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  1. How much do you want to bet that the team is going to go out and hire the best neurologists there are. That would be a game changer on so many levels.
  2. Wow. Not fun at all. I have migraine disorder and trying to find a perfect medication balance is difficult. Neurological disorders suck.....
  3. I said it back at the time of Nolan Patrick's draft and I'll say it again - Cody Glass was the guy I hoped the Flyers would draft and I still stand by that to this day. Patrick has done nothing impressive and is incredibly brittle. I honestly expect another 35 point season from him and then I think he's gone at the draft.
  4. Bunnaman has the Bobby Clarke smile and he and Twarynski should make the club. They've been excellent this training camp. The bottom six will definitely be younger, bigger and faster from last year, not to mention more skilled. We should see the end of scrubs like Andreoff, Gabriel, Stewart, etc...
  5. There's no reason all three can't make the big club. Twarynski can be used on a line with Laughton and Raffl. He bounces Pitlick. As for NAK and Rubtsov, they go to the third line. NAK is the right winger while Rubtsov fills the center role during Patrick's latest health issue. Works out perfectly fine. Once Patrick comes back, the Flyers can decide what to do with Rubtsov and NAK then. I mean, worst case Ontario is that Rubtsov goes to Lehigh Valley and NAK stays on the right side. Easy peasy nipple squeezy......
  6. That's why I have hope that Gordon will get fired in Lehigh Valley and a disciple of AV will take over in Lehigh and get everyone on the same page. As for the 18 cuts, it was pretty much players that I didn't think would make the big club this year. No shame in that either. Guys like Ratcliffe and Sandstrom are going to benefit from it and a guy like Pascal Laberge has basically missed nearly two full years of development, so there's some benefits to him going to a low pressure environment and finding his game again. I do like what AV has done though in terms of seeing him grab the reins and he's dictating how things are going to be run. I don't know if this merits it or not, but something tells me Kevin Hayes is going to be his 'Keith Primeau' in terms of a veteran player who will relay the coach's message to the rest of the team. I wonder though if that will bend Giroux's nose out of shape in that the message isn't coming from him.......
  7. I don't get why people are doubting Provorov all of a sudden. He had a bad year. It happens to EVERY player in the league. Good God, this nonsense of whether Ivan will develop into a top tier defender is laughable.
  8. It shouldn't take long to get TK done. No matter what, he's coming in significantly below $6 a year. I can see a 6 year deal also, in the neighbourhood of $5.25 a year. Provorov was going to be the priority. The good news though is that there's a bit of money left over, so Konecny will get paid.
  9. I think it's safe to say that Werenski has set the bar for the extensions for Provorov, McAvoy, etc.....If Chuckles is smart, he's sending a thank you package to Kekalainen for the contact. Mark Gandler no longer has a leg to stand on in terms of negotiations....
  10. I can't believe that the whole Provorov thing is still going on. Nobody is getting signed before camp. It's simply not happening. As for the whole $10 million per season asking price, I'm pretty certain that's a load of crap as well started by a Columbus journalist. When you consider that the asking price that Werenski was talking about was a bridge contract of 3 years at $5 million per, the Provorov camp knows they aren't getting anywhere near that long term. The fact that Chuck and Mark Gandler are rather silent and when they've spoken, there's been nothing acrimonious, should speak in volumes about the situation. If there's bad blood, there might be something. But as it stands, there has been zero negative feelings in the press, which to me says they're talking, they understand the situation and that the numbers are probably agreed upon, but they're just waiting for the first shoe to drop. If anything, I expect this will be resolved when someone like Point or Marner (I'm expecting Point will be the first though) signs. Everything else will fall into place. Provorov will be looked after and he will be in camp. I think he's a rather smart player and certainly understands being in camp with the new coaching staff. He's going to be a pivotal player for the staff and a lot of what they'll be implementing will be based around him.
  11. The whole conundrum with Provorov right now is that Werenski and McAvoy haven't signed yet and all three will be tied to each other when they sign. This is going to be a long, drawn out process and it's something that probably won't get done until training camp. The fact that the Flyers and Provorov's agent are speaking is a good sign. The contract negotiations with Konecny are starting to worry me. This is a contract that should have been done. Konecny's deal shouldn't be hard to complete. Two years of 40+ even strength points per year. 20 goals each year. No real power play time either. It shouldn't take this long to get a deal in place. As for Trouba, I expect in 3 or 4 years, the Rangers are going to regret that contract they gave him. 50 points in a contract year and then the rest of the time, he's a 22 to 30 point defenseman.
  12. I'm fine with the contact Laughton got. People were ok with the contact Raffl got and he brings less to the table than Laughton does. I like the Tasmanian Devil on skates. He plays his role well, you can play him on any line and doesn't look out of place, he's very coachable and he does everything that's asked of him. I'm glad he got the contact he got.
  13. Hayes can also play the wing, so he really isn't boxing anyone out. His versatility will be an added bonus. Honestly, in two years it won't surprise me if Hayes is riding shotgun with Patrick or Frost.
  14. Fletcher won't deal Provorov. Not a chance of that ever happening. He knows that 21 year old defensemen that play upwards of 26 minutes a night with the toughest defensive assignments and more defensive zone starts off any defenseman in the league simply doesn't grow on trees. While Gostisbehere and Sanheim are the guys who will get the numbers, Provorov will get the results. He does the heavy lifting and sets the tone for the defense. He's going nowhere.

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