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  1. Above was written in a "Im on my way to work, its early, and Im pissed that the Flyers lucked out in the lottery" Should be interesting to see what the Devils do. Still dont believe they pick Cooley, unless they want to frontload the middle like the pens did with Crosby, Malkin, Staal. Outside Wright, Cooley, Slavkovsky, I want the Flyers to pick Savoie. But Im afraid the two defenders or an outlier like Geekie (Size) or Kemmel will be the pick.
  2. Obviously sucks that the devils won the lottery for the 2nd overall. But, now that it's happened, it makes it interesting. Cooley is the clear cut number 2. Devils have Hischier and Hughes down the middle. They are not going to take Cooley, meaning Arizona gets him at 3 or they trade the pick. If they pick, they will go for Slavfkovsky....Savoie, I believe, will be there at 5. But I'm not overly confident in them making the right choice. Well probably end up with the other defender jiricek.
  3. I know he hasn't played much. But what about Ryan Ellis? Surely he must be a strong candidate. Agree that coots is the logical choice, but I share the same concerns as above. For me there are really only four candidates: Ellis Coots Hayes Laughton I said candidates, not necessarily good candidates. I can live with Ellis/Coots. I prefer Ellis though....somebody who hasn't been part of the downward spiral **** show, but is a respected veteran and professional. We've talked about this before, but he could have a Timo effect,
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/33549353/long-philadelphia-flyers-captain-claude-giroux-traded-florida-panthers-sources-say%3fplatform=amp
  5. If it's a top ten pick, then Panthers keep it and we get 1st rnd in 2025
  6. 1rd pick in 24 is conditional?? Wow.
  7. And possibly 2024 1st Rd pick plus 2023 2nd Rd pick. Totally unreliable source (ek).
  8. Reading it's only Tippett??
  9. Look at the bright side people. At least the Flyers can sign players to new contracts....RIP Chelsea. **** me, this is AMac all over again. Idiotic move.
  10. Provorov has the required skillset. He is strong, can skate, move the puck, pass, shoot, hockey IQ. Imo all are above league average...some very very good, and others average or slightly above. In order for Provo to continuously showcase these skillsets, he needs to be consistent. Consistency leads to better decision making, which leads to higher confidence....when these things happen, everybody will talk about him as a 1A dman again. So why isn't it happening?? For me it's got nothing to do with his skillset or potential. He's got all the tools...it's his confidence an
  11. 20. We haven't had a REAL captain since Richards/Pronger Love Giroux. But he is not a leader.
  12. I joined Nov. 7 2011, came over from philly.com aswell. You guys haven't seen much of me, but I'm actually on here pretty much everyday, and have been for ten years, reading most of the threads and post. Best insight to the Flyers on the web.
  13. Only way to watch NHL in Denmark (guess its the same in Sweden and Norway) is to pay 445 DKR (69-70 USD) pr. month! With that though we get all NHL games, all Champions league and all premierleague plus a bunch of shows and movies. No way to only choose NHL unfortunately.
  14. What does that exactly imply? Saw that Bogosian, among alot of others, has filed for arbitration. Can the Flyers exploit this to our advantage or is it strictly an arbitrator setting the value of a contract based on player performance/projection?
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