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  1. Hayes could move to wing, even though he isn't a prototypical wing....the others ...Patrick and Coots...I think you're right on about . Hayes moving to wing, is, of course, up to AV and Hayes. Maybe now is the time to trade Patrick, and keep Frost up here. Uhoh, I just started HockeyForums war...duck!
  2. I picked Frost up in Conn Smythe. The kid is going to put some pucks in the net, and play well on that first line.
  3. So what line does Frosty end up on? Nevermind..if I would only read.
  4. True. No, he isn't fast, but Giroux and Farabee are.
  5. If Farabee continues his excellent level of play, I would leave him on a line with Giroux and Hayes. That's a speedy line. Plus, I think...by default, you're then giving JVR more ice time... if you drop G down to the third line. I am not a fan of that, for that reason alone.
  6. I want to see this guy, captaining my Flyers team today...
  7. Laine is soft. Dubois is not. I know Laine gives you more offense, but Dubois plays the whole rink.
  8. I would rather have Dubois than Laine, even though he's a center and Laine is a wing. Dubois has some skill and physicality in his game. If we have to give up Gostisbehere, so be it.
  9. According to Pierre Lebrun, Giroux is frozen in carbonite.
  10. So, instead of having signed a guy like Pat Maroon before Tampa did, or another natural physical winger...they would rather have a young player get his confidence destroyed, because they want him to play a position he's totally unaccustomed to? Moronic, and not surprised if that is the idea of someone in the front office even higher up than Fletcher. It's not like Morin has had sustaining success in the NHL, to this point. Keep him on defense, and prepare him for being there for 10 years.
  11. Some coaches seem to be good for a few years, and then they wear out there welcome. Case and point, Peter Laviolette. I used to hear what a sound Xs and Os coach Maurice was. I guess he's another one of those guys with a short window of opportunity with his personality, or something.
  12. That's basically a form of cannibalism...is it not? SHAME!!!
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