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  1. I go to Pat's and Geno's just about every time I make it back to Philly for a game mostly because I usually don't have a lot of time to run around the city to find some of the other places. I've gone to Tony Luke's a couple times. The last time it was not good. Not sure why, but they put American cheese on my cheesesteak. Maybe next trip I'll plan an extra hour into my trip and do some exploring.
  2. Never heard of him. I would have to agree with most of what he said. I have not been a fan of Fletcher or pretty much any of the moves he’s made so far. I stopped short of giving him a whole lot of credit for the draft because that credit falls to the scouting department. It’s yet to be seen what Vigneult can do with the roster. I still can’t believe that Fletcher did not even talk to Queniville when he was the best coach available. He may not have landed Coach Q but the fact that he did not even talk to him is inexcusable In my eyes.
  3. He's the best player in the world not in the NHL...
  4. I voted for "Leave it as is" only because most of the arenas cannot be retrofitted to the extra width of the rink.
  5. I guess they can change the old saying from "a dime a dozen" to "$2.3 million a dozen". I think it's a little high for what Laughton brings to the table. I vote for Meh.
  6. Is this the end of the Good Ole Boys club? No more ex-Flyers in upper management?
  7. Interesting comment. If true, then Dipstick Fletcher would have or should have been fired, also. Quennville was available and Fletcher didn't even talk to him. I was under the impression that Hextall was fired more for the fact that he didn't want to trade the kids for the "win now" culture.
  8. It's hard to relax when just about everything Fletcher has done is a disappointment. I'm usually fairly optimistic compared to other Flyer fans but the moves he's made just don't make any sense to me. I'm just not seeing the improvement in the team. At least Hextall had a plan and was moving the team in the right direction.
  9. This. 100% agree. I can't wait for Fletcher to get fired!
  10. I think he'll take another hometown discount and sign with the Blues.
  11. This. I'm gonna hate seeing him in that sweater.
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