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  1. Probably. But then again, think of all the "drinking angles" they could market as well...
  2. Well, yours looks fuzzy....nothing a good shaver couldn't fix though...
  3. Seattle Kraken. I am actually fine with that. I was voting for that name on threads elsewhere. We've got enough big cats, birds, fish types, equidae and ursids throughout sports world.......but not a whole lot of cephalopods, so that is unique. Color scheme, I thought they would work in some brown or tan, but admittedly, that would make it hard to sell sweaters, as brown isn't terribly popular in that regard. Color scheme is fine. As others mentioned, hard to come up with something unique given the amount of teams in the league and that there are just so many colors to go around. I still won't be giving much of a damn with the half baked "playoffs" coming up, but glad to finally have Seattle officially in the NHL fold.....it is a remnant of what I was considering "normal" in the hockey, nay....SPORTS, world. Nothing is normal anymore. Now...if they can only get Liam Neeson as the PA announcer introducing the team as they take the ice....
  4. I've mentioned on other threads I've always liked the classic side view Senators logo better than the one they've been using. Glad it is coming back.
  5. I'm tellin ya... All they need to do is CALL ME....and I have the entire thing with names, uniforms, even entrance themes and goal horns all worked out for them! Seattle Kraken....have a green n tan motif with a hint of gold on the uniforms..... Tridents a-plenty.... Have the players enter the arena beneath a giant squid-like creature (ala the San Jose Sharks), as Liam Neeson says over the PA "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" Goal horn can be somewhat muffled but eerie foghorn followed by a crash of waves and splintering of wood (to simulate a kraken attack on an old sailor's ship), followed by some deep bass music that will pump up the home goal scorers....and irritate the opposition (though I admit, topping Chicago's goal music and Nashville's "you suck" theme will be difficult in terms of pure annoyance).... See that? I slapped that together in just a few minutes. Not sure what kind of screwing around is happening over in Seattle, but they need to get their tentacles out of their rear beak holes and come up with a name and aesthetics while the REAL issues of Covid and all the impact that is still having, are still being dealt with...
  6. I don't care what anyone in the media or who works for teams or the NHL itself says....there SHOULD be an asterisk (and there WILL be in the minds of many hockey fans), regardless of who wins this...."tournament". Seems its a hastily slapped together thing that is extremely short sighted and they are doing it just to be able to say "we crowned a champion in 2020"......for all the asterisks that is worth. So any team from the "no business being there Wild" to the "might have won again Blues", any one of them, simply cannot be viewed in the same light as past SC champions who actually went through a straight 82-game season and a proper meat grinder 4-rounds of playoffs to get the ultimate prize. My biggest concern in all this is the status of the proper 2020-21 season. How will that be affected? Will there be more significant injuries due to this forced 24-team playoffs followed by a short turnaround for the start of the next season? Or will we see lackluster play at the END of next season (in time for those playoffs), due to players simply being worn down more than usual? I guess we will see. And Covid 19 may not even be done wreaking havoc in the sports world either. But for this upcoming playoffs, I find it very hard to get excited about it. Feels like one giant exhibition season before the real season starts in October again.
  7. Not to derail this particular thread, but I was ok with just calling it and have teams finish the way they did for the regular season. In fact, I thought this was settled already. But if not, I would be ok with leaving the standings as the "finals", so whomever is in first, won in each league. I kid you not, guys, when I say that this whole mess has taken away much of the passion and love I have for hockey, and a few other things. Especially when there are about a thousand other things being impacted that require top priority.
  8. Just ridiculous. As hardcore a hockey fan as I am, I can honestly say that I have no interest in watching a makeshift, rag tag, sideshow format slapped together.....and then have them play "competitive" hockey to find out who the pseudo best of the best is this season. Any momentum, positive mindsets, and gearing up for the post season that was built up by the top teams is gone. Just gone. And those teams who were already planning for the draft and looking to better themselves over the summer, now would have a golden opportunity to win, with no fear of failure because, by all rights, they shouldn't even BE there. So right there, to me, that penalizes the teams that busted their arses to get to where they got, who played through injuries because their team IS in the playoff picture (face it, teams that are eliminated have more players going to IR due to having nothing to play for), and rewards teams that weren't doing anything but playing out the string. With a format like this, and given the circumstances, you could put a sorry team like the Red Wings, Senators, or Kings in there, and they'd have just as equal a shot to win it all than a team like Boston, St. Louis, Washington or Tampa Bay. Of course, the Wings, Sens, or Kings WON'T be in there, but we will get worse...much worse. We will have the professional medicores like Minnesota, Montreal, and Arizona getting in with a chance to win. "Ladies and gentlemen, your NEW 2019-20 Mediocre Champions....the MINNESOTA WILD! And their Conn Smythe winner....Aleeeexxxx Staaaaaloooccckkkkkk". Yea, exactly. And hey, it COULD happen. This proposed restart and format is just begging for it to happen. If the NHL wants to finish out this season and do a playoffs, fine...then they should do what the rest of us who are working or home schooling our kids are doing: Go on Zoom, WebEx, or whatever other business/social virtual platform is out there, and have players scream out what plays they would be making, while others scream out how they would defend it. Then, have us fans invited to the Zoom/WebEx meeting, so we could cheer everyone on..... in virtual safety, naturally. Because at least this way, I would actually participate, because it would give the absurdity of it all some meaning, and would also entertain me. Also, this would be about as fair and competitive as anything I would be seeing in a haphazard format. I will renew my interest in the NHL when things (if they do) return to normal in October. In the meantime, if the NHL insists on doing what they are proposing, I won't be giving a damned about who wins, who loses, or even "peek in" on games, as to me, it is all a farce and any winner, ANY WINNER, whether it be a bottom feeder like the Rangers or Coyotes...or a top level team like the Bruins or Lightning (yea...really won't even care if my beloved Bolts win or lose here)...they will and SHOULD have an asterisk the size of Alaska emblazoned on any banner they raised: You didn't really win the playoffs....you won the lottery. This will all be one giant "exhibition season" from here on out.....and as anyone who knows me knows...I don't pay much attention to exhibition games. When the NHL is ready to play real games, I will come back to them. For now, many of us fans have other pressing matters that need attending to.......and hopefully, we can achieve things with more common sense than the NHL is showing...
  9. Wow...just wow. I remember seeing him in a handful of Oilers games when he got called up last year and this. Not much of a goal scorer, but seemed to really leave it all out there on the ice with regards to being fully engaged in games. He was a bit physical in his style....something the Oilers could ALWAYS use, smart physicality....and likely, had he stayed in the NHL, been a career 3rd or 4th liner. Beyond hockey though, just sad that a 25 yr old athlete is just gone. Just like that. I have 3 brothers...two are older than I am, one is younger, and I always considered the younger one a "baby" (in the affectionate sense).... but he is older than 25. Can't imagine the pain this "baby's" family is in....especially his mother.
  10. Late to the party here, but voted cancel everything. Logistical nightmares, greater chance of injury now that players have "cooled down", and the paranoia that will still be prevalent not only in the sports world, but amongst fans, even when we are "officially clear" of Covid-19..... All that will conspire to make this season is just done. An asterisk should just go next to the 2019-20 season....stats count, of course, standings...but ultimately, its a big nothing because no Division, Conference, or Cup champions will be crowned. The NHL is better served just trying to get ahead of things by concentrating on trying to have the best possible 2020-21 season (and some indications are THAT might be affected in some way too!), and focus on how to get a proper draft, and new Seattle team, integrated into the infrastructure. Forget this season. Everyone's focus is on health and safety...players are scattered all over the world....fans are on lockdown....just let everyone be and cut the losses this year. Look ahead to next season and perhaps trying to start the season with everyone healthy and things going back to normal and on time.
  11. You know, your version of playoff events actually sounds like it would be VERY exciting! Sure, it DOES help you get my vote that you have the Lightning winning it all....and if that sounds homerish to some, well, I don't care. I could certainly go for this alternate reality!
  12. Alright, see, you people are just being unrealistic. Everyone knows, especially those diehards in West New York, that the Buffalo Sabres would have come ROARING back, sneak into the playoffs as the 2nd Wild Card, run the table, and meet St. Louis in the Finals where the Blues take a 5-4 Game 7 in double OT to edge Buffalo in a series for the ages....
  13. This is a tough situation...whole lotta what ifs or what could have beens... Safest, fairest way, given what we have to work with, would be go by regular season standings. Whatever decision is made, I won't be upset with because I know there IS NO easy solution, but if I am being asked, I'd say just go with regular season standings and move on with life.
  14. Another year, another Pens' run..... I grudgingly wish Jason Zucker luck because he was one of the Wild players I really liked and he should absolutely thrive playing with players like Sid or Evgeni, but under the Penguins' system in general. An ECF between the Pens and Lightning would be very exciting!
  15. Errrr, because the Bolts are trying to win a Cup, realize they need sandpaper and grit to get it done along with their talent, and most, importantly, have an embarrassment of riches in their organization that they can afford to part with high picks to get just the players they deem necessary to win a title this year, possibly next. Hey, I agree TB is paying some pretty high prices for grinder types (see: Coleman), but at this stage, it is the one thing that seems to be lacking......that type of personnel and the mindset to 'get down n dirty' in a 7-game set if need be. Coleman, Goodrow, Maroon, hell, even Bogosian, provided he leaves his stupids in Buffalo, in addition to guys TB developed themselves like Ceddy Paquette, Alex Killorn, and agitators like Yanni Gourde all contribute to that cause.

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