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  1. I think that really depends on what we need more, and what kind of player Friedman might be (when healthy). @RonJeremy is right in that what Ghost brings to the team is very limited to essentially rushing the play and being decent on the point during a PP. I think it's very valid to wonder whether that is what we need right now, or if having someone who may be less flashy but more defensively sound would actually make the team better overall. Ghost's primary usage is on the PP. He's no longer on PP1, cause Provo is flat out better all around at this point. He's on PP2 riding shotgun with Niskanen, but would he need to be? Not many teams ice two defensemen on a PP line. Hell, more teams ice five forwards than those that do two defensemen. Of the two, Nisky has been easily better than Ghost. So suddenly Ghost went from being our PP1 QB to being third best at the role. Defensively, he is easily among the worst on the roster, so it's not like he's providing much value there. If anything, he's been a straight up liability on the ice defensively. I'd almost rather put Hayes back there in his place. He's a one-dimentional guy, which can be fine if a team really needs whatever that one-dimention is. I'm just not convinced we do. You're not wrong that it leaves us with only Hagg though. Whether Hagg is worse than Ghost defensively, that I don't know. Neither are very inspiring frankly.
  2. This seems like an expectations issue to me. I think it's totally fair to expect more out of Giroux. He's currently tied for 4th in pts on the team, but it's safe to say most would have expected him to be the team pts leader. That said, I do think keeping him on the wing is a good first step to helping him return to form. All in all, he's still extremely reliable when he's on the ice. He's just not scoring. Having him running on the wing with a shooter of some sort is probably a good way forward. Now, beyond Giroux, our best forwards in my opinion are Couturier, TK, and Lindblom. All three of those guys have been solid all year. I think Lindblom is surprising to me a bit, but it's been a pleasant surprise. Couts has been second best behind Giroux for some time now, and it's entirely possible he still has another gear, so that really shouldn't be shocking anyone. TK has had high potential written all over him since the first month he made the team. He really shouldn't be a surprise either. Farabee is rough around the edges but coming along nicely. Frost had a fantastic first game (the very definition of small sample size, but it's still worth mentioning). On the back end, Provorov is emerging into the best dman we've had since Pronger, and Niskanen has proven to be Fletch's best roster decision by a solid mile (which wasn't guaranteed by any stretch, so it also should be acknowledged). Myers is learning and progressing nicely as well, good enough in fact that he's largely usurped Sanheim as our third best dman right now (partially because Sanheim hasn't had a great start this season, but he's still very young and should be given some time yet). Now, if the expectation is for guys like Hayes, JVR, and Voracek to be our best players, than I would offer that's just not a plausible expectation. All three of those guys are limited players who do certain things well and other things not so well. None of that should be news to anyone though. They've all been remarkably consistent in what they bring to a team throughout their careers, and none of them are youngins who still have room to grow. We all should know exactly what those guys bring to the table. Voracek is currently tied for 4th on the team in scoring, behind only the TLC trio. I would offer that's mostly because TLC has been dynamite, whereas Voracek has been pretty much the same as always. JVR is performing at a rate we should probably expect for a grinder-type who only knows what to do when in the offensive zone (though I would say his lack of PPPs is very concerning to me). And Hayes is not an elite scorer in the NHL. He's a defensive forward, great on the PK and in the dzone who plays a solid puck possession game. Again, I would offer that he is living up to those expectations and providing that skill set. Now, do people expect Voracek to learn to pick a corner, or JVR to figure out what two-way play looks like, or Hayes to learn to score more than his avg ~45ish pts a season? Maybe, but that would be an expectations problem. Are those three making too much money? Well, that's a question for another post. But salary doesn't equate to best player status. Ideally it would, but there are countless examples all around the league where this just isn't the case (hello Nylander!). The Flyers are no different in that regard.
  3. Wasn't that the name of the CIA mind control program from the 60s or whatever?
  4. Only due to a lack of options. Haha, I don't even know what to think of that. I guess? It feels like no matter what the trio is, there's always something off about it.
  5. I'd go with: Giroux/Hayes/Farabee JVR/Frost/Voracek I think those sets of play styles would work better together.
  6. Wow, I thought we had it bad enough up north. That seems unsustainably low to me. I can only imagine the up stream costs...
  7. Jake has always been that guy though. He fails the eyeball test almost 100% of the time, and yet somehow he produces at a solid level. I do think some of the hate he gets is unjustified, though I recognize I've flung my fair share of it around here. As far as this season goes, I actually think having Jake around is a good thing. I've mentioned this elsewhere, but he gives us good depth at that position, which is important. And yeah, TK is better than he is; and yeah, Farabee is coming along nicely, but having three RW who can put up points is better than having just two. I extend much of this same logic to JVR as well, who I find does very little a lot of the time. Probably the biggest thing I'd like to see AV do is put Giroux back to the wing. I would rather have 90pt Giroux than 60pt Giroux.
  8. Our d-corps can push their weight around though. Provo, Niskanen, Myers, and Braun are not at all afraid to do their own amount of manhandling on a regular basis. That's all without talking about Hagg, cause no one really wants to talk about Hagg. Our top six isn't really the big physical type, but we do have it lower in the line up and as I mentioned on the back end. I would put us on par with Boston personally. They also don't have a bunch of rugged physical forwards, but they do have a number of physical dmen (as well as others who are really not, much like us). Now, could we win a seven game series against the likes of Washington? That I don't know. Prior to last night's game, I probably would have said a pretty hard no to that. Now I do think they'd have a fighting chance at least. It's worth noting that Holtby also had a very good game last night. Without him, we could easily be talking about a win today.
  9. Meh. Elliott has been good when called upon. I'm not sure having two inexperienced goalies is a great situation honestly.
  10. Yeah, he did. I'm willing to give him some passes though as he figures out the game at this level. Overall, he has really fit into this roster without much issue. He already looks more rounded at the position than most of the existing d-corps. It's a small sample size of course, but I'll take it. I think it's notable how lost the defense looked in the few games prior to his addition. Then he shows up and suddenly things get measurably better. He's not all to thank for that of course, but it seems very fair to give him his share of it. For me, he's been the best Flyers dman on the ice not named Provorov or Niskanen. That's not nothing.
  11. Much better second period. After the first, I thought this was just going to be a complete disaster. Myers is tracking well on Ovechkin. He's impressing me more with every game.
  12. 60pts is a lot for a guy like Hayes. I mean, if you're thinking of it in the sort of "it would be nice" kind of way, then sure. But I certainly wouldn't expect it of him. Pair him with Giroux and he might end up somewhere around there, but that could be said of a lot of guys. Again, that's not saying he's a bad player, just that scoring isn't his forte. He's a solid possession player, good along the boards, and a good defensive forward. He's good to have on the team. 60pts though, that would be a career year. I mean, we've seen him play enough at this point to see why he's not a 60pt guy. He would need either a better shot or better passing to get to 60 -- or to be on a line with an elite playmaker like Giroux.
  13. I'm with you on all of that. But as I've said on this forum a bunch of times now, it seems unreasonable to ask for a guy to morph from a 45pt guy into a 60pt guy at 27 years old. It seems far more likely to me that he'll remain a ~45pt guy. That is what I expect of him, so to me he's essentially meeting expectations so far. In proper 2019 net lingo: If you vote in a party called the Leopards Eating People's Faces party, don't be surprised if they end up eating your face. [Hidden Content] That said, he is a good player to have on our team right now for this season. I do think he could produce quite well with someone like Giroux and Farabee, which is why I'd like to see those three on a line. He does a number of things very well -- it's just that scoring isn't really one of those things. In terms of production, he's essentially a better version of Raffl, or a weaker version of Couts, whatever you prefer. As far as the comparison with Couts goes, the truth is Couts is worth more than his contract shows. The start of this season shows that. His line is the only one that's producing consistently, and he's the pivot. He's quite possibly the most important part of our team right now. That type of role is generally worth more than 4.3M a year. Thankfully, we've got a great discount on him.

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