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  1. For sure the Flyers miss Couturier....especially for gaining possession first. But honestly, in watching most of this game, I saw NOTHING from the Flyer defense that deterred Boston rushes. Like him or not, Hagg was your most aggressive D-man, but Philly needed more than him playing hardass out there. I saw at one point Brad Marchand gave Hart an extra shot after he froze the puck...not a single Flyer went to at LEAST have a small chat with Marchand about that. Just seemed Boston was going through that neutral zone and getting good looks at Hart at will all game.
  2. Heh...you sorta beat me to the posting. I was about to say that Laine in Columbus should be very interesting. Either Laine learns to play a bit of defense (or at least a bit more of a physical game), or he will rue the day he ever met The Fonz!
  3. Definitely a 'big deal' trade. Even if two of the three players (not sure about how unhappy Roslovic was) wanted out of their respective towns. Now..... what is the over/under on one of (or both) Laine and Dubois wanting out of their NEW teams?
  4. I guess if all these "finings" continue, we may find ourselves in a league where EVERYONE is a Lady Byng candidate. Watch for it... Calls and fines for 'roughing the puck carrier' 'Excessive celebrations after goals' 'Damaging the ice surface by skating too hard moving up ice' 'Goalie penalties for taking too many water sips during TV time outs'
  5. That situation is already ugly and can only get worse. The player, no matter whether he likes his coach or not, is still obligated to play to the best of his abilities. In the long run, he really is hurting himself by just going through the motions as shown. Just brings up too many other questions regarding his character....fair or not. The coach, well, the coach can play guys as he sees fit, but Torts is clearly making an example in front of all watching the game (it was a national game too!), and THAT isn't a good recipe for success or even 'rehabilitation' of any player, if the tha
  6. John Tortorella is like a dairy product. He is good for you, makes you strong, has a variety of uses in good solid recipes, makes SOME people sick because they might be lactose intolerant.......AND, he will eventually expire and sour so you best use it in your recipes sooner than later...and in this case, the end recipe result is a Stanley Cup. So, if the end goal isn't met, and that dairy product is starting to sour, and too many people (players) are starting to look for fresher ingredients, then it just might be time to go grocery shopping for something with a later expiration date.
  7. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Risto has NO value.....but more that he has his own bag of issues to go along with what he DOES do well. And a team like the Flyers, with a budding young defensive core, and young guys up front learning to play like playoff contenders, I just don't think Risto's play, in the long run, is a help to a team like Philly. On a grizzled veteran team perhaps looking to add just one more piece on the blueline, and who have guys who have been there done that, sure. Risto can do his thing there and he will have people to cover for when he goofs. But, IMO, the
  8. IMO, Brandon Montour is SIGNIFICANTLY more attractive as a guy I'd want on my team's blueline over Ristolainen....unless of course, you have the players to cover Risto's gaffes. Montour is a more responsible player on his own and still, like you said, a tough match up for most opposing players.
  9. Because as much as Risto hits, as much as he can be involved in offensive plays, he is also a disaster in his own end, brain farts regularly with positioning all over the ice (see this guy pinch in and completely forget NO ONE is now covering the point), and will take ill advised penalties in scrums when his team needs it the least. I can see a super deep defensive team having him on their second or bottom pair with a very responsible (and patient) partner at the blueline, but is this the kind of player you REALLY want on the Flyers?
  10. I can understand if some people are finding being in a tough division "unfair" because their team has to play high level competition almost on regular basis, but, still, if a team isn't even good enough to be FOURTH best in any division, I don't care how good it's supposed to be, you simply don't belong in the post season. Sure, there will be cases where the 5th best team in a good division will be better than the 3rd or 4th best team in a weak division, but the bottom line is, if a team wants to claim the right to get into the post season, let alone try to win the Cup, then I would think t
  11. Red Wings will get there and when they do, I have a feeling, based on Yzerman's previous work, that it will mostly come from within. One thing though from watching Vladi Namestnikov over the years and even a bit since he got traded away from TB: To get the MOST out of him, he needs to be on a line that has a real game changing player. Vladi by himself isn't a game changer, and he won't elevate those around him, but he certainly raises his game when paired with a stud linemate, especially a center. In that regard, I wonder if he would get some top line time with Dylan Larkin instead
  12. Maybe...but no matter how you slice it, if the Flyers are gonna do anything this season, it is going to be with Coots ON the team, not on the IR list.
  13. Not good at all. The Fly definitely can't afford to be without Couturier. One of the Flyers', nay, the league's, best draw men, constantly giving his team possession, top line center, and excellent two way game. As good as the Flyers look on paper, I feel their weakness still at this stage is depth. They can't lose a key player like Coots for long and be ok...throws the lines out of wack.
  14. Word out of the Rangers is Tony DeAngelo will be riding the taxi squad following a piss poor performance....both on the ice and tactfully when being called for penalties....just one game into the New York Rangers season. Thing is, DeAngelo was FAR from the only Ranger having a bad night. You could look up and down the lineup and find fault with guys not playing to their abilities and that even includes young Shesterkin in net who let goals in he probably should have stopped. So why would the team single out DeAngelo who is one of their better up n coming defensemen? Is it his reputat
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