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  1. I’d love to have Jones, but i don’t think I’d want to give away too much in terms of proper rebuild pieces. We need far more than just a guy like Jones. and i love Jones. He’s very near the top of my list personally.
  2. You're not wrong about this, except the missing pieces includes not only a major upgrade on defense, but also about two full top lines. That's a lot to try and pick up in just an off season.
  3. They're definitely going to be the biggest disappointment here on this forum. Individually, the feelings of disappointment will largely relate to simple expectations - reality. The more you felt this team might actually do well, the more disappointment you're likely to be feeling. For my part, I was pretty cautious about my optimism honestly. I won't say I'm not disappointed -- I am -- but I feel like I may not be quite as surprised as others around. The truth is, this team has been about the same for a while now. They have decent spurts, but that never seems to translate to real c
  4. I think Hexy did what he could. He got some nice returns on guys like TK and Farabee. Frost may turn out decent too, and there are a couple others who should have a shot at a mid to bottom six spot in the next bit. He never really had early enough picks to mess up too badly. Even Patrick -- the only top pick we've had in the last ten years -- is almost certainly going to be the most disappointing 2nd overall in over a decade. He can't really be faulted for making the pick though. Every other GM would have made the same. Part of the problem is Giroux, but not so much for the reason
  5. I can see where you're coming from. I do think having a proper sniper or two would have been very useful. Giroux in particular has been forced to make due without a proper sniper as a wingman over his tenure, and I do think the team has been measurably worse as a result. Again I think of a guy like Backstrom and what he would have been without Ovechkin firing in pucks. Not that any other team was going to have an Ovechkin really, but someone along those lines would almost certainly have helped a good bit. But we didn't have any of that. One big reason is simply because snipers are
  6. Unless Hart starts churning out hat tricks, that just won't be enough. Besides, what we've seen from Hart so far is that he can be good and he can be bad. I certainly hope he's that level of goalie, and obviously he still has plenty of years to prove it, but we need to see more from him before making that kind of lofty claim I think.
  7. I do think Giroux is worth that. He's a proven and consistent playmaking point producer who would make virtually any team's top six. I have no doubt there are teams who see their window being open right now who would absolutely love to get their hands on a guy like him. But yeah, the others that really need trading right now won't fetch that kind of return.
  8. I can understand folks not wanting to pull the plug on this roster. I was there not so long ago for just about ten long years. As has been said a number of times now, there's only so much anyone's going to get from this bunch. The best they've mustered in this decade is some reasonably good runs in the second half of a couple seasons. That's no where near good enough for ten years of building around the same core players. Clearly, folks will have differing opinions on this stuff. Personally, I do not think this roster can compete for a cup as assembled. I don't think getting a vete
  9. I'm curious if anyone has a good sense of what would make for good trades and moves to get this team on a better track. Personally, I've been pretty vocal about my feelings that the team as it stands really can't win. The roster as assembled just isn't skilled enough. If it were, we wouldn't be a bubble team for ten years, consistently getting wrecked in the first round if we even make the playoffs at all. This same scenario has played out for long enough to consider that the pieces themselves as assembled just aren't good enough to win it all. So, what would you do?
  10. Meh. Personally, I’m not very interested in deals that don’t focus on a rebuild. Giroux, Voracek, and Hayes should be the first to go, and the return should primarily be rebuild resources i think. Marc Staal is a decent player, but he won’t really give us what we most need which is better young talent or picks to possibly obtain that talent.
  11. I mean, he probably has. I would, and I've been a fan for much longer than he has (presumably).
  12. yeah, this is definitely the big if. He may very well not be much more interested in being a Flyer right now than he is being a Jacket. Still, if the rumours are true that CLS is shopping him, Fletch better have his hand on the dial.
  13. He’s UFA and rumour has it he’s not willing to sign there again. Can’t say i blame him.
  14. haha. Well except that Jones still has a lot of years ahead of him. It’s not like getting an aging dman to shore us up for a playoff run. This is a guy who would be fantastic to have around for some number of years yet.
  15. Actual rumor but one based on three huge assumptions:1) The Blue Jackets can't get him to agree to an extension this offseason and do not want to risk another Panarin and Bobrovsky situation of him walking for nothing in the 2022 offseason.2) He would be more agreeable to an extension here rather than testing the market.3) The Flyers would offer the best trade package among teams that would put in offers.That's a whole lot of ifs before something like that would be realistic. And just how much would have to go back the other way? A lot. ????????
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