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  1. I hope Sanheim's been working on his defensive game... a lot. As far as the second line goes, I actually think they've been playing quite well. Not much to complain about there so far. And really, Farabee and Atkinson should be at the level they are. The bright spot is more so Brassard. Hard to say if he can remain impactful as he has been in such a short timeframe, but it's been nice to see at least.
  2. I mean. I get the dislike based on his questionable body of work, but he hasn't played a game yet here. Probably best to save some vitriol for the aftermath.
  3. Sure, except he didn't have just one bad game. He had a very bad season last season. That's not me saying we need to hit the panic button either, but we're not going anywhere if he doesn't play significantly better than he did last season. Is that all his fault? Probably not, but many of his gaffes last season were really on him. He needs to be better, or this team isn't doing much of anything. Again, I'm not saying he can't be measurably better. He's very young, and has also had some very strong runs already. I'm simply saying that he *needs* to be better than last se
  4. Solid game all around. Many of those new guys looked good, which is nice to see. Hart was decent too. He had a handful of good tests and did well. This Seeler kid should just sit down. I'm not a Risto fan by any measure, but I have to think Rasmus means Seeler doesn't see ice time. I mean, Braun is no better, but I don't want two of them on the ice personally. Ellis, Cam, and Brassard all made for a nice watch. The expected trio showed up very nicely too, but I want more consistency out of them before I say much. TK seemed to remember how to play hockey again, which i
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