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  1. NHL 2020 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge.pdf
  2. Flyers in 5. We finally have a goalie in Carter Hart,who can also steal two games on his own. He shouldn't have to, though.
  3. Arizona's goaltending with Kuemper, will keep it close, and steal a game or two. That being said, Colorado is too deep, has that great 1st line, and has Makar. Colorado in 6 at the most. Arizona has a bright future, though.
  4. In other news, water is wet.
  5. I want to see the Wild, Jets or Panthers win it. The fans in Minnesota sell out their building, and deserve a superstar talent that gives the fans something to watch and enjoy for years to come. They probably just lost Koivu to retirement, so they could use an infusion. The Jets are another fan base, in the middle of Manitoba where it gets very cold for months, and want some excitement. They are another devoted fanbase like Minny, and deserve a player of that caliber there. In the case of south Florida, if NHL hockey is going to survive there, they need a big drawing card to put butts in the seats. This kid might just be it.
  6. Blues in 6. I don't think the Canucks have enough physicality, nor do I trust Markstrom to make that big save. The Canucks have a lot of good, to very good young players, but their time is not right now. The Blues have too much size, and strength. Eventually, they'll wear Vancouver down. They also have the edge with Binnington.
  7. I have thought about it, and now I'm leaning toward Toronto or Pittsburgh. Not that the lottery's rigged or anything.
  8. Toronto is done in Game 4. They have a lot of skill, but not enough mental or physical toughness. It's more than just not having Muzzin in the lineup because of injury.
  9. Meh. He was a guy who wasn't afraid to mix it up, and had decent speed. a third or fourth liner, but didn't have much scoring abiity. I will say he was better than Billy "cell block 11" Tibbetts.
  10. Boston. I thought it would be Tampa, but without Stamkos or a HEALTHY Stamkos, I don't think they would beat the Bruins. The Flyers will win the Cup next season, if the apocalypse doesn't occur before then.

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