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  1. I would trade Ivan for Marner if both were signed for the same number of years. Flyers need offense and have enough defense. Rip me, it's okay.
  2. No. I would fill that spot with the best kid in camp. Just say no to retreads.
  3. Good speed, good hands. AHL through Thanksgiving at least.
  4. Perfect opportunity to move Ghost to wing. No, I'm not kidding. He would actually be a perfect 3rd line winger.
  5. Ghost & 11 would definitely have to be involved. Toronto would try for Sanheim but Fletch better say no. So then it would come down to Patrick or Frost. And I'm stuck at which one I would be okay with parting with......but I'm leaning toward Patrick. Frost slots at 3C this year - that's risky when they just shored up their centers for the next 3-4 years. G/Coots/Marner JVR/Hayes/Voracek Lindblom/Frost/NAK or Hartman Raffl/Laughton/NAK or Hartman
  6. On the face, I think it's too much money for too many years. That being said, there are no other options out there and Fletch had no choice but to sign a 2C. Could you imagine if he didn't get a 2c this summer? Flyers brass must be breathing down his neck. Flyers fans would have lost their collective minds. As Brelic said: Don't forget that this helps 5 on 5 and the penalty kill. They don't have to waste Couturier/Giroux on the PK as much. I do think that this causes some issues in the future. Where does Frost fit in? Couturier just gained a huge bargaining chip. What does the middle look like in 4 years? Couturier, Patrick, Frost, Hayes? Does Couturier get traded and bump everyone up one line? Will be interesting to see how it shakes out in the future, but for now the Flyers are a better team than they were 2 month ago.
  7. If you can make this happen, I would be very happy with this summer and looking forward to October.
  8. Legit point but I wonder how long it took for Hak to start making his stamp on the team. Meaning, implementing his style over the course of time thus slowly chipping away at what makes Ghost....Ghost.
  9. Legit point but I wonder how long it took for Hak to start making his stamp on the team. Meaning, implementing his style over the course of time thus slowly chipping away at what makes Ghost....Ghost.
  10. I read this article on Ghost today. I really think (like you) he got messed up by coaching but his raw talents are still there. I believe Yeo has the dmen this year and I wonder if he will be able to coach out that bad stuff Ghost picked up. He has the speed, hands and brains to be where he was a just 2 seasons ago. Add to that they he runs to PP#1 and without him, it's maybe Sanheim...not sure who else. I'd like to see if Ghost, and even Provorov can return to their glory with some proper (non-Hack) coaching. And if they do, their value will grow to never being higher----- next year
  11. I think that new guy is Morin about 30 games into the season. Hagg is serviceable until then IMO. I don't agree with them wanting to bring in a Dman. I think it's a knee-jerk reaction to this year's performance. A new coaching staff and a new strategy (hell, just a decent one..) along with players being held accountable in all three zones could really be enough to make the current defense look much better without a trade.
  12. You aren't alone. I'm with you. I actually wouldn't touch the defense and leave it as is.
  13. That's an option too, especially if they're hell bent on Panarin or Skinner. Then, you're set except for center. It's not horrible. That's an interesting thought outside the box and does put the wingers in the right spot IMO (dropping down one). We'd have to land one of Panarin or Skinner and a decent sized center with skill like Hayes. (Panarin/Skinner) - Couturier - Giroux JVR - (Hayes) - Voracek Lindblom - Patrick - Konecny Raffl - Laughton - Hartman I actually like that lineup very much. That 1st line should be scoring at will. Giroux finally gets a winger worthy of his abilities. Couturier just parks in front of the net and is the first one back-checking allowing the other two to focus more on offense. The 2nd line is okay. I'm not a huge fan but if they can mesh, they are a big body fore-checking type of line that would be tough to play against assuming Alleinnn Vviggnaueltt will hold JVR and Jake accountable defensively. The 3rd line of Konecny/Patrick/Lindblom all end up where they belong at this point in their careers and can do some real damage against other team's 3rd line. This would be the line that I could see as your second line in the near future. Especially as Frost/Farabee and a few others are going to start challenging for spots. Hopefully they can trade or lose one of JVR or Jake to Seattle. The 4th line is pretty decent. Good mix of speed/size/physical and has the ability to score. That could be some team's 3rd (or even 2nd) line if they are playing well.
  14. If I were running the show, I'd buy Briere a big house and pay his kids to move back in with him. Then put Farabee and Frost in the home also. It was was the perfect recipe for Giroux maybe it would work for those two.
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