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  1. Frost was irrelevant along with the rest of the team. They were flat. Can't put all the blame on Hart but he certainly wasn't on his game tonight, either.
  2. In case you forgot, Ghost was actually being discussed in the PLD trade talk.
  3. That was sheer luck. 99 out of 100 times that pass gets through without being deflected. And then for the puck to drop straight down where he can 1 hand it into an open net. That probably makes it a 1 in a thousand play. Credit where it is due, Crosby made a great play because he was in the right spot but it was sheer luck.
  4. So Ghost is NOT injured. He is in COVID protocol. Trade him now, his value will ... well, the rest would be a lie.
  5. This is a beautiful sight this morning! I realize it isn’t accurate and hasn’t been updated yet but it looks really cool!
  6. Do blackout rules still apply? I didn't think they were doing that since they can't have fans.
  7. What is a Joker suit? Are you talking about the guy with the smiley face on his beanie (toque) or the guy next to him? What is the deal with no socks?
  8. Like clockwork! Howie’s game day preview, waiting for ITS to predict the 4-2 score with an EN goal and CoachX’s “I hate the farging Penguins” post! I love traditions!
  9. This was my point. Don’t need readers. The whole discussion about NAK revolves around the expansion draft...not trading him for PLD.
  10. Somehow, the initials were changed from PLD to NAK!?! How does that happen?
  11. Ghost likely isn’t trade-able. He missed practice yesterday and is “unavailable” for the inter squad game today. He is probably injured again.
  12. Good call. Canada looks really good. I thought the Russians would give them a little more trouble than what they did. Team USA will have their hands full for sure. I hope we in the US get the Canadian broadcast crew for tonight’s game. The two clowns in New Jersey that have been doing the US games are terrible. Use the guys that are actually in the building!
  13. They have some jerseys on sale now. Don't think they are the pro jerseys though. Black Friday Sale up to 65% off regular prices.
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