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  1. Maybe, but Risto had better improve on his 52nd percentile, in zone entries and defensive breakups..or the Flyers will have a problem...again.
  2. Except that Myers was traded with Patrick, to Nashville, for Ryan Ellis.
  3. He is right, Atkinson plays the entire rink and plays with an attitude and chip on his shoulder. Jake played like it was a part time job, and only played half of the rink...and acted mentally disengaged on a lot of his shifts. Let the Flake block on us Twitter. Who cares?
  4. Ok. Time's up. There's your moment. There's still work to be done on this franchise that has greatly underachieved for the past decade.
  5. So, can we now ...or during the season, swing a Claude Giroux for Cole Caufield and something else trade?
  6. Thanks for The Shining of a light on the situation.
  7. Maybe we can send Giroux back to the province of Quebec, for Cole Caufield. Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask.
  8. In other news...Tony DeAngelo is officially available!
  9. We also won't miss any offense. Atkinson should give us around 30 goals projected over 82.
  10. More palatable contract for Atkinson...good, hard nosed player who puts the puck in the net here and there....and we GOT RID OF JAKE! What's not to like? I almost feel like the Flyers won something. Honestly. Pop the champagne, indeed! The Voracek Error is over!
  11. Buy nothing Comcast, and nothing Flyers, or Flyer related...and go from there. Let them move to Salt Lake City.
  12. The only thing Chuck has up his sleeve, is gray, and it looks like hair.
  13. The problem with that statement, is he didn't know as much as he thought he knew, God rest his soul. Neither do his "sons".
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