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  1. Sounds like @Podein25 would be one of those referees!
  2. Welcome! I can’t offer any help because I don’t live in the area. Enjoy your trip and the game!
  3. Wouldn't the other team have to waive their goalie (or other player) the day before they would be able to claim Stolie? They couldn't claim him with a full roster. I guess they could send down a player that is not subject to waivers.
  4. I caught that. He also said Carsen Twarynski was doing the same but (per your shout) he was sent down today.
  5. It looked like left shoulder to me. Mild separation or a bruise. Does Matt Martin get suspended for the hit? I haven't seen anything on it.
  6. Humboldt returns to the ice tonight on the NHL Network at 7:30 eastern. This is their first game back since the tragedy. They play the Nipawin Hawks, he same team they were supposed to play on the night of the accident. I hope this brings some level of healing to the family's of those who passed, the organization, the city of Humboldt, and the rest of the hockey world.
  7. The Utah Grizzlies is their new ECHL affiliate.
  8. Yes. The Colorado Eagles will move from the ECHL to the AHL and become the Avalanche's farm team. That move frees up the San Antonio Rampage to be the Blues affiliate. Last year, Chicago was a split squad between the Blues and Knights and the Rampage was split between the Blues and Aves.
  9. Check this out! Ryan Straz back on the ice!! [Hidden Content]
  10. It would not have affected the Flyers cup run in 2010. The cup run it ended in June and Gagne was traded in July. As @brelicnoted, The *post* cup run would have been interesting. At least more interesting than what it was. Would having Tim Thomas changed The attitude of the flyers management? Would that have negated the Bryz trade?
  11. Wow. This news floored me. Former NHL goalie Ray Emery found dead after presumed drowning © Provided by Perform Media Channels Limited Former NHL goalie Ray Emery was found dead Sunday afternoon at Hamilton Harbor in Ontario after he was reported missing earlier that morning, according to Hamilton Police. He was 35 years old. Police are still confirming the cause of death, but reports surfaced that it was presumed drowning. The NHL Alumni Association tweeted its condolences later Sunday. Emery, 35, was reportedly swimming with friends at the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club around 6 a.m. when he didn't resurface. Rescue efforts were switched to recovery as the hours went by. "They went out for a swim and unfortunately he did not emerge after diving in," Inspector Marty Schulenberg told The Hamilton Spectator. "We responded along with Hamilton Fire and EMS. Unfortunately, our efforts on the water and in the area just around the piers were met with negative results." Emery played in the NHL from 2003-2015 for the Senators, Ducks, Blackhawks and Flyers. He was with the Blackhawks during the 2012-13 season, when they won the Stanley Cup. He was arrested last year after his ex-fiancee claimed he beat her multiple times.

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