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  1. Bye Weal.... Good luck in the desert.
  2. bc there is no way in hell Hextall would have made those deals. His entire plan was wading in mediocrity while telling the fanbase this is a true playoff team - THAT is a total joke. Just keep kicking the can down the road and wasting G's best years. Do you really think there will be no moves at all by Fletcher by the deadline? Really, you might need a new magic 8-ball or at least some strong duct tape.
  3. Here is the thing - Hextall was fired. Get over it and move on.... His grand plan lead to this dumpster fire currently on the ice. This is his team. Kudos to him for looking like he drafted well (time will tell) and getting the cap under control. But to pretend that Hextall's plan and patience was working is fool's gold. Three of the biggest bitching points from fans is from Hextall - Voracheck, Weise and JvR (not to mention hiring a completely unknown over his head out of college). All Hextall's doing and he does not get a pass for being the Asst GM when McDud was signed either. His product on the ice is garbage. Hextall has moved on... time to dry your eyes and move on with him. Homer is not going anywhere as much as I would like to see him get sent into retirement. It is what it is at this point and hopefully Fletch is going to make the right moves. The fanboy love for Hextall is mind boggling to me... he failed at his job and was removed. Good riddance...
  4. not really sure they said that but okay... Until Fletch puts his mark on the team I think, at best, this is inclusive.
  5. For the JvR haters (source:HB): JVR is averaging 16:08 per game since Gordon took over, and has 9 points in 13 games, same as Giroux. He also has the best +/- out of all Flyer forwards in that period.
  6. Honestly, I could care less who was first being fired - I am just glad they are both gone. Never been a fan of Hak and Hextall was trying to play chess without at strategy.
  7. Same goes for Simmonds. He is not going to carry the puck and make plays by himself.
  8. Truth. Everyone knows what JvR is... Great hands and scores goals in the dirty areas. People say he is soft but he plays in the toughest areas of the ice (Like Simmonds). He does float and that is par for the course with JvR (I see NoPa floating a lot as well). When you play him with actual talented players he is a very good player. Simmonds - I love the guy but there is no way I am dishing out a long term deal for him. I wish him the best and hope he gets paid but I really don't want Fletch going long term here. With Simmonds there is a lot of mileage and I understand his intangibles. People are pissed at JvR - be pissed at Hexy for totally f'ing up this scenario.
  9. Honestly, I would be willing to do that deal. Your entire post is pretty spot on in my opinion. I have read elsewhere that G should have his letter removed. I think you (1) either keep him on the roster or (2) look to see if there is a contender willing to pay up for his services. As you said, G is a fantastic hockey player and someone that will always be one of my favorites but not sure his "let the play do the talking" approach is something this team needs right now. There are a lot of fragile minds right now and I think the young kids need a vocal leader. Not sure what the answer is and I am not sure he is the answer to navigate this dumpster fire. As I said previously there is not a single player on this team that I would say is untouchable outside of Hart. And I want Hart back in the AHL ASAP. I want him nowhere near this group of hockey mental midgets.
  10. I dont have a clue about JvR. He was hurt and this team is a disaster. His line mates are not helping the matter either. I think JvR is what he is - a big body that can score in front of the net and has great hands. Never been a huge fan but he puts up goals like he did in Tronno I can live with him. Or, if he were traded I wouldn't lose sleep
  11. So if we follow the Flyers JvR model we will trade him for a stiff d-man in a year...
  12. I have declined more tickets this season than I can count. Have friends that have season tix and they said the same thing - can barely give them away at this point.
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