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  1. I don't think a 2nd rounder is enough. I sure hope so, and in hindsight the 11th is probably too steep a price to pay. But I hope we drop Hayes due to the potential long term and figure out a fair deal for Kadri
  2. Completely agree with this. I like Hayes but for me the term is absolutely critical here. Don't want him blocking Patrick or possibly rubtsov, O'Brien, frost. Sure rubtsov and O'Brien may not pan out. But Patrick and frost need a clear path in a few years.... That is why I prefer Kadri as he is on 4.5mil for another three years. That's perfect.... And yes it will cost assets. I would seriously consider the 11th for him or ghost.
  3. Why not just keep ghost with provo and niskanen with sanheim. Let sanheim join the rush and niskanen stays back. Morin/Haag with Meyers
  4. So what are the terms? Twice the length and half the salary retained?
  5. No you are correct. 2015 or 16, can't really remember which
  6. Too afraid it will be another JVR/L. Schenn trade. Granted Trouba is a way more proven commodity than Luke was at the time of the trade and same goes for jvr vs Patrick. But still, I really don't want to give up on Patrick. Still belive he will develop into a magnificent player
  7. How on earth is Ehlers goalless in 21 playoff games?? He is way too talented and should be dynamic force... But then again I'm biased as I'm from Denmark
  8. Probably not...i'd just like to think so. Especially considering how the game has developed and the flexibility of players needing to be able to play different positions when required and moving up and down the lineup... Maybe it's tougher for bigger old school wingers to play off wing... But for wingers like TK or Zucker I think it's easier. Their games are high tempo dynamic roles which are ch would make it easier to switch
  9. Reasoning for zucker is that I belive Fletch said in his statement a week ago or so that his needs right now are: 2C (done with Hayes) a dman, goalie and I believe he mentioned a scoring winger. Also he does not want to rely or out pressure on the prospects (Ratcliffe, frost, farabee). I like zucker and not too concerned with him being a LW as wingers switch sides quite often. Many options here, move G to RW or get JVR to play his offwing...or just move zucker to RW. I just don't like a scenario where we go e up the 11th....love building through the draft too much and I believe there is a really really good prospect available at 11.
  10. Hope you are wrong aswell. But I have a bad feeling fletch will give up the 11th for zucker....
  11. I'm away on holiday (Greek island)...actually had a "minor" fight with the girlfriend over this. I apparently always spend way too much time on here, or as she would say it "alt for lang tid på det der dumme ishockey forum." So naturally, me checking in and just had to read this awesome write-up triggered the fight...so worth it though! thanks guys btw, think she had flashbacks from last year, we were away on on holiday as well, when the Flyers signed Weber to the offer sheet...with me checking in ALL the time for an update, so naturally she was worried this may result in the same thing. Ok, this was a bit of a side note....thanks guys, great read!
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