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  1. @mojo1917 Have a great time. Hopefully it'll be an exciting game for you and Vorachek can get his best revenge with a hatty! Enjoy! GO FLYERS!!!!
  2. Great video...and I do have some dust in my eye or something. Love Simmer!!!!! @mkscrewy Thanks for sharing!!!
  3. Of course I think that was before he was pulled on Tuesday, so who knows. Whoever is in net, we better get a win!!! And sounds like Saturday night could be quite sloppy!!!! They are forecasting rain.
  4. I was hearing that Talbot was going to be in net tonight to get Hart ready for Saturday.
  5. @CreaseAndAssist Good luck tonight! We do have little to lose and did play the Pens last night. I'd think you're the favorite but who knows with our two schizoid teams.
  6. We are not looking good this afternoon @JR Ewing This could be you day......
  7. You are nothing but fair and I see no signs of trolling from you ever. I find you quite knowledgeable and hell, if the Flyers are your East team, then you're doubly okay in my book. I know what you're saying, getting so excited after a number of wins in a row is hard not to do, but you can't let it get away from you. Everything comes back down to earth sometime!
  8. Watch out....we had a mini winning streak of one game a short while ago......
  9. @hf101 Great subject line and post!!! Truer words were never spoken! and thanks for the creepy crawly bug....nice way to start my morning, wondering where that came from...
  10. As is the case with most (if not all) of the fan base...... So sad!
  11. I think I'll schedule a colonoscopy for tonight at 7:30....gotta be more fun than watching this.....
  12. Hey Sami, I beginning to think they do this to us on purpose.......
  13. Sweet!!! Sign him up before anyone else gets wind of him!
  14. I get it..you hate to stagnate as a borderline playoff team, never quite making it to the big dance, but then you hate to be such losers, waitng for the rebuild to show dividends. I hate who we are now and have little faith that all of the prospects on our farm team are going to bring us out of this mess. I think it is a cancer from within that even firing Hextall and Hakstol can't cure. If I saw the slightest bit of passion, I may feel differently and feel horrible for Poulin20 and any of you STHs that watch this night after night. I guess at this point, I'd rather be you, being a fan of a borderline team that can't quite get there yet. I guess the question back to you is, are your games at least watchable....mine aren't!!
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