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  1. You know what the crazy thing about this is? Tortorella might work here and help get veterans out that don't want to be there. He might just force the rebuild that so needs to be done. I'm not advocating for him, but he might be just nuts enough to stand up to this schizophrenic management and advisor group and get through to him. Just how dysfunctional is that?
  2. Don't buy into the Shill Meltzer ideology about Stinktolainen. I can't think of a single other team that was in on him. And don't buy the Schmuck Felcher ideology that it was a first, second a roster player for him either. No team in their right mind was going to give up that much for the worst number for defenseman in the game. Schmuck played the Holmgren game of bidding against himself to ensure he walked away with the player he wanted. Piss poor asset management at its finest.
  3. The thing with Tortorella is that players love playing for him. Look at every place he's been and most players that have played for him have said nothing but good things about him. Do I want to see him coach the Flyers? No. I think he's a coach who only coaches once way and he can't adapt his game plan accordingly. A good example of that is Patrick Laine. He tried to turn a 45 goal scorer into a two-way checker. That's a poor use of an asset. Put Laine with a good defensive player and let him m do his thing. He brings a skill set that no one else had. You could also say the same ab
  4. I've already started my preference for Savoie. The problem is that the GM is Schmuck Felcher and you know he's going to swing for the fences in any trade. I'm certain that Clarke and Holmgren are also bipping in the background that one draft pick won't change the franchise's fortune and that he needs to be 'aggressive' in his retool. There's going to be no good that can come from that group.
  5. The Flyers have had a number of them. Chris Gratton, Alex Daigle, JVR, Pavel Brendl, Vaclav Pletka, Pat "fat balloon" Falloon. I could go on and on.....
  6. Here's why I think they'll move the pick. This draft is considered a 'decent' draft, but there are no 'game changers' this draft (and I hate when scouts say that because these drafts always surprise, but I digress). Schmuck is going for the quick fix and we all know that. It's not just Schmuck that concerns me though. It's the Senior Advisors who all believe this club is just a retool, not a rebuild, from being competitive. If they make the pick, I'd hope it's Savoie, but I'm sure that they're going to go over Savoie's size as being a problem. Meanwhile, the guy they love (Isaac Howard's name
  7. Sanheim's game really turned around in the second half of the season. He got to do what he does best - skate and carry the puck. Under the Haktard era, defensemen weren't allowed to lead rushes and that hampered Sanheim because that was one of the best attributes of his game. Vigneault comes in and let his leash out a little more, but the skill still wasn't coming out. Yeo takes over and Sanheim stepped up his game in the second half. Whoever the new coach is, hopefully they find a way to continue to exploit Travis's skating and puck handling ability. Let him run the power play. Th
  8. I'd certainly let Stevens run Lehigh Valley as the head coach there. He was probably the best development coach the Flyers had. I'd let him work with all the young prospects.
  9. We'll agree to disagree on this. I saw enough through my chemotherapy in which guys did not buy into his system and Vigneault often took it out on the young guys. The veteran players stood up to him (namely Gostisbehere and Voracek) and Vigneault took it out on the young guys (look at his comments about York and Allison's debut plus the 'reset' of Carter Hart, when he really needed a good therapist for his depression). Vigneault was horrible, maybe even worse than Honkstink, and that's saying something.
  10. We have big wingers with size that are coming through. As long as his shoulders hold up, Tyson Foerster is one. I know there are a number of people who worry about Wade Allison, but if the Flyers replace their medical staff with competent medical people I think we'll see the end of his injury prone days. I'm also thinking that this will be the year that Ratcliffe earns a spot in the bottom six and we can't forget about Tippett either. So, there is size on the wings in Philadelphia and in the pipeline. We desperately need speed and skill though and I'll take Savoie. He's built like a tank for o
  11. Trotz would be fantastic because he brings structure and accountability. That was the problem with Vigneault. There was no structure to his system. It was dump and char, get back to play defense and dump and chase when you have possession of the puck again. It's simply not sustainable for long term success. And then Vigneault had a tendency to throw young players under the bus. You can't do that when they make mistakes. That's the only way they learn. That's why a guy like Frost was always playing tentative. Now, I'm not saying Trotz is a great deceleration of young forwards beca
  12. I loved Tocchet the right winger. I don't like Tocchet the coach. I'm certain he'd be a great assistant, but he's simply not head coaching material.
  13. Slafovsky also went on a huge shooting heater in which he was scoring at like a 25% clip on his shots after the Olympics. That kind of sitting percentage is unsustainable. Honestly, at 5, it should be Savoie. The Flyers need offensive talent in the forward group. Savoie is simply the best offensive player. Not best all around player like Wright or Cooley. What worries me is that Flyers brass don't like offensively talented forwards. They want all two way guys. If you look at every Stanley Cup winning team, you need a forward that is capable of being a 90 point player and an offensi
  14. Desnoyers is going nowhere. If anything, Petry goes for a mid round pick so that Montreal gets the cap hit off their roster. I doubt Philadelphia looks into him. If the Flyers move Provorov and Konecny, they'll get a good defender out of the deal. Starting to think there might be diverging with the Shea Theodore rumors from Vegas.
  15. I don't think Ellis is going to play again. I think his injuries are more severe than what's being lead on by the club and I fully expect a buy out or remaining on LTIR until his rights are traded or his contract expires. The fact that the Flyers have never specifically mentioned what the injuries are or what surgery he's having is what has me thinking he won't play again.
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