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  1. Well, I hope you at least had a good time anyway. It has been this way for a few years now. Some of it may be the 'corporate crowd' but I do think that the passion has definitely been sucked out of the room of late. I don't go as frequently as I used to but I do get what you're saying. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Philly!!!!
  2. I agree on Hart! Unless he is nursing some kind of injury (not that I heard anything), he needs to work through the issues, no matter how ugly it gets. He is human and hopefully he can work his way out of it soon.
  3. They definitely focused on him A LOT during the series and as long as he isn't costing us much (money, contract, or otherwise), I don't really have a problem with it. I'm sure he's good in the room I did hear was was very good in the shootout, so there's that !
  4. Everyone to @radoran's house!!! I'll bring the beer!!!
  5. @radoran Thanks for screwing with my day...good Lord!!!
  6. @radoran Yes, it sucks! How many back-to-backs do we have this month??? Two!!! WTH??? BTW - who is Mr. Flibble and why is he cross?
  7. I know, right! Question is, will they boo Simmonds as he hopes, or cheer him as I expect! I would love to know who plans these schedules. I can barely make it to the end of an 8 o'clock game and we have this west coast BS already? They hate us!
  8. @mojo1917 @brelic I don't know if you are watching the "Behind the Bench" thing that NHL Network is broadcasting about the Flyers preseason but AV is definitely NOT taking any ****. The was an answer to a question last night, don't remember what it was, but his response was "They don't have a choice". Probably a much different coaching style than they're used to, but I like it. Do they? Hold them accountable! And it seems if the younger guys play better, harder, etc. than some of the vets, he wouldn't hesitate to let the kids play.
  9. That's true, they do tend to start drinking earlier in Europe. Hopefully it is just a blip and he bounces back quickly. He certainly doesn't seem to be the type of goaltender that would let this get the better of him.
  10. Is he even old enough to party? Are most of them? I hope @brelic isn't right about the first 20 games. I don't want to lose interest that early in the season. Maybe they'll be better in CZ?????
  11. Good question. It doesn't seem the dates line up to be responding to the tweet above it? Someone trying to stir up controversy or I don't understand twitter

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