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  1. The whole conundrum with Provorov right now is that Werenski and McAvoy haven't signed yet and all three will be tied to each other when they sign. This is going to be a long, drawn out process and it's something that probably won't get done until training camp. The fact that the Flyers and Provorov's agent are speaking is a good sign. The contract negotiations with Konecny are starting to worry me. This is a contract that should have been done. Konecny's deal shouldn't be hard to complete. Two years of 40+ even strength points per year. 20 goals each year. No real power play time either. It shouldn't take this long to get a deal in place. As for Trouba, I expect in 3 or 4 years, the Rangers are going to regret that contract they gave him. 50 points in a contract year and then the rest of the time, he's a 22 to 30 point defenseman.
  2. I'm fine with the contact Laughton got. People were ok with the contact Raffl got and he brings less to the table than Laughton does. I like the Tasmanian Devil on skates. He plays his role well, you can play him on any line and doesn't look out of place, he's very coachable and he does everything that's asked of him. I'm glad he got the contact he got.
  3. Hayes can also play the wing, so he really isn't boxing anyone out. His versatility will be an added bonus. Honestly, in two years it won't surprise me if Hayes is riding shotgun with Patrick or Frost.
  4. Fletcher won't deal Provorov. Not a chance of that ever happening. He knows that 21 year old defensemen that play upwards of 26 minutes a night with the toughest defensive assignments and more defensive zone starts off any defenseman in the league simply doesn't grow on trees. While Gostisbehere and Sanheim are the guys who will get the numbers, Provorov will get the results. He does the heavy lifting and sets the tone for the defense. He's going nowhere.
  5. @mojo1917 it won't be Provorov turning that contract down. It would be his agent Mark Gandler and I doubt Gandler would be his agent for long after that. 8 years and $62 million is really good money, so I can't see Provorov turning that down. As for last year, he was definitely injured, no doubt in my mind. Provorov was wincing every time a hard pass was delivered to his stick or if he had to shoot the puck. If I were coach, I would have pulled him and ordered the team doctors to do an MRI on his shoulder. He was also gassed and Hakstol continued to run him into the ground at break neck speed. The good news is that with a competent coaching staff in place, the days of Provorov playing 25 to 27 minutes a night during the regular season is coming to an end and he'll be better off for it. I'm also expecting 15 to 17 goals from Ivan this year and 45 to 50 points. I think this is the year Provorov becomes a superstar defenseman.
  6. Provorov is the lead defender in Philadelphia. When he's on, there's no one on that club that's better. And when he's out of sorts (like last season) everyone is affected. I get he didn't have the 'numbers', but the intangibles he brings to the table are immeasurable. Honestly, if Giroux and Voracek are worth $8+ million per year, then Provorov is right up there with them. If I'm GM, I'd start with an 8 year/$62 million deal, $7.75 million per year cap hit.
  7. Seravalli is an idiot. Other than McDavid, Eichel and Hanafin, who all signed new deals before their respective ELCs were up, none of the draftees from the 2015 draft are close to new contracts. Provorov is going to get signed. It's a matter of waiting out to see what Werenski and others are going to get. The Provorov camp know he's going to get paid. When have the Flyers ever cheapskated any of their players? Exactly.
  8. Good stuff. I used it on a part of my foundation that was sweating (even after it was sealed) and there's been nothing since and my baseboards have thanked me everyday.....
  9. The entire Toronto team was a team that couldn't take a pounding. I'm not worried about the 'physicality' factor because I think you need those finesse guys as well. That's why I said you put Nylander on a line with a couple of heavies and it gives him room to operate. Patrick Kane is one of the least physical players in the game and he's got his name on the Stanley Cup three times. You can still win and not have to take a beating.....
  10. I'm probably the minority, but I'd have no problems with Nylander. The Flyers currently don't have three deep on the right side and Nylander would be a great fit with his playmaking ability. Give him the big body in Hayes and the shooter in JVR and line 2 could be difficult to contain. Ghost for Nylander straight up? It's not awful.
  11. Here's the thing to remember about all these moves being made - Fletcher and Flahr just aren't making moves on their own. They're made in conjunction with input from the player personnel department and pro scouts. As for cap ramifications, you can get that the team capologist is also being used. I know that Fletcher and Flahr have a questionable history in Minnesota, but the personnel department in Minnesota is nothing like the personnel department in Philadelphia. Fact is, the Flyers have one of the best scouting and personnel departments in the league.
  12. The Flyers had a fantastic draft. I know people were freaking out about Cam York on Twitter and CSN Philly, but this is a really good and solid pick. I wanted Soderstrom, personally, but there's nothing wrong with the USNTDP product that was a +40, had 65 points in 63 games and is going to a renowned hockey program where they'll help address his physical deficiencies and get him up to par. As for Brink, his skating issues are all mechanical and can be easily corrected. And once again, another high profile hockey school that will help fix the skating deficiencies. He was being compared to Mark Recchi and as a huge number 8 fan, I would kill for another Recchi-like player in the lineup (Konecny also reminds me of the wrecking ball). Overall, I think Fletcher and Flahr had a very good draft. More important, Nick Pryor really stepped up and this was basically his draft. All the doom and gloom sayers have nothing to complain about. Fantastic first draft for Fletcher and company. Dare I say it, this draft was very Hextall-esque and I love that they swung for the fences on players with huge upside. Looking forward to free agency and then rookie camp.
  13. I always thought Cam York reminded me of Josh Morrissey. It's not a bad pick. I wanted Soderstrom, but Fletcher said he was relying on his scouts this draft and if they identified York as the best defenseman, then I'm not going to question it. They've got a record of hitting on their first round picks and if York hits, that's yet another good defenseman they've hit on. I mentioned on another forum that it could be worse. Could you imagine how bat **** crazy people would be if they drafted Kaliyev?
  14. Nailed it on the McMichael pick!!! Washington got a good one.
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