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  1. Good to hear from you @Podein25! Just trying to get by during these crazy times. I am excited for this Flyers Team and super happy they are back! Hope all is well on your end!!
  2. I have not been around these parts for a bit and hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times! I think I was expecting this type of game last night after the Pens games. Chalk it up to a letdown and come back tonight w/ a big game ans some work ethic. The Flyers were never in the game and they were thoroughly taken to task in every facet of the game. Losing Couts is going to make for a tough stretch. I hope Frost can add some scoring with his play-making and vision. Great first shift and then basically went missing after that... No reason to worry at t
  3. Wait a minute... I thought Coots is a 3rd line shutdown center in the NHL? What happened?
  4. The same folks whining about Hayes are the same folks that said Coots was never anything more than a 3rd line defensive specialist b/c of his skating.
  5. Honestly, it is next man up... Ghost is about on my last nerve and I honestly was hoping he was traded. I am more worried about Zalmula and the back issue. I read it was a degenerative issue which is worrisome for the long term.
  6. Vandevelde = Lehtera = Stewart There always has to be one right?
  7. I hear ya!!! I moved out of there about 13 years ago and am now about 60 miles from the city so I don't get there as much these days. My cardiologist seems to think the distance is helping my cholesterol
  8. Second... although I would go just go for Dinics band enjoy the market. B/t the two you can't go wrong.
  9. maybe that should be the new marketing mantra? LOL!
  10. Still believe this was Hextall's worst signing. There was no reason to sign him to that contract when he did. He created his own market for a RFA.
  11. one other thought.... we are always 2 years from being 2 years away!
  12. we are nearing a decade of mediocrity which is astounding to me! Wash, rinse, repeat...
  13. G is suck! That game was pathetic. I would listen to any and all offers at the moment but I don't suspect G is the problem. The guy is a heck of a hockey player - he will never be the Messier type leader in that dressing room but that does not mean he is a bad captain. Our defense is a wreck and our goal tending is not helping matters at the moment. For all the talk about how great our young players are it is difficult when you lose Patrick and Laughton to serious time. Ghost, Sanheim and the rest of the defense have been piss poor as of late. We have TK and proba
  14. Good night to cut my cable subscription! I am an AV fan and I hope he murders them on the ice in practice. The excuses are just that... BS excuses. Right now it comes down to the players. Results and nothing else at this point IMO. This team is a fragile bunch... I hate to say it but shake up the core if that is what it takes. There is something just not right w this crew of players. Tonight was a disgrace. No more excuses... I know it is one game and early in the season but the same thing happens over and over regardless of coaching staff and
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