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  1. Guess I am on the other side of the fence here... I do think he will finish out the season as the Head Coach unless Coach Q comes knocking on the door. Gordon might be the best fit to get this team settled. The season is over and the fact is they are not making the playoffs unless Messier and Gretzky somehow time warp to this season and play for the O&B. Right now I think the positive is that Gordon knows most of these players so hopefully he can fine-tune some of the lineup decisions that Hak could never get right. This season is a total ****-show so I have no expectations about anything. My guess Q does not even consider offers until later this season. And frankly, I am not sure he would like to come to Philly with everything that is going on here. We don't even know what this team will look like come the trade deadline...
  2. After Hart gets lit up tonight this board will have him labeled as a "bust" by 11pm this evening. In all seriousness the only reason I am watching is to see Hart in net. Outside of that I really have no interest in this waste of a season.
  3. I would give Q the term and salary he would be asking.... I hope it is all true but some of the reports seem to be all over the place....
  4. Considering the Flyers are still 30K in the air and aren't supposed to land until 615ish I think the reports are bogus.
  5. And Neuvy technically is the second best goalie on the team. Doesn't make him good or a good signing by Hexy... Or doesn't make up for the fact he paid Jake in a RFA year to a way too handsome contract. Point is he along with everyone else needs to be better. I still think he is not 100 percent healthy but that contract term could be a real anchor in a few years.
  6. Thanks Ronald.... Another great contract.
  7. If you believe the Tweeters on the Twitter Hak is going to be fired after this game.... Fletch has seen enough.
  8. That JvR signing is looking better and better... Blow this up. I am done...
  9. absolutely.... it's those rosey cheeks that makes me root for him
  10. I like Vlad better! LOL... At this point that isn't all that bad!
  11. I just don't think Jake for Vlad is a good move for the Blues. The guy is arguably one of the best snipers in the game. Simmer would be a potential rental for the Blues.
  12. sign me up.... although, I would think the Blues would want a lot more added.
  13. I am so tired of people blaming every ill on G. He is a great player and literally the last player on this team I would fault. People just like to use the tired argument b/c it is easy and takes no thought.

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