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  1. The Tampa Bay Lightning completely agree with you. Just sayin'.
  2. I'm not going to show much contempt, or quibble over a contract such as Laughton's, )it's fairly reasonable) but I really wish that a lot of these guys such as Laughton would have more incentive based contracts. Not just the 4th liners but the 1st liners as well. Do the owners and GMs of these clubs not realize that with some of the contracts being doled out, that they are heading toward another lockout?
  3. What? No Five Guys. If you're going to have a burger, have one with 20 lbs. of grease dripping off of it. Good enough to kill ya.
  4. Paul Holmgren, I am. Green Eggs, Ham and my Abacus.
  5. If his skills don't deteriorate drastically in 5 years, I'll be ecstatic. I'll say it again, Hayes is a good player but not for 7 years at that price.
  6. The Flyers brass or, string section in a nutshell. Reshuffling chairs.
  7. It's the sound people in the Philadelphia area and other areas up and down the East Coast make when they can't find one...especially during hoagie fest. Waaaaaaaaaawaaaaaaa!
  8. When I take into account the amount of dumb penalties that Kadri and Gudas would cause my team to have to kill off, I would not rather have them than any of the 3 we got.
  9. They threw their new coach a bone. It is what it is, but I think it a contract for too many years.
  10. Why? He's slow, more injury prone, and older. There's better players to spend money on, even for the 3rd and 4th line. Enough with the re-treads. Good Gawd.
  11. Amazing what the return was. You get the next biggest Russian ripoff not named Kovalchuk, and in return you gave up Fat Phil AND a 4th. Shocking how Kessel's stock has fallen, and that Rutherford couldn't anything more.
  12. The Penguins got FLEECED and destroyed in this trade.
  13. Congrats to Reggie. Craig Berube told me he thinks you need to "Canadian harder".
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