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  1. I'm a couple pages behind so I don’t know if anyone said this yet...that rule was changed a couple years ago. The defending team (in the defensive zone) puts their stick down first. EDIT: I see AJ mentioned it. Glad I read the rest of the thread because I almost asked about the 8th grade thing, too!!
  2. I don’t care who they play as long as they play well. I selected Montreal because I want the Flyers to be the #1 seed in the east. EDIT: I would also like to see A Columbus - Tampa Bay rematch if the Flyers win.
  3. Medium?!? Maybe you should get one in a man size!
  4. I think all of the top 4 teams in both conferences are playing their backup goalie in at least one game. All 4 teams in the west have done it and the only one in the east that hasn't done it yet is Tampa. Must be something to it if everyone is doing it.
  5. I heard they even recorded people booing him so he will feel right at home when he awards the cup to the winning captain!
  6. Not dirty or intentional. Just kind of a freak accident. I’m sure the league has already looked at it and it will not warrant any discipline no matter what Paul Maurice thinks.
  7. I read the opposite. He asked to get involved with another opportunity and the ownership said no. He didn't like the answer so he quit.
  8. Zamula must've had a good training camp to make the playoff roster right out of Junior!!
  9. I read it was minor back spasms. He will be out for a day or two. Hope that is accurate.
  10. I read something earlier that said he was still dealing with the migraines. I also reads that Sam Morin is back to skating and is on track for his return next season.

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