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  1. In terms of moving Ghost, the issue will be whether his knees are 100%. So, 2018 - 2019 offseason he was recuperating from knee surgery only to have another surgery in 2019 - 2020. Clearly there's a problem with his knees that he simply needs time off to heal and heal fully. A healthy Gostisbehere is a difference maker and I think the coaching staff realizes that. Everyone knows what he's capable of. He's not being handled by Therien either as Yeo looks after the defense. Yeo also has a good track record working with defensemen, so I'm not worried about that. Everything with Ghost seems to be health and head. One solid year of health and just letting the play come to him will be all what he needs. Let's not forget that Hakstol and company tried to fundamentally change the type of defensemen he was and they broke him. It's going to take time to fix him.
  2. The problem in Ottawa is that Eugene Melnyk is a cheap ass son of a bitch that wants to keep the budget as low as possible. He'll only deal for players with big cap hits, but low salary pay outs. He's all but directed Pierre Dorion to move out salary as much as possible, with the exception of Thomas Chabot. Just watch what happens when Tkachuk comes up for contract renewal. He'll ask for 8 and Dorion will low ball him at 4 or 5 and then move him for trash pieces.
  3. Hindsight is 20/20, unfortunately. Scouts were raving about Morin going into the draft and the trajectory that he was on. I remember that year and I really wanted Josh Morrisey to be the pick. I thought the Flyers needed a legitimate puck moving power play defenseman and he fit the bill. When they took Sam though, I understood why. How could you not be intrigued by a 6'7, 200+ pound defenseman that can play with snarl and could skate like there's no tomorrow. He was also a decent puck carrier and had a bomb of a shot from the point. I'll agree that the Pronger comparisons much. Sam compared more favourably to Zdeno Chara, especially when it came to their growth in the game. I still think Sam can be a player and a good one at that. The knee injuries were flukes. When you see how he was injured, it was bull - **** luck. I think having this year of not worrying about the big club and playing in the AHL to get himself back into game shape will be good for him.
  4. He didn't fail in Tampa Bay. He produced. Look at hockeydb.com and you'll see that he produced his first full season in Tampa Bay. As for Montreal, it's been a **** show. Claude Julien has tried turning him into something he isn't. Julien thought he could turn him into Brad Marchand. News flash - not everyone is a physical player. Doesn't make them soft in any shape or form. It was like Justin Williams when he was here. Hitchcock GROSSLY misused him. It wasn't until he got to Carolina that they let him grow into the player he could be. That's what it is with Drouin. The talent is there. It's never been an issue of that. Some guys just aren't a good fit in certain environments. As for Mike Richards, yeah, no thanks. I want to ensure that my captain or leader isn't an oxycontin junkie or prone to fits when other players would challenge his leadership.
  5. John LeClair was also called a floater. We all know how he turned out. Drouin is just in a bad situation.
  6. And its not just Ghost either that they can move. Both JVR and Voracek don't have NMC clauses in their deal. So, if the Flyers can get out of the two deals with much needed cap space, they'll be ok. As for Nolan Patrick, no one is going to sign him to an offer sheet, especially if his future is unknown. It makes zero sense and if someone says 'they'll do it to screw with another team's cap situation', we all know that they'll be crucified for that. The Flyers are going to be younger this year. I think that's gong to be the reality we face. There's going to be no big name free agent signings. We'll probably see trades and we'll probably see some prospects head out in deals with players as well. That's going to be the way Chuckles will have to improve the team. Of note, I heard a rumour of one deal that would send JVR, Friedman and a draft pick to Montreal for Drouin and a draft pick. Not sure what to make of it, but it's clear that the rumours are starting.
  7. Unfortunately, since Bill has become a writer for the Flyers, his journalistic integrity has taken a hit. He used to call things as they were previously, but now he's more prone to placate the organization.
  8. Alexander Appleyard is one of the most intelligent and credible posters with regards to everything Flyers related. He also knows the European leagues inside out. He's an invaluable resource.
  9. Frost isn't a question mark. The guy has the talent and the skill. The problem is that he was only playing 8 to 10 minutes a night instead of starting in Lehigh Valley where he could have been dominant and then ready for 2020-2021. That's on Fletcher. And please don't talk about 'size' being an issue. Brayden Point is 5'10, 165 pounds (2 inches smaller and 20 pounds lighter than Frost) and he doesn't seem to have a problem adjusting to the pro game. The problem is that the Flyers play a ****** trap system that doesn't utilize the talents of the players they have. Never have I seen an organization try to fit players into a system that doesn't work with the talent they have. It's borderline mental retardation.
  10. I don't think moving JVR, Giroux and Voracek would be as difficult as some might think. Fact is, all three are 20+ goal scorers who would thrive in a secondary or tertiary role. I could see a team like Colorado being interested in Giroux and I think a guy like Tyson Jost with a prospect like Shane Bowers could easily be done. He and Mackinnon on the pp would be lethal. Voracek could bring in a good prospect and a 2nd. JVR might be the most difficult to move, but then again, he'd be a deadline type acquisition and could be exposed to the expansion draft afterwards. There's some value there for a club. The big issue would be selling it to ownership. This is a franchise that is hell bent on icing veterans regardless. Young players are made to sit or play in roles to support veterans. Management would have to sell ownership on the idea of going with a very young core. Personally, if Vigneault and Fletcher feel that Frost is ready for the big show and if Ratcliffe is ready to make the jump, that might be an easier sell.
  11. Frost is going to be perfectly fine and can easily be another Barzal. Let's be honest about Lehigh Valley - Scott Gordon is a retard who has zero coaching acumen and NO business developing prospects. He's only there out of a misguided sense of loyalty to someone who took over the big club when Hakstol all but poisoned the locker room with horrendous coaching decisions and over usage and misuse of players. The fact that Frost did as well as he did with no viable instruction is nothing more than a minor miracle. It also speaks in volumes that Vigneault wanted him on the club and it was Fletcher that decided elsewise. The 2020-2021 season, Vigneault will have Frost for the full year. As for the 'third pairing' defensemen, that's ludicrous. Provorov is a number one in the league. Sanheim and Meyers have number one upside and are currently the second pairing. Zamula has top 4 upside. Same with York. Ronnie Attard might end up the sleeper of the group. And Friedman is ready so when Braun walks, he steps in. As for the rest of the forwards, Farabee will be a legit top six guy. He just turned 20 and plays a full 200 foot game. Patrick is a legitimate question mark, but if they can get the migraine issues addressed, he's good to go. O'Brien gets a do over with Boston University. And depending what the Flyers do at the draft, if they draft a guy like Mavrik Bourque or Brendan Brisson, that's another high end piece to add to the pipeline. So no, it isn't doom and gloom. There are very legitimate pieces in the system. Prospect development isn't linear either, so some guys might take longer than others. That's just the way it is.
  12. It should be someone drafted and developed by the Flyers at this point. I'd go with either Provorov or Konecny, but leaning more towards Ivan.
  13. It's all mindset in Philadelphia, from management to coaching to players. Management still thinks this team needs to be big and tough, coaching thinks that only veterans get prime playing time and the young players who should be playing are caught in this ancient way of thinking. I hope this offseason, they move on. Get rid of Therrien behind the bench. An 0 for power play in the playoffs is unacceptable, especially with the fire power available. I hope the Flyers move on from several players and go young. Let the Frosts, Bunnamans, Rubtsovs, etc all play without fear of being bumped by a grizzled veteran just 'because'. If these guys are the future, then let them learn and let them play. In terms of veterans, I'm ready to see the club move on from JVR, Giroux, Voracek, Grant, Thompson, Braun, and Niskanen. If rather the club take a 'step back' if it means taking five steps ahead. Thera a very good base of talent right now between Philadelphia, Lehigh Valley, and respective junior leagues and the NCAA. Continue to add to that base and ensure that a good development path is in place. The fact that there seems to be such a disparity between what players are learning in Lehigh Valley and what is happening in Philadelphia is concerning.
  14. As someone who suffers from chronic migraines, it's not as simple as you make it out to be with regards to finding a solution or cure. There is no cure for migraines and if you ever knew the pain of a real migraine, you'd be thinking different. I don't know how bad the migraines are that Patrick gets, but I can tell you with mine, the pain is so bad that I vomit, lost my eyesight and then pass out. No amount of medicating fixes it. I have had all sorts of different treatments. I've had different diet changes. I've been placed in different environments that have tried to replicate different humidity and barometric pressures. I've had numerous cat scans and MRIs. I've had numerous allergy tests done. I've had numerous acupuncture procedures. I've had different glasses prescriptions complete with different levels of tinting. I've had numerous medications. There's just no cure. The only thing that I've been successful with is being able to identify when a migraine is about to happen and being prepared for it. I've found that THC is the best component so far in helping manage the migraines. I smoke and then I go to sleep for a few hours. Eventually Patrick will get sorted out and he'll find a regimen that works for him. With every single chronic migraine sufferer, there is no common solution to correct it. You eventually find a way to manage them. That's about it.
  15. There will always be takers. There's always someone who's willing to take that chance. I'm certain you put those three on the market and there will be teams lining up for their services. They no longer fill the required need here and it's time to send them elsewhere. If the Flyers want to break with the past, those are the three that represent it. It's time to move on.

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