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  1. *If* the Flames would take Jake or JVR in a trade.....it's clear that they would need something else (pretty decent) in addition. Who or what (draft picks) would you be willing to add to make it worth it for the Flames? I'm not exactly sure what they need, maybe @Brewin Flames can shed some light there. 2019 1st round pick - probably around the 15-20 pick 2019 1st round pick - hopefully 20+ pick Farabee? Ghost? How about Ratcliffe who will be knocking on the door next September? How about Sandstrom? Here's the thing. Flyers finally have picks and several prospects that will be looking to be with the big club shortly. I'm okay with spending some of that to get the guys that can make a difference and I think Gaudreau can (more so then JVR and especially Jake) I'd really like to see them go for it while Giroux is still here.
  2. Same. We are allowed 6 per adult in house. It's so ubiquitous here that I just give it away.
  3. I agree with this. So that leaves Hayes, Jake, Giroux, JVR, Farabee and Frost. Giroux - Frost - Jake....... Giroux will have to shoot and Jake will have to stop worrying about hurting the goalie with his shots. JVR - Hayes - Farabee....... Farabee and Hayes don't seem to mesh together. JVR and Farabee could be offensively good. Not sure how else the lines would work.
  4. I agree with this. Same with Farabee. If they want the best (skilled) 12 forwards in the organization, Farabee and Frost are with the big club. I understand the want. But as you and others have said, there will be a lot more growing pains playing the the NHL under the spotlight vs in Leigh Valley. Let's hope the fans give them a few months before calling them busts.
  5. What the hell was that. Puck watching. Seems as though Jake and JVR are still on holiday. And although unpopular, Farabee looks lost out there.
  6. He looked slower than most other on the ice and a step slower than what he needed to be often arriving late to the play. Maybe it was fatigue. Wednesday should be a good test for him with a few days off to recover.
  7. Here's what I noticed from up in the rafters. Good team win. They looked completely gased in the third. 3 games in four nights will do that to you. Getting two points out of that will do a lot to build their team character which will be needed in big games later in the season. Farabee is undoubtedly skilled as we saw in the shootout but in my opinion could use some more seasoning in the ahl. He really needs to focus on his skating. He looked really slow in person and just not quite on the NHL level, specifically on Giroux's line. No doubt Farabee has hands and is the shoot first player they need with Giroux but he's just not quite ready IMO. The problem is, with Patrick out I'm not sure they have a better option right now. The team defense looked good for the most part. There were a few times they got backed into the zone too easy. Definitely a few lucky bounces but overall they looked good. Bruins looked like complete garbage for the first two periods thankfully. Fans were booing which was nice to hear for a change in that building. Ghost did not look comfortable. Jake again looked lost. Almost like he doesn't fit into this system and isn't sure what to do. 15 games in and it's starting to get concerning. If Patrick we to come back this week, I'd sit Jake for a night or two. Wasn't noticable all night.
  8. I agree with this definitely. And really that $250 is more like $300+ if you want good seats, decent food and better beer than bud light. That's about $60 per person per hour of entertainment (assuming 2.5 hours x 2 people). So lets say it's a husband and wife. That's $120 per hour for them. They would have to have a combined gross household income of $250,000 to make break even on a per hour basis. I'm aware not everyone places value on their entertainment like I do so change the equation to make it work for you. But in my mind, the question remains: is a 2.5 hour game worth 5 hours of work (or more realistically, about a full 8 hour day when you consider taxes, health insurance, 401k....) I'm going to the game tomorrow in Boston and bringing the family. 4 tickets way up top at face value were $105.00. After all the crazy fees and taxes it came to $495.00. Throw in transportation/parking, food and drinks it will be over $600. I'd consider my family upperish mid-class and I can't justify bringing the family to more than one game a year. If they want the building to be full, maybe consider lowering the costs of either the tickets or the $8.00 beers...... /rant
  9. They healthy scratched Jordan Weal???? They healthy scratched Christian Folin????
  10. I'm looking forward to the decision for who plays between the pipes tonight. They can keep playing Elliot but the more you play him the higher the risk of injury. If I was coach - Elliot vs Pens (Tuesday) Hart vs Devils (Friday) - If you want, you can bring up Lyon as the backup for the game otherwise you don't pull Hart no matter how bad it gets. Let him work through this and Elliot needs a rest. Elliot vs Leafs (Saturday) Decide next Tuesday against the Hurricanes after Saturday's game.
  11. Hart looks like he couldn't stop a beach ball at this point. Farabee reminds me of TK when he first came up. He will be fine once he figures it out.
  12. So far so good. Fletch scared some people over the summer but so far he looks like a genius.
  13. I don't think you could put together better lines than these with the players that are available. When Patrick is back and playing: Girioux - Couturier - Voracek JVR - Hayes - Konecny Lindblom - Patrick - Farabee (kids line) Raffl - Vorobyev - Laughton (Frost is the first up) Provorov - Niskanen Sanheim - Braun Ghost - Myers (Hagg) Hart Elliot That really is a legit lineup that could finally win a playoff series or two.

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