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  1. Wow! Nice work, Carter Hart! A couple nice shootout goals for the Flyers, too! Where has that been for the last 6 weeks?!?
  2. Got him in the ear. Patrick looked a little wobbly when he got up.
  3. OK...I'll play the part of the optimist. The Flyers have 15 games remaining, are 4 points behind the Bruins, and the Bruins just brought in the Taylor Hall curse.
  4. Stranger things have happened, but I don't think theres a snowball's chance in hell that Ovi moves on from the Caps. The Caps will make him a rich man. Martinez is the only one of the other three that I'd be interested in.
  5. Consistently inconsistent is the only way to describe that.
  6. Two of my better posts tonight. At least I had the score right...
  7. That was the best period the Flyers have played all season. Match that effort in the 3rd now!
  8. Second time this period the Flyers hit iron. Marchand needs his ass kicked!
  9. Flyers seem to be doing a lot better in the face off circle tonight compared to last night.
  10. You couldn't carry Behn's jock! Who are you kidding!
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