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  1. I fully expect our 3 through 6 defenders will ask be replaced this upcoming offseason. I expect Ristolainen, Yandle and Braun walk and Sanheim gets dealt. Instead, the replacements will be York and Zamula and two free agents - John Klingberg and Josh Manson. I know some will talk about the cap, but I also expect that they'll do the unthinkable - they let Giroux walk.
  2. My hope is that Schmuck fires AV in November, replaces him with Bruce Boudreau (who can get the offense going) and then Schmuck gets fired shortly after that, along with the rest of upper management. Even watching the team this preseason and it's the same garbage that plagued them last year, yet Vigneault and company won't tweak the system. And other than Atkinson and Ellis, they've added nothing but veteran garbage while mortgaging the future and handcuffing the team cap wise ($43k in cap space is ridiculous and sheer incompetence).
  3. Funny you should mention it, but he is a Hayes buddy. Brown was captain at Boston College when Hayes first arrived there.
  4. The problem is Flyers management and ownership. The team will be close to playoff contention or believe be that they have a legitimate shot at the Cup and they'll deal one of those youngsters for a 'grizzled' veteran they believe that will push them over the top. There's no long term planning. I really wish we had progressive management, coaching and ownership. Give me what goes on in Tampa Bay any day. They know what player development is, they know the importance of succession planning and they know how to play the game and be ahead of the times. Instead we get old relics who be
  5. Here's the thing - Frost didn't play poorly. He was focused on his defense assignments and was superb. He was in on the forecheck, he was physical and he was using his speed. It wasn't like he was terrible offensively either. He was making plays and he had shots on net. He was snake bitten. The issue I have is that Vigneault runs a stank ass offensive system that is stretch pass and dump and chase. There no emphasis on pick possession and carrying the puck, two of Frost's greatest abilities. So I think the Frost demotion needs to be looked at critically under a lense. Now I'll a
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