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  1. In a fantasy world Marner all day. Not gonna happen...
  2. the way this club goes through Coaches and GMs he probably won't even be around when that time comes!
  3. agreed... Hak was not a good Coach in-game but some of his decisions on players sitting and other players not was very confusing. Hope AV and the coaching staff hold players accountable b/c (IMO) it is something that has been lacking since Lavy.
  4. saying if he went to free agency I think he would have gotten a similar deal.
  5. @mojo1917 You just summarized exactly how I look at this... I think the team is better but like anything else it is all "wait and see" right now. This team always has so many question marks surrounding it and I don't think this year will be any different. The team **should** be better but you just can't predict success with confidence with this group. I like Hayes as a player as well but the contract scares me a lot. I do think in today's FA he was not grossly overpaid and think he would have had a similar offer on the open market. On paper this team is way better. We have a coaching staff that should provide much needed direction. As I said before there are so many "what ifs" that could swing this team to a dangerous team. Should be an interesting year and I just want to watch a decent product.
  6. Yup... everything is always terrible! That is why I took a bit of sabbatical over the past few months. The negativity is pretty taxing after a while and I would not even say, as a fan, that I am all that positive. Fletcher has a team right now that should make the playoffs and is better than the slop Hextall put on the ice last year - all the while Hexy was telling us the team is a playoff team - which was either overvaluing his players or just plain incompetent. See how it plays out... do I have faith in Fletcher? Not really... but I believe the team is better than they were last year.
  7. i think one of two things: 1. He wanted too much 2. The Flyers had their look when they got him and realized he was worthless
  8. b/c we let Bailey walk I hear that we are trading Jake for Seguin and Ghost is moving to wing. Plausible...
  9. Doh! I read @OccamsRazor post asking why we need to have a full thread on bailey and thought is was you My bad... carry on....
  10. agree brel.... I think it is a risk but any goalie could go down at any time. My hope is that he is not overused and plays 20-something games. I do think he was grossly overused last year but there is no guarantee. The issue is that I really don't see any other viable options without trading for one. Hope Hart and Moose stay healthy! Crossing my fingers and toes!
  11. I thought the chicken was super glued to a goat.
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