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  1. Asshole? Me?? Love you too!!! Here is something to make you smile. I believe this originates from someone in Canada. There are many more on Pluto's You Tube channel...
  2. I think at this point we'd be damn lucky to see any hockey again this year, and agree that the beginning of next year could be at risk as well. At least here in the US, it seems there are cities that are getting worse instead of better short term. Scary times!
  3. @vis Welcome back...we missed you. It has been a fun season...and hope it keeps going till June. See you on Broad St for the parade!
  4. Well, it does have Buttman's autograph on it......
  5. So does all this mean we're marching up Broad Street in June???? I'm in!!!!!!
  6. This is the coolest thing ever!!! How totally awesome to have all your dreams come true at 42!! We should all be this lucky! Great for him and the Hurricanes organization!
  7. And he can play again on Thursday!! Hopefully without a bounce back game!
  8. He looks like he should be in some boy band.....LOL....good lord!
  9. You are awful close on the score here..what did you know???

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