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  1. I agree this isn't that bad...HOWEVER... That is how it starts. Next thing you know, NHL players will look like NASCAR drivers. Remember how it was just an ad here and there on the boards in the rink? Now they are plastered with them...same with the ice surface. Yea....this is innocuous now, but I fear it won't stay that way long.
  2. If you mean the player, I don't see why not. It's like any other NMC or NTC in a contract.... gives player control, but, if the player wanted out, he could waive it, giving control back to the team, allowing the GM to make a move. But, now that this contract nonsense is settled for now, we will really see what the Minnesota Wild have in both Kaprizov and in their young players. Given the cap crunch Minnesota will find themselves in the next 4 seasons or so, players can't expect much help in the way of prime additions, thus who they have on the roster, in Iowa, or who they recently draft
  3. Good deal for the Islanders. In fact, Chara signing with NY was one of those things I said in another thread that SHOULD happen.... full circle and all that, yea, but more importantly, even at his age, he just may be what helps put the Islanders over the hump and on their way to a title finally. Chara may have lost much at 44, but he is still big, still in great shape, still covers lots of ice with that pterodactyl wingspread of his, he can still be mean, and he still thinks the game in the defense first manner.... just like Barry Trotz likes'em! Add to that a Zach Parise with a chip o
  4. To me, this question isn't so clear cut as to "who is the number one" here. You have Craig Anderson, well past his prime and injury prone, but a guy, who at least, HAS been a starter, and a good one, before. And when he is healthy and focused, still can give you a good game. Everyday? Questionable. Then you have Aaron Dell who has excelled in the backup role. Backup role. He has only played more than 30 games once in in his NHL career and has NEVER played 35. And in true classic backup fashion, it seems the more he plays, the worse his numbers are. IMO, I think you are looki
  5. Classic low cost, "show me" contract. Still only 25 and for whatever reason, has been very inconsistent so far in the NHL with Boston, Minnesota, and San Jose. He has shown flashes of what he can be....good skater with decent speed, loves to shoot the puck, does a bit of hitting, and does a reasonable job at protecting the puck as he isn't really a turnover machine. Don't know if its a mental thing at this point, or he simply doesn't have the heart to be a full time, every day NHL player, but he has definitely been a mystery to this point. Seattle risks nothing handing him a 750K fo
  6. I suppose if Miller and the team maintained a good relationship (at least non adversarial), I can see cause to retire Miller's #30. Dell is wearing it because it ISN'T retired...and he wore that same number in San Jose.... he couldn't wear it while in New Jersey because that one IS retired over there. You know, some little known guy named Martin Brodeur wore it Anyways, I can see Dell wanting to keep that number because it is free and it was his as well. Now if the Sabres want to plan to have the number retired and have Miller come out to the arena for the ceremonies, great, but I
  7. Truly a "forgotten player". I looked him up (the name was familiar, but I couldn't recount ever actually seeing him PLAY!), and was surprised to find he was already 36....which means I basically missed his entire career!! All messing aside, his numbers don't stand out at all, but yea, seems like a pretty good locker room guy, good soldier type, and if you want a stout PK'er, he's your man. Perhaps he is like the Rob Zamuner, Darroll Powe, or Tim Taylor of this generation.... aka, "meh" numbers, but loaded with intangibles, well liked by teammates, and very workmanlike. Flames could
  8. Thing with Bergevin, IMO, is that his tenure is a decidedly "mixed bag" so far. He does some boneheaded (or seemingly) things....then follows up with something good. The team scratching and clawing its way all the way to the Finals, to me, was more a testament to the players' own heart, soul, and refusal to lose, because really, on paper, the way Bergevin put together that team, they should NOT have gotten that far. Doing something like trading away a Mikhail Sergachev for a Jonathan Drouin hasn't helped his image. But then, allowing someone like Philip Danault to get overpaid elsewh
  9. We will see indeed. That's the way it always is. One thing is for sure: Kotkaniemi by himself, is not going to change the fortunes of the Canadiens and if he really is going to pan out, apparently that was not gonna happen with the Canadiens. Furthermore, if the Habs really can't do anything with a 1st and 3rd (yes, even in the 20's), well then, they truly do have more problems than what is readily apparent. As a division rival to my team, Montreal can wallow in the pits of mediocrity for all I care, but I still think given the current state of the team, being right up the cap, and no
  10. Now that the Sens have signed Batherson, attention should be turned to Tkachuk. Unless there is some underlying issue or burning of a bridge between player and team we don't know about, I expect the Sens to come up with a nice fat contract for Brady, and come up with it real soon.
  11. Well, it's official... Kotkaniemi is a member of the Carolina Hurricanes. Canadiens Pass on Kotkaniemi, Signs with Hurricanes (msn.com) Hate to say it, but, good move on Marc Bergevin's part. I really don't see the Canadiens competing for the Cup this year (they will be lucky to get into the playoffs in what looks like a tough Atlantic), so it actually benefits them to pick up the 1st and 3rd rounders as compensation. Not like they were losing a Brayden Point, Brady Tkachuk, or Leon Draisaitl by letting Kotkaniemi slip over to the Canes. The picks, along with the further maturation
  12. Actually, I was thinking the lengths Ryan Miller had to put himself through to escape certain rabid, non-restraining order compliant, fans..... fly ALL THE WAY TO CHINA!
  13. Not sure what Zach Parise has left in his tank, but perhaps playing for a team that doesn't necessarily look to push the pace all the time helps further his longevity. Gone is any sort of skate speed Parise had (was he ever really a fast skater to begin with?), but he still has his hockey IQ.... gone is his ability to stand in front of the net and take 2 dozen cross checks to pick up the loose puck for a garbage goal, although if done sparingly, he could still do that sort of work. He doesn't have to be "The Man" in any way, shape or form on the Islanders, but just be a contributing memb
  14. No need for me to "switch" anything. Tellin ya... Bolts are gonna have a good season, will make the playoffs, will finish top three in the division, may even take out a team or two in the playoffs. Can they win it all again? That is the goal, but it's uber obvious to everyone they aren't exactly the same championship team they've been the last two seasons, so that is a long shot. But the FUN is watching them try....and if they DO it, then.... O.....M....G!! And there ARE NO CUP CURSES here! As for the Wild, I will be rooting for them of course, but they will have their hands
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