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  1. Wow. You know, this could be one of those trades where it doesn't seem like a huge deal now, but some time down the road, people may look at a deal like this and say, "That was the turning point for this franchise!" There is lots to like about BOTH players, so WHICH franchise ends up with that 'turning point' will be up in the air for a bit. That said, I sorta am leaning towards the Coyotes on this one. For a few seasons now, I've felt Arizona has had some pieces to play better than they have shown. I gotta think that eventually, they are gonna get JUST the right mixture of players and personalities in there and finally start the upward movement I've felt they should have been on for the last, oh, I dunno, maybe two seasons? Could very well be that Montreal brings out the best in Domi, but since I feel they are always 'MUST WIN NOW', their patience (and their prior handling of the guy they just traded) leaves me questioning how well they can turn Domi around. This trade will be worth tracking come next season to see who really can get the most out of their respective underperforming player. I really do like Galchenyuk's chances with the Yotes though...…. fresh start, low pressure atmosphere, defined role..... he should be licking his chops....rest is on him now....
  2. Thanks, Crease. This one has been my go-to for fantasy purposes and just general info for awhile. I have added it to the link collection.
  3. And really, THIS is where sometimes, the media really does SUCK... "We really don't know all the facts, but hey, it's the off season, we got nothing else to report on....let's roll with it...." I am really impressed that most players, coaches, or any team personnel are able to deal with the media pretty well on a day to day basis....
  4. Honestly, if there is any truth to the horrible stuff allegedly done by Mrs. Hoffman, then some serious investigation may need to be done here and I am NOT trying to make light out of a serious situation. But as was stated by some, this all sounds awfully contrived. Until proven true, I take this as a "fluff thing" started by who-knows for who-knows-what-purpose. As a married woman, I can firmly get behind the whole "behind every great man (or great player here) there is a strong woman"....but cmon, hockey players....once the wives start taking the limelight and people start actually asking the question "Oh, is THAT why they were so bad this year?", then priorities have to be re-organized. No place on a pro sports team for such nonsense......again, IF true. As for the Karlsson's loss, that should in no way, by anyone, be made light of. And if Mrs. Hoffman really did bring that situation into it, then she should be glad I am not Mrs. Karlsson, because I would then feel justified in side kicking the bitch in the throat......and yes, I am physically capable of doing that to an unruly female perpetrator if protecting my family and angered enough..... But anyways, yea, this just sounds nutso. Maybe some parts were true and others exaggerated/blown out of proportion, whatever... Hopeully, for the sake of the Ottawa faithful (they have them right? ), the players can get their schtick together, look back on the embarrassing season they had, and come out like real NHL players this coming season and make drama with goals, saves, checks, and the damned scoreboard. Otherwise, All My Senators may be renewed for a second season...…..
  5. Next week, on All My Senators..... Ownership makes a secret deal with Regina, Saskatchewen to move the team...unbeknownst to players who vow to make the playoffs and make Ottawa fans happy.... Meanwhile, Dion Phaneuf returns and tries to recruit Cody Ceci, Mark Borowiecki, and Thomas Chabot over to the LA Kings, hiring a lawyer to null any and all contracts, so that Erik Karlsson would have NO one to play with... And then, Rome Italy attempts a law suit, saying the Ottawa Senators are insulting their heritage and nationality by portraying an ancient Roman man as the logo of a sports team...……….and then don't even make the playoffs. Complicated and massive litigations are soon to follow.... This, and much, much more on...…….. All My Senators.....
  6. Honestly, if Tavares goes to Vancouver, I think you leave Horvat at 2C. Horvat has tremendous upside at just 23 yrs of age, but just think how much quicker he can develop if he stays at the LESS pressurized 2C slot and let a guy like Tavares (who is used to it in the NY Metro media area) take the heat as the top C. Hey...it works in Tampa having Stamkos at 1C while guys in the past like Tyler Johnson, Vladi Namestnikov, and currently Brayden Point ply their trade, and have fantastic seasons, as the 2C. Thing is, if Johnny T signs with the Canucks, it is probably an indictment of how bad Islander management is, and likely looks to be for a while yet, because Vancouver, just like the Islanders, is in need of a rebuild...however, the Canucks may just "do it right" as opposed to the Isles. Also, moving Horvat would just weaken or slow up the rebuild. To build a contender, Vancouver needs lots of things...some younger D, a real #1 goalie, some top six wingers...yes, they have a couple nice pieces here and there, but what better way to start a rebuild (and possibly accelerate the process), than by being strong down the middle in the top six with Tavares and Horvat?
  7. I guess there might be a scientific way to do it.....but Vancouver still hasn't found a way to unburn the city, so I doubt it. Have no fear though... If Johnny T becomes a Nuck, many, many fanboys and fangirls will come running back.
  8. Looking at the overall picture in this year's playoffs, I'd say something happened that hasn't happened probably in many many seasons: The truly BEST teams did move on in their respective series, starting from Round 1 all the way to the Finals. No upsets really this year. You either had the expected team move on, or ONE of the teams in a match up move on where EITHER could have just as easily moved on. One can say the Vegas Knights upset everyone along the way, due to their expansion status, but fact is, they had a hell of a regular season, beat teams consistently there, won their division, and like it or not, basically earned their way and showed why they were the better team against everyone except Washington. I think if you are the NHL league offices, you should be very pleased with how all this turned out. Good teams did what they were supposed to, the so-so teams were eliminated early, a league star (Ovechkin) raises the Cup, and the league's newest team (scoffed at by many before the season started because of the location) made a hell of a showing. Home teams for various fans being eliminated aside, I'd rate 2017-18 a very successful one for the NHL as a whole. Now.....if they can only all get on the same page with regards to penalty calling...………………..
  9. Yea, I saw this line yesterday.... Taking nothing away from the job Gallant has done with this team and all they have accomplished, it really DOES sound like a line designed to take the media heat away from his team.....and a nice tag line in the likelihood the Knights are finally eliminated.
  10. All goofiness aside, Lou Lamoriello, whom some of you have already said has drafted poorly in the past, will have a pretty good crack at it this coming NHL draft as the Islanders have a pretty good board in the 1st and 2nd rounds with two picks in each. Of course, if Lamoriello drafts as poorly as some feel he did before, then those 4 picks in the first two rounds could go to waste just as easily.... Also on the docket: ---Yep....trying to keep John Tavares.....too late to work up some trade deal with another team if the Isles feel like they don't want to spend the money. THAT had to be done during the season at least. Teams would have no incentive to give the Islanders anything above marginal players/prospects for Tavares at this stage. Put up or shut up time for NY now with a new contract. ---Anders Lee. Sure, the guy has a year left, but he seems to have found his stride. Maybe try to work out some middling type extension with the guy NOW and have him beyond that final year at a reasonable rate and not let him reach UFA status as well. ---Try to rebuild that defense. Not even sure where I'd start here...at least, not without knowing what defensemen NY has in the minors that could be brought up. The current crop of D range from "ok" to "forgettable" to "awful". --For the love of puck, try to get a stable, legit starting goalie!! Halak is a UFA, you let him just go.... Greiss is there still, he did well in spurts last season, but he is more a back up guy than a starter. Not much to choose from in the UFA market...Lehtonen (probably not), Ward (may be too old and injury prone at 34 to be a viable game changer for NY), Lagace (he was the weak link of the Vegas goalies...not sure he would do any better on a team that is LESSER than Vegas is). Hammond, Pavelac, Eddie Lack...meh, meh, and more meh. Now...there IS Jonathan Bernier. Did pretty well with a defensively challenged Colorado squad. The Isles may still be able to score enough to allow him to do well despite a lackluster defense with them. RFA's? Maybe a Louie Domingue or Calvin Pickard if the Lightning and Leafs don't make an offer to those guys. Bolts may hang onto Domingue though.... Peter Budaj may be the odd man out with them. Robin Lehner, Petr Mrazek? RFA's likely to NOT be retained...but then again, there is a REASON both Buffalo and Philadelphia would choose not to retain them. Connor Hellebuyck is on the RFA list, but you KNOW the Jets are gonna tender him an offer. Philip Grubauer is also on there, but I think the Caps hang on to him to continue to back up Holtby. Maybe RFA Oscar Dansk of the Vegas Knights. Vegas will still have MAF and probably Malcolm Subban to back him up.....leaving Dansk the odd man out, and he put up decent numbers when asked to play for Vegas. ---Finally, Lamoriello has the bottom six for the Isles to try and figure out. Lots of expired contracts, RFA status guys.....he will need to filter through that mess, see who is worth retaining/re-signing and where to cut his losses. At 75 years old, he certainly didn't pick an easy time to jump back into the GM's chair. Fans best hope he surrounded himself with other sets of eyes and ears that can help steer him in the right direction. LOTS of work that needs to be done with this team...and mistakes could prove costly long term once again for NY.
  11. You REALLY didn't expect me to pass that one up did ya??
  12. Well, Islander fans....it's no snow job, a huge weight has been lifted from the franchise...… As for Lamoriello, I would think he is going to hire a coach who, more or less, would be a bit more autonomous, while Lou himself grooms a long term replacement for himself at the GM position. At least THAT sounds like the logical thing to do.....right, Mr. Lamoriello? I mean, no disrespect to him (he has been around hockey a long time and knows stuff about stuff that I never will), but IMO, he is far too old and embedded in the 'old school' ways of doing things to really benefit the Islanders long term. But yea, Garth Snow out? Wow...someone must have found and confiscated his stash of dirty pictures he had on ownership. With no leverage, Snow was a goner!
  13. Crazy thing is, I don't believe the Islander organization would be above that level of nepotism.....
  14. @OccamsRazor Thing about that Oshie trade was, while in St. Louis, TJ was basically a nondescript type player. Only cracked 20 goals once (21), but was usually in the teens in any given season on goals....granted, he had lots of assists that made him a constant 50+ point player (not too shabby really), but the actual goals just weren't there like the Blues wanted. He goes to Washington and his overall point totals aren't too much different, however, his actual GOALS have gone up (26,33, though interestingly only 18 this season), and he has become much more effective on the PP too, accumulating more points per season on the man advantage than he ever did in St. Louis. Now whether that goal scoring and PP production came from him maturing into a better player or he simply fits better into the Capitals system and personnel than he did with the Blues can be up for debate. In hindsight, yes, the Caps absolutely robbed the Blues on that trade. But in the Blues' defense, at the time the trade was made, Oshie really didn't stand out amongst other, more consistent goal scorers.