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  1. I'm seeing a lot of Farabee and Atkinson, with Brassard following up the play (out of breath) and being more defensive allowing those two have more offensive freedom. If my eyes aren't failing me and I'm not wrong, my concern is Hayes won't do that. But for now, it's great to watch for sure.
  2. Let's face it, until the injured come back and until Hart figures it out (I still have faith) this team will struggle to be .500. I'm really hoping Hart got the jitters out in the first game and those 2 he should have had were just anomalies because without him back to his usual self this team will lose 2 win 1 for a while. Look at it this way, only the first line is a legit NHL line, after that: Line 2 - Brassard isn't a center anymore, let alone a 2nd line center. Line 3 - I really like Laughton and Lindblom but Laughton excels on the 4th line and Lindblom isn't quite
  3. Would have been nice for Hart to get the 1st but the other two aren't on him. This isn't going to be good for his confidence.
  4. I think that's exactly the point. Frost will not be known for his defense or checking. If he doesn't produce points, he isn't doing his job. He's the most offensively gifted player not on the Flyers today. He didn't produce points in the preseason and he got sent down. I think it's plain and simple. Do I think it was the right choice - meh. This team needs to produce from the start because "they have something to prove" don't forget. No doubt Frost will play himself into 'shape' and he'll be with the big club before the holiday break IMO. Brassard isn't a center (self-ad
  5. I mean if you think about it having a line play together for 50+ games before all of them being promoted wouldn't be such a bad thing. Frost , Foerester and Ratcliffe playing together in the AHL to prepare for the NHL is actual, legitimate planning. I don't really understand why that's not done more honestly. I get that you don't know if all 3 will be ready at the same time, but developing chemistry with players that they might play with down the road can't be bad in any sense. I could care less if it's not what's best for the phantoms.
  6. @OccamsRazor. Stream help? I miss that guy on Reddit who would do YouTube streams
  7. I agree. I'm high on the kid. He'd be NHL ready or close to it this year if he didn't have the setback last year and the covid year before. He essentially missed 2 years of growth. Give the kid a full AHL year this year and I bet he challenges for a job next year. 3rd line winger - JVR replacement? Can see him in front of the goalie on PP. Good hands, knows how to shoot. Great reach for rebounds.
  8. I'm pretty high on this team this year. A decent amount of new blood, changed up locker room in combination with players wanting/needing to prove themselves (TK, OL, Hart, Frost, to some extent Risto....). It *can* be a good combination to have and if everything comes together, this team can win some playoff rounds but they have to stay healthy and get off to a good start.
  9. Frost -> JVR because he's just standing there hoping someone puts the puck off his stick. Things are getting back to normal friends.
  10. Sorry, I'll clarify. It's not that I don't think York might actually be better than Yandle at this point in his career, I just can't see Yandle not in the lineup because of coach choice. If anything, I could see them make Braun the 7th because he would be a player/coach type.
  11. No way York pushing Yandle. I'll eat my shoe if he does. Braun on the other hand....
  12. I like those lines OR. You're in my head on this one. The 1st line is a little concerning if JVR goes in a slump but Farabee and Coots can probably carry him for a while. Giroux helps Frost get to his potential, Atkinson pots 30+. Giroux finally gets a finisher on his line. Lindblom came in healthier with more muscle. He and TK have something to prove. That 4th line will be a b!tch to play against.
  13. That keeps him signed through 2027-2028. I know I wasn't that impressed with him at first but I was convinced and I'm glad I was. This could turn out to be a steal pretty quickly. https://www.broadstreethockey.com/2021/9/2/22654066/philadelphia-flyers-sign-joel-farabee-to-6-year-contract-extension-cap-nhl-free-agency
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