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  1. What has been underwhelming so far in terms of trades from Fletcher? Hextall was the person that gave Jake a bloated contract even though he was a RFA coming off a career year? Simmer? Well, nobody was paying anything worthwhile for Simmer and his production in Nash pretty much solidifies that argument. Stollie? The kid is a marginal NHL backup that has knees made of glass and you had a chance to bring in a vet that was close to Hart. Sorry, just don't agree based on what Fletcher has done to date. As of right now I think his trading abilities are up in the air.
  2. I think this is a large part of it as well. You keep hearing Fletcher and Gordon talk about habits and net presence. Hak loved to work the puck low to high and most times otherwise played outside the dots. It was a passive dump and chase system that was soft. I think this team is going to have to break some big "habits" and that starts the minute camp is underway. AV has his work cut out for him and that is why I think you do need to find some different players via trade or FA. Changes are needed...
  3. and here I feel conflicted! I am actually happy for CBJ and the Isles. At least we have Taryn!
  4. you go to Gordon who has had trouble cracking the NHL after a dismal job on the Island to a proven winning Coach. Now you want to keep Gordon? Okay then.... makes perfect sense. as much sense as keeping Couts on the 3rd b/c he is a defensive specialist.
  5. I actually remember this!!! it was hysterical. At least he just won't stand there all stoic looking like a dear in headlights (ahem.... Hak).
  6. Completely agree.... We are at least very competent behind the bench and I would argue that some of those teams overachieved. Now, let him bring in his own staff and purge the entire coaching team. I want fresh blood all around... To me they went with a proven Coach - something, as you said, we have not seen in these parts in a long time.
  7. yeah, he will prob put Couts back on the 3rd line where he belongs right? seriously , who would have impressed you?
  8. with this organisation I expect everything to be underwhelming. AV can Coach and has a proven track record to go along with it... Honestly, after Q he was my next option looking at the field. People will freak out b/c he has the label of being tough with the young players and all that BS. I am fine if he is tough. Q is the same exact way... this group needs a kick in the ass. Fletch identified his guy and wasted not time getting a deal done. Now onto the draft and offseason.... I mean at least we are getting a capable Coach and not another "hockey genius" or college coach that was nothing more than a shot in the dark by Ol' Ronald.
  9. I actually like this hiring a lot to be honest. I think we should just say "AV" b/c lord knows I wont spell it right.
  10. sadly, I believe that is exactly where this organization is....
  11. great post and agreed... I feel like karma was not on the Flyers side after this shitshow of a season
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