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  1. Flyers 5 Diving Birds 3 Konecny and Couturier with 2 goals each. Crosby with 2 for the Penguins.
  2. A voracek sighting! Winner winner chicken dinner. Deserved, well-played road win!
  3. They've outplayed the Blues for most of these 60 minutes. They're going to kick themselves if they don't get at least a point. The Flyers have spent a consistently good amount of time in the offensive zone, more than almost anyone versus the Blues this season.
  4. This game should be 4-1, Flyers. That worries me a little going into the 3rd.
  5. Hey Perron, self-control harder. He should hear from the league office for that. Should have been one penalty for the crosscheck, and another for the trip on Konecny.
  6. They need to have the lead going into the 3rd period. That is when the Blues physical game usually wears the opponent's will down. They aren't winning this one if they don't have the lead going into the 3rd.
  7. Coots almost knocked Tom Wilson's calendar to the week of January 15th. Not a good penalty by #14, however. As I type this, Purple Hayes gives the Flyers the lead!
  8. Solid kill. Flyers are spending more time in the Caps zone then the other way around.

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