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  1. I was just browsing this site http://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/draft/teams/dr00007439.html which lists all picks by flyers in drafts (link was given in the pinned topic about flyers website references). I noticed Eric Wellwood back in 2009, and got to think about him and how good a prospect he was. Not top end or anything like that, but man the kid had wheels and energy and we would have loved him as a flyer to this date if it wasn't for his career ending injury. I believe he would have been a great 3rd/4th liner. I think he became an assistant coach somewhere in the OHL/WH
  2. Agreed. That's why they really need to move ghost before then unfortunately. Get something back instead of losing him for nothing
  3. Sometimes I forget these kids are... Well kids! I mean look at them. They are so young.
  4. Sanheim will still be a RFA after his new deal expires right?
  5. With a few days of calming down and reading up on analysis and views of the draft, I must say my position has changed from utter disappoint of not drafting Caufield to getting on board with the program now. Cam York is a very solid prospect, maybe even high end. Some had him as the 2nd best Dman of the draft (still think Broberg is ahead of York). But the game changer for me was Bobby Brink after reading a ton about him. Instead of drafting Caufield and most likely then a DMan with much much lesser upside in the 2nRd, we came away with possibly the 2nd best dman of the
  6. its not like york is a bad pick. Looks like he is a very good prospect. But I can't believe we passed on Caufield at 14
  7. provorov, sanheim and TK must surely all be attractive offer sheet candidates...and with the haves terms, which apparently has a full NMC for the first three years and a partial for the remainder (12 team list), we can't afford another team to offersheet these guys
  8. Definitely. Will be a very interesting draft tomorrow night. Anybody else starting to get worried about our rfa's not being signed yet?? They are the future and it's starting to worry me. But again don't know too much about rfa process
  9. Just sign Connolly for 3rw and keep 11th and ghost. Consider selling high on ghost next year or the year after
  10. True. But also thinking about it more the sens trade back to 19 and 48 actually sounds intriguing....but I'd hate it if especially podolkzin, Caulfield, broberg are still sitting there at 11. Would not like trading back on not taking a chance on kreps, dach or boldy either..... Top 15 are really really good solid prospects with a good chance of solid NHL careers. Not necessarily top end NHL potential, but definitely solid pieces. I don't see that outside top 15 ish. I'd rather keep 11 than trade back just to get a 2nd round pick back.... Do it only if they have targeted players they really wan
  11. Not a fan. There will be a very good prospect available at 11 I believe and imo the drop off of talent in the late end of the first round is significant. However, my knowledge of the prospects is based on the first round only. If the scouting staff is crazy about two prospects in the late first early 2nd, then sure go for it.
  12. Rubtsov for me is a big question mark and I believe he is a center but can play wing. Hope Allison signs, really like his game and TK is untouchable imo. But voracek needs to go when frost becomes ready. Hope to see future top 9 wingers to be Frost, farabee, ratcliffe, lindblom, konecny, Allison... Obviously give them time and don't Patrick them.... That's why we still need giroux, jvr, Jake.... But with time Jake and jvr needs to go and then giroux when he slows down
  13. I think they will train frost to play wing, much like they did with Gagne. I don't believe they will give up on patrick
  14. Seems to me it's a slightly lesser version of Jason Smith and trying to emulate when we traded for him
  15. I think Ehlers for Ghost is fair when it comes to value right now...also I believe Ehlers is going to explode (in a positive way) within near future. The guy can seriously fly, handle the Puck and shoot. Yes he's had an off year and terrible playoffs but still youngish
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