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  1. Well, look, that whole North division was a free for all throughout the season. You are right...Montreal looked like the team to beat early on, and at times Winnipeg and Edmonton looked good enough to win it...hell, even for a split millisecond, Vancouver had a bit of a run that had me at least, thinking they could do it too. Of course, Toronto eventually takes over, then they have their issues where it looks like they were gonna lose the lead. Just nuts. But SOMEBODY had to come out of the North Division into the Final Four, and it just so happens its the team that started out stron
  2. Personally, I think the Avs STILL not having enough team depth compared to the Knights is what cost them this series. Sure, having a guy like Kadri in the lineup didn't help their cause either, but honestly, every game where it looked like MacKinnon's line was "contained", the Vegas Knights simply looked like the vastly superior team. Why? Because they may not have a single player with the star power of MacKinnon, Rantanen, or Landeskog, but what they DO have are very good, capable players up and down their lineup who have been here before and are hungry as hell to win it all. I real
  3. Seriously. A match up NO ONE saw coming. According to the media hype machine, the Final Four should have been some configuration of: North-- Toronto (maybe Edm or Wpg, depending on who looked hotter at the time) West-- Colorado (this division and place in the Final Four was essentially handed to the Avs by the hype machine) Central-- Tampa Bay (though some thought Florida too for some crazy reason ) East-- One of Wash, Pitts, or Boston after acquiring Taylor Hall. No where were the Habs considered and surprisingly, many thought the Knights had 'run their course' and were now due
  4. Hate to say it, Habs fans, but I went with Knights in 5. I've been wrong about LOTS of things this post season, but I think the Canadiens' "ride" stops here, and it stops hard. Habs will physically make this tough, but I think the Knights are too fast, too deep, too playoff tested, and especially, too hungry to be stopped by an upstart Montreal team. And everything the Habs seem to do well....checking, goaltending, opportunistic scoring..... the Knights appear to do just as well, if not better. No shame in Carey Price's game, but frankly, I don't think he has the horses in front of
  5. The improbable Canadiens meet the still-searching Golden Knights. First time since 2014, the Canadiens are seeing play in the Final Four.....for the Knights, Final Four is 'old hat' as this will be their third Final Four appearance in the 4 years of their existence. They are looking for the big prize. I gotta believe, even with a red hot Carey Price, the Habs have to be heavy underdogs, although the big, tough, physical make up of the team seems well suited to playoff scenarios. They did away with media favorite Toronto.... did away with Winnipeg (in sweep fashion!), a team some feel
  6. I gotta give credit to the Wild defensive system. It stymied Vegas many times during their series. Man to man, I think Vegas rolls the Wild easily. But Minnesota played their two way game, played their system, and it worked to a degree. Obviously, it still wasn't enough, but makes you think what could be, once the younger Wild players take their next steps and if Minnesota can secure another top level forward...preferably that center they've been needing.
  7. When the Knights' players aren't pulling in the same direction and working like clockwork, they look like a VERY mediocre team. When every line and defense pair is clicking as intended...when they get into their "hive mindset".... they can hang with, play against, and BEAT anyone!
  8. Homer voting strikes again with me. I almost went Bolts in 5, but didn't want to buy too much into my own team's hype, so afforded NY an extra game (they SHOULD be tougher this year than last), but still, I think the Champs are much more complete, still hungry, and this is one series where, perhaps, the Isles are REALLY gonna miss big bodied, skilled captain, Anders Lee. Tampa Bay Lightning in 6.
  9. Defending Cup Champion Lightning and hard charging New York Islanders meet in a re-match of last season's Semi Finals. Talk about contrasting styles.... Bolts would rather run n gun a bit, although they CAN play a physical game as well, while defense, checking and wearing the opponent down is the name of the game for the NY Islanders, although, again, they too can come up with some quick strike offense should the opponent not respect that part of their game. Lightning are looking for a repeat of last year's Semi's results, Isles looking for revenge and the bragging rights of being able t
  10. Nothing wrong with the regular season........other than Covid sticking its ugly nose into the business this year, causing the league to do makeshift divisions with limited schedules and "bubble" competition where, unfortunately, some divisions was loaded up with teams under normal circumstances, may not have made the playoffs, or at best, maybe one or two get in as an underdog seed. If the thinking here is because the top Northern Division seeds Toronto and Edmonton were shown the door, while an under .500 team in Montreal continues on, that the regular season is "broken", well, th
  11. Welcome back @yave1964 As always, outstanding observations. I will add in something else, not player add related, but pretty obvious and very real nonetheless: Pressure to win in Toronto. Unbelievable pressure not only because of the market the Leafs play in, not only because its been 50+ years since a Leaf player last hoisted the Cup, but also because every frickin media outlet you can think of tabbed this as "the Leafs' year".......then they go play in a bubble type division format (yes, yes, along with everyone else), do well, EVERYONE now completely buys into the Leafs hype, as
  12. @Hockey Junkie kept twisting my arm about weighing in here, so here goes, though my thought process about Buffalo's situation is all over the place....one could easily hurt themselves thinking too much on it! RE: Buffalo trading the number one pick.... There might be some merit to them doing exactly that. My initial thought was "no, don't do that!" because top end, large defensemen simply don't grow on trees. But, in the case of the Sabres, they still have so many holes and areas of need, that even if Power (the assumed first draft pick) were a slam dunk number one NHL defe
  13. 2021 and people STILL have issues with boundaries. Guess I really shouldn't be surprised. People can be most wonderful....while at the same time being the most despicable. I guess what I am saying is, even if Mark Scheifele (which I am NOT suggesting he is) was the embodiment of sports evil and even if he were to make a guy like Tom Wilson or Matt Cooke look like boy scouts, the guy's family should be OFF LIMITS!
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