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  1. Hard to say. It'll likely be a question of who is available that fits the bill. Regardless, an article like that -- not to mention the simple eye test of those of us paying attention -- signals to me how amazingly impactful the coaching change has been. Don't get me wrong, the adds are a great boost, but I still think bringing in some quality and experienced NHL-level coaches is by far the biggest difference maker for this season.
  2. I don't really feel the need to start a new thread. This article was a fun read for those of us who like having numbers attached to things we see. Note it largely boils down to (almost) everyone just playing better, including both our returning players and the new adds. Still, numbers! [Hidden Content]
  3. That's fair. It's definitely my own subjective view of things, and it's completely based on what I feel they've offered to date, not what potential they may or may not have going forward. If the exercise is meant to judge how good our scouts are, I don't think it makes much sense to base their success on projections.
  4. Yeah, this is fine, but I'm hesitant to claim this is one of the best scouting staffs until we have evidence of their effectiveness. So far, we really don't, so the claim they're one of the best seems dubious to me. It's worth noting that other teams have had some real success stories from their picks over that same time span. We haven't really, at least not such impactful ones. Draft picks w/ decent nhl experience since 2011 (w/ my own admittedly subjective ranking based on impact on the ice to date): 2011: Couturier 5/5 2012: Laughton 3/5, Ghost 2/5 2013: Morin 0/5, Hagg 1/5 2014: Sanheim 2/5, NAK 2/5, Lindblom 4/5 2015: Provo 5/5, TK 4/5, Vorobyev 0/5 2016: Rubstov 0/5, Hart 3/5 2017: Patrick 2/5, Frost 2/5 2018: Farabee 2/5 Everyone else in the system is guesswork at best. It makes no sense to judge the scouting staff on players who have no NHL experience of note. That's four or so players who have become impact players at the NHL level over the last decade (Couts, Provo, TK, and Lindblom). Of the four, Lindblom is the only one who might have been considered a stretch, chosen based on some sort of scouting hunch. TK was taken later than he was projected to, and Couts and Provo were both very highly touted prospects in their respective draft classes. Even if you add Hart to that list (which I might if he plays well down the stretch here), that's still only four such players, and Hart also was very highly touted as a goalie prospect. Again, is that a bad record overall? No, it's not bad. I'm sure there are other teams with worse records in the last ten years. But I'm not sure that record is enough for me to get behind "one of the best scouting staffs in the league". Also, I'm not convinced this team is measurably better with a fully healthy Patrick... He was hardly a force in his time to date. If anything, he was disappointingly overrated and a lesser player than a number of others taken after him and in lower drafting positions since. That's not really on the Flyers scouting staff though. He was the consensus 2nd pick (even possible 1st, if you can believe it). They picked who anyone else would have.
  5. I agree. I've spent plenty of posts around here defending draft picks over the Hexy era especially, and yet this team has been "in the works" now for a decade. If the scouting was so good, we would have had better than such marginal hockey over the last ten seasons. Ten seasons is plenty of time to have a few success stories in there. That's not to say it's all been bad. I just have to agree with you that a very good scouting staff would almost certainly have had a number of real gems in a ten year period, and I dont' think we have. Lindblom? Okay, sure... Provo? Yeah, but he was a top pick anyway, it's not a stretch. Hart? He still has a lot to prove to live up the hype, and he was also a very highly regarded pick, so not much of a stretch. Most of the possible gems have yet to really find their footing in the NHL, and many of them have been around long enough that they should have by now if that potential was to be real. So how good is the scouting staff? Well, it's probably better than many, but I'm not sure i'd consider it one of the best in the league.
  6. I think some may have come in judging him on his tenure in Min, which i do think is fair. He was hardly a genius in his time there, and it was the best projection tool we had. That said, I think only a very few people were really sounding off on him. Most of us were and are willing to give him the benefit of time before coming down on his record here. As with many things, we seem to extrapolate posts that are more extreme and largely ignore more balanced posters and their thoughts. That’s human nature, and this board isn’t immune. As far as Fletch’s work goes to date, I do think it’s been generally positive. Certainly the coaching has been a mammoth change for the better. Also, I agree with you that Niskanen and Hayes were good adds (though i maintain we will almost certainly come to regret Hayes’ contract in the future). I think most of us were pretty on board with both acquisitions though. Those who weren’t just seem to be more memorable. I don’t think we know how these latest two depth acquisitions will go, but they seem like reasonable adds also. I don’t think either of them will have a huge impact on the team, but they both seem to be solid depth options, and we all know how important depth is in the playoffs. I do wish he had moved Ghost for someone with a bit more potential, but it’s likely he tried and just found it to be a very hard sell given Ghost’s play and the injuries. Overall, i would say Fletch has done a good job though. Is it enough to make a playoff run? I don’t know, but he hasn’t made too many mistakes i’d say.
  7. Huge games -- easily some of the most important of the season at this point. Get some regulation Ws boys.
  8. This is two years old, but it may be of interest to you. I found it interesting anyway: [Hidden Content]
  9. Your trip down NHL memory lane seems to have conveniently left out the Motor City.
  10. We're all happy about your clear-minded decision also, @Howie58.
  11. Sure, it happens to all players, that doesn't change his boatload of talent. Also worth noting Huberdeau is far from a slouch either. I'm not saying the Flyers can't win by any stretch. They absolutely can. I'm just saying that line is a serious contender for one of the most talented in all of the NHL. As such, slowing them down somehow really has to be a priority. Put another way, our top line in pts this season: Couts (50), TK (47), and Giroux (41). Their top line in pts this season: Huberdeau (68), Barkov (55), and Dadonov (41) Despite that, both teams are fairly even in terms of wins and positioning. That's a very measurable difference in on-ice performance between top lines (~25 pts difference). To me, it suggests Florida relies on their top line to win games a lot more than we do. If we can find a way to slow down that top line, that would be a substantial mark in our favour. Obviously scoring first and more often are also clear advantages. No reason to choose one or the other. Do both!
  12. That top line of Barkov, Huberdeau, Dadonov has a ridiculous amount of high end talent. Any chance at winning this game starts with slowing those guys down somehow. Barkov is one of the most highly skilled players in the league, and an expert at just taking what little bits other teams give up and making magic happen out of nothing.
  13. I'm not too proud to say I chuckled audibly at Clitlick.

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