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  1. I’m presuming they used Star Trek’s transporter to get Kevin Weekes back and forth, to and from, all those Seattle venues so quickly. Looked and felt like an awesome place to start a new franchise. Should be fun to see how they do.
  2. As for who Seattle picks from the “other Washington”, how does a GM figure out whether a young unprotected goalie (who got injured immediately in the playoffs) is a Dream or a Dud? Rather than pick a somewhat uninspiring blue-liner like Nick Jensen, perhaps the Kraken should take a gamble on the Capitals’ Vitek Vanacek. Czech? P.S. Drinks are on me if they pick Ovenchicken!
  3. I have heard very little, I actually spend little time in the greater DC area nowadays since I am primary caretaker of my elderly mom here in the Chicagoland area. But if it were up to me, I’d choose Harassers as the new name. It fits with all the latest revelations of ‘Me Too’ scandals for the past 15 years under this decrepit owner. They could focus on their defensive side and develop a superb pass rush, fitting with the new name. Look, if the NHL can abide Predators, surely the NFL can live with Harassers.
  4. Suppose the Washington NFL franchise soon starts finding success in gridiron foosball not seen since 1991. Then will you agree that the Toronto NHL franchise should abandon their moniker for maybe a year of no-name until they get rechristened as Maple Spinners or Bay Leaves or Senior Marlies or whatever the accursed ⛸ franchise’s fans vote for?
  5. Yes, an impressive TBL squad. They’re such a contrast to, say, the 2018 Capitals who impressed and shocked their fans one year only to fall flat the next 3 years. Repeat champs like the 90’s Wings or the Penguins of 5 years ago impress everyone the most. Congrats to ‘TFG26’ for her club repeating, and thanks to her for setting up these fun discussion threads. (No doubt she excelled beyond the 25 TFGs that preceded her. )
  6. Err…me no can count good. I need big sign near bed in morning which say (big font) : FOUR…*THEN* FIVE. (SIX LATER) Kinda like that old Far Side cartoon with the big bedroom sign saying: “First, pants. THEN shoes.”
  7. Well don’t lose hope! Two storms converge on Tampa Bay on Wednesday for game 6. One, Elsa is bringing her rain and high winds from the south. Two, Allie (that is, Montre-Allie!) is bringing her determination and puck savvy from the north! These two whirlwinds meeting on Wednesday can lead to the Unpredictable!
  8. To imagine this on Wimbledon Centre Court…the fireflies had match point on their own serve and failed to convert. Many a match has had cicadas come back to win afterwards! Well, the Capitals STILL remain the last team to get swept in the Finals, back in ‘98 when they got rolled by the Wings led by the NHL’s first Russkie Wave and Stevie “Wonder” Yzerman.
  9. Most common question asked by TBL players of the hotel concierge: “So what’s the best way to kill 48+ hours in Montreal?”
  10. Leah Hextall announced well in the recent NCAA Frozen Four. Haven’t heard about new TNT announcer decisions since Kenny Albert and Eddie Olczyk were named almost 2 months ago. The good thing about Melrose is that we get free frequent mentions of his small Saskatchewan hometown. Gotta have that regular Kelvington fix!
  11. Yup I suppose. After losing the first game against the Nordiques in OT, Montreal won 10 of their 16 victories in OT, never losing in OT again. Especially killer was erasing a 1-0 Final deficit to Gretzky’s and Mullet Melrose’s LA Kings to win games 2,3, and 4 in OT. Call ‘em lucky, they knew how to play in the clutch. Let’s see if this 2021 batch can come back and adjust to last night’s manhandling.
  12. Montreal has shown highly skilled offensive stick handling and quick effective shotmaking. Such a difference from my Capitals. They look to be a Team Of Destiny as was the ‘93 squad that won an unheard-of number of OT games and killed LA fans hopes of a Gretzky South Cup victory. (And killed the mullet style of one Barry Melrose.) These Quebec cicadas burrow out of the earth with ferociousness every once in a blue moon. But it’s little buggers winning no matter what, cicadas or lightning bugs (fireflies) but I’m on board The Train now… …Montrecicada Canadiennae ov
  13. I had the game on my DVR and kept going forward and the score kept rising, Islandudez unable to bail water out of their sinking boat, so I saw virtually none of it. NHL app game highlights only for me. Others of a certain age were likely reminded of the 1991 finals where Mario Lemieux’s Penguins finally wore down a game Minnesota North Stars squad by seizing the Cup in an 8-0 Game Six blowout.
  14. Not enough, I’m afraid! (Capitals’ Samsonov is now off the hook for the boneheadiest goalie gaffe of this year’s Cup-proceedings.)
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