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  1. SATURDAY, NOV 17, 2018 AWAY HOME TIME Tampa Bay 6 Philadelphia 4 1:00 pm Detroit 3 New Jersey 4 1:00 pm Buffalo 3 Minnesota 4 6:00 pm Florida 4 N.Y. Rangers 3 7:00 pm Pittsburgh 4 Ottawa 3 7:00 pm Montreal 4 Vancouver 3 7:00 pm Columbus 2 Carolina 4 7:00 pm LosAngeles 2 Nashville 3 8:00 pm Boston 5 Arizona 3 8:00 pm Edmonton 3 Calgary 4 10:00 pm St. Louis 3 San Jose 5 10:30 pm 
  2. If you guessed Joey Anderson to get the 1st goal tonight, you win a yellow sno-cone.
  3. I wonder if Brisebois would go all in for this season and do something along the lines of Tyler Johnson and a 2nd for Bobrovsky, even though Bob is a UFA at the end of the season. Bobrovsky wants out of Columbus by several accounts, and this would be his ticket - and he'll be going to a Cup contender. @ Hockey-78 Montoya is solid, BUT the most he's ever played in an NHL season is 31 games. I don't think he's a viable option for the Lightning at this point, unless you're simply going to platoon he and Domingue.
  4. Well, there's that Bobrovsky guy who might be made available from Columbus. Who knows? He might hate Tortorella just enough that Columbus trades him for SLIGHTLY less than he's worth.
  5. Tampa 6 Pittsburgh 3 New Jersey 5 Philadelphia 4 N. Y. Rangers 2 N.Y. Islanders 3 Florida 4 Columbus 3 Detroit 2 Ottawa 3 Vancouver 2 Minnesota 3 Nashville 3 Arizona 1 Montreal 3 Calgary 4 Toronto 4 San Jose 5
  6. Hextall's new choice as head coach - Gordon Ramsey (Craig's cousin, so the Flyer ties are there!)
  7. The Kings need speed and a playmaker, which they got in Hagelin...although getting a little long in tooth. The Penguins get Pearson who is younger, and maybe a bit more physical IF Pearson makes up his mind he wants to play that way. He can definitely shoot the puck hard. He has equal ability to Hagelin if not moreso at this point to put the puck in the net. Excellent trade for both teams. Win -Win. The Kings can't add enough goal scoring at this point.
  8. Provorov is having a sophomore slump. Teams are game planning for him, and he has to adjust. It happens to almost every player, besides which as good as his partner can be, we aren;t necessarily talking about the second coming of Bobby Orr with him, either (at least not for right now). Maybe trading for a seasoned veteran not named Andrew MacDonald is the answer. Yeah, he might need to sit for a game or two BUT how much do you really learn by sitting and not playing? Not quite as much.
  9. Yes, and it should be that way. He's a 3 time champion as Head Coach. The question really is, let's face it, does Hextall want someone who he can control a little, or does he want more of a coach who has won 3 Stanley Cups that he might feel a bit inferior to?
  10. Yeah he's finally clicking with his linemates...good to see, and about time.
  11. FRIDAY, NOV 9, 2018 Washington 4 Columbus 2 New Jersey 1 Toronto 4 NY Rangers 3 Detroit 4 Colorado 1 Winnepeg 3 San Jose 4 St. Louis 1 Minnesota 4 Anaheim 3
  12. If someone sees pilldoc at the ...pharmacy, let him know that I offered him Kreider and Parayko for Ferland, so he can immediately laugh and decline it.

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