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  1. This -- so much this. I haven't heard of any of this year's draft class being the kind of guy who should definitely be on an NHL team next season. I could see MTL rushing Wright, though I'm not convinced even that would be a good idea. But I'm 100% with @OccamsRazor in that we need to start being patient with these players. Sure, you occasionally get the McDavid, Matthews, whatever types who are NHL ready from the start, but those guys are rare. That should never be the expectation. We can talk about this when we snag Bedard -- not Savoie, and even less any kind of dman.
  2. What Fletch should aim for this off season is trying to move both Hayes and Risto. He won't do either of course, but he should. Both of them are on bad contracts that will only get worse and continue hampering this team's ability to rebuild. In the case of Risto, I think moving him is addition by subtraction anyway. JVR it would be nice if he could have a somewhat okay year next season, just so he'd be fairly moveable by the trade deadline. It's hard to imagine that happening, but he did have a decent season not so long ago. Maybe he can do it again. That would be a great parting g
  3. Part of me would love to see Trots hired. I'm not sure he'd want to come mind you, or that the team currently is in a position to really benefit from his skill, but I won't cry if it turns out he's the coach starting next season. That said, part of me isn't really sure it matters a ton. If he were to be hired, I hope it's on a fairly lengthy contract, and he can stay for some years while the team (hopefully) manages to draft a few studs. I'm pretty doubtful just having Trots will make this into that much better of a team. It feels like a worth a shot moment, but I won't expect a de
  4. There was a point in game two where he managed to shut down Ovi very well for several shifts in a row, and i thought to myself how much better he looked out there than Risto ever has. That was a sad moment.
  5. just the speed difference alone is so ridiculous. The puck goes from back end to shot on goal lightning fast. I’d love to see G win a cup, but I’m not sure about this Panthers defense, and playoff Bob is playoff Bob until proven otherwise. Their firepower up front though is absurd.
  6. Yeah, I could see that. It seems too simple to be the whole story, but it may very well be a part of it. I also think good players become great when they have other great players pushing them to be better. With really just one exception, this team has lacked top talent for years now. It’s possible TK would see a resurgence if he had an even better player around to compare to. That’s not me saying you’re wrong though. I could see what you’ve noted as being part of the issue too. With the possible exception of AV, who i do think was a good coach trying to do much with little,
  7. it’s a fair question. I don’t think either of them just decided they don’t care anymore, so what else could be the reasons?
  8. it feels like a canoe trying to compete in a league of speed boats.
  9. I just don’t buy the logic that these players don’t try hard enough. These guys are professionals in a league that requires absurd discipline to make in the first place, let alone stick around once there. It’s far more logical to assume they are trying their best, but their best isn’t good enough to contend, both individually and collectively. Getting a guy to “keep them accountable” feels odd to me. They’re not children. Most of them are probably way harder on themselves than any coach would be.
  10. There are very few coaches I just truly can't stand, but Torts is absolutely on that list. He turns out to be an embarrassment everywhere he goes imo. His only use is as a laugh track when he decides it's a good idea to go full turdface and spar with some local writer or another. This team needs a coach who can guide and help develop young talent (and we need to acquire said young talent). Torts can barely speak through two sentences without throwing a pre-teen tantrum. I have no interest in watching him act like my irate 80 year old neighbour every week because some player or anot
  11. Yeah, I agree completely. If I'm being honest, I was cautiously hopeful when Fletch was signed. I remember thinking maybe that would work out actually. It didn't seem obvious to me that it would, but it didn't feel impossible either. Now though, that's a different story. AV is a successful NHL coach. He achieved little to no success here. There are two things we can draw from this: Either all that previous success was mostly luck, or the team he was asked to work with just isn't as good as many hoped they would be. Given how they were already not so great before AV dropped in, and
  12. Yeah, I think so too. I honestly wouldn't have been surprised to see him gone after this season, but it's equally unsurprising to see him getting one last chance. His rhetoric definitely bothers me though. It feels to me like he's being tasked with doing something that likely can't be done by anyone. He's talking about it in media like it's possible, but I'd be curious to know if he really believes it behind closed doors. As far as I see it, this team is not going to be significantly better next season. I can't see how they would be. If they get a ton of luck, they could potentiall
  13. This is the tricky bit though. No one knows this to be the case for sure at the NHL level. It's all just no small amount of speculation. Now granted, given where the team is at, everyone's grasping at straws and speculation is itself a means of holding on to some amount of hope, but that doesn't make it reasonable. I'm not saying Laz is a bad player or anything of the sort, I'm just wary about saying he can replace someone like Laughton. It wasn't so long ago Laughton was lauded as the guy who had a great scoring touch and who might be a top six centre in the league. He turned out
  14. As others have said, no one's going to take this guy off our hands unless we pay them to do so. He was a bad player before he came here, and he's a bad player now. He's astoundingly one-dimensional, and that dimension is getting woefully out of position to try and make big hits. That's it, and that's just not a good modern NHL dman period. The proper course of action was A) not to sign him in the first place, as this was all very obvious; or B) absolutely do not resign him after he proved without a doubt he was exactly the garbage defender he's always been even after a change of sc
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