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  1. Stick a butter knife in and see if it comes out moist.
  2. I appreciate the effort. Actually, I love a spreadsheet. And charts. Pie charts are the best of the charts.
  3. Where are the heat maps? Spreadsheets are so passe, I want pretty pictures
  4. Yes, yes it is. It rhymes with rash and trash and gash and mash and splash and whiplash and moustache
  5. Who would dare @ you over that?! Some philistine I guess. It's not only the best album of the 1980s, it's possibly the best of all time! (don't @ me bro)
  6. Lol. You will have to explain the Delaware thing to me.
  7. Lol, you beat me to it! Looks scammy to me. In a real Philly kinda way, lol
  8. You're like family man, only one way to take it: love.
  9. Lo, it's what you order at Tim Horton's
  10. #triggered Why not just give Leon Stickle the Order of Canada while we're at it and put me out of my misery!
  11. I guess that could be part of it. I mean, sure, it's always the big guys like JVR who have zero snarl to their game, I don't get how you get to be a pro hockey player and not be more naturally competitive. But some of what you see as "laid back" is pros trying to keep an even keel. You can't play the game, especially today's game, by being all cranked up all the time. It demands composure, you have to engage your frontal cortex a bit you know?
  12. He has a very average shot. It's not particularly quick, or hard, or accurate. And so he's also not a confident shooter. He puts it in the goalie's bread basket most of the time. Has he worked on it? Not a lot of evidence for that. I don't understand how players don't improve parts of their game. It's their job, it's all they do.
  13. Yeah, he's being very trolly. I laugh though. It's good material, at least some of it. We're all Flyer fans, as long as we reserve the real hate for Yinzers and Leafs fans, it's all good. There is a different lens that we see through though. CoachX's lens is sh!t-stained it appears, you and I a little less so.
  14. Classic. Any other team shuts out one of the best teams: Their fans: "Plan the parade bitches!" Flyers fans: "We're doomed. I want to kill Santa Claus!"
  15. Seriously, those were the there Stars?! They be like trolling our assses. Too funny.
  16. Hey, it's Matt Carle! (sorry inside Flyers joke)
  17. That's nothing, you should see what they do when Santa comes to town!
  18. I've forgotten him. What was he, a 5th round pick out of China's Elite League or something?

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