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  1. He was always most loquacious and professional. I hope he enjoys retirement, sashaying back in his recliner. He always brought a high level of energy to his broadcasts. I wish him all the best in retirement.
  2. Let's hope that's not the highlight of the 2020-21 hockey season.
  3. The Santa thing happened a long time ago, and the Flyers were successful at signing free agents for a long time after that. So, that isn't a valid thing. These players weren't even born yet. Maybe they don't like the people running the organization. That would be valid. For example, maybe they see that two players, G and Jake, on this team are making a ton of guaranteed money, and based on the last few seasons...are stealing it. They were GROSSLY overpaid.
  4. I'm wondering how much of a disconnect there currently is between the management of the team, and the fanbase. I would say there is quite a bit of one at the moment.
  5. I wouldn't be, but we need those type of players as well. There aren't nearly enough of them on this roster. Those players create space for Laine, Konecny and Giroux.
  6. Laine is a little soft, like too many of the Flyers
  7. I want Toffoli or, my longshot because it will take a lot...Brady Tkachuk.
  8. I see him being a part of a deal for a sniper, as well. Ghost just doesn't have a role here, anymore. Thing is, I want a sniper that can do some other things. I like Laine but we need a more physical player, that can snipe, IMO.
  9. Look at who he's played with. Hall would have the best talent on his line here, that he's ever had in his career. Losing "a player" won't kill us, unless it's Provorov or Hart. As much as I like him, I'm not even sure losing TK would kill us.
  10. That, to me, was nothing less than an organizational copout. I know that's a bit harsh, but that's how I viewed it then, and view it now. They have NHL scouts don't they? They should be in on Hall, and any other scoring depth, or next year it will probably be much the same thing. Maybe TK bounces back, and Hayes should be good again, but then...you have G, Voracek AND JVR who don't put the puck in the net enough.
  11. I don't consider Raffl a "must sign". A good player, yes.
  12. My last comment was edited. I forgot to mention Taylor Hall in there. Problem solved, lol.
  13. I'm going to play the mean SOB, that says this. I love what Lindblom is doing, but what if his lymphoma shows back up? What if Patrick is injury riddled and decides to suddenly hang them up next season? Brodie, while not a flashy player by any means, can give you a better power play..something the Flyers obviously need. I won't get into Pietrangelo, because I don't think he will sign here ...because I don't think the "organization" , has the guts or creativity to make that kind of move. Yeah, cap room as well at the moment. I don't know about you, but I'll take Hall on LW on either of the Flyers top two lines. See ya, JVR...I can only hope.

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