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  1. Eberle went to the Kraken in the expansion draft.
  2. I’m OK with this signing. Yandle isn’t flashy but I think he is pretty steady. Yandle may break Doug Jarvis’ consecutive games played record this year. Actually, 3 guys may break it this year. Jarvis - 964 Yandle - 922 Marleau - 910 Kessel - 900
  3. I can’t believe nobody changed their profile picture to the legendary General Manager of the Flyers. I guess that will be left up to me…Just trying to fit in with the cool kids.
  4. Calm down, Sir, or we’re going to have to ask you to leave!
  5. Giddy about the trade or giddy about being neutered?!?
  6. It was straight up. No picks involved and no retained salary.
  7. LOL. So, way over pay for a mediocre (at best) defenseman and let him play under a sixth coach. Makes perfect sense.
  8. There's still players and picks left that he can give away for nothing or schitty players in return! I need about 43 beers...
  9. You’re missing the 7th round pick that went with Ghost. That makes it look so much better, eh?
  10. I agree, Rad. Definitely not worth the 1st round pick if that was included.
  11. I’m predicting Fletcher trades Voracek and this year’s 1st rounder to the Coyotes for Ghost! Book it!
  12. You take Oleksiak over Ghost for different reasons. They are polar opposite players playing the same position. Except for his size and physicality, I’m not so sure Oleksiak is better in the defensive zone than Ghost.
  13. This was the biggest factor, IMHO. Most teams could not afford to make the waiver claim. And no, I don’t have the ability to go back in time to check teams’ cap space.
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