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  1. Just sell, baby!!!! However, after seeing what Duchene, Dzingel and Zuccarello all went for, I think the Flyers are going to be lucky to walk away with a 2nd for Simmonds. I've heard talk that Tampa Bay is interested and that the names Boris Katchouk and Taylor Raddysh have come up, but I'd hope the Flyers could end up with Gabriel Fortier. I'd hope that if the Flyers lose after the stadium game, Fletcher finally declares they won't make the playoffs and then starts the blood letting and removes all the dead weight. So, Simmonds, Raffl, Varone, MacDonald, Hagg and possibly Elliott and I'm a happy camper. I have no idea what the Flyers will do though. Even though Hextall is gone, this team is still very closely guarded in terms of making moves. It's too eerie how quiet they are.
  2. I expect a career pattern similar to Mike Richards to start. I think he'll be a 30 to 35 point guy his first year, maybe a sight bump the second season and then explodes in his third year.
  3. The Flyers need to break up the top line and move Giroux back to the wing. I'd personally have the lines set as follows: Lindblom - Couturier - Konecny Giroux - Patrick - Voracek JVR - Laughton - NAK Raffl - Varone - whoever fits the bill. I think Patrick would benefit with Giroux on the left side and it would allow him to focus more on using his size to get to the net while Giroux feeds him those sweet passes.
  4. I'm on the fence with regards to Gudas. He's a right handed defenseman that has good advanced numbers and he still has another year left on his contract. At the same time, this is still a team with serious flaws. If the return for Gudas is real good, then I say you have to consider moving him. I'm worried that they're going to do something stupid though and move Gostisbehere. Everything just seems that he isn't the type of player Fletcher likes. I'd rather see Hagg and MacDonald go, but Ghost probably could return a king's ransom.
  5. I think both Hogberg and Bernhardt will be coming over for 2019-2020. As well, there were whispers that Wyatt Kalynuk would be going pro after his season at Wisconsin. And yes, I think Friedman is ready for his shot. He might not get in this year, but I could see him being called up next season for a few games. I noticed that Laberge was missing from your list. I could see him being moved to the wing and playing alongside Laczynski and Sushko, Ratcliffe being bumped up to the top with Bunnaman and Allison and then Carey on the fourth line to replace Goulbourne, who'll probably be out of the organization completely. And don't forget that it's possible Farabee might be one and done in the NCAA and could possibly make the jump. There's a plethora of depth that this club hasn't seen since Holmgren was named GM after Clarke resigned. People can say what they want about Bobby, but he left an embarrassment of riches for Holmgren. Hopefully Fletcher doesn't piss away the depth that Hextall left him.
  6. Yeah, Calgary could definitely make a run for him. The only issue I see with Calgary is that the system is all but bone dry and they have a bigger fish to fry as it relates to goaltending. I can't see them being content with Rittich and Smith going into the playoffs.
  7. I think Simmonds is going to end up going somewhere that nobody expects. I get the usual suspects will be there, but I'm thinking that some team like Las Vegas or Washington could get into the sweepstakes if teams like Winnipeg, Boston, Nashville, and Tampa Bay all do something big. I also think the return might disappoint some on here in that Simmonds won't be returning a top prospect, young roster player and/or a first. The Flyers might get a young roster player or possibly a B prospect and a first, but no way a team gives up an A prospect and a first for him. That's why part of me would like to see Simmonds go to Vegas for a guy like Nic Hague, who has intriguing size and ability, but is a work in progress. He could be something real special if the Flyers are patient.
  8. There's one thing to remember about playing in a losing environment - it sucks the life out of you. Look at how Steve Mason was terrible in Columbus through all the years of losing. Even when they acquired Bobrovsky, he was still awful. Mason goes to Philadelphia and he turns it around. Same with Talbot. You spend years in an environment where players are content with losing, don't take things like practice or game plans seriously and it becomes a hard environment to survive in. Talbot coming to Philadelphia should be an awakening for him. Now, there's still a lot of work to be done in Philadelphia, but at least the players there care, are buying into what Gordon is selling and losing bothers them. As for Stolarz, it sucks to see him go. I've followed him from his time with the London Knights up to now and always thought this organization kind of gave him the short end of the stick. He never complained though and was a solid foot soldier. I hope he does well in Edmonton and puts everything together. I get that Fletcher did a solid for Edmonton and he didn't need to let them off the hook. At the same time, he also did Stolarz a solid by moving him to an environment where he'll play more. If you look at the history of the Flyers, that's something they've done for a lot of players.
  9. Something tells me that Vorobyov won't be in the Flyers organization past the trade deadline. I expect he'll be dealt for a draft pick, maybe a 4th so that the Flyers are picking in every round this year. As for Laberge and Laczynski, they'll be moved to the wing next season. Rubtsov won't get bumped because he's most effective there. As for Bunnaman, I think with his size, it only makes sense that the Flyers continue to develop him into a checking center in the Joel Otto mold, but with better skating. Frost should be given the Giroux treatment - send him to Lehigh Valley, let him play 30 - 35 games there and call him up mid-season. I get the Flyers are on a nice run right now, but this is still a DEEPLY flawed club. Team defense is atrocious and there are still players on the big club that have no business being there. It makes zero sense to have Frost center a line if he's going to be surrounded by scrubs and only get table scraps for ice time. What's going to be interesting is what's going to happen in Lehigh Valley next year with the influx of talent from junior. That's going to be a good dilemma to face.
  10. I think the Simmonds train to Nashville has passed. It's more than likely one of Boston, Winnipeg or Tampa Bay that will acquire him.
  11. They should have Stolarz play both games and give Hart a breather before the stretch run. Hart's been facing 40+ shots the past few games, so let him have a few days to rest up any aches and bruises and then have him relaxed and fresh for the Pens.
  12. I still think Fletcher ends up dealing Simmonds. Even though the Flyers are making a playoff push, Simmonds continues to drive his value up every time he scores a goal. I think Fletcher will take advantage of that and exploit it. Let's face it. This isn't a Stanley Cup caliber club and eventually, Hart is going to wear out continually facing 40+ shots a night. Deal Simmonds, get a package that consists of a high pick and a top prospect and then re-evaluate from there.
  13. That would be a heavy, heavy cost. You're looking at giving up one of the young blue liners on the team (you know St. Louis would ask for someone like Sanheim), then a top prospect (under no circumstances would I give up Frost or Farabee, but O'Brien would be someone I'd be willing to part with) and you can bet St. Louis would want a first or multiple firsts from the Flyers. Add in that Pietrangelo needs a contract and that's going to start in the 8 figures range for 8 years. Plus, as others have mentioned, the expansion draft also needs to be considered. However, the thought of pairing Pietrangelo and Provorov? That would be disgustingly good. Or, could you picture Pietrangelo being paired with a physical specimen like Morin? But everything keeps coming back to the cost. It's going to be a high price to pay for Pietrangelo.
  14. Agreed. The size myth is exactly that - a myth. You need skill, speed, mobility, hockey IQ and you need to be physical. Being physical doesn't mean size. Being physical means blocking lanes, using your stick and knowing when to take and deliver a hit. Gaudreau is one of the best players in the league and he's only 5'7. Same with DeBrincat. Our resident 'smurf' is Konecny and he's only 5'10 (some might even say 5'9). I'm with you man - I want skill. If the skill happens to come in a large frame, even better. But skill, speed, and smarts should always come before size.
  15. Well, the good news is that the Flyers will only lose one player to the expansion draft. If you look at the 7 forwards who will be protected, it's a given that Giroux - Couturier - Konecny will be protected. Then you're looking at Patrick - Lindblom and Voracek. Frost will be protected, so will Farabee. So that leaves Laughton, JVR, NAK, Vorobyov, and possibly Rubtsov. So, I'm figuring they protect Rubtsov. As for the defense, Provorov and Gostisbehere will be protected. Then you're looking at Sanheim, Meyers, and Morin. More than likely it's Sanheim that gets protected, leaving the other two exposed. Depending on who the GM is of the Seattle team, it's possible that the pick will come to down to either JVR or Meyers and they'll probably go with Meyers. It would suck losing the guy, but at the same time, there's so much that can happen between now and then. I'm not worried because even though they might lose a guy like Meyer, there's also guys like Zamula, Hogberg, Friedman, St. Ivany, Wylie, Ginning, etc.....all in the system. We're going to be alright, I think.

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