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  1. I hate to say it, but I think Patrick is going to be as good as we're seeing and that's not very good at all. Some will say concussions/migraines, but I just think he's not a very good player and it happens unfortunately. If he blossoms elsewhere, good for him, but I don't think it's going to happen here. I also think the assistant coaches haven't done the young guys any favours in terms of their development. We've all seen everyone take a step backwards this year and while Vigneault is ultimately held responsible as he's the head coach, I think Therrien and Yeo have been horri
  2. All of this discussion on this page is a great reason why there needs to be a serious organization overhaul this off-season. There's no alignment on how to get prospects to the next level, the kids are being taught different in Lehigh Valley than what's going on with the big club and it's completely different systems and terminology. The Flyers really need to blow things up this off-season and rebuild properly. No more retooling or restructuring. It's a full on teardown and rebuild. Identify the new core going forward (and right now, from the forwards, I only keep Konecny and Fa
  3. Nobody is taking on salary though. You move JVR and you're attaching a high pick to it. Look no further than the Washington - Detroit deal today. Washington moved out more salary in Vrana and Panik, took back less salary, and paid a steep price to move those two parts. I get that Panik hasn't been good this year, but Vrana is a fine hockey player. If he's anywhere else, he's easily a top six guy (yet for some unexplained reason, Peter Laviolette dislikes him), yet he's a bottom six guy in Washington. But I digress. Detroit took on more money, but they got Washington to pay a premium. That's ho
  4. Forester and Wisdom have looked good in Lehigh Valley. If there's ever a time to discuss the OHL/NHL agreement, now would be it. They've both played really well in Lehigh and it's clear they're ready for the next level. Add in York to the mix and this group could be something special, provided Schmuck Felcher, Nature Boy and Vigneault don't ruin them.
  5. I don't think Allison or Ratcliffe are that far away. Laczynski also has good size and his advanced numbers have been superb despite the Morin behind the bench in Lehigh Valley. Wisdom is also showing that he's got very good upside and might be ready sooner than anticipated. Forester might take two to three years, but his wait might be well worth it. Right now, from the big club, there's only a handful of players that are untouchable. Couturier, Farabee, Konecny, Provorov and Hart are the only guys I keep from the big club. Everyone else is fair game and ago players with NMCs
  6. In fairness, how much of that is NAK and how much of that is Vigneault/Therrien? The thing that I hate about this coaching staff is that there are a number of young players in the lineup and every one of those coaches only deals well with veterans. We've been lucky with Farabee so far, but he's been the exception to the rule. Anyways, I hope they don't make the deal for Ekholm. They're more than an Ekholm away from contending. There's some serious underlying issues with the club that needs to be addressed.
  7. What do you want from Boston though? You know that Brandon Carlo will be off the table.
  8. I was ready to move on from Giroux and Voracek after last season. That opinion hasn't changed. I think the big issue is that the current collection in management don't want to move any of those guys because "they've done so much for the club that they should stay with the franchise for the rest of their careers." As well, Giroux has the no movement deal and work baby number 2 on the way, I doubt he waives it. Voracek might be easier to move because he doesn't have that nmc, but the contract will be an issue because nobody wants to take on salary right now. We're stuck with them u
  9. I could live with this. As long as the pick isn't a first or if the prospects aren't York, Brink, Forester, etc.... I'm good with that
  10. That's the thing though - Patrick has already hit the number of games he needs to play with the big club that he can only be sent down to the AHL for a conditioning stint. Honestly, I have had it with Kilger 2.0. They need to deal him and let him be someone else's problem.
  11. You should see the Patrick defenders on other boards. They blame the coaching staffs, Patrick's absence last year, poor usage, etc... for his lack of development. He's been in the league now for awhile. 5 points in 22 games is not acceptable. It's time to move on from Patrick and find someone else who can fill his role.
  12. But unlike Couturier, Nolan Patrick was given great linemates and better scoring opportunities. I don't remember Patrick ever being given Maxime Talbot or Jody Shelley or a done Matt Read as his linemates.
  13. You know who Nolan Patrick reminds me of? Chad Kilger. High pedigree in junior hockey, mediocre performance at the NHL level.
  14. That's a great hockey trade, but Nashville will probably be looking for picks, prospects and salary relief. I'm not sure they can take on another contract like Voracek without moving someone else. All these clubs that are in cap trouble and tanking in the standings, I think low ball offers are the best way to go. Fact is, the teams they're trading with are taking on their salary issues, so them getting relief should be considered a big part of any trade.
  15. No. Patrick and a second? Yes. Although, I've read that Dante Fabbro has fallen out of favour in Nashville. Maybe a Patrick for Fabbro swap could be arranged.
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