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  1. Hi everyone! Glad to see some familiar faces still here! Hope you all have been well and staying safe during this pandemic. Strange times we are living in. I'm gonna do my best to keep up here more regularly. I know I say that every time (and I've probably said this exact sentence before too lol), but I've always enjoyed conversing with y'all. @yave1964, I have incredibly high hopes for the team. Cheers to the future!
  2. I've been so busy these past two years that I haven't thought to check up on here. I have but a few semesters until I graduate with a BS in Economics. It's on to grad school after that! It's been far too long, friends! I hope you all are doing well, even in the midst of rocky times for our club.
  3. As much as I would have liked to see Bouchard or Hughes or Boqvist in the winged-wheel (and for the record, I felt bad for Hughes... he seemed so disappointed), and as much as the Wings desperately need defense, @jammer2 said it best: you don't pass on the caliber of Zadina. For him to fall to 6th and then Veleno to 30th is a hugely needed sigh of relief for the Wings and us fans. Veleno's getting a lot of guff - I think he'll use that and his drop to 30th as motivation moving forward. Solid players. Extremely happy to have these two guys. McIsaac at 36th. So the building blocks now consist of Larkin, Mantha, Zadina, Svech, Veleno, Ras, and McIsaac (assuming AA is gone soon). Hronek's gotta be there somewhere too. If you ask me (lil bit of bias lol), we won the draft and a year may have just been shaved off of the rebuild. Can't wait for @yave1964's analysis of what is a definite slam dunk for Detroit at the draft.
  4. Go for Wilde tomorrow. Or Woo. Or McIsaac. I will be content with any.
  5. I had a similar reaction minus the toe-stub and grandson! Beyond happy about the pick!
  6. Late on this one. While I would much rather see the Bolts move on to the Final, @FD19372 said it: I expected more from the Lightning. They have the speed and goalscoring ability to win a cup. Plus they bounced both NJ and BOS in 5 games a piece (very different teams from WSH of course). On the other hand, this is probably the best Capitals team I've ever actually watched, and now that they've overcome seasonal Pittsburgh anxiety, I'm not really sure there's any stopping Ovechkin and Co. The Caps netted 10 goals in Amalie Arena in the first two games of the series while the home team scored a measly 4 - one of which because of a wildly confusing penalty call. It goes without saying that Capital One Arena is going to be rockin' in Games 3 and 4, and after the past two games, the Bolts have left me questioning their ability to handle pressure. Holtby is too strong in net and the Caps offense is too powerful for the Bolts to be playing as lazy as they have been. I guess I'm okay with Ovi playing for the Cup, and maybe winning it. But as I said, I'd like Yzerman's team to win it all. Before the series, I said Lightning in 7. Now it appears it'll be Caps in 6... or maybe even 5.
  7. Someone call Peter Chiarelli. He could be looking to move that 10th overall pick... maybe you can move a sock puppet and a bag of pucks for that and Klefbom
  8. ICYMI: [Hidden Content] Here's a counter article: [Hidden Content] Just wanted to share.
  9. Hey folks! It's been a while since I've been on the forums. Pretty sure I said this last time, but I apologize for being inactive! I have been busy with college life. Hope you are all healthy and doing well! So let's talk offseason. Notes: - Red Wings have two first round picks this year (thanks, Vegas! Miss Tats though... such a class act) - D Mike Green is a UFA on July 1st - Larkin, Mantha, and AA are in need of extensions - Holland will remain in Detroit for at least another two years (why, Chris, why?) - Hank and Kronwall say they'll be back next season - Highly sought after superstar John Tavares could test the market on July 1st - Edmonton is open to moving their 10th overall pick - Penguins could be looking to move players, definitely want to improve defense I am going to number my questions one by one like so so that it's a bit easier for you all to add commentary lol. ----- Blue-line Blues... With Detroit in desperate need of blue-line help, who do we make a play for? I read an article yesterday that discussed the possibility of trading for Arizona's household defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson. Nobody asked for my opinion, but I'll say it anyway: that 6th overall pick should be untouchable. This draft has too much wealth of talent, and we can't afford to miss out on the opportunity to score a big fish (especially one who improves our defense). If Arizona asks for that pick, it has to be a no. ONE: In the hypothetical that we do make a play for Ekman-Larsson, what are your thoughts on a trade including that Vegas pick, Nyquist (maybe AA? Or both?), and a prospect (Hronek was one that a writer mentioned in an article)? Your commentary is welcomed on this note. The Trade: Detroit receives: D Oliver Ekman-Larsson Arizona receives: 2018 1st round pick (from VGK), RW Gustav Nyquist (?), C Andreas Athanasiou (?), D Filip Hronek Nyquist's contract gives some help to Arizona in reaching the cap floor. Not sure if that will do it though. Conversely, how do you guys feel about trading up (obviously this means we do move our 6th overall)? Buffalo might as well sign Dahlin now... so how about Svechnikov? Wouldn't it be awesome to see him wearing the Winged Wheel? Okay, sorry. Back to reality. TWO: Speaking of that 6th overall pick, who tops your draft list? I've watched highlights of most of the candidates for the Wings, and I have to say say: Bouchard tops that list (he seems to be the consensus). He's a big guy, moves the puck well, and has a coveted right hand shot. Hughes, Tkachuk, Wahlstrom, Boqvist, and Dobson are also candidates. In my mock draft, I say the Wings take Bouchard (if they don't trade up, that is). Tavares Talk... I'm not getting my hopes up about Tavares. I'm having flashbacks to the Stamkos hype, which obviously you know how that went. (Side note: speaking of Tampa Bay, it still amazes me that Washington is playing them in the ECF.) But back on topic - THREE: what do fellow fans think about making a splash for Tavares? We'd have to move some cap (shedding Green's contract, moving Nyquist, and convincing Larkin and Mantha to take less money than they'd originally ask for would help some. Still not there yet though.) Unfortunately, this all goes back to the elephant in the room... Kenny's horrible contracts. Offseason... Hypothetical: Cap hit for the 2017-18 season was $75M, so let's say it increases to $80M next season. Free Agent Signings: - Larkin and Mantha to same deal: 5 years, AAV of $6M maybe more, maybe less. - FOUR: I don't even know where to start with Bertuzzi and Frk. I'd like your opinion on these. Let's say they both ask for AAV of $1.2M for 3 years. - A few other minute signings for guys who mainly play in Grand Rapids. - FIVE: Grubauer or Hutton? Let's say both ask for $1.125M AAV (Hutton's current contract) for 2 years. Grubauer will be RFA (Washington). Wings need to look into the goaltending situation. - Wings don't resign Green. - Tavares signing is pretty much impossible unless we shed a lot of cap. SIX: Can someone answer this: does Franzen's cap affect us right now? If so, we LTIR him next season right? Trades: SEVEN: Your input on the following: - A trade for Pittsburgh's LW Conor Sheary? Not sure if they're looking to deal him, but Rutherford said he's open to movements and Sheary seems like he'd fit in Detroit. Fills a need on the wing if Svechnikov and Smith don't get the call next season. - A trade for Edmonton's D Oscar Klefbom? - If OEL trade didn't work, where do we send Nyquist? Do we wait until the deadline? EIGHT: Just for the hell of it... what do you guys think of Erik Karlsson? Will Ottawa deal him? One GM said the price for him was "stupid high" or something along those lines lol. Okay, that's enough for now. I'll await your replies! I'm gonna be more active on here now that it's summer (don't I say this every year, though...?) LGRW.
  10. At this point I take leave from this site so much, I probably seem like a fair-weather fan All jokes aside, I've been saying for about 2 years now that it's time to fire Holland (come home Stevie!). The guy doesn't know how to manage a cap-era team. And we boasted 10 picks in a draft that only left us being laughed at. I happened to be at work during the draft, so I was constantly checking my phone (sorry, managers!) for updates. I was waiting to see "Red Wings draft Timothy Liljegren with the 9th overall pick in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft," but instead saw Rasmussen's name and was understandably confused. I'm not going to be like others and totally trash the guy. He's a big dude and like you mentioned, fills a big need. Was it worth the risk over Liljegren (who I figured was going to Toronto after Detroit didn't take him, since Tippett and Vilardi were still up there)? Using common sense, we won't know for a while. As of right now though, I can't choose to acquiesce entirely. We desperately need help on the blue line. Trust me, I'd love to see Rasmussen grow to fill a guy like Zetterberg's shoes, but I'm concerned because all I can see is, 5 years from now, Liljegren thriving in Toronto and Rasmussen playing on the 3rd line or something. But I hope that's not the case. Elliotte Friedman is reporting that the Wings are close to signing Trevor Daley, if not already done. 1 year, $1.5-2.5mil deal, trade chip at the deadline? Would be nice. But I expect a 2 year (or even worse, a 3 year) deal, and probably over $3mil, because it's Ken Holland. And I said the same thing you did about Petruzzelli. Guy is huge! Next Ben Bishop? Hopefully a diamond pick for us regardless. Anyway, needless to say, the state of our team right now is a nightmare, and I still believe Kenny is the problem. ... "Come Home Stevie" echoes through the foyer of a now nearly abandoned Joe Louis Arena ... and my head.
  11. For the first time in the history of the internet, we can unfortunately type the words: The Detroit Red Wings will officially not be in the playoffs. It was an incredible run, and we WILL be back. I can't wait to see what the future holds for this organization.
  12. @SpikeDDS IF ONLY I was at Friday's game and not last night's! I was extremely disappointed leaving the Joe, couldn't wait for the night to just be over. There was a loud, loud boo after the Wings failed to connect on their last powerplay. Tried to hang around after the game for autographs, but players just drove by and didn't even look at any of us. Zetterberg, Green, Nielsen, Miller, then Kenny drove by and didn't even bother to recognize us, so that kinda made it even more irritating. Even after a loss, I think the guys should at least wave. One player hid his face with a coat while driving by us, so I couldn't tell who that was. No class in that whatsoever. I was hoping to catch at least Z or Larkin because the security and crowd management said they were the ones to normally stop, but I knew Larkin wasn't going to stop after the night he had. Even though the night was a disaster, I woke up this morning feeling semi-better than I did driving back to the hotel last night. While I was driving home (oh you know, a 7 hour drive), I reflected on how cool it was to just be in the Joe. I thought about how some diehard fans will never be able to say they've been to the iconic venue. As soon as I got into the arena last night, after buying some souvenirs, I walked through the red tarps and just stared up at the rafters, just taking the time to appreciate the history of the organization and the league in general. Seemed like time froze at that moment, and I'll never forget it. The national anthem gave me chills, as it always does, especially since I was with my dad, a combat veteran. One thing I really noticed about seeing a game live is, everything goes so fast, much faster than it does watching on TV. I think someone said that here. Spike, I did exactly what you said you did - talked with other fans. I didn't actually think very many fans would talk to each other, and I don't know why I thought that. Probably because at the doors waiting to get in, nobody was talking to anyone but whoever they were with (probably because of the freezing cold lol!). I did talk to one fan outside, but I was surprised at how many fans I talked to around the arena, especially during warmups. I was even more surprised at how many of those fans were ALSO experiencing their first ever pro hockey game! My dad, my cousin and I met a season ticket holder and his family after the game, and they were some of the nicest people I've ever met. Just like you said, Spike, talking to other fans was definitely cool! I would have been much more frustrated had they didn't score at all last night, but being able to celebrate that one single goal was a moment I won't forget. Just seeing thousands of people leap to their feet so quick, myself as well, was incredible. Overall, the trip was good. I arrived at the Joe a little after 3, I think. Took the People Mover around the city, which was awesome. Got complimented a few times on the Zetterberg Winter Classic sweater too Wasn't able to score a puck during warmups, or an autograph, but the experience was one that I will remember forever. I left the arena with a Larkin jersey, a hat, a Farewell to the Joe puck and pin, a frustrated mood, but most importantly a memory for eternity. Don't worry, I've lightened up since last night Even after a loss, you'll always hear me chant Go Wings!
  13. Hopefully this stuffy nose passes by Sunday then Very excited to be at the game, can't wait. It will be a memory for a lifetime. Thanks for the excellent advice, everyone!
  14. Going to see the Wings clash with the Rangers on Sunday. It will be my first hockey game (I am a younger guy haha). Wish I was attending the Joe during a better season, but will be happy to reflect on it in the future and say I had the opportunity to watch a game in one of the most historical venues of all time. I would definitely like to catch a puck in warmups or get an autograph if possible. But my request is for you, fellow fans (regardless of your team) - please sound off some tips for a first hockey game experience!

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