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  1. the lady in the glasses to Gritty's left.... her face says it all.
  2. looks like Gritty was on a week long meth binge... Homer, are you boozing again?
  3. I honestly just need for Neuvy to move on.... He is either the most fragile human to ever walk the earth as a hockey player or just a complete *****.
  4. I am just not a fan of Weal. He has talent and skill but I just dont see how he fits on this team.
  5. agree... it is an odd situation but a very good one to have. I still believe that Sanheim is going to be a very good player and I still believe he has the highest ceiling outside of Prov and Ghost. Sometimes it takes more time with certain players... I still expect big things from Sanheim.
  6. I though Zamula had a hell of a game last night and showed poise for an undrafted kid. Meyers is a lot of fun to watch and he is such a great skater for a big guy. I think OR said it but he may have leaped Sanheim in the depth chart but I am not willing to really commit to it after one or two games. It is a bounty if both players were to make the team. I will say that I think there is a heck of a lot to like in Meyers and he really asserted himself last night. Heck of a game for the big kid... Misha looked really good last night and showed some really good skill. The more I watch the more I like of the kid. JVR was a monster in front of the net... that first PP unit looks deadly. I know this sounds crazy but it really looks like G is faster out there - his looks like he put in a lot of work in the off-season. The bad - can we just stop with Weise? Guy has hands of stone out there... bury him in the AHL. Vech, to me anyway, is a NHL/AHL tweener at this point. Ratcliffe is a big boy but I was not all that impressed with his outing. He clearly needs more development time which is to be expected.
  7. Looking into the Hak 8-Ball of predictions here: Folin will play every night and one of the kids (Myers, Sanheim) will sit until McDud is back in the lineup. You have to expect this based on history, right?
  8. it is been so long since we had a real goalie prospect to be excited about (sans bob). Let the kid develop at his own pace and when the time is right bring him up. The organization should not push Hart into the lineup. As Hexy states: "He has to earn it..." I would keep in the AHL all year frankly and let him adjust to the pro level.
  9. not sure why this is big news.... not like Couts will ever be more than a 3rd line defensive specialist anyway....
  10. LOL.... gotcha. I would hate to see Simmer go but to get a young player that still has upside might make me think about it. I am fine parting with Gudas and on the back of a napking the numbers seem to work.
  11. no way in hell I am giving up Simmer + Sanheim for RNH. A young blue chip defensive prospect and Simmer who has scored the same amount of goals on a broken body this year as RNH? Hextall would be nuts to do that deal... RNH is a fine player but has hit 24 goals 2 times in his career. Giving up a potential top 2-3 dman and Simmer for him is ridiculous.
  12. great deal by Hexy... fair for Hagg. Good all around I would say.
  13. If he is looking for a max term and a large payday you have to move him. As much as I hate it you can't cripple the team's salary cap. Simmer seems to have a good head on his shoulders but I also won't fault him in trying to get paid. Tough spot for Hextall but it comes down to business in the end.
  14. I had this discussion this past weekend and I tend to agree. That 2nd line could be pretty deadly and now that NoPa has had a full recovery with a full offseason of training I would not be shocked if he put up big numbers. As you stated, if he does not put up those numbers I am in no way going to be disgusted. The kid is going to be a player and I am excited to watch him grow.

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