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  1. Meh. He was a guy who wasn't afraid to mix it up, and had decent speed. a third or fourth liner, but didn't have much scoring abiity. I will say he was better than Billy "cell block 11" Tibbetts.
  2. Boston. I thought it would be Tampa, but without Stamkos or a HEALTHY Stamkos, I don't think they would beat the Bruins. The Flyers will win the Cup next season, if the apocalypse doesn't occur before then.
  3. I think what also might happen is the playoffs begin, there are no fans in the stands., just like what the NCAA did. This virus seems like itsnothing to screw around with
  4. Those masks aren't going to do much of anything from what the CDC says. As far as the NHL season goes, I think it's only a matter of time until the NHL cancels the season. So sad, but it may be necessary.
  5. Terrible goal given up by Hart there. Well, at the least the Flyers should be a playoff team, with home ice in the first round.
  6. Flyers win 4-3 tonight. Coots with 2 goals. I would actually rather they face Rask than Halak. So this works for me. There isn't a team in the league that the Flyers shouldn't be favored against AT HOME. The Flyer train keeps rollin' tonight.
  7. If I get a stick and break it open, is there a Stanley Cup in there?
  8. We should try and trade for Ryan Reaves next season, see if Wilson tries the same crap. Sweep the leg.
  9. Wilson must go down. Wilson must go down hard.
  10. Wilson should be in the box, and maybe a visit from the lesgue discipline office, for kicking at TK.
  11. I guess it's time to learn how to dive. At least we have a more than decent chance of earning home ice against the flightless birds.
  12. It's a shame for the Wild. You just can't put the Caps on the PP, and Ovechkin burned you, but Minny should have won this game.

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