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  1. Couts' nicknames was a good one. Also noticeable in the twitter trail is the one we were all expecting really:
  2. We won, but I'm not really sure we should have. Which is fair of course. That's just how hockey works. There's a substantial amount of luck involved. On the one hand, Ottawa isn't exactly a great team by any yardstick I can find. If we are meant to take some sort of step forward this year, this really should have been a fairly decisive victory. I don't feel like it was. The good: Gudas played well again. He's really come around so far this year in fact. Hagg chipping in on offence is good to see as well. Both those guys have more offensive skill than they usually show, so it's nice to see them working at it a bit. Ghost was our best dman and possibly best player overall. This is good. I remember him being very shaky vs Vegas in game one. I'm glad to see he's picking up again. Not surprised, but happy. Provo seems to be struggling with a lack of confidence or something. I hope he shakes it off. Given how good he was for us last year, he deserves a long leash while he sorts through things. Jake had his best game in a very long time. Not only did he put up points, he actually seemed somewhat in control of his actions. Most of the time it feels like Jake with the puck is like a coin toss. He seemed confident and capable in this one. Having Giroux around likely helps with this, but he deserves cred for a good game. The less good: Lindblom was okay, but he's not showing top six skill yet. With JVR out, this is his chance to show he can play at that level. I hope he's capable of doing so. Patrick going down is bad obviously. That said, Vorobyev has been our second best center this year by a decent margin. I can imagine a situation where he takes the 2C role and doesn't give it up even when Patrick comes back. Our PK continues to be awful. This is a systems issue 100% and needs to be fixed with a coaching change at this point. The fact this wasn't addressed properly in the off season by Hexy is frustrating. There's no sense mincing words about it. There is nothing to suggest this roster should be so bad at the PK year in and out. They're poorly coached and have a bad PK system. Find a new PK coach. Full stop.
  3. Decent game overall against a tough team. The boys got some lucky bounces early on, but they managed to get some good stuff rolling on the other end too. Lots of positives as far as I'm concerned. The good: Simmonds looks like he's in good shape. He battled like the warrior we all know and it showed on the scoreboard. Hopefully he can stay away from injury and keep chugging away. Provorov is a beast. Seriously. Can we clone him yet? Let's get on it. I don't know if this is to be his first norris conversation season, but it very well might. Amazing for such a young guy. Most of the line up played a noticeably solid game, with the biggest surprise for me likely being Gudas. He really did quite well in this one. Based on this single outing, I think the idea of a Sanheim/Gudas second pair might just work. And Elliott played quite well, especially early on when Vegas came in hot. It was probably his best game in the last 60, so asking him to reproduce on a regular basis may be a bit much. Still, credit where credit is due. Let's see if he can string several such performances together for once. The fourth line was fairly decent. Lehtera was the weak link in this game, but I don't think it was for lack of trying or anything. Raffl was great and Laughton had solid moments as well. Overall, this seems like a good 4th to me to start the season. The less good: Aside from that one good pass, JVR wasn't much of a factor. I'd place his play this game squarely in the "this is what I was worried about" category. Obviously, it's just one game, so there's no need to hang him up so soon. He will need to step it up though to earn that paycheck. MacDud was vintage MacDud. The bad change was one thing, but he could barely handle any pressure and had a string of awful play really for much of the game. He played better than this last year, so let's hope he can somehow revert to 2017-18 form going forward. Ghost also had some struggles tonight. Having the Provocop at your side does wonders for covering up gaffes, but he had a lot of trouble connecting on his passes in particular. It's just one game of course, and it's not exactly something he's given to do. Likely it's just rust. My 0.02$
  4. Also, Elliott played split time for a very defensively sound and solid team for five years in STL. Pickard played for a bottom dweller with a garbage d-corps in COL. That stuff matters. A lot. I'm not sure Vasilevsky is a Vezina candidate playing for Ottawa instead of Tampa.
  5. We've talked about this before and how we will have to agree to disagree on Elliott. I do think you're right in that Hakstol's use of him is part of the problem, but I don't think his struggles can be explained by just that. This does go back to my first point really and our difference of opinion on Elliott. He's the no.1 guy by virtue of a lack of options, and that's about it. I don't know that Pickard is any better, but he doesn't have to be amazing to be better either. The bar is pretty low in my estimation (and it's entirely possible Hexy feels the same way, which would explain the waiver pick up). Again though, I understand you have a different view of Elliott, and that's fair. I think our difference in opinion in that regard fairly easily explains the rest.
  6. I think Martel's success last year likely placed him on a number of radars. If nothing else, he's proven he can be an above average AHLer, and that's worth something to teams who believe in fostering a winning culture in their prospects. I really don't think Stolarz is at that level of perceived interest. That's not to say there's no chance he would get plucked, but I would consider it rather less likely than Martel. Stolarz could get plucked if some team is desperate to add a goalie to their system, but I don't think he garners so much interest on his own. We've done this for others, but I feel like we here on this board are over-valuating Stolarz given some form of bias.
  7. I like the Pickard pick up. He's still young. He's never played for a team as skilled as this year's Flyers are likely to be. He should be given a shot. Again, it's not like he has big shoes to fill. Also, @brelic is right in saying that we should be looking for someone who can play another 3-4 years if need be. We can't rely on Hart for this season or even next season. If that happens, amazing, but it's not a likely scenario. If it takes him another two years to develop in the AHL, then that's what it takes. In the meantime, Elliott has overstayed his welcome. Neuvirth cannot be asked to play a season of NHL hockey. Stolarz and Lyon are likely back ups at best (though they're quite possibly both better than Elliott). Is Pickard a guy who can take the reins for a couple years while Hart figures things out? Who knows? All I know is he has NHL experience, is cheap, and is still young. That's a pretty decent combination to at least try it out. My honest hope is that he's given plenty of starts. Elliott is not an NHL starter. It's possible Pickard isn't either really, but we won't know until he's given a solid try. That's really how I feel about Stolarz and even Lyon for that matter. Let's throw everything to the wall and see what sticks.
  8. I honestly can't understand why Stolarz wouldn't be given a shot at this point. Are we honestly saying he stands no chance to be better than the guy who had the 36th worst sv% in the league last season (among goalies with 20+ games)? And again, this is despite playing for a team who was in the top five at suppressing shots against all year. He really doesn't have to be amazing here folks. He just needs to be better than that guy. He should be given every opportunity to show he can be better than that guy, because frankly that guy should be easily beatable. And if it turns out he is in fact worse than 36th overall in the league, then fine, we send him back down and really stop caring what happens to him on the wire. But at least give the kid a chance. As far as our goaltending is concerned, we literally have no where to go but up.
  9. A lot will have to do with pairings too. Provo/Ghost was extremely effective. Ghost/whoever not so much. Provo is the anchor and can essentially play with anyone. If that person happens to be gifted offensively, it leads to some great things. So on that note, either Hak goes back to Provo/Ghost or he may try him with Sanheim. Regardless of the set up, the most likely candidate to step up has to be Sanheim. He's capable and played very well last season when called upon. He needs to get the game experience needed to take the next step. Behind him, it's difficult to expect miracles from the likes of McDud, Hagg, Gudas, and Folin. I don't hate McDud as a 4th, but that leaves Hagg and Gudas as a third pairing, which is a recipe for disaster imo. I don't know nearly enough about Folin to say too much, but from what I do know he's essentially a similar player to Hagg. So, meh. Hagg could show us something new this season too. He's unlikely to become an offensive machine any time soon, but maybe he could be an effective shut down guy. I won't put money on it, but it would be nice if it happened. It would definitely help give more options...
  10. At this rate, it's fair to assume Gritty will be involved in the next Wrestlemania.
  11. I'm very happy about Misha. 3Cs are an important part of any playoff team. It's very hard to make any noise without one. Hopefully he can grow into the role and be the 3C we need. The Weal/Lehtera/Laughton carrousel was an unlikely option at best imo. Lack of a good 3C was one of the biggest issues we had coming into the year (goaltending remains miles ahead as far as problems go mind you).
  12. Laughton on the top is likely more to keep the 2nd and 3rd as listed. They seem to be the way the season will start, so give them as much practice as possible. Honestly, I think the lines are largely set now. Lehtera just made things much easier, though I personally think he would have been sent to LHV anyway.
  13. I wouldn't say that. I think on many other teams he's on the roster. My point is that with the talent we have coming up, it's hard to see Hagg as anything more than a bottom pair or 7th on this team in the not so distant future. Given that, is his value effectively higher now than it will be later on? I think it's possible. Put another way, I could see a team in dire need of defense (EDM, NJD) potentially trading a pretty good young scoring forward or prospect for Hagg right now. I'm not sure we'll get that for him in another 2-3 seasons. We need young scoring forwards and prospects more than we need Hagg. Will he suddenly develop another side to his game? I think offense is unlikely, but he could potentially become more a shutdown guy. He'll clearly never be Provo, and he's unlikely to end up better than Morin defensively. Right there he's slotted on the bottom pair at best in a balanced pairing.
  14. I agree he's not part of the long term picture at this point. Not that he's the worst dman I've seen, it's that he won't stand up to the Sanheims, Myers, Morins, etc to come. Is he serviceable as a bottom pair guy or 7th? Yeah, maybe, but could we get more value from a trade now? I think it's possible too. Prove me wrong, Hagg. Show me you're more than just a quantity hitter in this league, cause that's not enough anymore.

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