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  1. After TK shat performance this playoffs no way in hell i am giving it to him. That's the same type of thinking that got them where they are today. They gave Giroux the C based on his play. I'm not saying they should give it to TK but it shouldn't be based on one post season's play.
  2. In like a lion, out like a lamb. They achieved what was expected this season considering losing Lindblom and Patrick for the whole year. A few tweaks and they are back again next year hopefully taking another step. Now what do I do with my time....
  3. Konecny is 23 years old. He hasn't hit his prime and is just learning the ways of the playoffs. Each of the last 3 years his point total has gone up. The kid is really 'made to be a Flyers'. We can't go trading everyone that is under performing. In last two games he's been much better and has 3 points.
  4. While it feels good, it does not look like Oskar is ready. Frost, even at wing would have been a better option.
  5. I'm in the same boat as @mojo1917 and @BobbyClarkeFan16. I don't think there needs to be a major overhaul. Moving JVR is a must in my mind. Regardless of the return. It was a stupid move from the 2nd beginning. Moving Voracek for the right deal would be good also. Thompson & Grant need to go also obviously. Remember that having Patrick (who I believe will be back and is a top 6 player) and Lindblom back drastically changes this lineup without losing anybody. Plugging these two in pushes Farabee back to 3rd line where he belongs right now, Laughton to wing and brings in Frost who is ready and should be in the lineup next year. Giroux - Couturier - Patrick. There was a suggestion about trying Patrick at wing which I think might be a good one. Lindblom - Hayes - Konecny. Remember this line crushed it for a time before Lindblom went out Farabee - Frost - NAK. It's a young line but if they click they could really be fast and effective. Laughton - Pitlick - Raffl. Laughton has proven better on the wing, Pitlick/Raffl are players you need on your cup winning team. Waiting in the wings: Allison, Laczynski, Ratcliffe, Brink, Rubtsov, O'Brien Provorov - Niskanen Sanheim - Myers. This is your 2nd pair for a decade Ghost - Friedman. Swap any of these with those below as needed. Hagg Waiting in the wings: York, Zamula, Morin That to me is a team that can compete for the cup for several years. Often times I think people forget the Flyers have one of the highest ranked (8 of 31 according to THN) prospect pool, still..... (Thanks Hexy)
  6. ^^^ This. Change it up. Down 3-1 and getting outclassed usually means it's time to change it up - and not just the lines.
  7. I'm with you on this. I wish they were able to continue flying high like the round robin but their game has escaped them. Assuming the get bounced in 6, they accomplished what they were predicted to. All the kids take a step forward next year and start to replace the production of the aging vets. If they can move one of G or Jake for a decent return I would be okay with it. If they can move JVR or anything, I'd be happy with it.
  8. I said it at the beginning of the game, but putting in Moose in what was essentially a must win game? Grant at the end of the game? Thompson seemingly way too much? Been sometimes I've questioned the coaching however that's not the reason for the loss. I'm not sure what happened but I'd like to see the stats on controlled carry vs dump ins. Just feels like that's the game plan... Chip and chase. Meanwhile the Isles have control nearly every time it feels.
  9. I mean, probably not but I hear you. It's frustrating.
  10. Can't play for just 20 minutes. TK is snakebit. If it weren't for Hart it would be 3-0. Sunday is must win.
  11. This core needs to be traded while they still have......wait...they won? Series is at 1-1 despite being outplayed. Nice to have a real goalie after all these years. Exciting game. Still need to string 60 minutes of good hockey together. Not sure they can ride Hart this much to take them to the promised land. A win is a win.
  12. I'm a little surprised that JVR is not in the lineup again. I'm not saying I want him in, just saying I'm surprised. Frost for Thompson and Hagg for Braun would be my other change if I were coach. Come on Flyers. At least just play well. I don't care if you lose, just show up.
  13. I'll start to worry when they lose tomorrow. As for now, it was one game - a sh!t game - but just one. When was the last time they lost 2 games in a row? January? Step back from the ledge. Remember the goal for this season was to get to the second round to get the young kids some experience in the playoffs. They accomplished that. Everything else is gravy. Yes Giroux, Jake and the others big guns need to step up but don't forgot who got them this far (minus MTL series). I can't help but think that the four month pause is just like having the summer off and then having a slow start to the season. Something that this core is known for. Let's just hope they can find their skates before they get bounced out. Having a health Lindblom and Patrick would have helped a lot in this type of situation.

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