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  1. I will never watch another Flyers game until Dirk Handspunk and company are fired. I've never seen a more inept coaching group who continually gets less and less out of the lineup that they have. It's unreal how Hexy gives these guys a CONTINUAL free pass. This is an incredibly bad coached hockey club. Could you picture what even a mildly competent coach and staff could do with this club? It's ridiculous to watch this same apathetic garbage for a fourth season now. Zero adjustments made, the same "heroes of the Hakshell/turd hole power" defensive play in the third period, just garbage all around. I can't see how players can stomach this, especially guys who are now on the downside of their career and seeing the sands of time slowly slip away and not being any closer to Stanley Cup contention. Even Giroux seems apathetic to the cause. It's heartbreaking to watch this mess. As a fan of over 40 years, I've never seen a worse coached club and that's saying something. They win in spite of this coaching collection of crap. I'm done.
  2. Steve Mason is still available. There's the solution right there. Hart can go to Lehigh Valley and get the game time he needs, Mason and Elliott can backstop the Flyers and when Neuvirth is healthy, he can be waived. The fact that the answer is SO obvious, but Flyers management and coaching are such pig headed and stubborn SOBs, they'd rather sit and rest on their laurels.
  3. If management and coaching are willing to waive Lehtera, then he'll have a spot locked up. However, you never know what Hextall and Hakstol are willing to do because you know they play favourites and Lehtera is a favourite. Even after watching how painful it is for him to keep up with the play, you know that they'll find a spot for him. As for Twarynski, he's looking like he's now entered the fray as a legitimate power forward prospect with the club. I get that Allison and Ratcliffe will be considered the top power forward prospects, but Twarynski is certainly in the mix with them now. There's some legit competition now. This is a great problem to have.
  4. How about Carson Twarynski so far. I've been really impressed with his game. Keeps things very simple, has a heck of a shot, good size and some good wheels as well. I know some thought he was a middling prospect, but it looks like that he's a late bloomer and has really put his game together after his move to Kelowna last year. I know he's probably ticketed for Lehigh Valley, but I'm hoping that he'll get to play with some good offensive players like Varone.
  5. It might be impossible to catch lightning in a bottle twice, but I'm wondering if it's possible the Flyers might have found another Myers-type prospect in Zamula. There's size, there's offensive ability, there's defensive awareness and he really stepped up his game when he moved from Regina to Calgary.
  6. Wylie is a CHL player. He has to be signed by 2020 or he goes back into the draft.
  7. I'd have to think Simmonds and Gudas would be enough to get RNH. If the Flyers are shipping Simmonds and Sanheim to Edmonton, then I'd have to think Larsson or Nurse would be included in the package coming the other way (personally, I'd have no problems with Larsson + RNH for Simmonds + Sanheim, but I might be in the minority).
  8. Joel Farabee is going to be a star. That combination of speed, offensive awareness and two-way capability should have everyone giddy. I've read comparisons to Mikael Granlund, but the more I watch Farabee, I think of another left winger who has a slight frame like Farabee - Artemi Panarin.
  9. I don't get why people are so down on Gudas. He simply had a bad year last year. Even then for having a bad year, his advanced metrics were still really good. What's even more noticeable was that when Gudas played with meat pig, his numbers were awful. When he was paired with Sanheim, his numbers were awesome. Damien is exactly the kind of partner that's a perfect fit for Gudas. When Gudas and Del Zotto were partnered, it was a great fit. I think Gudas bounces back big time this year and really helps balance things out. I also think Folin and Hagg become an effective third pairing and leaves MacDonald on the outside looking in. I do like the forward lines though. Adding Vorobyov and Aube-Kubel to the mix is a smart move as it add speed (Aube-Kubel) and smarts (Vorobyov). If they're given decent ice time, that fourth line could give most teams fits.
  10. Well, Frost is up to 184 pounds and by the time the actual training camp starts, there's no reason he can't add another 5 to 10 pounds, which puts him in the 190 - 195 range. Gut feeling is that Rubstov is going to be getting groomed as a winger and Vorobyov and Vecchione are probably targeted for the fourth line with Raffl (which could actually make for one hell of a fourth line). The '3rd' line and bottom 3 could end up being one of the best units in the league. There's speed, there's scoring, there's physicality, there's defense and they'll be able to spell the top six when the need arises.
  11. Ryan Strome and Oscar Klefbom. You know Chiarelli can't help himself.
  12. I wonder if this time around, Giroux is going to be on JVR if he sees him dogging it. If the Flyers get a motivated JVR (and gut feeling says JVR is probably motivated to really dazzle and fit in with the club), then I think 40 to 45 goals isn't out of the question. As for the 3C spot, if he's physically ready, then I'd put Frost there. Honestly, I think he's got nothing more to prove at the junior level. Although it would be ideal to see him get a shot at the WJC roster, there's simply nothing left for him to accomplish at the CHL level. This could be an incredibly potent offense next season. The Flyers should have two dynamite power play units and a top six that could probably score anywhere from 180 to 200 goals between them. That's ridiculous production. Add in a third line of Lindblom - Frost - Simmonds/Aube Kubel and that could be another 50 to 60 goals. The defense I'm not too concerned about. We know what we're getting with Provorov and Gostisbehere. I think this is the year Sanheim really starts to shine and Gudas should have a bounce back year (I attribute last year to a bad year and his advanced stats from last year prove it wasn't really a bad year either). If Hagg and Myers are relegated to the bottom pairing and MacDonald is the 7th, even better. Goaltending is a major concern still and the Flyers need a viable backup, regardless of whether Neuvirth is using a new training regimen. The fact that both his hips were operated on this summer just doesn't sit well, especially when you consider how long it takes to recover from hip surgeries. Lehner is still sitting out there. It's time for Hextall to bite the bullet, grab Lehner for 3 years and get him to push Elliott and challenge for the starter role. He's also the perfect stop gap while waiting for one of Hart/Sandstrom to emerge.
  13. Isaac Ratcliffe is an impressive physical specimen. That reach and soft hands is something you can't teach. Hextall got a steal there. Hopefully he gets a few preseason games in before being sent back for his final junior season.
  14. Filppula and Komarov are clearly bottom six signings. I think Komarov will rebound though. I don't think 20 goals is out of the question. Filppula will be a bomb though. T that was desperation. With that being said, it's not as if the Islanders are hard done by. Barzal is there and becomes the number one center. There's still his life Eberle, Lee, Beauvillier, Bailey and I think Trotz will get Brock Nelson back on track. As well, if Trotz can get through to Ho-Sang ( remember people thought he wouldn't get through to Oven Chicken) then that's also a big boost. That's seven players to build offense around. Don't forget that there is Nick Leddy and Ryan Pulock on the back end too. The only position of need is goaltender, but with Trotz being there, the defense will get fixed and that should mean some easier nights for Thomas Greiss. I don't think they're going to be as bad ad they're being made our to be.
  15. And it's not just Manning either. Filppula goes to Long Island. Boy oh boy, Hak's head probably exploded a few times this weekend when thinking of line combos and defense pairings and realizing two of his favorites aren't around....lol

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