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  1. Unfortunately, with Patrick out that's a glaring hole. Put a healthy Patrick in there and that puts them up there with those other 3.
  2. Holy crap. Thanks for doing that data dig. That's incredible and really tells a story.
  3. I hope it's only in Philly, cause if it's not the world is more insufferable than I thought
  4. Yup, so far. But for multiple reasons I see them on the upswing. Goalie, coach, youngins finally arriving. There's really a lot to look forward to. This team is on the upswing to being a contender...... Just two more years
  5. I can't remember them ever being over .500 on this trip. In my mind it's a holiday break - check the scores, see they lose and get ready for the home stretch.
  6. By reading this you'd think the flyers weren't in a wild card spot, exactly where everyone thought they'd be. Plus not having Patrick all year, **** ton of injuries.... Playing, what...6 rookies? A starting goalie who hasn't played a full year in the league? A backup who is actually playing better than we thought. Come on guys, turds will be laid. West coast over the holidays? I wasn't expecting much. Let's see what happens in January and then we can prepare the pitchforks.
  7. The real question is if nobody stays up to watch them, does it really matter? I hope they can pull this one off.
  8. Maybe it's taken him this long to gather all the tools and be ready mentally. Or maybe he's riding a streak of luck and will come back to down to earth soon. Either way, it was needed with all the injuries. This team is finding people to step up when needed. It's a great sign or things to come. Just 2 more years....
  9. Hey Howie - I think Patrick is back in a Flyer's uniform next October at the latest, but I'm still holding out hope for January/Feb this year. There have been some examples of players having migraine problems and getting a handle on them. Unfortunately, I think Morin has seen his last days in the NHL for any team. I feel bad for the guy.
  10. It's frustrating that coming into the season, it wasn't supposed to be like this. Raffl, Patrick, Laughton, Lindblom.... all out. Andreoff, Vorobyev, NAK....all in. That lineup - even while adding back in Raffl and Laughton - looks like a #6-9 finish in the conference and a first round exit. Not saying that's all bad, as it will get the kids some playoff experience, it's just hard to not look at the "what could have been." Because with a healthy Patrick at 3C, health Lindblom on the wing and Raffl and Laughton on the 4th line.....oh what could have been. 28 Claude Giroux - 14 Sean Couturier - 11 Travis Konecny25 James van Riemsdyk - 13 Kevin Hayes - 93 Jakub Voracek49 Joel Farabee - 19 Nolan Patrick - 48 Morgan Frost12 Michael Raffl - 21 Laughton - 18 Tyler Pitlick Now that is one that I could see going to the 2nd or even 3rd round depending on health and opponent. What.....could....have....been......
  11. Ghost is the scoring winger in sheep's clothing we have been looking for. What better time than now to try it? Come on AV..... give him 5 games at wing and I bet we never look back.
  12. Last night I was sitting in front of the TV trying to stay awake until 9:30. I successfully achieved it only to realize that they played today. Strange having that many nights between games.
  13. But you also get those rookie mistakes too which allowed the Sens to get their 3rd goal. He has to put that deep but didn't. Good with the bad with the kids.
  14. I have no problem scratching anyone that isn't playing up to their abilities. Whoever is bringing the most to the team, plays. Simple as that really.

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