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  1. Perhaps. The WaPo article on the trade reminds us that Jakub scored a total of zero goals and zero assists in the last two Caps playoff years, after he scored 3 goals and 5 assists in the four series of their 2018 Cup run. I enjoyed watching Vrana, I suppose, but there is one substantial plus for Caps fans in having him traded. No longer will Washington fans have to suffer listening to TV commentator Craig Laughlin incessantly referring to him as “Jake the Snake”. Thank God that’s now of the past.
  2. Just ask the Caps of the early 90’s like Rod Langway, Peter Bondra, Dino Ciccarelli, Al Iafrate, Dale Hunter, Mike Ridley, Kevin Hatcher, Calle Johansson, et al...especially their 91-92 squad... ...and they’ll have to admit that the likes of Mario Lemieux, Jaromir Jagr, Ron Francis, Tom Barrasso, and the rest of their Pittsburgh Penguin mates were indeed CAP KILLERS responsible for greatly increased psychologist business in the DC region for several years. —————— As for Toronto, I’d root for the Bay Leaves, I think, were that their logo. Yeah pretty sure.
  3. So of course, a scoreless draw late into tonight’s game results in the Caps surrendering a late 3rd period tally to the Islanders. Some run-of-the-mill defenseman named Chara got the puck swept off his stick behind the net, allowing a shot from the point and a rebound goal. (Can we get a blue-liner with just a little bit of experience, please?)
  4. Interesting...that Toronto was not an original hockey hotbed during the infancy of the game. This is a bit off-topic except to cite some Major Irony...Toronto now being the home of HHOF and the center for replay reviews and perhaps now the unofficial center of The Hockey Game... ...nevertheless it has the honor and distinction of being credited with hosting the first NBA Basketball game. More here: https://nbahoopsonline.com/Articles/firstgame.html You just couldn’t make that up.
  5. Even the Caps TV Production staff are harping on it. (This was before the Isles made the final 8-4.)
  6. As my post under the Caps section of this forum said, their 3rd period goals against for the 2 latest months is alarming. The Caps are failing my ‘eye test’ most of the time in the 3rd. They just don’t look confident when pressed. They don’t often show the skill to ‘break out dangerously’ in such situations. (If this was basketball, any team would do well to go full-court-press in the latter stage of a game.) The much more eagle-eyed folks over at The Athletic only have Washington rated 9th in their latest NHL Power Ranking. In their division, the Isles (6th) and Br
  7. Is it time to start worrying that the division leading Caps are just possibly pretenders? The Capitals goals-against numbers in the 3rd period are troubling...and not just these past two games against NYR where they gave up four third-period goals both times. I recall several 3-0 final period leads in recent weeks being just enough to hold on in regulation or OT. So I spent a few minutes tabulating their by-period goals-against for the past two months. I didn’t distinguish between home and away, and I didn’t count OT and shootout goals. x-y-z, where x is 1
  8. I missed that excitement except for all the between-period time ESPNU had to show highlights. It was neat to see all the fans, mostly UND, by the glass standing (seemingly all the time) during OT play. I had a small reason to root for UND. An old supervisor of mine started his engineering career in the early/mid-1970s working missile silo systems near the Canadian border in North Dakota, before Cold War negotiations mothballed their project. He said their weekly social highlight was to travel down to Grand Forks on the weekend to go to a McDonalds. Ah the sweet life.
  9. Dude...no lie about that. I started watching at the start of 2nd OT. I was ready for a little bit of Fargo After Dark but not so much ‘Last Call.’ Bummer I know, I saw both of the Caps game 7 4OT losses (on TV) long ago. But 5OT is rough. Dude.
  10. I’ve seen talk in the press that perhaps the Capitals would like a goalie more experienced than either Samsonov (age 24) or Vanecek (age 25).
  11. Per the numerous galline references in this thread, and per the Further Exploits of Oven Chicken tonight (4th all-time on 2 goal games) and not to fowl things up too much further, I captured the following in the last minute of play in tonight’s Caps shutout of the Devils.
  12. 3 goals to go to tie this old time Blackhawks whipping during the expansion division era. http://www.flyershistory.net/cgi-bin/boxscore.cgi?19680290
  13. This would be an interesting contest amongst all the unworthy nominees. May I put the NBA’s Washington Bullets/Wizards (or Buzzards if you prefer) name in the hat.
  14. Especially as I apparently don’t know it now...Smith-Pelly not Pelle. Double Doh! What I remember about that lucky Lars Eller double OT goal (which looked like an “own goal” had this been soccer) was Smith-Pelly jumping up and down by the goal crease in rapturous so of course in my dull ‘remembered’ he scored it. —————————— As for Philipp Grubauer (sorry for the sidetrack here) I am glad to see he had some better success in the 2019 playoffs for the Avs despite a 2nd round game 7 loss to San Jose.
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