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  1. I very much hope the brain trust has been doing that since Fletch took over. Their chances of making the playoffs have been very very low since xmas. I understand Fletch has been putting on a positive face to the media -- as he should -- but if he hasn't been having the harder conversations about what happens when the team fails to make the playoffs, that would be very worrying to me. The last thing we need is a GM who can't weigh probabilities and make reasoned estimates. At the very least, we need to see a new coaching staff that fits whatever vision Fletch sees for this team going forward. Start with that as a bare minimum.
  2. I think you mean eight headed goalie system.
  3. That my friend is the million dollar question many of us would love to have answered. Clearly it's not to have him play actual games, cause he hasn't been doing that. I'd say the most likely scenario is that Talbot has been crapping the bed in practice, and the brass has never felt comfortable playing him. Aside from that, it might have been some sort of "favour" to Stolarz moving him to a market where he could become a starter while he's still in his prime. If in fact Elliott has been placed in net for Talbot because the former is proving to be a better goalie, that doesn't bode very well for Talbot at all. It's not like Elliott is lighting the world on fire. The bar is pretty low. But for some reason, he's not getting ice time while Elliott has. That tells me something's clearly gone awry in the Talbot camp.
  4. I honestly don't see the point of Talbot at all. There's likely a very good reason he hasn't had any ice time, and it's not because Elliott been stellar. It was a bad acquisition from the start imo, and I really hope Fletch doesn't tie up some 4-5mil in a guy like that. At least Elliott has a decent price tag. Talbot is no better than Elliott at twice the cost.
  5. The brains have us at a 4% chance of making the playoffs. We had grown to about 8% after Hart's heroics, but our mixed record since then has dropped us back to 4%. Either way you cut it, this game is the definition of must win to keep any lingering playoff hopes alive. If we don't win tonight, i expect that percentage to drop near zero. Someone else will have to be ousted in the first round by the Bolts instead of us.
  6. I'm not worried about 2C right now honestly. Patrick has been coming on well enough that I think he can keep that spot going into next season. Sure, he may not ever become the 90pt+ guy we wanted in a second overall, but I do think he's got enough game to be a 2C. I think we're looking at finding ourselves a 3C next season, which frankly isn't much easier to find (we needed one going into this season too). Sure, Frost could take the spot, but there's no guarantee of that. Chances are better that he won't make the leap from junior to the NHL without some time in the AHL first. He may become a third line guy at some point in the season if he seems to be lighting it up in the AHL, but I'm not convinced he'll be on the roster straight out of camp. I think coaching is the obvious elephant in the room. Simply put, we need a good coach and staff who can work with this current set and get them playing an effective system. Hak clearly was not that, and Gordon seems more like a band aid kind of guy than a true NHL level coach to me. Is that enough? I don't know. It's the easy place to start. Panarin would be a phenomenal addition. I do hope they go in hard for him. Sure, it would mean Lindblom likely gets fourth line duties, but that's just how it works. Besides, give him good linemates, and suddenly we have an above average 4th line, instead of a bunch of AHL misfits.
  7. Well, that whole OT was fun as h-e-doubletwigs to watch.
  8. I'm with you. I've mentioned this elsewhere before, but this season was really the one I think many of us expected to see a noticeable improvement. We didn't get that. In fact, we got half a season of some of the worst hockey this club has produce in almost a decade. They have played better since the new year, but in terms of the skill we see on the ice every game, they're still significantly behind the true contenders in the league. Also, playing better for half a season does not excuse playing like garbage for the first half. It's not like the first 40 games don't count. Let's not pretend that's the case. The same thing happened to a lesser extent last season as well. Why? Let's conjure up a new set of excuses. And I for one am very sick and tired of hearing about how it's just waiting for some young kid to come up and fix all our team's problems. That refrain is now about eight years old. Eight years is long enough of a window that we should at the very least be seeing improvement not regression. It's really beyond frustrating at this point. I wasn't expecting a cup run in 2018-19. I was expecting the 18-19 team to be better than the 17-18 one, the 16-17 one, the 15-16 one, the 14-15 one, etc... Instead, we spent much of this season in the bottom three in the entire league. For a team supposedly on the upswing, that doesn't exactly scream future potential.
  9. It really shouldn't have though. They had so many dominant seasons. Somewhere along the line, they should have had more runs at the cup. Clearly they had something holding them back in the postseason. Was it coaching? Boudreau was there for much of it, and he's just never proven to be a capable playoff coach. In fact, one might suggest he's never been a great coach period. He just relied on very good players like Backstrom and Ovechkin to carry the day (a lot like Bylsma). Maybe they needed more than just Backstrom in the middle, and having Kuznetsov around gave them the added push they needed. Maybe acquiring Orlov and Niskanen gave them a real defensive corps they lacked in the early going. Green is hardly a a poster child for sound defensive practices. I mean, it's probably a combination of those things of course. But really, they should absolutely have had -- at the very least -- more finals appearances in the Ovechkin era. The fact they didn't tells me they were very poor at surrounding the best goal scorer of possibly forever and one of the best playmakers of the last decade with the tools needed to take that last step. Point being, Washington's journey is hardly the blueprint anyone should want to follow. It's also a very poor comparison with our Flyers, as we do not have an Ovechkin type generational goal scoring talent on our team, and our defence is likely to be home grown for the most part, not mostly acquired via trades like in WSH. The 2019 Caps though are one hell of a machine for sure. Obviously TB is the team the beat going into the post season, but anyone who counts the Caps as goners from the onset could very well be in for a big surprise.
  10. Yeah, they were handily outplayed essentially the whole time. And that goes for everyone on the ice. Hart really looked like a rookie trying to learn the ropes in the NHL. That's what he is of course, but games like these kind of wipe off the lustre of his early games a bit. I'm still happy he's getting ice time though. This season has been essentially lost for months at this point. I'd much rather the kids be given some NHL level experience to hopefully start finding their footing at this level a bit. That goes double for Hart. I hope he plays most of the remaining games honestly. I happen to think it's important to learn what it feels like to lose. Hart hasn't done much of that in his junior years.
  11. You're my new favourite forum poster. Solid post!
  12. This is what I'm thinking as well. Elliott has been fine and all, but he's hardly been world beating. At the very least, you would think Talbot would have seen at least one game by now. To me, the most likely reason is they don't trust putting him between the pipes. They see him in practice and everything else. He must be getting outplayed in prep.
  13. Based on what we have for info, the most likely scenario seems to be Fletch did Edmonton a solid and isn’t really planning to keep Talbot around.
  14. You’re not wrong, but I could still see it happen. I keep reading stuff on how GMs do not want a repeat of Vegas and have “wisened up” since then. Ghost to me is exactly the kind of player in the kind of situation where he’d be traded to avoid him getting plucked. That’s not me blindly endorsing whatever that trade would be, i’m just noting the real possibility of it.
  15. My guess is they fell for the faulty logic of: Well maybe he's better than he seems, and the problem was Edmonton. Then they saw him play in practice and realized it wasn't just Edmonton. To the popcorn machine! It's also entirely possible Fletch just did Edmonton a solid in the hopes of some future payoff. If that sounds like a bad idea, it's because it totally is.
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