on amazon years back but they were crazy overpriced, considering they were made out of plastic
  10. The 1974 Stanley Cup final, as is my impression anyway
  11. Is he fired yet? I'm certainly hoping the lawyers are compiling a hefty document to back up such a move
  12. He's in the news again for fresh reasons https://www.si.com/hockey/news/nhl-investigating-evander-kane-for-breaking-covid-protocols 5 HOURS AGO NHL Investigating Evander Kane for Breaking COVID Protocols Evander Kane is once again under investigation, this time for allegedly breaking the NHL's COVID-19 protocols. What has Evander Kane not been investigated for? That's the question on everyone's minds on Tuesday afternoon as Sportsnet's Elliotte Friedman reported that the NHL has once again opened an official invest
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