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  1. That Hakanpaa really is a piece of work. Canes definitely just got tougher on the blue line and forwards who think they are just gonna waltz on in the offensive better have their heads on swivels.....or else...
  2. This guy may be partly to blame for that myth
  3. Well, see, there ya go. Told ya. ANY one of us can get dime store crystal balls......... I think I will get refurbished as I think they depreciate quite quickly buying new once you drive off their lots
  4. Now THIS is damned funny! Spitting up my morning lemonade aside, best post of the morning I've read so far.
  5. Nonsense. @Samifan shops for his crystal balls from the same place you get yours! So what if they are defective.....they make nice mantle conversation pieces
  6. @SpikeDDS I am glad you are enjoying your hometown Red Wing guy doing some good work as an executive, but I got news for ya..... This ISN'T a revelation to anyone who has paid attention to his work prior to him joining the Wings front office. He built a freakin champion in TB after all, and left the franchise on a path that should see them stay very competitive for at least the next decade, maybe more. I remember people ridiculing some of his moves with the Lightning only to have Stevie Y have the last laugh. For my part, I learned to "trust the Yzerman, for it will work out
  7. Avalanche better hope that Grubauer is up to the playoff task. If they REALLY have to turn to Dubnyk, then they are in more trouble than I thought. I get they'd rather have Duby as an experienced goalie behind Grubauer, but Duby's slide wasn't a fluke. He just no longer is the same goalie that helped carry the Wild in his prime. I still have a hard time picturing the Avs as true Cup contenders WITH Grubauer backstopping them. If it comes down to Dubes in net to help get them over, then they can certainly forget anything about Cups that aren't labeled Dixie Foam
  8. Robert Hagg doing some pushing and shoving not allowing Bruins forwards to get too comfortable in front of Brian Elliot. That has to be nice to see for Philly fans. Flyer defense overall, has been, "soft" to put it mildly, without Hagg in the lineup.
  9. Flyer fans don't need anymore crap dumped on them, but man, Ivan Provorov getting hit in the knee area blocking that shot.... limped off the ice. Hoping it just stung real bad and nothing serious. He has his whole career in front of him and one of the bright spots for this team.
  10. I can't see myself ACTIVELY cheering for the Leafs, but then again, its not like I would cheer against them either. Honestly, I think the problem for me and anything Toronto is the pure saturation of "Maple Leafs news" when there are bigger stories elsewhere around the league. Same problem with baseball and the Yankees for instance. All topics and convos eventually lead back to the Leafs or Yankees. And you know, I can understand why...big market, big spotlight, yadda, yadda....but it doesn't change the fact that it is a bit irritating. That said, it looks like I am going to have
  11. I like this deal a LOT better for Florida than I do for the Blackhawks. I watched Brett Connolly come up through the Lightning ranks, even watched him play a bit in the World Juniors where he looked pretty good, but to this point, his skill set hasn't translated particularly well to the NHL........ hence why he has been bounced around so much (TB, Bos, Wash, Fla, now Chi). He is what Yave says he is.... a checking type forward, but I think teams still think they can somehow get more out of him. At 28 years old now, I think he is who he is....nothing more, nothing less. And while he h
  12. Personally, I feel the Islanders did pretty well here. I agree with @ruxpin that perhaps more potent offense would have been a better add, but given the Islanders situation near the top of the cap, the availability of said potent offense, AND what it would have taken to get such players, NY made the most with what they had. And getting a division rival to pay half the salary of each of the players mentioned? Nice again. Obviously, giving up a first rounder is never preferable unless you ARE getting back young high end talent, but NY is in win-now mode and honestly, Palmieri and Zajac,
  13. I do it as time allows. I am a working Mom trying to split my time between a bunch of things. And besides, I also need to stick my nose in other areas of the site as well. You know, all those Florida Panther fans simply WON'T behave themselves if I don't check in on them pretty regularly
  14. Nice win against a so-called Cup contender. And BTW, Audra Martin looks faaaaaabulous in red! You go lady!
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