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  1. @RonJeremy Whoa, my friend. Some of you guys are always easily targeting the two 3rd pairing defencemen Hagg and Braun. Often unfairly. It has always been that way over the years. There is always a few players on the home team - our Flyers - that a group of fans like to vent on - - continually. Some people need to continually put others down - - as away to lift themselves. And, these players that often are unfairly targeted are on our own team - - our Flyers! There is no negative posting on the opposition team - - but on our own team's players, continually.
  2. Interesting. But where? Low slot / crease - - instead of Konecny? Any suggestions on the Power Play units? PP1: Giroux - left half-boards Hayes - high slot JVR - low slot / crease Voracek - right half-boards, rotate right point Provorov - point, left to center PP2: Lindblom - left half-boards Patrick - high slot Konecny - low slot / crease Gostisbehere - right point, right half-boards Sanheim - point, left to center
  3. Another positive is the excellent play of defenceman Myers. Myers was able to return with his fractured rib 'medicated'. He had two shots and had 23:17 of ice time. After a four-game, 10 day, absence, Myers paired with his usual partner Sanheim, was a key member of the PK unit that went 4-for-4. He skated well, played well in the D-zone with some excellent poke-checks, and he played physical. Also, we saw some continued progress in Patrick's game, especially 'creating' in the offensive zone. We see the signs. Patrick is going to be a high-level center. Hopef
  4. Today (1/31/21) Sam Carchidi, in the Philadelphia Inquirer, wrote a comprehensive, well-done, article on the Flyers top-12 prospects. Sam writes: They are the 12 Flyers prospects who seem destined to reach the NHL and be key contributors. Actually, one of them, Connor Bunnaman (ranked No. 10), is already with the Flyers. Playmaking center Morgan Frost is atop the ratings, compiled by The Inquirer in consultation with scouting experts. Defenseman Cam York is a close second. The ratings are based on the players’ progress and their upside at the NHL level.
  5. Check the Game 9 Flyers vs Islanders thread for more info.
  6. NYI tough guy Ross Johnston, RW, #32, is 6-5, 235 and will play tonight. Johnston is rarely bested when fists fly. According to HockeyFights.com, Ross Johnston has fourteen NHL fights in his career. Maybe AV inserts Sam Morin to counter Johnston running Flyers players?
  7. They are expecting a physical game from the report below - By inserting Sam Morin for this game (maybe 2 games), AV may be sending an early message this season to the NYI as AV remembers the playoff series. From Eyes on Isles report: Betting Odds The Islanders come into today as the underdogs, courtesy of the Action network. It is no surprise that the Islanders are the underdogs tonight. The Flyers have a lineup with a lot of depth and should be a tougher matchup for the Isles compared to the Capitals. After the past three performances, expect
  8. Jordan Hall wrote this afternoon - Konecny did not have a shot on goal and had two giveaways in 17:33 minutes of the Flyers' 3-1 win Thursday over the Devils. He played only 4:20 in the third period and played around 30 seconds in the final five minutes of the game. After the game, Vigneault was left displeased with and perplexed by the performances of his top two forward lines in the first two periods. Getting Morin a game in a back-to-back set would be one thing, but doing so at the expense of Konecny's spot in the lineup says something. This is the Flyers' first gam
  9. From Eklund this morning - Hextall, the leading candidate for Penguins GM job Flyers fans...this one might be tough to take, but Hexy may soon be steering the team that is enemy #1. Eklund
  10. It's interesting here at this Flyers HF Board. A mix of: 1) those constantly critical of the Coach, GM, players - - ie: 'we know better' 2) those with calmer patience and deeper understanding You are usually very sharp. A good media quote recently: But the sky isn't falling. They are 3-2-1 and some of Vigneault's best teams didn't figure things out right away, last season included. A reminder: the Flyers started 2-3-1 last season and were average at best in the opening month. The Flyers truly didn't click until January. This seas
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