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  1. Maybe there was controversy as to who to take with that pick. I don't Merriam or Webster to come after me with my my misspell.
  2. What would you want from Philly, reasonably, for Gaudreau?
  3. That's why I throw in Morin and a pick in my deal.
  4. Johnny Guadreau can help other similar players, like Konecny, who have the same stature and playing style. Send Calgary Voracek and Morin, throw in a pick if necessary.
  5. The more we distance ourselves in time from the Hextall era, the less I miss him being here. Perhaps, that was solely a Hextall pick. It may not primarily be the whole "vending machine/health food" thing....not allowing a Club Med atmosphere, that got him fired. Maybe their was controversy as to who to take with that pick.
  6. My problem isn't with that desperate call to bring Patrick up, as much as it was drafting a player with injury issues to begin with. Don't get me wrong, Patrick is very talented, but he won't do the Flyers much good (obviously), if he's in and out of the lineup every 3 weeks. I know he was the consensus #2 pick, but maybe it would have been in hindsight to have looked in another direction in that draft.
  7. I would give you Voracek for him, but the player I really want for him (if the rumors are true he wants out of Calgary) is Johnny Gaudreau.
  8. My apologies to Sheldon Keefe, but if Dubas doesn't make that team tougher, they aren't winning a Cup anytime soon, even as skilled as they are. That's what seperates them and Boston.
  9. Czeching Out Mentally After My First Shift - Jake Voracek
  10. They believed all the hype, or whatever you want to call it, that they were better than the Sens. Not the effort that I wanted to see tonight. Maybe they were looking ahead to the Islanders. Outshot Ottawa 27-19, but a meh game.
  11. When you're desperate offense, desperate measures....Lucky for them, they have a pretty darned good, stacked farm system with Turcotte, Kupari, Kaliyev and Thomas to name a few, and Cal Peterson, maybe the heir apparent to Jonathan Quick.
  12. AV is not the second coming of Scotty Bowman, but he's the best head coach we've had since Peter Laviolette. We finally have a qualified NHL head coach. What is going on with the struggling of the team at times, is twofold. For one, some of the veteran players have not produced well enough ...i.e. Voracek and Gostisbehere. The other thing is, we're leaning on a hell of a lot of young players to produce, which will probably continue to amount to more inconsistency. That includes Carter Hart.
  13. I am just enjoying the fact that we finally seemed to have found a good, competent NHL level head coach.

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