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  1. Not looking good which sucks because some of those kids need that experience.
  2. Definitely needs some time in the AHL. Will be interesting to see what he does over the summer and if he can challenge for a spot next year.
  3. If he can't be sent down AND they were in the hunt for the playoffs, I can understand wanting to keep the roster as is. However, after last night they have a 0.7% chance of making the playoffs. Even if they won out, they still don't control their own destiny. So, the question remains: Can Morin be sent down without waivers? Would be nice if there was...I don't know....a beat writer for the Flyers that could do a little research and figure out what the options are. Whatever option allows him some games, it would be in his and the team's best interest to get him playing. Even if that means rotating out Amac or playing a 7th.
  4. While I agree, is Q a better coach? Yes. If they can get Q then you say thanks to Gordon and hire Q regardless of what happens.
  5. Wayne can sign where ever he wants this summer. I'll reserve judgement until then. I really wonder what he is asking for. If he doesn't stand out during Nashville's PO run, then I'm not sure he is going to get too much money.
  6. I feel like he's had his chance to prove his worth. Clearly his is bust and should be labeled as such.
  7. Wow I don't agree with that decision if true. He's 20 years old and was pulled in the first period on Tuesday. He can play tonight and Saturday with no problem.
  8. I'd like to see Meyers and if this is the way it needs to happen, then so be it. Think of it as a chance for Meyers to prove that Amac should be sitting when Gudas comes back.
  9. I'd like this and in fact, would do Simmonds + for Fiala & 2nd/3rd Reasons: 1) Flyers need a pure shooter and this kid is a shoot first player that is looking to break out. 2) I really think Simmonds is on trajectory down real fast. He plays bigger than he is (see Richards). His body is gonna start breaking down quickly. You can already see it in his skating. Therefore, if they can pry Fiala away even if it looks like they loose the trade short-term, I think Fiala grows into what the Flyers have been missing for many years....
  10. Would like to see Philippe Myers get in this game. Excited to see him get some time this spring.
  11. I think they played well. Probably one of the best games I've seen from them all year regardless of the score. If Hart doesn't lose track of the first goal and the ref doesn't blow the whistle on the Flyers goal it's a completely different game. They didn't get the bounces but they outplayed the Pens. The next 3 games are Wild and Wings x2. Without 6 points Fletch has to start selling. Then what happens in the next 10 games determines the season. If they can put together another 8-9 wins in a row, they will continue to have a chance at the wild card spot. Nothing less than 16 out of 20 points in the next 10 though. I think this is where the character of the team needs to come through if they want to stay together.
  12. Can't tell you how many times I've mentioned this.
  13. Well, I mean Fletch really hasn't done anything yet besides drop dead weight. I'm waiting to see what he actually does with the team and trades before I start coming around.
  14. Both the Charlotte Checkers (AHL) and Florida Everblades (ECHL) are leading their leagues. Great news for the Hurricanes. AHL: [Hidden Content] ECHL: [Hidden Content]
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