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  1. Frost and Ratcliffe looking good. If Frost can be consistent through the whole year, he should be up next year. Maybe Ratcliffe in 2020-21
  2. But he is literally their best goalie when he plays. How scary is that?
  3. Yes welcome aboard the crazy train. There is a store at the stadium that you can buy from although not the cheapest.
  4. Ghost is with Folin. He is handicapped. Stupid coaching decision
  5. I only watched the highlights - I'll watch the full game tonight - but on the Ducks 2nd goal, the Flyers defense let that guy screen Elliot. This is the 2nd or 3rd time in as many games that the Flyers defense just lets that happen. I'm hoping that this isn't a mandaite from coaching to let that happen - like "it's less of a screen to have one guy there then two" or something like that.... Defense needs to clear the porch there. Or at least knock that guy around a bit to make him uncomfortable so next time he might not want to. Adding to the list of problems that need to be addressed: All-around team toughness but more specifically, crease-clearing defensemen. Paging Morin....Sam Morin your time is now. And if Sam isn't the guy, Hextall and/or Hak needs to address this. Remember the days of Pronger when those opponents standing there would be sore after? Flyers need that again.
  6. Or getting rid of the core. I'd like to see Jake and Simmer moved. It's clear the Flyers are still 2-3 years (lol) from competing.
  7. I don't know what the answer is. Before this post by @ruxpin I was just thinking the coach was the problem but after reading the responses, there is a case to be made about the SLT (senior leadership team). The team as built was setup to fail this year. Hextall didn't do his job over the summer. Case in point is the goalie situation. None of our 6 goalies GAA is in the top 30 of their leagues. Put aside the head coach and the horrible PP/PK coaching. Put aside not buying-out AMac or Lehtera. While I agree there wasn't many goalies available over the summer, Hexy did nothing. He took a gamble and it didn't pay off. That's entirely on him. And while all of us point to Hart as the savior, it's clear he isn't close to ready either and in fact, may never be. So while most of us (including me) point to the coach, Hextall deserves at least some of the blame as well. If I had a choice, I would be okay with using the assets to go after a younger goalie. Without a solid goalie to erase some mistakes our extremely green defense is making, the team will suffer both loses and confidence.
  8. What a Debbie Downer you are today. Jeezz
  9. Couple trade ideas in a few posts back. Hextall has to make a choice. 1) Do nothing: Remain status quo. That signals it's another .500 year, at best bounced in the first round. This is a hard pill to swallow for the fans and the vets. Guys like Giroux aren't getting any younger. 2) Change coach: He went and pulled his guy all by his lonesome. He would have to admit fault. 3) Trade players: In his mind, are they far enough down the rebuild-road: have enough assets, comfortable with the projected ceiling of his young guys.... to make some significant trades? Is it time to change up the core? If I were Ron I'd explore who I want to take over this team at the end of the season. If that coach is available now, pull the trigger now. If not, do it at the end of the season. Then, knowing that I would start dangling Jake and Simmer out there to see what the return would be. As we get closer to the trade deadline the return will increase hopefully. I think Simmer needs a team change. Preferrably out West. Jake, I have a love/hate relationship with. There are just too many games he's invisible or worse. In my eyes, TK drives the play more than Jake does and this turnovers are costly with the 49th best goalie in the league. Flyers have a lot of assets. Maybe it's time to start using them.
  10. What a horrible game to attend. First period you could hear a pin drop. They seem to be playing to get Hak fired.
  11. We've all waited a long time for Sanheim to develop and have a role on this team. There is no reason to trade your #2/#3 dman that is coming into his prime very soon. Stay the course (maybe change coaches...) And I'm sure you guys meant any news source since they all have agendas...
  12. Lyon is the forgotten one. Hart gets all the accolades and news. But Lyon has had decent numbers especially thought the end of last year and starting this year. I'd like to see him come up next week and let's see what he can do over 3-5 games. Give him the west road trip games and see if he can catch on.
  13. I'm with you two @brelic @Poulin20 I think the team is on the brink. Not because of the loses or their record. But the lack of effort, back-checking and blown coverage among other related items. What @brelic said in #4 is exactly my thought. In my opinion, the only way Hak keeps his job through the holidays is if the team strings a good stretch of games and comes out with 12-14 wins in the next 20 games. To where they are visibly better in all aspects of the game, not just getting the 6-4 wins

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