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  1. Something about value..... higher.... something like that
  2. If not for the crossbar it would have been an OT game. There were some sustained periods of actual Flyers hockey but it wasn't looking good in the first period. 2nd was better and they held their own in the 3rd. I don't understand their breakouts. Hagg/Braun/Freidman and even Sanheim on occasion were just throwing it up the boards for a turnover way to often. There was one controlled breakout that looked good and even JJ/Jones said something like "That's the way you do it". The fact that there are that few decent breakouts is concerning. I'm assuming that's just not follow
  3. Defense is a mess. Ghost can play but might not be game ready. Even if he's 80% it's still the best option for Ivan's partner. This is a statement game for them. I expect them to get a convincing win. 5-1 Flyers (EN goal)
  4. Yes, I'm replying to myself. As predicted but the elegantly quoted post....it was a **** show. They are going to have to figure this out quickly with the shortened season. Either they need to make a trade for a #2 defender to be the Ivan or make a change to a more team defensive strategy. 2 choices. AV and Chuck need to discuss.
  5. I got to watch some of the game in fits and starts but what I saw I didn't like. As predicted our defense (and overall team-defense) needs a lot of work. Bruin's were missing their best player also.... Saturday is gonna be interesting.
  6. How quickly the Flyers defense has gone from a strength to a weakness. Only that top pair is good. The rest are below average. This could be a real rough stretch for them in the next month or so.
  7. No Couturier, Myers or Frost. Man, what tough break for Frost. Wonder when Ghost will be allowed back? Funny how we need him now. Assuming he is asymptomatic.... Per https://nhl.nbcsports.com/2020/12/22/nhl-announces-covid-19-protocols-rule-change-for-2020-21-season/ For asymptomatic players that have an initial positive test the following procedure will be followed. Following the initial positive, the player will be isolated and contact tracing will begin. A confirmatory test will be conducted 24 hours later. If that test is negative, a second test
  8. Frost on IR. Nothing on Myers. Updates to come today.
  9. We aren't on the same page but similar. Winning the East is a bit of a reach for this team currently but still plausable IMO. Still relatively young with some anchors holding them down. Jake/JVR are the heaviest as been fully documented here. I honestly don't have a problem with Giroux as some others do. If they don't make the PO and win at least one round it would be underachieving in my mind.
  10. Agree with the rest. Frost had a good first shift and then nothing. But that was the whole team really. Ivan played the best of the lot but that wasn't saying much. Good thing is they get to fix it tonight. 3-1 in their first 4 games - I'll take it. Looking at 2018-2019, 98pts (82 games) got you in the playoffs. That's about 1.2pts per game. If they get 5 points out of every 4 games, that's a 1.3ppg average. 2-1-1 at minimum should do it. So by that math if they get a point from tonight, the first group of 4 games was a success. If the
  11. I have YouTube TV and NHL Center Ice. If I remember right that got me 100% of the games. Center Ice for non-national broadcasts and non-Boston games. The rest on YouTube TV
  12. Any word on the game being televised tonight?
  13. After TK shat performance this playoffs no way in hell i am giving it to him. That's the same type of thinking that got them where they are today. They gave Giroux the C based on his play. I'm not saying they should give it to TK but it shouldn't be based on one post season's play.
  14. In like a lion, out like a lamb. They achieved what was expected this season considering losing Lindblom and Patrick for the whole year. A few tweaks and they are back again next year hopefully taking another step. Now what do I do with my time....
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