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  1. And as pointed out by Samantha Pell in the WaPo story, Ovie’s last shortie was a dozen seasons ago. One win down towards the ‘Finish Top Half’ aim.
  2. Well gosh, Backstrom is out until November, and Ovie remains uncertain for tonight’s season opener. I’m sure the suits at Mass Mutual have slapped their foreheads with a “Doh!” a few times since Ovie got nicked up in the final preseason warmup. Maybe Nastya skates? (Yeah, that’s the ticket! ⛸)
  3. Lightning and Ice. Ice and Lightning. Southeast Florida had the natural name “Miami Ice” and blew it…both the hot vs cold contrast, as well as any fun panache and spin from the hit 80’s show. Yeah yeah Florida’s panthers nearly went extinct but have rebounded some but they went too far in eschewing the Crockett and Tubbs connection. Such a (ahem) “vice” to have done so. Bah Humbug!
  4. One of these days I’ll collate together the list of Caps playoff chokes when up 2-0 or 3-1 in games. It is likely waaay more than any team, across all major sports. At least 5 times, maybe 6, always as the favorite playing G7 at home. It’s a different kind of PTSD than decades of missing playoffs a la Buffalo or T’ronto. Btw I distinctly recall the blather from TV announcers and others during Ovie’s first playoffs in ‘08 against your Flyers. Here was the much rarer case where the Caps threatened to win down 3-1. Ovie has a magnificent game 6 in Philly, only for the
  5. ?!? what r u smoking mate? Caps fans from 1982 thru 2003 suffered PTSD from repeated playoff failures from so many promising squads and players. (Which extended into the Ovie Playoff Era (OPE) from 2008 thru 2017. The brains of Caps fans are permanently singed until death. GARTNER, Carpenter, LANGWAY, Hunter, Ciccarelli, Stevens, Iafrate, Oates, Jagr, BONDRA, Johansson. And the goalies Riggin, Jensen, Mason, Peeters, Beaupre, Carey, Kolzig. Need another list for those playing during OPE until the Miracle.
  6. If Ovie manages to survive 5 more years, scoring some goals along the way, will he manage to finish with a career “plus”? (vs “minus”) In 1197 career games, Ovenchicken is a mere +75. And except for a few lean years, the Caps have generally been a strong regular season squad during his reign. Extrapolated to an even 2000 games played, for a fair comparison…here are the +/- career numbers for some of the star forwards over the last 25 years. (Yes yes some had lousier average teams than others. These legends all played at least 1039 games (Crosby) but no more than 1733
  7. Yeah…you mean this no doubt: https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/caps/comments/8uq1v6/ovenchicken/
  8. Let’s hope there wasn’t anyone nearby with a jersey reading ILSCRATZYA
  9. I phrased this poorly. My point was that any league that plays such a long “regular” season without eliminating a high % of its teams, allowing so many middle-of-the-road teams to advance to its REAL and ultimate challenge, is not a very serious or important campaign. Add college hoops major conference regular seasons to that list. (Interruptions would be tolerable even though the hoopsters currently don’t have them in practice.) Yes the NHL is premier in ice hockey. But the Olympics do not interrupt its critical moments. Now if the Olympics asked to be timed so as to int
  10. I find it difficult to swallow arguments that a league that has traditionally advanced more than 50% of its teams (exactly 50% this coming season) to post-season playoffs, cannot abide a break for an international competition like the Olympics. Same argument for NBA as for NHL, one could argue. If these long regular (pre)seasons are so important and sacrosanct from disruption, their “meaning” would, in the purest sense, award the highest prestige to winning the league, just like all the major soccer leagues in Europe do. Of course that’s so opposed to what us North Americans are
  11. Does it make sense to play in the Southern Hemisphere’s spring and summer? (How much temperature difference is there in Australia between winter and summer? If not very much, I can see it could make sense to have an ice hockey season in sync with North America and Europe/Russia.) “Oice ‘ockey dain undah! Crikey, mate!”
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