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  1. I try to start watching with about a minute left in the first, then after about 15 minutes go do something else. Check back in about 45 minutes later at the end of the 2nd. If the score at the start of the 3rd is decent I'll watch the rest.
  2. Outside of Ghost, Farabee is the only creative player on the team. It would have to be a hell of a return for me to say yes.
  3. As someone else said, I watched the whole game so that's something. Second period was best Flyers hockey all season. Also, Morin/Ghost is turning into a decent 3rd pair. Ghost was the best player on the ice last night. He actually has creativity. Something that is sorely lacking on this team.
  4. Morin/Ghost was better than Sanheim//Meyers vs Bruins. I like Morin's play so far with Ghost.
  5. I'll go out on a limb and say it was sarcasm.
  6. I'm done with the Flyers for today. 5ish years. That's a decent tenure considering the average career length for a NHL player is about 5 years according to ESPN. ( I know..)
  7. Just had another thought.... what if it's all the gingers on this team. I'm only half-kidding and mean no offense to our ginger-posting friends. Full ginger = Giroux, Jake, Couturier, (Harnell still counts as a broadcaster), Gritty Half ginger ? = Raffl? Hayes? Hart? Braun? Morin is close Thank god for Oskar and his blonde locks.
  8. I read that whole book you wrote You made some good points. My only argument is that, as you stated, the draft is pretty much a lottery. So collecting quality draft picks might lead them to this exact same spot in 5 years. Scalpel or hatchet. I'm in the scalpel group.
  9. Agreed, they need to make sure they get it all. GM and the head coach Cerberus (plus Lappy) should have insight into exactly where it's festering.
  10. The only way I'm with you on this is if there is a legit known factual problem within the team. Player issues. Then, I'd be okay with cutting out the infection.
  11. It shorted the preseason to nearly nothing. Covid effected the schedule and led to the most grueling month in Flyers history. Those are two direct, irrefutable correlations. You said "anything" so I'm just pointing out two facts against that argument. Now, if you said something like "I don't see covid having much to do with what we are seeing.... " I know, I know, semantics. But sometimes it matters.
  12. Good post. We are on the same page. I wouldn't mind losing one of JVR/Jake to Settle. Get a #2 dman in the off season and reset for next year. Then lets see what tweaks they need to make. My guess is only a few here and there. There are some good players getting ready to come up. That influx of youth should really help.
  13. I don't disagree with you. Any of the 4 for me. Giroux, Jake, Hayes, JVR. But I can't see Fletch selling off the big name splash he made happen. I could see the other 3 happening before Hayes.
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