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  1. I don't think I can agree with a couple speeds. Maybe one speed...not two. Pens are way more dynamic with the puck though.
  2. Apparently, Giroux is sick. I thought he was a little sore from the thot he blocked in the last game.
  3. They're giving up way too many shots and relying on Hart too much. 22 shots already to only 9 for the Flyers.
  4. Lots of run & gun and it continues into the 2nd period.
  5. They were saying Neuvy would get injured by the camera flash!
  6. Per a report by Sportsnet's Chris Johnston, the appeal will be heard Tuesday afternoon by the NHL.
  7. Based on the Ref's call, yes Jake should have been ejected. Based on the eye test, that was 2 mins at the most. Typical of the league to try and claim significant head contact. Then give the same suspension as other players receive picking the head. [Hidden Content]
  8. I would rather listen to the players’ conversations than an announcer. Way more entertaining. What was all that beeping noise when they were talking?!? Lol
  9. I love those kind of shows. You get to see some of the behind the scenes things that we don’t normally see. i thought it was funny when Sullivan was talking to the refs about losing his top D pair and the ref asked “Do you have a question?” LOL
  10. Jake Voracek (JV) instead of JVR. You only had one extra letter in there!
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