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  1. Cizikas/Palmieri would be a good pickup. I'm a little nervous to fill all the spots and not have anything for the kids to play for. Right now there is one spot maybe two. I do like having a veteran though to fill in should a kid falter.
  2. I didn't see this all put together in one spot and I needed to see it broken out so....this is what happened in the past week or so. Going into the 2021-2022 season the Flyers top priorities were: Top-pair defensemen for Provorov to play with (and mentor the kids). Ellis A shoot-first top 6 winger. Atkinson (I think we need another but not sure it can/will happen) To get tougher to play against. Ristolainen (and Atkinson & maybe a little of Ellis honestly) A backup goalie capable of playing 20-30 games. Of the 4 trades, the
  3. Good contract. I like the kid. I pray he can get a full training camp and season in.
  4. I think it was an over payment personally but there are three head coaches that I still think know more than me. I'm willing to see this one play out. I know I'm heavily in the minority.
  5. It is a lot but if they can sign him for a decent contract the defense is set for a while. Now need to work on a top six shoot first guy. Dude must be overjoyed to be out of buffalo
  6. Two picks? Ill never understand the issue with ghost. I liked him and would have kept
  7. I think Chuck is going to try as hard as he can to trade before he buys out. I think Ghost is on the roster opening night, along with one of JVR/Jake
  8. Not one person had this pick. Link Ho Lee Fuk
  9. Larsson is RH. Does that rule Braun out? Does this change predictions on who the Krack take from the Flyers? Can the Kraken now turn around and trade Larsson? (What's the rules?) I know there were a few posters wanting Larsson, so what's a realistic package the Flyers could offer.
  10. @GratefulFlyers There's that Timonen-like piece to think about too. You have 'smooth skating, puck moving Cam York' that will have a real shot at being on the team this year (I can't imagine he won't be) and to some extent Zamula and the rest of the young dmen. To have Ellis as a mentor will provide a ton of unseen value for the next 6 years. While losing Myers sucked, there's a reason why assets were stock-piled. York will make you forget Myers. I'm with you on this except Frost is going to get a shot at 3C this year I think. Then if (and I think when) he proves he d
  11. Man, I forgot about Frost for a little while there. His creativity was sorely missed this year.
  12. @OccamsRazor Agree. No issue giving a first rounder like Rubtsov more time.
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