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  1. Trade Couturier. Had an empty net, and couldn't even backhand it on the net. His value will never be higher.
  2. Put a puck on the net, we might tie this thing. Too early to pull the goalie, IMHO. Our power play is an abject mess.
  3. I hear ya. They need Ersson to play a little better, but when Bedard's out there..they can't get caught unaware and flat-footed defensively. Drysdale, for God's sake..stay on your skates, and if you don't, you better make sure the forward your playing, is shooting the puck.
  4. Fifteen shots by the Flyers, but not a lot of really high quality chances. They need to be more aware of Bedard's speed and the stretch passes..they tightened up a little better, in the last five minutes of the first.
  5. Great glove save by Ersson, on Raddysh. While I'm still not sure if he can carry the load and play 60 games a year, he more and more moves the needle toward me thinking he can, by the day. Sanheim scores on a nice play, as TK causes traffic in front.
  6. I agree. If Torts clarifies it, and says Barkov is the better all-around player..than that is at least acceptable. I'll take McDavid right now, in his prime, over Barkov.
  7. They're 1-3-1. I think they beat the Penguins years ago, at Lincoln Financial Field.
  8. Bastian with an empty netter. 6-3. That's all she wrote for tonight.
  9. It would be nice if they could cut down the Devils wide open Grade A chances, in half.
  10. They're lagging pretty badly, defensively. The Toffoli and Hischier goals shouldn't have happened. Maybe they partied too much, in one of the nice watering holes in North Jersey last night.
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