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  1. I love Winnipeg. My best friend lives there and I try to visit at least once a year. There's one restaurant he brought me to that's close to St.Bonifice and the Soeur Gris that had the best Huevos Rancheros I've ever had. I was also downtown Winnipeg with him and we met Connor Hellebuyck, Blake Wheeler, Mark Scheifele and Kyle Connor. Yeah, Winnipeg is such a cool and underrated city.
  2. Dubois is most definitely NOT the established player out of the bunch. That's Laine and honestly, it isn't even close. And it's funny when people talk about Laine that he's not going to last long in Columbus. Tortorella loves offensive players. Brad Richard, Martin St Louis and Vincent Lecavalier all played incredibly well under his watch, so the motion that Laine won't play well under Tortorella is far fetched. Panarin played well. Is Tortorella demanding? Yep, but if you do your job, you play. Can Dubois end up being the best player in the deal? Possibly. But let's not prete
  3. Wow, Dubois and a 3rd for Laine and Roslovic. Winnipeg got HOSED in this deal. They couldn't get an extra player or two to kind of even things out? Cheveldayoff clearly panicked on this trade. Brutal for Winnipeg. Absolutely brutal.
  4. I don't think the Flyers are going to put Patrick on the table. That almost sounds rather Ektardian of Broad Street Buzz to even mention Patrick's name. Will Frost's name be on the table? Absolutely. Even with his shoulder, you can bet that Kekalainen and Tortorella would love a player of his ilk. I also don't see Zamula, York or Brink on the table either. Zamula is loved by the current group, York looks to be a potential Brian Leetch clone and Brink could be a potential Gagne-type of player. I still think that the Flyers would put Laughton and Sanheim on the table and if that's not good enoug
  5. I blame the Blue Jackets for this. Not so much Tortorella as much as it is Kekalainen. Everyone in hockey knows what kind of coach Tortorella is. So the fact that Dubois dogged it wasn't so much a slight at Torts or his teammates. This was his way of speeding up the process. As for Jarmo, he knew that Dubois wanted out for some time (according to some reports, Dubois wanted out shortly after the playoffs) and instead, he kept a malcontent knowing that there was a good probability this was going to backfire. And now we're witnessing that. I'm not condoning Dubois for dogging it, but at the sam
  6. I really thought Sanheim was going to thrive under Mike Yeo. He seems to have a touch with defensemen and that he's developed several good ones during his time in St. Louis. The fact that Sanheim can't seem to get it going under Yeo leads me to believe that maybe he just simply wasn't as good as we were lead to believe. And honestly, I think York might end up being the best of the bunch. There's simply no panic in his game. He makes smart decisions all the time and he just knows how to get that puck off his stick quickly and up to his forwards. At this point, I'm sure Sanheim is g
  7. Look, everyone assumes that the issue is with Tortorella, but what if the issue is actually with Jarmo Kekalainen? I mean, everyone in hockey knows what Torts is like as a head coach, but at the end of the day, he's fair and he's going to play you if you buy in. However, there where also whispers that negotiations between Columbus and PLD weren't going well and that maybe, just maybe, Jarmo might have said or done something that offended PLD. We don't know. Yeah, PLD dogged it, no doubt. At the same time, the franchise had to know that this was going to happen sooner or later. You don't have a
  8. I'm down on Sanheim because the skill is there. The physical tools are there. The toolbox might not be there because he makes questionable decisions several times a game, which leads me to believe that he doesn't have the IQ to put it all together and he'll be another Braydon Coburn type. Let's not forget that Coburn's first season here, he put up 36 points, but then his numbers went down and his play became more and more inconsistent every year after that. That's what I see with Sanheim, but with less physicality than Coburn. With regards to Pronger, let's remember he came into th
  9. The first three lines would be in tact, but the fourth line will look different. I folktales expect Laughton will be one of the pieces moved, Frost will be one of the pieces and I think Sanheim would be another piece. I could see Laughton thriving under Tortorella. I know Frost is hurt, but he'd be a Tortorella favorite as well. Torts might be old school in his bench boss approach, but he likes offensively skilled players who can skate and are smart. Frost fits that bill. As for Sanheim, I think the organization can move in from him and they won't be the worse off. Honestly, I'm disappoin
  10. I think if Dubois comes to Philadelphia, he stays on the wing. I don't think he'll have a problem here because he'll probably get to play some center as well. Vigneault loves versatile forwards and that will garner Dubois tons of time.
  11. I think Dubois is going to end up in Philadelphia. Just a gut feeling. It has Flyers written all over it.
  12. Sanheim. He's slowly playing his way out of town and in a contract year none the less.
  13. Gus is trash. Pure trash. Not a single bit of defensive acumen in him. Chicago saw it, Calgary saw it and we're witnessing it. He's an absolute disaster in his end. He's filler until the chin can find a viable right handed defenseman. He won't be around next year and I fully expect he ends up in ether the KHL or SEL.
  14. Absolutely no to Gustafsson being part of this defense going forward. He's a stop gap and nothing more. His defense, which is primary characteristic and function of a defenseman, is nonexistent and putrid. He's even worse than Ghost. His $3 million salary is better used elsewhere.
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