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  1. I'm away on holiday (Greek island)...actually had a "minor" fight with the girlfriend over this. I apparently always spend way too much time on here, or as she would say it "alt for lang tid på det der dumme ishockey forum." So naturally, me checking in and just had to read this awesome write-up triggered the fight...so worth it though! thanks guys btw, think she had flashbacks from last year, we were away on on holiday as well, when the Flyers signed Weber to the offer sheet...with me checking in ALL the time for an update, so naturally she was worried this may result in the same thing. Ok, this was a bit of a side note....thanks guys, great read!
  2. Welcome Quint! People on here are really nice and respectful...except for rux, jammer, pods, flyercanuck, brelic, aziz, EDI, canoli, sarp, terp, orangecrush, ronJer, poulin, TimKerr, all the swedish guys, Polaris, doom, HF, VanF, Jackstraw. Howie is alright...
  3. @Polaris922 ok fair enough. I can see now that I may have written my intentions poorly.
  4. @jammer2 @Polaris922 Of course Mario and Gretzky were the better players no doubt. As far as I am concerned though, the way I like to see hockey played Eric Lindros is the best I've seen. It's one thing to be in awe of a skilled smallish speedster rippin' it up (seen that too many times before)....but to see the size of a Lindros, physicality and combined skill set absolutely dominating is a rare and unique thing. As I specifically stated in my post, and was my main point which you both completely ignored: THAT is my point and that is why, I think, Lindros is so unique. I have not mentioned anything about two points per game and all that. But again, of course, Sakic Forsberg, etc etc all had the better career and are better than Lindros in certain aspects of the game.
  5. @Polaris922 Lindros was not just another skilled "powerful forward" He was a unique elite generational talent that carried a franchise on his shoulders. Sure, Crosby is a unique elite generational talent as well, no arguments there. Crosby is the better skater, as Stamkos is the better shooter and Thornton was probably a better playmaker, Datsyuk is a better two-way forward, etc etc. However, NO ONE in the history of the NHL had the combined skill set at such an elite level as Lindros had. It is such a rare thing to see. He didn't win the cup, but that was not due to his lack of ability or potential...other factors were involved. We rave about him because we are biased flyers fans and I would bet at least a quarter of this forum became Flyers fans mainly due to Lindros. However, ask yourself this: what would the "perfect" player look like when you consider skill set (skating, shooting, passing, physicality, intimidation, etc etc) and size look like if you had to create one? The closest thing to real life you will ever come to is Eric Lindros 88. Now, saying that...I'm sure Crosby will be remembered as a better player and all that due to what he has won. But he had the team, Lindros didn't. Lindros never lived up to the hype due to his injuries. And because of his shortened career and lack of trophies it is only fair that his potential induction to the Hall is severely questioned. No doubt. But, as far as I'm concerned...Eric Lindros is the best Hockey player I have ever seen when on top of his game. That mario guy was pretty decent too
  6. @doom88 In theory I agree with you. However, due to his exposure and experience level already in the nhl, I feel it is too late to place him in the ahl. Besides he was there for half a season already. He needs to learn the offense at nhl. Also, it would send a clear statement of no confidence if he were demoted to ahl.
  7. Couts belong in the nhl. I can't see any good in having him in the ahl. Agree with laughton though.
  8. ok.So in these cases it is the player that initiates the process due to not being able to come to terms with the club? In Bogosian's case, he and the Jets couldn't agree on terms and he then filed for arbitration because, most likely, his agent recommended it? It would be interesting to know what actually happens if the player refuses the terms laid out by the arbitrator.
  9. What does that exactly imply? Saw that Bogosian, among alot of others, has filed for arbitration. Can the Flyers exploit this to our advantage or is it strictly an arbitrator setting the value of a contract based on player performance/projection?
  10. I would keep laughton in the ahl for one more year. Eventhough he might be ready there is no space for him other than 4th line minutes. Let him develop in the A for a full year playing top minutes in all situations.
  11. @ruxpin very true, and probably generic company released standard boring answers that have passed through 7 lawyers and a full team of quality assurance people.
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