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  1. I usually don't rip on announcers and commentators (unless they are truly horrid like Paul Steigerwald formerly of the Pittsburgh Penguins or Jack Edwards currently of the Bruins), but I gotta admit, Wes Walz does grate on me. I can honestly say, I learn NOTHING listening to him. Greenlay as color guy was just plain goofy....but Walz is a bit more insidious: He SOUNDS like he might have some valuable insight....till you really tune into what he is saying...……... I almost want Greenlay back!
  2. Yep...this is Penguins-Flyers. In these games, you basically throw all the stats right out the window. It'll come down to who is ready to play come game time, who wants it more, and who can sidestep the officials (as in penalties) when things get, as they often do, heated between the teams. One guy I don't see a problem showing up with a fire lit under him is Travis Konecny. If his "want it" can rub off on his teammates, then Sidney Crosby (another guy who shows up ready to go, especially after spending so much time on IR) are gonna have their hands full. Malkin has been great in Sid's absence, but he sometimes regresses to "passenger" status when Crosby is back in the lineup as opposed to when he is the main focus. If the Flyers see that to be the case, best let ol Malkin-Stein keep sleeping....although 3 pts in his last two games says he isn't quite slumbering yet. Which Brian Elliot shows up will also go a long way to determining the outcome of this game. 'Vezina' Elliot can play with anyone and can stop anyone....however, 'Screen Door' Elliot could make this a real long game for Flyer fans.
  3. I think the All Star break came at just the right time for the Bruins. Overall, they've looked shaky that last week or two, but of particular note has been their goaltending. Rask and Halak have been outstanding almost all year, but now, with Rask out of action, Halak is being pressed into more duty (not a good thing), and taken out of what worked perfectly.... a timeshare in net with Rask. I think this is exposing Halak (as it did in St. Louis and Montreal when he was asked to play more games than was really good for him), and thus, this break gives time for Rask to possibly be back and ready to go while Halak and the Bruins re-charge themselves. At one time running away with the division....now they can clearly see the Lightning in the rearview as well as the surging Panthers who pushed themselves into a top 3 Atlantic spot. Get back healthy players, possibly cool down the two hot State of Florida teams..... yea, I'd say this break is very welcome for Boston.
  4. Hmm...I wonder if it is because of location or device. I have a couple of those links working right now. Sorry I couldn't have been more helpful
  5. So you're saying he might just retire, then return to the league as a Flyer, then retire again rather than retiring and become a successful front office executive?
  6. Flyers take the lead on a (surprise, surprise) TK goal
  7. Try this: [Hidden Content] There's about six links here....see which one works best for you
  8. That Crosby is more of a playmaker while Ovechkin is more a trigger man is a very good point. Aside from missing lots of games in his career, Crosby also defers goals (like you said, doesn't shoot as much) to his linemates, while collecting assists.....the natural job of a center.
  9. @WordsOfWisdom Entering today, Crosby's production numbers for his career... 454 G, 785 A over 963 GP. So, no, Crosby is still about two seasons away from 500, taking into account his injury history, maybe three.
  10. Well, I DID say he makes good first impressions, then tails off...I never said anything about what season it happens in...2nd, 3rd, just that he does tend to tail off, so pointing out what season Hamilton is in Carolina is basically irrelevant. Maybe he tails off NEXT season (his 3rd with the Canes)....or maybe the guy we saw this season is the guy he really is....I am banking on the latter.
  11. Good points. I too have noticed Hamilton makes an initial great first impression with a team, then seems to tail off. That said, I think things may be different with the Hurricanes. Why? Well, for one, he is 26 yrs old now. The seemingly traditional age where defensemen are considered "fully mature" at the NHL level. Also, he has been bounced around from team to team, and I gotta believe people have been in his ear about "look, you gotta be consistent to have a team want to keep you long term", while at the same time, "Ok, ok...but look, Team X, Y, Z, still want you on theirs" That's gotta be good for his confidence in knowing his skillset is wanted and that it is on HIM to make sure being traded again is not an option. His maturity now should help in that area. Finally, the Hurricanes just make playing the games fun! In Boston, it was all about "shut the other team down, shut the other team down"....granted, that IS a defenseman's job, but I think Hamilton is the type of guy who can play defense, but would also like to showcase himself, his linemates, and play at the other end often too. In Calgary, there were more offensive opportunities, but in essence, and when at their best, Calgary too is more of a defensive team. Hamilton was let loose more over there, but defensively, that team is still led by guys like Giordano, Brodie, and Hamonic, and those guys, in the big picture, are more about shutting forwards down and hitting. In Carolina, their defense truly IS a good offense! And I think the way they play is tailor made for a guy like Hamilton. Like you said, the tell will be next season and what he will look like. I wouldn't even use the leg as an excuse because by that point he would have had an entire off season and then a following training camp and exhibition season to get up to snuff physically. It will all be about what he has between the ears and whether or not he truly HAS matured to the point where he can finally be a mainstay with a team, help them to multiple playoff berths, maybe win a title, grab himself some personal hardware along the way, and have fun doing it the whole time.
  12. Well...better make it 692nd on Ovie's career, as he just put in his 34th of the year, scores a hat trick against the Islanders today and has NOW tied Stevie Y himself for 9th all time on the NHL goal scoring list. And away he goes.....
  13. Ovechkin puts in his 33rd of the season, 691st for his career, and now has sole possession of 10th all time on the NHL goals list.
  14. Was just trying to come up with defensemen off the top of my head who showcase offensive ability, yet can still do other things really well in other areas. Not sure what is the deal with the ENTIRE Dallas team (that can be a discussion for another thread), but I get the feeling Klingberg and a few others on there are being held back by either systems being played or misuse in the lineups. Kling is definitely better than he has shown, still drives possession for his team....but the overall results still aren't there. Guys like him, Benn, Seguin, Radulov….they don't suddenly 'forget' how to play at a high level. Something is off with that team. Perhaps at this point in time, Klingberg is a bad example, but even so, I haven't heard him called a 'bust' by anyone, anywhere, whereas with Hamilton, I have heard and read that....albeit, he was proving them wrong this year.

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