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  1. I think many of us have accepted he's not that same guy anymore. Don't get me wrong, he's still a solid player and will likely put up some ~80pts again this season. That's clearly nothing to scoff at. But no, he's not the elite caliber guy that's being discussed in this thread. I've mentioned this elsewhere, but Giroux is possibly the best surprise this franchise has ever drafted. That's not nothing, but he's not the kind of player at this point in his career that other teams are specifically forced to plan around. As far as where we might get that elusive elite kind o
  2. As others have noted, The Bolts are loaded with superstars. From front to back. And while LA may not have had that caliber — Doughty was arguably the best dman in the league at that time, but let’s put that aside for a second — that’s one team. I’d rather not try to catch lightning in a bottle. Vegas may have a shot at that kind of win by committee deal, but it’s hardly a common feature. It’s way more common for winning teams to have superstar players carrying the weight.
  3. Hold up now. If anyone's tossing out chump change it's certainly not me. Laine is absolutely an elite player in this league, but to suggest PLD is "not even close" is pretty ridiculous. Goals aren't everything mate. Is Laine the better sniper? Yep, for sure. He's also a 50 foot player who does just about one thing well, and even then he desperately needs a setup guy to shine. PLD is not a sniper. So certainly, if what you're valuing is that one thing, Laine is your guy. PLD is a gritty and skilled 1C who plays both sides very well. His faceoffs need work, but he's much
  4. Yep, 100%. Don't get me wrong, Laine in the right hands would be an absolute menace. Torts just doesn't have anywhere close to that level of coaching acumen. I mean, I hope I'm wrong for Laine's sake here, but my guess is they'll clash before the end of the season, and something will give on one side or the other. Laine needs a coach who prefers an offensive style of play, and where he can get the spotlight he craves. Not a guy who publicly chastises players who don't block 20 shots a game.
  5. Wow, that is ridiculous. Clearly there was no real effort to land a deal here on CLS' part. That's the kind of offer you make when you have no interest in making an actual deal unless it's heavily one sided. That CLS GM seems like a piece of work...
  6. I wouldn't say that at all. I actually kind of think this is a good deal all around. Dubois is the more established of the bunch, so it makes sense he would command more than Laine does. They're different players of course, and ideally a team would have both, but that's not how trades like this work. I guess the one tricky bit here is that WPG now has two viable top centers and no elite shooter, while CLS has has an elite sniper and no real top center to feed him pucks anymore. Also, if Torts had a problem is Dubois, he's going to absolutely hate Laine. Everything is p
  7. I've mentioned already how I like Dubois, and I do. The challenge would definitely be the price tag. What does it take to land a tough top three draft pick who plays tough and has solid skill both ways? I'm not sure exactly, but I have to imagine it'll be steep. I'd be curious though. He'd fit in here like a glove given the way he plays the game. I know, let's give them JVR. He had a reasonably good last game. Seize the day!
  8. Honestly I think they have alright depth. I think what they're lacking is true top talent that can give opponents fits. I mean, I'll give Couts a pass, he's pretty stellar. Provo also is definitely a top D. That's all fine and well, but the truth is our truly elite scorers are all players who probably should be supporting players to at least 1-2 elite talents, and we don't have that. It's also very noticeable how shotty our defense is outside of Provo... Some of that may be youth for folks like Sanheim, but having Braun and Hagg doesn't help anything, and I'm not feel
  9. That is interesting. I think it would be cool to see him given a shot. Assuming he's healthy and gtg, i'd rather see him than Ghost by a considerable margin. That's without mentioning Braun...
  10. Definitely we could use some more rational assessments, particularly when it comes to young players on the team. We need to be comfortable with the idea that prospects are often overhyped, and having a more measured look at new guys coming in is highly likely to be closer to reality than some sort of saviour story. The best current example of this is Frost, but it's been true of so many others before him. On the flip side, I do think we sometimes come down too hard on the vets. Giroux is the most obvious and best example of this. If we look at his total body of work in the NHL, and
  11. I'm excited to see what this team does without Couts. Don't get me wrong, I love Couts. He's almost certainly the most complete player we have on the roster right now. What I like about not having him for a short amount of time is that it forces other players to pick up the pace. So we get to see what Hayes does in a top line role for instance, or if Patrick can take the step forward we're all desperately waiting to see from him. I'm curious about Frost also. Having him play with TK and Lindblom seems a fantastic idea to me. Both of those guys have solid finishing ski
  12. I feel like Hayes and Patrick would get the nod at 1C before him though. They should frankly. Patrick has more to prove than anyone on this team. Give him top flight talent to work with and see if he can finally live up to his vaunted potential. The other option of course would be moving Giroux back to center. I really hope they don't... but that's what happened last season.
  13. I hadn't really considered how the pandemic would impact future contracts, but you're right in that it's very possible. The owners have to be eating quite a bit of dirt this season with so little income from the games.
  14. I'd really rather not. Provo is better than Ghost on both sides. I wouldn't want him hampered because he has to watch his partner's back all the time. He needs to be able to use all his tools and not just play the back end. I mean, I'm quite firmly on the move Ghost bandwagon. There's really no point keeping him. We have a bunch of dmen who are just better than him in pretty much any situation. Move him and get something to feed the pipeline if possible, or keep him as Vegas bait, but I have to imagine there will be a more enticing option than Ghost for that.
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