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  1. Ouch.... https://infernalaccess.substack.com/p/the-new-jersey-devils-should-not However, IF the Devils are entertaining this because they think Risto is potentially part of the long-term future of this franchise and that it’s worth giving up valuable assets to acquire, and then several million to re-sign, I ask the readership of this blog to flood the Twitter-sphere with profanity-laced pleas to Devils management to avoid making a franchise-defining mistake. Ristolainen is probably the most infamous defender in the NHL among those in the public analytics com
  2. What does that exactly imply? Saw that Bogosian, among alot of others, has filed for arbitration. Can the Flyers exploit this to our advantage or is it strictly an arbitrator setting the value of a contract based on player performance/projection?
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