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  1. Scott is a corporate sphincter, holmgren is a blind man without a cane
  2. Time will tell, I will eat crow if needs be No confidence in the leadership
  3. In any case, I am not sure I will be watching
  4. Kiss a vast number of roster players (not letera) goodbye for multi year, no move clause 30 year olds Usher in holmgren v2 Rinse, repeat same crap we have seen for the last decade
  5. welcome to the benny hill show with a mix of monty python tossed in as well as GM don cherry. this move is the silliest move this organization has made in 40 years. flabbergasted
  6. Whomever they select for GM, if all of the coaches are not fired then I will be convinced this organIzatoon is a water of my time to watch
  7. the next GM holmgren Clark packer is going to be a yes man to them and it's going to be the same crap that we dealt with with holmgren at the helm about your nonsense useless shortcomings in the season it's a absolute farce
  8. we are hosed holmgren is going to trade away all of our young draft picks get a bunch of useless veterans fill our roster with a whole bunch of useless cap space never address a goaltender problem and think he's doing just fine in a senile old folks home where he hangs out
  9. 5 losses in a row - comin' up! I think I'll become a soccer fan
  10. This is what NO heart and CRAP coaching looks like
  11. 100% agree, put Lyon in net. Nothing will change if they don't change something. It is quite tiresome to see this management let young goaltenders languish in the AHL. Akin to leaving fruit on the vine until it rots.
  12. I agree w/ Yave; Malkin made a proactive defensive move anticipating Oshie about to plaster Malkin 3-4 feet fro the boards.
  13. Not yes, but Hell Yes; Hextall needs to call and explore this option.

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