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  1. They should just lock Holmgren in the team janitor closet, with an abacus and a couple of medium sized vents. He'll be fine.
  2. That's for sure. I can't wait to hear him describe Farabee's next in-season illness.
  3. If they don't get this hire right, because Dumb Holmgren and Dumber Dave want to keep Clarkie's buddy around, then they will completely alienate (maybe permanently) the fanbase. So, if Trotz wants to be GM and head coach...they'd damned well better agree to it.
  4. Torts had better win immediately, because he'll wear out his welcome within two seasons. I mean, if you're a Torts type of player...you're in very good shape to enjoy your hockey life but if not...look out. I don't think he's a long term solution, although he is a good head coach. (Fixed).
  5. I guess. I suppose I'll have to change the batteries, in my BS detector.
  6. From a guy/gal named evil gritty, on Twitter.
  7. Kane and Toews, although they're still looking for that puck, that went behind Leaky Leighton. Three Stanley Cups and a Conn Smythe each.
  8. All names that fans come up with, (for a head coach, not Fletcher ) will be put into a Flyer hat.. and then will be immediately discarded, if they don't contain the name Rick Tocchet.
  9. I think he'll be ready to play, at some point next season. The big question from where I sit, is how many minutes can he actually handle now? Is he going to be able to be a top pairing defenseman, anymore? I have serious doubts, due to his recent injury troubles and also...he isn't exactly a spring chicken, anymore.
  10. Brad Marsh skated slower than Continental Drift moves. He makes Hal Gill look like Pavel Bure.
  11. While they're at it with their head coaching search, they should trade for Oettinger. I'm still processing what a great performance that was. It wasn't enough to save Dallas, but great nonetheless.
  12. I think Trotz is going to coach Vegas, btw...from what I've read. I hope I'm wrong.
  13. Not me. If that happens, it means (A) they are still employing from "The Ol' Boys Network". (B) They aren't going after the best head coach available and so, (C) They are not making a genuine attempt to really improve this hockey club because (D) they are a bunch stupid, ignorant, arrogant jack*sses from Holmgren and Scott, on down through the *Organization. (E) It also likely means that I will continue to not watch them next season, because it will be a (losing) charade.
  14. Clarke made the situation personal with Eric, Bonnie and Carl. The shiny things situation you speak of, well...a truly WINNING organization can overcome.
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