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  1. https://twitter.com/JimIkeHW/status/1486441404507295744?t=a5Bh3UwCVeMoFTUbW0n_3g&s=19
  2. The Jones EDM thing is just a rumour. Elliotte Friedman just mentioned Jones as a possible fix in net for the Oilers. He could have just as easily mentioned Rux as a possible fix. I mean, could it hurt? "Now in net for the Oilers, "Nasty Bear"
  3. Was there even one "trust the process"? Like, that's a message that has worked for many organizations in many sports. Sorry, what was that? Oh, you have to actually have a process? Oh, nvm.
  4. Missed the presser and didn't read much of the thread, but am I correct in assuming that the parade is cancelled?
  5. Not a good profession to be having vertigo.
  6. Or vertigo. Seriously, who gets vertigo?!
  7. If Clarke is right about this and not making it up it is a blemish on Hexy for sure. I mean one of the things you can say about Clarke is that he publicly acknowledged that he knew nothing about prospects, hadn't seen a game of Junior hockey in years. He made some terrible decisions as GM, but I don't think he did what he's accusing Hexy of: not talking to your scouts.
  8. Welcome. I'm a big fan of Finnish players, I have Barkov and Lundell in my Keeper. I think I would like the Finnish people and intend to visit one of these days. I think the Finnish people would like me too, which is more than I can say about most of the idiots here
  9. Lol, I'm trying to buy low on him in my Keeper...which is the opposite of ol' Chucky I guess
  10. We just need a few more Cams and we'll be fine. The guy who played on my RW from the time I was 9 until 18 was named Cam.
  11. Great goal, great thread title.
  12. Chances that Fletch grabs him approaching 100%
  13. Not if you lose the lottery, get the 2nd overall pick and go off the board to take Carter Hunter Peckerman, a skilled but, it turns out, fantastically stupid RW, who goes on to never play a game in the NHL. This is the Flyers destiny.
  14. What if you could watch it in 52K on a 420 foot TV strapped to the roof of a '92 Chevy Lumina with a wonky transmission? Huh?!
  15. Well, everybody knows that 4-0 is the second worst lead in hockey.
  16. Sandstrom was the main reason it wasn't 5-1 after two periods.
  17. Watching Yandle last night was a hoot. Like, I was literally rolling on the floor laughing out loud every time he touched the puck. Absolute horrorshow every time. What a thing.
  18. Same. Just brutal hockey. You could have turned an aircraft carrier around in the neutral zone the gaps were so big.
  19. I'm just about to have some with my nog. Happy Holidays man.
  20. This is the funniest thing I've seen in years:
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