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  1. Glad to see that we're back on the wine topic and off of that annoying hockey!
  2. @Howie58 Isn't Trader Joe's the home of Two Buck Chuck wine? Interesting that chatting about wine and grocery stores has overtaken the Flyers' chat. Much more pleasant topic! Happy New Year!!!!
  3. I am not a hockey player but am aware of numerous 'clubs' in my area that play hockey and have friends that also play in leagues. You say you live near a hockey rink, go over there and ask around. Letting someone involved know your skill level and that you're interested in playing/learning might garner some help/guidance. You may be a little young for a mens's league but there may be some other leagues you can investigate. Welcome to the board!
  4. Especially the empty seats!!! It looked very obvious with the I fight for Oskar signs taped on the backs.
  5. Thanks for all the information (although mostly above my head). I think he's in one of the better cities and hopefully beats this ****. It is so sad. Prayers for Oskar!!!
  6. Millennial.....love it!!!! Definitely a language that makes me feel all of my years!!!!
  7. Nice to see him get called on the carpet for this one. There was absolutely no reason for that craziness!! And does anyone lip read? I'm trying to tell what Laughton said to the bench after he scored the goal!!!!
  8. @Poulin20 Thanks for this great write-up from your interaction... And good for you on the Kate Smith debacle!!!!
  9. @RonJeremy I agree, seems like an awful lot for Gaudreau! I don't know that I'd even include a pick, unless it is for JVR or Jake.
  10. Very cool video, thanks for sharing! Better than the Flyers' highlights from last night's shootout!
  11. Coach... It was a joke. Actually right now, other than Coots, TK and Lindblom, Gritty is my favorite Flyer!!!

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