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  1. Hertl scores a SHG in 2nd Overtime to force a seventh game, which is an amazing comeback from being down 3 games to 1. Jones played excellently with some great saves, which was refreshing. *really* looking forward to game 7, should be a fun one
  2. The big deal is apparently they're shocked that a musician who was famous in the 40s sang racist songs which, well, was the style at the time.
  3. It's not because it's overstayed its welcome but because they took this long to take offence at the rest of her music library. Details here.
  4. Well, this sure has been an unpredictable round, huh? Avs one game away from knocking out the top seed in the west after an OT win right after another upset in the east
  5. Are they doing this broadcast from a broom closet? Damn, they gotta find a bigger studio to broadcast from. Taking the win convincingly the canes have made it a bit more interesting
  6. Guy Boucher, but only if they fire him right after that great first season
  7. An impressive feat indeed, and certainly they're the team to beat in the East. I'll certainly be making a point of watching their playoff games
  8. Evander Kane announced on Twitter that his unborn daughter died at 26 weeks. Details. I hope he can get through this, I'm sure his team mates, friends, and family will be a huge asset in coping with it.
  9. And since it's impossible for me to create a thread without a Simpsons reference
  10. Wait, is Crawford the assistant coach the players were complaining about in the uber video? You know, the coach who taught the league's worst PK then this season taught the league's worst PP?
  11. The fans are entertained, that's all I care about. They're owning this post game celebration thing, and it's really fun
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