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  1. Or as some Wild fans used to say about Matt Kassian or Derek Boogaard years ago... "A pair of fists equipped with skates"
  2. Would you say that makes him a...ahem... 'high energy player'?
  3. Blues must have gotten an earful during the intermission, as they came out playing MUCH better in the 2nd.....even came up with a goal to make things 4-1 Detroit, but this time with Hofer in goal instead of Binnington...though I must say, being the non-Binny fan I am, I can't really blame the goalie as his skaters were butt-awful in front of him. However, all that feel-good stuff for the loaded Blues was short lived. Red Wings aren't done embarrassing the Blues just yet and have answered the Blues' lone goal with two more in quick succession. 6-1 Wings is the current damage as the teams head into the second intermission. Too bad the Blues don't have Berube in the locker room anymore to tell them they "must score, defend, and tend goal harder...."
  4. In a classic case of "on ice/off ice", and of course, some time in between.... Sean Couturier is being interviewed on the intermission show on TNT by Steve Levy, Mark Messier, and PK Subban. Each broadcaster announces himself as he starts to speak up, each very friendly and complimentary towards Coots and his status as Flyer captain.....and Coots taking this all in stride, humble, and keeping the focus on how well his team is doing on the ice and not on himself. However, with PK smiling like the Cheshire Cat in the background, I couldn't help but think..... did PK and Coots....oh so friendly right now....ever had run ins on the ice? Did a quick look up, and sure enough, back in 2014.... Coots, a rather still new player to the league with the Flyers, in a scrum with a bunch of players, Subban being one of them, then on the Canadiens, and while the refs are stepping in to separate players, PK reaches over the pack of players and sucker punches Coots. Ahhh, good memories, eh Coots? Remember that guy? Yea, yea, I know.... sometimes the biggest nemesis to each other on the ice can be drinking buddies or visit each other's families OFF the ice. Still though....that PK legacy for ya... Still though...I gotta wonder if anyone wants to have dinner with Sean Avery or Matt Cooke......
  5. Did the Blues %!$$ off the hockey gods today?? Brayden Schenn with a wide open, I mean WIDE OPEN, net....if it were any more wide open, you'd have to charge it with indecent exposure and obscenery..... and he clanks it...at point blank range! Then, on the following sequence, the Wings march the puck up ice, draw a penalty, then score on the ensuing PP just before the period ends to take a 4-0 lead into the first intermission. Has no one told the Blues that the "lowly" Minnesota Wild are right on their rear bumper??
  6. Red Wings with another rush...can anyone say 3-0 Detroit? Sure ya can.... Game is just over 5 minutes old. Blues go out drinking and got in late last night or something??? Oh right...LOADED.....
  7. And now a turnover in the offensive zone by the Blues.... Red Wings turn that into a two on one odd man rush...and another goal! 2-0 Wings....with the mighty Binnington in net! Blues fans NOT happy the team is listening to PK
  8. And not even a minute in, the Blues took up Subban on his 'habits' advice, had floaty players in the neutral zone, and the Red Wings used the seams to drive the net and get the opening goal, 1-0 Detroit.
  9. Hah... PK Subban showing his colors during the Blues-Red Wings pregame show. Subban: " ....no time for delay, the stretch drive, time for teams to develop their bad habits as things come to a close..." Steve Levy: " ...wait...did you say, develop BAD habits? Or good habits? Sounded like you..." Subban (cutting in annoyed): "Habits...HABITS....good ones...." Funny as hell that exchange! Subban let it slip about his bad habits during the playoff drives.... ooops....
  10. Not sure what kind of return a 39 yr old pending UFA would command overall, BUT, the Laffs ARE hurtin for a steady goalie (they currently have Samsonov, whom they have shown they don't have the upmost confidence in, and Martin Jones, who has played well, but really, has never been viewed as the type of guy who takes a team to a Cup), so they might be willing to overpay a bit to get a goalie in Fleury who wants that one last Cup before he hangs them up. TOR doesn't have much in the way of picks to give... a first and a third (that belongs to the Islanders) this year...they likely won't want to give up their first (or maybe BG can persuade them into that)....but, I tell ya what..... Since he is further down on the depth chart on the deep Toronto forward units, I'd LOVE to get back in any sort of deal, Matthew Knies. Big bodied winger that you guys on this board may know from his one season with the U of M, that seems to have the chops to stay at the NHL level. Toronto has him playing all over the lineup (including sometimes as a winger for Auston Matthews), and he would instantly be a regular top six guy on the Wild, and should provide the nice combination of strength and scoring that Wild fans were expecting, but disappointed with, from a guy like Jordan Greenway. Under normal circumstances, I'd say Toronto wouldn't be too keen on trading a 21 yr old with lots of potential still, like Knies, but if they want that Cup, I don't think they can seriously rely on Samsonov or Jones to get that done, and they might need to give up a very good young player to get a goalie that can push them to a SC Finals. I can dream anyways. Knies would look very nice in MN green, gold, n red.
  11. @Jimtown guy That Van-Min game was just nuts! I didn't get a chance to watch it, but I did follow some on my phone via box scores. Saw the 'Nucks were up 4-2 at one point, and I was thinking, "Meh, Wild gonna lose this one, but VAN is one of the better teams in the league this year". Check in on the game later (I didn't even know about the hat tricks yet!), only to see an NFL defensive struggle type score of 10-7! Not sure who should be more embarrassed...the Wild, because they pride themselves on defense, fundamentals and goaltending...yet gave up 7... Or the Canucks, having the kind of season they are having, being UP a few times during the game....then give up a 10-spot to a team that is not known for prolific goal scoring. Ok, ok...I think I answered my own question: Shame on you Vancouver! I wonder what kind of mentality the Canucks are gonna have going into their game against the Avlanche tonight. If the 'lowly scoring' Wild put up 10...what the HELL are the more dangerous offensive minded Avs gonna put up!?? Rick Tocchet has GOT to be hot under the collar over this loss....
  12. Yes, I do like those new thirds, even with the rounded logo. The color scheme is just fantastic. I've never been a fan of the Maple Leaf inspired blue n white they switched to years ago as their main colors. Honestly, nothing wrong with the blue n white...but is just isn't "Tampa Bay"....it is Toronto. Always has been. Lots of teams have, over the years, adopted a black scheme as their third sweaters, but the Lightning, from their very beginning back in 1992-93 had black as their main color in their unis. Black, blue n silver (or white). Lots of amateur designers have come up with a color scheme for the Lightning, and some are pretty damned good....much better (for them) then the blue n white....so just glad to see these!
  13. All day slate of games for Saturday, Feb 17th. I'll run'em down in order of when they take place and a few lines about each because I feel like it. Late Morning/Early Afternoon: LOS ANGELES at BOSTON Man, the Kings have gone from a 'lock' to be in the post season, to a point where there is a possibility they miss the playoffs altogether! Lots of their guys played well early on, but many of those same guys are now hitting some rough patches and NOT helped at all by some of the 'passengers' (cough, PL DUBOIS...COUGH..) or injury cases (Arvidsson) they've had! Of course, I don't know how much can really be expected from the Kings when their goalie tandem is Cam Talbot and David Rittich.... And things do not get easier going to Boston, facing a p$$$ed off Bruins team who WILL be going to the playoffs, but just happen to be a bit off their game lately. OTTAWA at CHICAGO Two teams with bright futures, but for now, are near the bottom of the standing. Of course, some thought the Sens would make huge strides THIS season and even, gasp, compete for a playoff spot. Maybe that draft is looking better than the playoffs for Ottawa? One thing is for sure... The Hawks are NOT liking all these slumping teams horning in on their tank-not tanking thing they got going on for the next season or two EDMONTON at DALLAS A possible Western Conference Finals preview. Stars have been pretty consistent at the top of their division all year, while the Oilers had to come back from the dead with an incredible run to where they should have been all along: a serious contender. Of course, I am PRETTTTY sure it won't be Calvin Pickard in net for the Oilers should they face Dallas in any WCF series.... For those that like fast action, contrasting styles, and star power throughout the lineups, this would be a great early schedule matchup to tune into! DETROIT at CALGARY Red Wings doing their part to stay relevant and continue the 'Yzerman Plan' to compete, and perhaps make the post season. They go up against a Calgary team that epitomizes "being on the fence" with the upcoming trade deadline. Flames have made a run or two recently, have some good players and a good goalie, but it might still not be enough to make the playoffs, so decisions need to be made there. They don't appear to me to be a team that wants to play the draft game, and coupled with the fact that Detroit wants standings points, and this game should be played very hard by both sides. Early afternoon/Mid Afternoon Tier NASHVILLE at ST. LOUIS Preds weren't supposed to be a contender this season...but then they were...but now, they don't look the part anymore....and rumors are swirling about which players of theirs may get traded. The Blues are in a similar position, but, as I mentioned before, it seems they have decided to do their annual come-from-behind schtick to make the playoffs after everyone left them for dead. Not really sure what to expect from this game. Fans of either team should enjoy it, but anyone else likely won't be too intrigued by what is going on here. BUFFALO at MINNESOTA Man....the very disappointing Sabres against a mildly disappointing Wild team. Let me explain: Buffalo was SUPPOSED to be doing what Detroit is doing......playing well, continuing to develop young players, sorting through their vets for long or short term worthiness, and competing for a playoff spot. They are not doing that. Not even a little bit. They look like the same ol freakin out of contention group they've been for the last decade.....but this time, with actual talent on the team. Yes, I know, injuries haven't helped them, and goaltending is still a bit of an issue, but there IS a thing called team depth that apparently the Sabres didn't look into, or simply don't have. The Wild weren't supposed to do much (and they aren't really), but then they go on these runs that give fans hope....until the fans realize it will only end in just missing the playoffs or just getting in, and bounced in the first round....again... So yea...like to see them win, but at the same time, I think anyone with eyeballs and who is paying attention knows, that despite their heart n soul, they simply are not constructed as a very competitive team as it relates to the league. Another game that is best for fans of either team only.... FLORIDA at TAMPA BAY Possible Eastern Conference Finals matchup. Florida continues their steady climb to what they hope is Stanley Cup glory.....while the Lightning are still pushing (and still dangerous) as a club looking to try and squeeze at least one more Cup, maybe two, out of it's current core. The homestanding Bolts should be underdogs believe it or not because I really think the Panthers have put things together nicely this year. That said, the two teams have developed a genuine, non media made up, rivalry....and the games between them are usually nasty. I don't think it matters where in the standings they are right now, each team just wants to beat the other and possibly show them up while doing it..... If you like your games filthy, grimy, yet injected with lots of skill and speed, this might be the one... Late Afternoon and into the Evening Slate of games... ANAHEIM at TORONTO Bottom feeder vs playoff contender here. Of course, any team that goes in and takes any other team lightly is just asking for trouble. And while the Ducks will likely be a bottom five team, they certainly have players with lots of pride who would love nothing more than to go into Toronto and knock off the Rielly-less Maple Leafs....and MAYBE even score a triple wind up EN slap shot from the red line if they get the chance.... WASHINGTON at MONTREAL Talk about old lion vs young lion here. I believe the Caps are one of the oldest teams in the league with the Habs being one of the youngest. So...who wants it more? I will say this for Montreal: they aren't a gimme win for anyone. Marty St. Louis simply will not have it! And they see Ovechkin and the Caps on the other side, and that is just another reason for them to put on their game faces. As for Washington, not sure if actually making the playoffs is something they think about these days....or who won't be on the team come trade deadline. Their gimmick though, is course, Alex's chase of Wayne. PHILADELPHIA at NEW JERSEY Two teams that traditionally don't like each other, and, two teams that are in bit of a role reversal. It was SUPPOSED to be the Devils in a playoff spot with the Flyers scratching and clawing to get in, but instead, the Fly Boys have played well all season, are playing John Tortorella hockey, and just may be a playoff team....while the seemingly regressed Devils miss out entirely! How bout dem apples, eh? EH?? Another game that could turn out nasty during the proceedings.... WINNIPEG at VANCOUVER I would have said this could also be a West Finals preview, but while the Canucks have continued to play well despite a recent rough patch, the Jets have fallen back a bit. WPG still plays a tough, physical, defensive game, and Connor Hellebuyck can lock down a game at any given time, but the Jets' lack of consistent scoring, I think, will really hinder them. They definitely are a team that could use a scoring winger or two at the trade deadline. And they do not want to fall too far behind Vancouver in the game either as Thatcher Demko can be every bit as 'lock down' as Hell Boy. Another game of contrasting styles that should be interesting to not only fans of both teams, but for fans of hockey in general! CAROLINA at LAS VEGAS Stanley Cup Finals preview? Hmmmm.....couuuuuld beeeeeeee..... Hurricanes, like the Panthers, have been steadily building towards a Cup championship the last few years and some think this year could be their year. Of course, the defending SC champion Knights would love nothing more than to do what the Bolts did recently, and that is win back to back Cups and continue to be the team to beat in the entire NHL. These days the Knights are looking a bit ordinary, but still, they should get into the post season to defend their title, and once there, they do have the personnel to keep the Cup in Sin City. Can the Knight stand up to the storm? Or a bunch of whalers?? We will see.... COLUMBUS at SAN JOSE Sigh...only if MUST watch this. Will they play nasty enough, rack up enough PIMs to forfeit the game, thereby helping their lottery cause, and keep things entertaining despite their non status as contenders? Meh...I wouldn't count on it.....not the nasty and exciting parts anyways... If you like the Jackets or the Sharks, well, here they are. For everyone else, there should be some cool episodes of The Wall or Weakest Link being re-run worth watching
  14. I would agree, yes, McDavid makes the skating look VERY easy....he does lots of things on the ice that look easy when he does'm in fact!
  15. Well, yea, at this point in his career, he is a complete 'hanger-on', trying to get his championship, even if he is an unnecessary player on a given team. He was done when the Wild bought him out, as I don't recall anything of note he did with the Islanders. A far cry from when he was healthy and at his best with the Devils and Wild, that's for sure.
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