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  1. Wouldn't it technically be Suke-Kubel? Asking for a friend.
  2. Yes. In fact I've now downgraded him to just Aube-Kubel.
  3. The defense needs to do everything they can from allowing Boston to have open looks, where they can shoot at M. Jones right hand. Otherwise, this will be a long night for the Orange and Black.
  4. The one thing the Flyers can't allow is for the Bruins to have 8 or 9 power plays. Having MacEwen in the lineup, should help.
  5. Not shocked whatsoever. I thought it COULD be a decent signing, but this doesn't surprise me in the least.
  6. Yep. He's simply here because he knows AV's system. He might win this year's Vandevelde Award, for lack of relevance.
  7. True, but my bigger concern is the mindset and overall game of Carter Hart. He HAS to be better.
  8. What the hell was Sanheim doing there? I know Hart has to be better there...but...
  9. It is critical for AV, most certainly. I think Chuckles has a bit more time, if simply for the reason that his dad is good friends with Robert Earle Clarke.
  10. As great he was, there was that #88 guy that did that a bit too often. One of the VERY first things I would make sure my players understood and practiced, is keep you head up. I realize this isn't the 90s style of play anymore, but it is still necessary.
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