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  1. I expect an embarrassed Chicago team to come out much stronger this time around....but at the same time, I would think the Wild would be aware of that, and keep the same "boot to throat" mentality they were showing in the last game and not give the Hawks an inch. As far as I am concerned, this game is still the Wild's to lose, and even if Chicago comes back stronger, if the Wild don't let up, they should take this one too. Funny how a going nowhere team like Chicago will be providing a good character test for the boys in green. If Minnesota really wants to compete with the likes of the
  2. Agreed. Could have been worse though: He could have been a NYC skyscraper window cleaner
  3. Unfortunately, one of the guys we hired to clean our gutters got vertigo last year. Funny, ironic and sad all at the same time...
  4. At least Flyer fans will have a patented "Yeo Stick Throwing and Cussin" tirade to look forward to during one of these practice sessions...
  5. Ahh, well...one point it is. Avs squeak by with the SO win. Plan the parade in Denver.
  6. Some cement heads thought Boldy wasn't "good enough to skate" at the NHL level. Imagine that.
  7. Easy there, MacK...watch your temper, now.. I realize you hate playing defense, but cmon..
  8. Have to disagree. They are a good, fast, dangerous team. Cup ready? Overwhelming favorites to come out of the West like some would have people believe? No, and no. I've seen not only the Wild, who are supposed to be "well behind" Colorado, pressure them into mistakes in their own end, make them look super ordinary there, but their goalies aren't the ones to take them anywhere near a Cup either. And I've seen other teams, if they follow the "make them play in their own end formula" the Wild are using, do the same. Make no mistake..... I do think the Avs are good, but not nearly
  9. Atta boy, Kap! Way to handle those overrated Avalanche! Want those TWO points once again!
  10. He looks like he would make a good hard boiled police captain on some crime drama show.
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