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  1. Send Jake the Flake and a second to Anaheim for Rakell and Manson, who has one year left on his current deal.
  2. Friendly fire by Myers hits Patrick right in the face. Poor kid.
  3. There hasn't been a worse horror show than this team, since Jaws: The Revenge in 1987.
  4. Nevermind...maybe I DON'T get it. After all, I did have side effects for two days, after getting the Moderna vaccine. Maybe I lost all reading comprehension..checking side effects again.
  5. Understood..so register them on the Do Not Call List, so they can't call you.
  6. No, but in true Hartsy style...he should dive onto the stage, like he did all over the ice. #KeepinItReal
  7. I wish these damned two guys, Giroux and Voracek, would just shut the hell up. Are they trying to be the hockey version of Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne? Maybe, if there is in fact, someone smart in the organization...would just tell these guys to say very little to the media. Claude's comment of "playing together as a team". Then, after Voracek says one of his cookie cutter comments, he goes after a good Philadelphia sports writer, Mike Sielski? Hey Jake...play like an 8 million dollar player and grow and shut up.
  8. It's so sad in a way, but I really want to see them continue to be embarrassed, so there's a disturbance in the force...or whatever the hell has allowed Paul Holmgren to continue to be in this organization. I want him gone.
  9. Anyone know if Wade Allison is any relation to Ray Allison, former Flyers winger?
  10. Hell with that...if he takes out Crosby, gets a penalty and scores a goal on his next shift, he'll get a five year extension, they'll strip the C from Giroux..and Morin will be named captain.
  11. I think your system consists of a form of hard liquor. You're not alone, Podes. My Glenlivet scotch makes this team slightly tolerable.
  12. Maybe Sam will throw a check! I mean, no one else is likely to.
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