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  1. You're quite possibly right. Though I think he'll be given at least a couple years before Fletch chooses to move on. Niskanen and Braun are temporary stop gaps and should almost certainly not be resigned in either case. Fletch should want to have as many options as possible gunning for those two spots in the line up, and I'd say that includes Morin. Whether he can seize that opportunity between now and when Niskanen comes off the books is harder to say, but I expect he'll be given the opportunity. If at the end of the day he proves to be no more than a career AHLer, well then fair enough. If he chooses to sign elsewhere for another opportunity, that's his call. But to me the addition of two short term vets means he gets a bit longer to figure things out.
  2. That's a post from February mate. Gudas is long gone now. Whether that's a good thing or not, we'll have to wait and see. Gudas was one of our best dmen last season, but really he shouldn't have been. Hopefully new coaching can set things right on the blue line.
  3. It would likely have to involve Ghost too.
  4. Yeah, I'm honestly not opposed to getting Hoffman really. I sort of wonder where he'd play in the line up though. I suppose he would probably bump TK down to the third line with Patrick, which would be a decent way to try and field three lines. I'm with you of course on Provo. That's just ridiculous. Ghost is the only trade that would make sense imo. Whether it's worth giving up Ghost to give us a third scoring line is a question worth asking though. I don't think Hoffman is such a big upgrade over TK.
  5. Hmm. Who would we be trading to get him though? We can't afford Hoffman and TK and Provo. Ghost and someone else? Hoffman for Ghost would seem pretty even to me, so it would depend on what else we need to throw in.
  6. To a large extent, that's exactly right. It's not so much that we experience fewer new things; we simply don't process them as completely as younger minds tend to. Our brains are designed to create filters based on prior knowledge and experiences. The more filters we have, the more we tend to ignore new information; the more information we ignore due to these filters, the more we feel life is just a narrow set of circumstances washing over our heads very quickly. Taken another way, young brains are built to soak up as much info as possible. When they do, it builds on to their existing neural network, creating new connections in the brain. At the same time, information deemed useless or less important to their lives is set aside, almost like an archive. It's not necessarily all gone, but our ability to recall that information easily becomes very limited. It's primary use at that point is simply to build upon and simplify the processing of new information we receive. You can see this process in action whenever you try to learn something new, especially if it's something physical. At first you need to consciously remember to do certain things, but eventually they become a matter of muscle memory. When that happens, our perception is that time speeds up, cause we're not focusing on smaller steps and instead on bigger pictures. In essence, we stop learning new, smaller things at such a high rate. Here's a bonus too: One thing that sets humans apart from other animals is our ability to learn from each other. Not that no other animals do this, but generally we do it significantly more than others do. The evolutionary benefit to this is that we don't need to experience things on an individual level. This allows us to process information in a collective sense and benefit from each other's company. Our evolutionary dominance has a huge amount to do with the fact we're social animals. Though really the opposite is more important. We've evolved to become social animals in large part because of the benefits of collective information processing. But I digress... go Flyers!
  7. Yeah, a lot is up in the air. I think it's probably a bit much to expect any rookie to come in and produce at that level right away though. As much as we crap on JVR and Voracek here, they are both productive top six NHL forwards with solid career numbers all around. I certainly hope one some of our kiddos get to that level, but I don't think it's very likely Frost or Farabee are going to score 60-70pts as NHL rookies. Hayes is a known commodity as far as offensive acumen is concerned. I wouldn't place much money on him becoming a replacement for Voracek or JVR any time soon. It's far more likely he gets displaced to 3C over the next year or two imo. The other option worth noting of course is what happens at the deadline if the team is actually playing well and looking at a playoff spot (i.e. not just fighting on the bubble). At that point, Fletch may be reluctant to trade Ghost away. If Ghost has a good year under new coaching and thrives, this convo could get even more daunting going into next off-season.
  8. I think one of JVR or Voracek will be exposed but not both. They don’t need to expose both to satisfy the salary requirement. Just one would do it. And as you mentioned, Ghost is easily tradable over losing him outright.
  9. A little low, don’t you think? Opinions can be discussed without this.
  10. Honestly, I have no idea how I would rank this division in 19-20. The parity is astounding. I think it's a foregone conclusion that Columbus should be terrible. The Rangers likely shouldn't be great either. Beyond that though, this season could go so many ways. It's going to be a mess I think. To try and guess which teams will make the playoffs out of this division is guesswork at best. As far as the Flyers go, if the coaching staff doesn't turn this team around, the rest barely matters. Hart is great to have, but he's still very young and will almost certainly have some ups and downs all season long. Our core roster remains essentially unchanged, and none of the off-season additions are impact players of any real note. We can talk about the high potential youngins we have all we want, but good coaching is needed to make them into anything worthwhile. All to say that coaching really is the big wild card this team needs to get right. Get that, and they have a solid chance at making some noise. Fail to get it, and we're just looking at more of the same as the last whatever years.
  11. I think as it stands they can protect pretty much all the guys we would want them to minus one dman. That's why I think Ghost would be the likely trade candidate. You're right that Seattle would absolutely scoop him up over JVR or Voracek, which is why I think he'll get traded before that can happen. If he doesn't, it's because one of the young kids hasn't really panned out as we would have liked, and Fletch would rather protect Ghost to expose one of them. Hopefully that isn't the case. With Ghost out of the picture, and all our solid other players protected, that's where I think JVR or Voracek will end up being picked up. Fletch likely can't protect all those guys and still satisfy the minimum exposure requirement, so I think one of them is likely to be exposed and gone. As you say, if the team is looking like a contender, they may just keep Ghost to try and make a run. We really won't know that until we see what kind of impact the new coaching staff has on the team. I certainly hope so!
  12. It would be silly to buyout either of those guys. They both have significant trade value and can absolutely be moved if Fletch chooses to go that route. That CBA buyout is likely something he'd hang on to for Hayes down the road. You're not wrong about the math though. Seattle should "help" with this a bit, but things are going to get testy over the next couple years with all these young guns aiming for better contracts. At some point, someone is going to get traded for sure, whether that's Ghost, Voracek, or JVR. Ghost would seem the most likely atm given his position and reasonable contract. One of Voracek and JVR will likely be exposed to Seattle to fill the exposure requirements. Assuming the next CBA includes an amnesty buyout -- which why wouldn't it -- Hayes seems likely to be bought out in maybe 3-4 years, or whenever he's no longer playing a role on the team that is commensurate with his paycheck, or whenever Fletch just needs the money to sign someone more important to the team.
  13. I think Seth Jones is possibly the best young dman in the league. Took him a few seasons to figure it out, but he's a beast now.
  14. Yeah, I agree. Honestly that deal for Trouba looks like a nasty overpayment based on just his last year of play. That kind of thing is dangerous. Not that he's bad, I'm just always wary of paying a guy who may possibly be coming off a career year at the value of just that one year, especially when his past history doesn't match up. Provo imo has higher potential than Trouba. But he had a down year, which we may all want to be thankful for. Had he continued to progress closer to his ceiling, we'd be in much worse right now... Fletch needs to lock him down to some solid term. Period. The complicating factor of course is TK also needs a contract and is in line for a nice bump. It's unfortunate timing.
  15. I really want Fletch to sign Provo and TK before strapping the team to more signings. Also, if the Rangers are in on him, I imagine it's a done deal already cause Rangers.
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