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  1. A way for the league to create more goals. This is clearly done with the intention of giving a sizeable advantage to the attacking team. This is a plus or a minus depending on your stance on "there aren't enough goals scored" or "defensive tactics still need to have a place"
  2. Richard Panik. The CLASSIC crap shoot type player. I suppose if the price is right (he had a 2.8M cap hit last season), AND the Philly scouting staff has a good read on WHICH Panik they are getting, he might be worth a contract. Yes, I said, which Panik. There seems to be two versions of the guy... Version A (preferable)…. feeds off dynamic linemates, he won't carry a line on his own, but with smart and skilled linemates, he can produce, and at his best, also brings a physical and agitating presence to any line he is on. Version B (not so much)….. guy who sorta floats around, won't really elevate linemates (so if he is lined up with other grinders, he could very wll "disappear"), tries to play physical, but not overly enthusiastic about it, and won't really get in people's faces or chirp away at them to get them off their game. He has driven teams and coaches CRAZY trying to figure out how they can keep Version A on their team....everyone from the Lightning, to the Blackhawks, to the Coyotes. Hey, if the Flyers think they can unlock this guy and keep him in Version A mode, then fantastic...otherwise, he could very easily become the next whipping boy for Flyers fans wondering why the hell did Fletcher sign this guy. Personally, I think if you want a guy you can plug in different areas of the lineup, not cost too much, pitch in some scoring here and there, and just play a more consistent game, then look to perhaps SJ free agent Joonas Donskoi. Or, maybe give your very own Tyrell Goulbourne another go... The Ghoul may not be completely NHL viable, but the guy, if I remember, plays with complete heart n soul out there, isn't afraid to hit or agitate a bit himself.
  3. Well, it only remains now to see whether Fletch will be one of your favorite GMs of all time
  4. Well...if he can somehow figure out which way is north, he might be able to escape from the cornfields into Wisconsin for some cheese n beer. Don't know a whole lot of good things that can be found in WI aside from the Dells, but hey, beer n cheese is good, right?
  5. From an outsiders point of view, this sure looks like a lateral move to me. Watching them each play a bit and then perusing stat sheets, they actually seem very similar players. Yes, I'd give an offensive edge to Hartman (though it isn't anything to be all that excited about), but @yave1964 's post was pretty much on the mark: Pitlick seems to be better in a bunch of other areas...though, again, not anything to be doing handstands over. Not even the money saved seems significant. Like those who said it was about the $$$ that perhaps Hartman and his agent were asking for, and perhaps the Flyers just didn't want to mess around with arbitration hearings (they'd rather just have the similar player in the fold and done for now, so they can focus on bigger fish), and thus the deal came about. And of course, the Stars see this as a slight upgrade on offense, I am sure, as they seem to have the defensive portion of their team game nailed down pretty well. Just overall not a big deal to be happy or upset about...just an exchange of bodies that might serve slightly different needs. But hey, if Pitlick turns into a nice surprise on the bottom six, the Flyers can just call it a bonus.
  6. Brad Hunt is a good retain. Right price, seems to have the right skillset this team needs (speed, puck movement, shooting the puck), his possession metrics look good, and might be hungry to finally prove he belongs as an NHL regular after playing minimally all over the league with with other clubs. I think overall the Wild are at their best when they play a speedy north-south instead of the bruising lumbering style they dabbled with and in that regard, Brad Hunt fits in just fine. Also agree that Bitetto can go take a walk. I suppose the Wild could sign him for a minimal contract as well, but I have to think there are easily guys in the minors who can step in and do better. But yea, thumbs up on the Hunt signing.
  7. I must say I was rather surprised the Bolts were able to get a 1st rounder from Vancouver for Miller. I would have been happy with a 2nd or 3rd rounder plus Miller's contract gone. Although I like Miller (tough, versatile player), I like Brayden Point more! And I truly think that is the endgame here. The pick is conditional, so the 1st rounder may either be in 2020 or 2021 depending on whether the Canucks make the playoffs or not, if I am not mistaken. Either way, they get a goalie for their system, a first rounder from a team not likely to finish very high over the next two seasons, and created cap room. Julien Brisbois continues to do good work in the wake of Stevie Y's departure.
  8. After being shell shocked by the Blue Jackets, the Bolts are left to wonder...what now? Well, they shouldn't wonder too long. What now is: forge forward and take another run at history (and the Cup) next season. Some things have happened with this team since bein unceremoniously dumped by Columbus in the 1st round: Braydon Coburn took a big pay cut to stay on with the team (3.7M to a two year, 1.7M per deal)….by no means is he an elite level defender, but he DID play solidly for the Bolts all season, obviously wants to keep playing with a winner, and has improved his game leaps n bounds since his days in Atlanta and Philadelphia. I DO have to wonder why Coach Jon Cooper opted to play mostly Jan Ruutta over Coburn in the Columbus series however. Ruutta looked quite pedestrian out there and Coburn, not used till the final game, I think, would have been better at stemming the Jackets' tide...………..then again, given CBJ's PERFECT game plan against the Bolts, maybe it would have made NO difference..... Ryan Callahan has been diagnosed with degenerative back disease, and his career is likely over....while that is sad (and no way for a warrior like Cally to go out), from a team business standpoint, that means his 5.8M cap hit can be put on LTIR freeing up precious space. Speaking of which, JT Miller...he and his 5.25M cap hit...traded to the Canucks for a minor league goalie and a 1st round pick in 2020. Not bad. I liked Miller, but he obviously was the odd man out when Cooper made out his lineups on a day to day basis....and the combination of Cally's and Miller's cap hits no longer being there means...………………. the Bolts may now sign young superstar Brayden Point with no trouble now. As for the draft, the Lightning ended up with a little of everything....wingers, defensemen, and even a goalie and if the Bolts scouts track record is anything to go by, it is possible even one or two of those late round picks could turn into a viable NHL player. I honestly have NOT followed any of the players the Bolts selected, so can't really comment on their abilities and how they can impact the team at this time, however, drafting Nolan in the 1st round (LW) gives the Lightning a pair of Feete in their organization , having already drafted defenseman Cal Foote previously....both, of course, sons of former rugged NHL defenseman, Adam Foote of the Colorado Avalanche. I will trust in the TB system to continue to develop, evaluate, and maybe even trade off some of these players in due time in order to continue icing a Cup contender at the NHL level as well as a Calder contender in the AHL. Waiting now to see the final numbers on a Brayden Point contract and who, exactly, the Bolts will get to fill the spots vacated by Dan Girardi and Anton Stralman on defense, as well as possible new contracts for bottom six soldiers Cedric Paquette and Adam Erne.
  9. EGAD! Is all I can really say on their post season...……... The boys need to collect themselves, take this past season as a personal insult, come back and do what they should have done at least this past year...deep playoff run, if not the Cup itself. Some interesting things the Bolts have done in the off season (with some important things still to be done), but glad they didn't mess too much with their formula. They have the horses, they have the talent, they have the ingredients. Columbus blasted them out of the water and I want to see TB players absolutely use that as fuel for their fire.
  10. I like what the Devils are trying to do here. Bringing in more established and GOOD NHL caliber players to try and do what they did two seasons ago, and that is to not only make the playoffs, but make life miserable for any opponents they meet there. As you said, pretty good incentive for a guy like Hall to stick around.... Subban, Severson on defense (have Will Butcher as an RFA to sign), Hischier, Hughes, Palmieri, Zajac, and Zacha up front (as well as the ever versatile Blake Coleman)...hey, not a bad group to begin to forge a contender with. Of course, the question will remain...who will stop pucks in NJ? Can Schneider come back from wherever he detoured to? Is Mackenzie Blackwood the real deal? Is there someone else? As for the Preds, yea, their depth certainly can withstand not having PK on their blue line, and yes, a nice haul of players and picks they got. And the extra cap space will afford them the ability to make a big move elsewhere. Like you said, good all around deal for both sides.
  11. Hmmm....looking at an actual stat sheet, I see where Karlsson DOES play more games per year than I had originally thought. I suppose with a player of his stature, when he IS down, it is so glaring that it makes it look like he is out for longer than what he actually is. Still though, this most recent injury, the groin, as you noted, serious. Tried rushing back, not a good idea. Again, I don't dislike your boys, and I actually wouldn't mind seeing them hoist the Cup sooner than later, so I hope this past groin injury really isn't the beginning of something nagging longterm for him and the Sharks. With regards to TB, the rumors were still sorta out there despite how close the Bolts are to the cap ceiling. They have three UFA's (Girardi, Coburn, Stralman) who together, make what Karlsson is set to make....something like that could have been the source of speculation...basically Karlsson replaces those three on the TB blue line.....but I can't help but think that if TB somehow would have managed that, THEN Karlsson really does have serious chronic injury problems...man, what a spot they would have been in. At any rate, Koji, congrats to your boys for keeping one of the better defensemen in the league....I still think its a move that is playing with fire a bit, but I sincerely hope it isn't a regrettable move for your team.
  12. Corey Perry, even after he came back from injury last season, wasn't quite the same player. What you said about him, @yave1964 , both the good qualities and the bad, is spot on.... but man, did he ever seem timid out there when returning from injury. Almost as if, he wasn't quite "there" and was afraid of re-injuring something or the other. Then, once he seemed to get some of his "snarl" back, his team was completely out of things and he was still out of sync with his linemates and the Ducks team as a whole. Thing is, if he is willing to take "show me" or "prove it" contract from someone, he may be worth taking a flyer on (settle down Philly fans, wasn't meaning specifically YOU guys! ), and some GM could find themselves with a nice veteran, good all around, nasty (and whiny) player to help out their playoff campaigns. And perhaps, now being further removed from whatever ailed him and having the off season to recover, he could be back mentally to the kind of state he needs to be in, to play the kind of aggressive, in-your-face, pain-in-the-arse, and yes, rat-like style he needs to play in order to be at his best. Of course, even at a bargain price tag, if he is willing to take one, it may end up ultimately being "throwing away money", as maybe Perry's time as a truly viable NHL'er has passed. But for maybe about 1.5-2M, heck...even 3M/per for a one or two year contract? Might be worth it.
  13. To be fair, FC, he may have meant crafty as in "cheesy"...
  14. Keith Kinkaid might be a good option for a backup to Carter Hart. Kinkaid has always put up decent to good numbers as a back up when NOT asked to shoulder heavy loads of minutes. He seems to be one of those guys that the heavier the workload, the worse he plays....but since Carter Hart is the undisputed #1 in Philly, Kinkaid shouldn't have to play a ton of minutes...just well enough to give Hart breaks and not have the team feel like it is an automatic "L" when their starter isn't backstopping them. Carolina's Curtis McElhinney the same. Not a big fan of his, but as a backup who isn't expected to carry the team, sure.
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