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  1. And this is just the warmups.
  2. I personally don't think there are any moves to make right now. Hopefully Lindblom and Patrick get healthy. Maybe if they have insight into that, maybe you can trade for a top 6 winger some how? JVR is either 3rd line, expansion or trade. Other than that, status quo...... from quarantine
  3. If you've got grand-kids, I'm guessing you are over 60 which makes you the hardest hit age group. Assuming this isn't a last hurrah for you for any medical reason, postponing would be my choice.
  4. Smart move. Also good timing as I was nervous for tonight.
  5. This. Sorry to hear about your bout. Glad you came through.
  6. You are on point today. We are 5 weeks behind China and 2-3 weeks behind Italy. North America will become something between China and Italy. These moves will hopefully flatten that curve enough not to severely overburden hospitals. It would be horrible for them to have to choose which elderly/sick member of the heard has to die because their aren't enough services to go around.
  7. I find it fascinating if nothing else. No matter what it is, if you have enough people involved, you’ll inevitably have the gamut of opinions. From abortion to COVID-19, everyone thinks their opinion is right and most can’t even fathom how someone else could think differently then them. My opinion is for the success of the older and sicker members of the heard, I'd rather be overly cautious. While a majority of us are younger and don't have a compromised immune system, we can become unbeknownst carriers. Then we go visit our elderly neighbors or parents. The flu has a vaccine for those that are vulnerable, this doesn't. Let's think of the whole heard, not just our little clan that *probably* won't be effected as severely. Social distancing is really the only thing that works now. If we all practiced it, it could potentially be over much faster.
  8. If this game happens, I'm nervous of it. They are definitely coming down from the high. They played average the last two games, stealing the Sabres game. Any type of big loss (>=3 goals) and I can hear the thuds of people jumping off the bandwagon already.
  9. Why wouldn't the medical staff do imaging on that right away? Just seems like that would be first thing I would do.
  10. Both teams played sloppy. Choppy game all around. Could have went either way. Flyers definitely weren't playing on all cylinders. Gonna be tough to get back going on Thursday. Might have to wait for the weekend.
  11. Ivan lifts that puck, it's 1-1. Come on boys. Dog deep
  12. Looking good so far. Now it's sticking to game plan.
  13. Can't win every game. Having these two back to back while on a 9 game win streak. I expect tonight's game to be close and hopefully Hart can keep the B's top line from scoring more than one. After tonight's game, going down to Tampa, I'm not expecting much.
  14. Hoping that is just a little more motivation for them tonight. Win and they have first. Should be a great game. Win tonight and I don't care what happens on Thursday (I expect it to be pretty ugly)
  15. Royals were in Maine Friday night. Pascal Laberge was the only one that stood out to me. He was much faster and had better control of the puck then any of the other guys. Unfortunately McCollum was in net instead of Sandstrom or Ustimenko.

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