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  1. I'm just putting this here as pat on my back. Trotz is good, Lambert is going to be better. He learned a lot from Trotz but is of the 'new' NHL era. Flyers are going to hire Trotz of the old NHL because, after all, this is the Flyers.
  2. Attard -4 in 15 mins of ice time. What a bust. Bum.
  3. Two games, two wins, four assists. Wonder how Ryanne is settling in.. Maybe hating the 80 degree days and wishing she was back in Philly (currently 39). Probably not.
  4. Panthers vs Canadiens in Giroux's first game with the cats. My prediction, Giroux gets a hattrick (1 on the PP).
  5. I honestly don't care if he comes back but I'll be 100% shocked if he doesn't already have a handshake deal with Chuck.
  6. I think everyone needs to remember that Giroux had a full NTC and only wanted to go to Florida. Chuck held no power. If he didn't do the trade he would have been roasted. He got two (better) picks and potentially a better player than Bunnaman/Rubstov together. All the other trades people are comparing didn't have a player saying they only wanted to go to one team. And that team knows he's not signing with them this summer.
  7. Maybe I'm missing something with retaining the $4m in cap space... To confirm, this is for the last 20 games right? The flyers don't need cap space and it's Comcast money. Why do you or any other fans care about that? Also they sent out a 5th and got a 1 & 3. Again, that's a win in my book. I could care less about Bunnaman or Rubstov. So then it comes to 3 months of Giroux for Tippett.
  8. I honestly think it's an okay deal. You guys complaining about losing Bunnaman and Rubstov? Neither were going to be on this team. They got a first, third and a potential 2nd/3rd line guy with a good to great shot for G for 3 months. Then G resigns for a home town discount. I'm okay with this deal especially because that's where G wanted to go (and deserved).
  9. Was Giroux traded yet? Asking for a friend....
  10. Well Rad, even if I did mean Bundy you couldn't judge me, even on the internets. I would complain to management and they would silence you. Also, I would like to be referred to as zie as my pronoun moving forward.
  11. Pretty sure I care not how you spell her name... but only care to stare into her eyes and dream.
  12. I'm in that boat now. I'm excited during the day that the Flyers are on out of habit. When I actually turn the game on, I usually switch to YouTube and forget about the game. I'm only pissed because I didn't get to see what Therian was wearing.
  13. Ratcliffe starting to blossom? Coming off those injures in the past, saw some time in the NHL and now he looks hungry. I've liked this kid from the beginning and knew it was going to be one of those you have to wait 4-5 even 6 years for but he looks like he's starting to realize his potential.
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