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  1. Yeah, I've heard many similar stories about him essentially treating players as garbage to get a point across. As much as some folks might brand that as some sort of "tough love", shame is a very bad communications tool and generally does not have the intended effect. I don't imagine that's somehow magically different in a locker room. Anyway, he's here apparently, so I guess we just all have to hope he doesn't screw up our youngins or something while he's around.
  2. I mean, so many of us here have been shouting for fundamental changes to the coaching staff. We've got that now in spades. Are they good changes? That's a lot harder to say. But at least it's not another year of Hakstol and co. I'm with you here. I always figured the only reason the Habs kept Therrien around so long was because he happens to be french-canadian. His teams never seemed particularly good, and I've heard pretty awful things about his relationship with the players there. Anyway, again, we got plenty of coaching changes now. Not much to be done about it except see what happens.
  3. I can fill in that blank for you if we're talking about Therrien or Vigneault. I'm not sure it'll get past censors though.
  4. So, say we traded Ghost for Kapanen (and whatever it would take for it to make sense). Would your thinking then be to move Voracek as well? What would you be looking to get for Voracek in this case? Or are you fine with having Kapanen linger on the third line for the next while? And is that worth losing Ghost over, when we really kind of need a top six guy who can shoot right now.
  5. I'm with you. I do not like Therrien whatsoever. I'm ambivalent about Vigneault, but adding Therrien doesn't work me in the right direction personally. I think he's a class A turd. Is he NHL caliber? Sure, he did well running a high powered Pens team that also made Dan Bylsma look like a hall of famer for a while, but he was also dropped pretty unceremoniously from that position, probably for a good reason... Aside from that, he's been mediocre to bad the rest of his coaching career. I'm not really sure what there is to like about him. He strikes me as the kind of coach teams just always seem to regurgitate for reasons I can never quite understand. So much this. Y'a une face à fesser. @brelic
  6. Isn't he? I mean, he is pretty good at a lot of things. Plenty of NHL players have solid careers as offensive dmen and pp specialists, which is essentially the role he can play. I'm also not a big fan of trading players when their stock is low. After the year we've had, I would consider Ghost's value as being lower than it should be. He may not be the second coming of Orr, but he's definitely an above average offensive dman in the NHL. If we trade him now, I think we'll have a hard time getting the return he warrants. Also, what's the worst case scenario here? More than likely he'll be at least somewhat better next year, probably enough better that Seattle would consider grabbing him. While losing him that way would suck, at least it wouldn't mean losing someone more integral to the future of the team. That or Fletch then trades him -- probably for something similar to what he could get this off season anyway.
  7. I can't say I know too much about Kapanen. I haven't watched him much, nor have I heard much about him. So it's hard for me to say. I will say this though, if Ghost is involved, we better be getting a top six guy back. He's worth that much in this league. If we trade for someone who caps out on the third and fourth line, it'll mean we've likely lost the deal. I don't dislike trading Ghost mind you. I've mentioned it here before. I don't know that I'd shop him around mind you. I'm pretty worried Fletch is going to undersell him in the off season actually. I'm not very trusting of Fletch's trade savvy.
  8. This is objectively true, but it's been since 2010-11 that the Flyers were at all relevant in the playoffs.
  9. To add a proper 0.02$ to this though (and I'm sure this is going to fly right in my face!): Part of the challenge is that systemic inequalities do still exist to a far greater extent than many of us believe. It is still very true that a person's birth overwhelmingly determines their likelihood for success. This is notably true of poverty, but it's also true of things like race, sexuality, and gender. These are all factors we have little to no control over at birth, and yet they are extremely sound predictors of future development and success in life. That isn't to say we haven't made progress; we just haven't made as much as we would all like to believe. Is there a movement to put us all back in boxes? I don't know it ever went away frankly. Whether it's a movement or just a question of the human condition, we are predisposed to doing exactly that regardless of how much we try to temper that tendency via cultural and social influence. I do think there's a concerted effort to enhance things like tribalism for sure, and I think we are moving in a direction where some seem to believe they should never be challenged or feel uncomfortable in life. That will go away though. It seems a cyclical thing to me. I should note that I am Canadian. I won't pretend to fully understand the situation in the US, and I won't comment on it. I also work with disenfranchised youth for a living -- people who frankly were never given a fair shake at life, and who are trying their hardest to make sense of a world that seems hell bent on giving them every challenge imaginable. And yes, these are very closely related to poverty, race, sexuality, and gender even today in 2019. One of the demographics I've called upon to work with most over the last bit are youth from indigenous communities. The mammoth differences that persist between indigenous and non-indigenous communities where I live are very difficult to overstate. And yet, if you ask people who have very little experience working in these communities, they will very often spew garbage about indigenous people that have no basis in actual reality. They're fictions that have evolved because we have painted these communities as "the other" and treated them so poorly for so very long. We're trying to chip away at these systemic differences now, but many want no part of it at all. Also where I live, we have a very challenging situation based on culture between our two main linguistic groups -- French and English. This divide has existed forever, but it never seems to go away. Even today, being born minority French where I am will lead to a specific set of consequences owing to that status. Is it silly for us to harp on these differences in 2019? Sure, it is. But these are systemic challenges that linger despite wanting to feel great about how far we've come. So it's definitely a tricky situation. On the one hand, we absolutely have come a long way, and it's important to notice that we have come a long way. On the other, we can't let that pride in having come a long way cloud over the fact we still have a good ways to go yet. I think at least part of what happened over the last bit is that folks who are born and must face systemic challenges are being told "well, everything is fine now, so why are you complaining?", and then they realize quickly that everything is most certainly not fine, so things blow up. It's challenging, but I do think it's understandable really from all sides.
  10. Ah, you suck @brelic -- in the most respectful and thoughtful manner.
  11. Think that dude has a degree from MIT?
  12. So much this. I don't know if Trotz would have agreed to it, but I somehow doubt Hexy even tried. He absolutely should have. Why he remained so loyal to Hakstol despite the glaring failures is well beyond my pay grade.
  13. Maybe I'm jaded, but I'm very wary of expecting too much of this roster. We've been hearing the whole "2-3 years from now" mantra for 6-7 years now. At this point, I'm in more of an "I'll believe it when I see it" situation. Not saying it's impossible. I've been at Hakstol's throat for years now, and I want to believe he was the major problem on this team. But there is also the very real possibility this team has player issues that may not be resolved with just a change of coaching staff. Anyway, we'll see what next year brings. I like that we have a new coaching staff. That's not nothing. I'm just finished with the high expectations for turn around. TL;DR: Show me significant progress, or GTFO. I'm done with the feint hopes.
  14. What stood out the most? He's shaped up! Maybe he wants to play again. Seriously though, I think AV is a decent hire. He does have a solid resume after all, which isn't something we have been able to say in a very long time. That's not to say he'll find success necessarily, but it's something for sure. Of the options bandied about in the last bit, I would say he was probably the only one worth noting. Guys like Bylsma or Boudreau would have really worried me. A lot is going to be a question of the players we have available honestly. I think with Hakstol it was fairly easy to wonder about the coaching to a considerable degree. If the team now falters just as badly with a seasoned coach, it'll become increasingly obvious the problem is -- and possibly always has been -- the roster.
  15. I would love to have Johnny here, but I'd be shocked if the Flames ever did this. He's the best player they've had since Iginla. Guys like that don't generally get traded in their prime. Stranger things and all that, but I'd be shocked.
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