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  1. E3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from our friend Ek: "on Flyers and Oilers talking trade... Hearing there are some VERY Big names being discussed between Edmonton and Philly...not Wayne Simmonds however..." So this means Simmonds is already packing his bags to Edmonton right?
  2. I like Weal - I would even love Weal if he were on another team!
  3. If we take the mean of the independent variable of Corsi and consider a bi-level factor... Oh ****.... who am I kidding. Although, I do agree w/ your post but did not sleep at a Holiday Inn last night. So there is that....
  4. All I have to say is the NHL's production crew is that of a High School Drama play. It is hard to watch....
  5. thought I would share this from Meltzer. Was from the comments section on HB: OK, this is strictly my own take based on a gut feeling. Ron Hextall keeps everything close to the vest.However, from the gist of what I've heard from those I know in and/or are trusted by the upper-levels in the organization, I would not be surprised if they are fine with listening to offers for Simmonds. I also think they are NOT inclined to move him at the end of the day unless it is a no-brainer in Hextall's own estimation. Otherwise, the intention appears to be to try to resign him, even if it goes into next season without a new deal. There is a goal internally to push the regular season point total over 100 points and to win a playoff round but without dealing assets/ prospects or pursuing the top-of-the-line external free agents. That's going to require all hands on deck to do.Hextall is very big on the intangibles. If you listened to Anthony SF's podcast with Hexy last week, the GM talked a lot about fit within the room, general work habits and a player's desire to be a Flyer as things he factors along with all the on-ice stuff. It was said in reference to NHL-level roster decisions and not the Draft, in this case.I know for an absolute fact that the players in the room consider Simmonds to be the guy who internally operates as the bad cop when needed yet is deeply respected and admired. Unless it's for a bigger return than the Flyers are likely to get, it would likely go over poorly within the room if he's traded. That is especially true on the heels of all that he played through this past season and the way he has everyone else's back on the ice and in public. Simmonds wears his heart on his sleeve, and wants to spend the rest of his career as a Flyer. He's said as much, but everyone knew it, anyway.Is it impossible that Simmonds gets traded, whether at the Draft or by the trade deadline of next season? No. Right now, though, it would take a lot of incentive to do so, and not primarily a draft pick asset in his particular case. The teams that are picking atop the Draft aren't the market where Simmonds would be their main off-season target. And what team that is a Simmonds type away from Cup contention would trade from its fast-rising young NHL roster talent plus a conditional high-end pick (even if it is in 2019) to do it, because I think that is the price tag the Flyers would have in mind. Again, I could be proven 100 percent wrong. It's just my read.
  6. Also, when "The Letterman Show" started on late-night in 1980... Coincidence?
  7. I am "YUGE" fan as well but Ron would be off his rocker if he gave that term. Hate to say it but it is either Simmonds wants to stay in Philly and takes the discount or he wants to cash out. I am okay with giving him a bit more per year but the deal can't exceed 4 years for me.
  8. Is snorting Tylenol a good option? Need my fix!
  9. Just resign Vadelvelde - surely Seattle would be interested in his services.
  10. man, you stole my orange tinted thunder!!!
  11. Just for the sake of it... what happens if Hart comes into the AHL and does not play all that well? I think the chances are slim based off his pedigree but this is Philly...
  12. believe me... I hope he is. Although, I really don't think that is the norm in the league and I am not expecting Hart to even be on the team next year. Maybe he has a stellar camp and the Flyers keep him on the roster. I don't think it is likely given the way Hextall goes about his business. Again, just being realistic. Seems like fans think that every prospect is going to pan out in the NHL. While the prospect pool is very encouraging I still think there will be some players that never live up to the potential.
  13. LOL! This made me laugh... I am trying to be pessimistic but all by years of fandom have me just trying to put realistic expectations! Maybe I should go eat a snickers for breakfast...