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  1. Well it's 3-2 now. It'll be interesting to see, I am trying to remain positive but it is tough. Especially when they are blowing leads so late in games.
  2. One of the joys of working from home...my desk moves to the den....
  3. My personal Favorite!!! Simon Gagne!!!!
  4. Not to make excuses for them in any way but....I'm sure that this has to be a difficult situation for them all, being away from their families for this extended period. It must be like being on a never-ending road trip. With some of them having new babies, young babies, etc., it has to hurt. All teams are obviously going through this as well but it may have some bearing on their play. That being said.....Pick it up boys!!!!! We can't have Carter Hart being the only player that seems to care!!!!
  5. We should get the last laugh when we take them in 5 and Carter Hart continues to play the way he has been!!!!!!
  6. Looks like Stamkos is out tomorrow???? Anyone see a time yet?
  7. Selke winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. @intheslot You should do a poll I vote for "G"!!!!
  9. I'm a Kraken fan. I think they could have much fun with that name Do Kraken come in purple????
  10. Would be hard to name the Metropolitans since there is a division in the NHL called the Metropolitan Division.... unless you are going to put the Metropolitans in the Metropolitan Division....

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