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  1. Fletcher does suck. The fact he moved Gostisbehere, a 1st, 2 2nd round picks for 'cap space' but acquired and infinitely worse defenseman says all what needs to be said. Fletcher is creating the same mess Holmgren created that Hextall had to come in and clean up. Look at the mess he left in Minnesota that Guerin is having to clean up. It's a pattern with Fletcher.
  2. Yandle is terrible. Talk with Florida fans and they'll tell you that for the past four years, his play has deteriorated. So now the Flyers sign him and for what? He immediately blocks York now and if you think Vigneault is going to play a rookie over Yandle, think again. The bottom pairing of Braun and Yandle is pretty much set now. As for Atkinson, he scored 41 riding shotgun with Panarin. Now he comes to Philadelphia and once again, a young player is going to get bumped so that he can play with Giroux and Couturier to maximize his value. So now we get to see Farabee and Konecn
  3. The addition of Ellis makes them better. But it's negated now that Atkinson, Ristolainen and Yandle have been added. Just wait until day one of free agency when he does something really dumb.....
  4. I can't get over how people on here are defending the Ristolainen trade. The Flyers have up more for Ristolainen than what Florida gave up for Reinhart. I get that they play two different positions, but this was a BAD trade. And people are like "well the team needed to make changes." We all agree that they needed to make changes. Doesn't mean that they had to make bad changes. And sometimes, the best moves are the ones you don't make. As for Shill Meltzer saying the entry fee for Ristolainen was a first round pick, I'm calling ******** on that one. A defensemen with Ristolainen's
  5. The only good news about these awful moves is that the coaching staff is now on notice that they need to make this work. The focus has shifted from the players to the coaching staff now. We'll see how they respond.
  6. I'm still horrified that the Flyers paid more than a premium to land Ristolainen while Florida only payed with a middling goaltender prospect and a protected first for Reinhart. If anyone wants to know why I hate Schmuck Felcher, that's why. He bid against himself and I'm calling BS on seven teams being in on Ristolainen and that a first was the starting point. Shill Meltzer was all over that. Such a shame. He used to be a good, honest writer and now he's a company hack.
  7. For Christ sakes, Fletcher gave away assets to move the Gostisbehere contract and then gave up asset in a first round pick to acquire the perennially bad Ristolainen. On top of it, this is a team with cap issues in which he's probably going to have to give up additional assets to move those contracts. Can you not see that Fletcher has ZERO plan and that he's just grasping at straws? This is incompetence at its finest. This isn't about building a team to contend for the Stanley Cup. This is about making moves for the sake of making moves. It works be different if they're good moves, but they ar
  8. You NEVER make a move for the sake of making a move. In this case, it's a bad move made even worse by a GM that panicked. The Flyers paid less for Ellis than they did Ristolainen. Let that sink in for a moment. To add to it, they acquired a defenseman who was even worse than a defenseman they got rid of in Gostisbehere. Schmuck Flechered the Flyers with this deal. Awful, awful, awful. And to think, they still have to make moves to clear salary. Just watch how much of a gape Schmuck takes moving JVR and Voracek......
  9. Apparently Buffalo isn't handing over medical records though for teams to review. Red flags 1,2 and 3 right there. If there ever was a time to walk away, this would be it.
  10. Larsson is off the board. He's signing with Seattle as TSN confirmed a 4 year deal with Seattle and Larsson.
  11. I worry about Savard. During his run with Tampa Bay, I think he only averaged 16 minutes of ice time per game. I'd prefer Larsson from the simple standpoint that he plays 22 to 23 minutes a game, plays a good tough game, is sharp defensively and is 2 years younger than Savard. Montour would be the next choice because of his mobility. He turned his game around when he got to Florida as well. Gut feeling though is that Chuck wants to trade and free up some contract spaces. It won't surprise me to see Chuck make a trade and someone like Ratcliffe is packaged. I like the idea of a
  12. I don't like Fletcher, but I'm more than willing to give him kudos on this. He didn't just hit a home run, he hit a grand slam. Having a Timonen-type defender is never a bad thing. If he can help get Provorov and Sanheim to the next level, brilliant. The pressure is now on Vigneault and company to deliver. The gauntlet has been thrown down. Fletcher's got sack.
  13. This feels like Timonen all over again. Timonen was the same age when the Flyers acquired him. As much as it hurts giving up Myers, the pipeline still has York, Zamula, Attard, Wylie, Hogberg, Millman, and whoever they draft this year. It's not completely devoid of talent. I suspect that Larsson will probably be the target for the second pairing, provided that Voracek or JVR are selected by the Kraken and/ or moved in a trade. This is a legitimate good move.
  14. Not only the defense, but now AV has no choice but to use Frost. He'll also be surrounded with good talent (I'm predicting Lindblom and Laughton will be his wingers), so he won't take a beating that a typical center would take. I'd love to see an all kid line of Farabee - Frost - Konecny, but AV doesn't have the stones to do something like that.
  15. It won't surprise me if they use that final spot on NAK and expose the two big contracts in JVR and Voracek. Gotta admit, Schmuck didn't get fleeced and if they free up money in JVR or Voracek being taken, that could mean that they sign a guy like Adam Larsson to play on the second pairing with Sanheim. I could live with that. Sign a goalie like Bernier to back up Hart and the Flyers might look to be in decent shape. Don't screw this up, Chuck. You've done pretty well so far.
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