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  1. As I view this Battle of Oilberta as a neutral, my sense is that those living north of Red Deer will go to bed happy. Free-skating contest, offensive zone mostly gained without serious checks and without having to dump and chase… …Edmonton seem to have the skating edge to my eye. I say 4-1 Oilers.
  2. Who knew? (In stark contrast to the 2019 baseball World Series with the road team winning all 7. Nats/Astro’s.)
  3. With some ailing vets (Wilson left knee ACL, Backstrom hip never 100% again, Hagelin eye never 100% again, and an aging Ovie who will sadly never score a playoff OT goal), it would be good if some bushy-tailed young’uns could become the top line. I would love to see the likes of Connor McMichael, Hendrix Lapierre, Aliaksei Protas, and Axel Jonson-Fjallby compete for such honors on what I’d like to see called the Syllables Line. They can be complemented by youngish blueliners, such as Martin Fehervary, Alex Alexeyev, Vincent Iorio, along with Trevor Van Riemsdyk.
  4. Mike Gartner and Rod Langway were surely the 80’s heart and soul of the Caps. I remember falling off my bar stool in ‘89 upon hearing of swapping Gartner for the North Stars’ Dino Ciccarelli. Yeah, the dude could skate fast; in interviews Gartner talked about how his parents paid for speed-skating lessons during his youth. Gartner was in one of the more bizarre TV moments I’ve witnessed. The June 2018 Stanley Cup celebration in downtown D.C. was broadcast live by NBC Sports Washington. (I wasn’t there, I was in the Midwest most of the time even back then.) All of a sudden one o
  5. Reportedly, good ol’ Tommy Boy will be back delighting crowds everywhere no earlier than late November. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2022/05/25/tom-wilson-acl-surgery/
  6. I may be wrong. Probably wrong, at least it is unclear. Carolina is currently +210 (risk 10, win 21) but that means winning two series. If they beat NYR, their odds for East champs improve and TB’s lessens. (Because they are favored to beat NYR. The current -130 for TB takes into account a possible NYR upset of Canes.) If you think NYR (at +470 now, a long shot per odds-meisters) will upset Carolina, then lose to TB, you wager on TB now at -130. (The odds would be even more in TB favor if longshot Rags advance.) If you think Canes beat NYR then lose to TB you wait un
  7. So mad at myself for missing this game and the Blues comeback. At 2-0, FanDuel had the Blues around +860. I almost bet $1 to win $8.60 but figured I would just be throwing a buck away. But it would have been consistent with my Avs-in-7 prediction. But it goes to show how improbable this win was viewed by Vegas. (Even more improbable after 3-0, but by then I wasn’t paying attention.) No home wins since game 1 (!)
  8. It must be so if Tampa is at -130 odds. They expect Canes to win against Rags, so if Rags upset Carolina, the TB odds would be even more lopsided.
  9. I can think of no other sport where the nature of the game is as different in normal games and important games, as ice hockey. I believe it has to do with intensity translating into increased physical contact. I don’t see football or soccer, other true contact sports, being much different in this regard come playoffs or special competitions. And other sports like baseball, tennis, golf, and even basketball, have much less if any heavy physical contact. I’d pick tennis as 2nd place on an entirely different principle. All the el primo players over the decades prepare d
  10. 22 May 2022 To: Florida Panthers Hockey Club RE: NHL 2nd round playoff series Sirs: We bring to your attention that your current opponent, the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Club, are not the Washington Capitals Hockey Club which you defeated in the previous playoff round. In case you were unaware of this change in opposition between playoff rounds, we recommend raised awareness on your parts, and possibly changes in game strategy and tactics. Yours, etc. The National Hockey League
  11. “What, me worry?” Series tied 1-1. Seven game series either way now a decent bet.
  12. I don’t understand why Florida doesn’t decline 2-minute minor penalties and just opt to remain playing 5-on-5.
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