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  1. These are great points. In particular, supporting Larkin through non-winning times and giving him time to learn/earn the Captaincy. There’s no rush, we’re not winning this year. Unfortunately there isn’t a legit bridge player like Kronwall to assume the role for a few years. I’m sure the most important role is who sets the tone in the locker room which would be delegated organically to the individual everyone falls in line with. C’s and A’s are on ice window dressing. Gotta trust Stevie.
  2. Hey everyone, first time posting but been here for a while but just saw (via Gregg Krupa) that the Red Wings are using 4 alternate captains for the 2019/20 season. Personally I’m ready to move on after Zetterberg. Perhaps Yzerman is taking his time and making sure Larkin is ready himself. Who am I to question the Captain, (19) any thoughts?
  3. With the 29th pick in the 2019 entry draft the Anaheim Ducks are proud to select from the Sioux Falls Stampede, defensemen Ryan Johnson. Ryan Johnson (Sioux Falls Stampede) Position: Defenseman Shoots: Left Height / Weight: 6’0, 183 lbs Born: July 24th, 2001 | Irvine , California Nation: USA The NHL is built on speed and hockey IQ these days and from what I was able to watch, Ryan can definitely giddy up the ice. I also liked the fact that he was a local boy and former Anaheim Jr Duck from California. That logic didn’t work out with Emerson Etem but maybe it will here. But my 1B was Lassi Thomson. Oh my I wanted to draft him. A lot more video on him because of his sweet knee high shots from the point. But Johnson skates like the wind, possess’ a very effective stick check and is projected to have a high ceiling to his career. Johnson is committed to Minnesota next year. [Hidden Content] NHL Potential If everything goes right for Johnson, many feel he can be an eventual top-pairing defenseman. If his offensive game doesn’t hit its ceiling, his work in the defensive end of the ice is good enough to keep in the NHL as a second or third-pairing blueliner for a long time. Risk-Reward Analysis Risk – 2.5/5 | Reward – 4/5 Fantasy Hockey Potential Offense – 7/10 | Defense – 8/10 Pick #30 is next for @pilldoc and the Boston Bruins.
  4. With the 15th pick the Montreal Canadiens are proud to select from Honkajoki, Finland, defensemen, VILLE HEINOLA. Lukko Rauma (SM-Liiga) Position: Defenseman Shoots: Left Height / Weight: 5’11, 178 lbs Born: February 3rd, 2001 | Honkajonki, Finland Nation: Finland So the way I looked at this pick was Heinola and Newhook are skilled players available that fit with Montreal's needs. The PP in Montreal needs a lot of help and the way that Heinola moves the puck with his head up constantly gave me the impression of a very cerebral player. When he has the puck you can see him evaluating his options and has the ability to distribute the puck wisely under pressure. Back checks well, passes well, I think this kid would have high value at #15. Smart, calm kid on the blue line to transition out of the zone in hockey mad Montreal seems like long term success. No way, no how would I bring a big french kid like Lavoie with all the pressure. Harley seems safe. Newhook was a 1B for me. Steve Kournianos - The Draft Analyst A quick and agile puck mover who can play either side and jumpstarts the attack from as far back as his own goal line, Heinola is a polished defender who immediately earned the trust of his coaches to play a significant role. At first glance, Heinola looks like a purely offensive defenseman, mostly because of his smaller frame and his confidence controlling the puck. But he has proven to be highly intelligent in his own end, using proper positioning and anticipation to create turnovers. He’ll never be a physical presence, but Heinola plays the body in an effective and efficient manner, using just enough of his upper-body strength to separate an opponent from the puck or fix him into the corner. Heinola is an excellent skater who pivots or curls away from pressure, but he also has the innate sense to identify backpressure and take the path of least resistance. Once he escapes, Heinola properly identifies blocked passing lanes and rarely forces the puck into an area that could lead to an opposing counterattack. One underrated aspect of his game is the way he avoids passing into coverage for the sake of saving his own tail – Heinola knows when to either eat the puck and take a hit or to use his quick first step to attack an opening. Once in open ice, Heinola can uses a series of head fakes and gear shifts to enter the zone cleanly; stopping on a dime to allow the numbers to even out. He is incredibly patient with the puck and will regroup back to the neutral zone if necessary. Heinola surveys the offensive zone like a confident quarterback and passes the puck crisply and right on the tape, especially off his back foot. He properly supports his defense partner and is used quite frequently for set plays that allow him to dart into the scoring areas. Heinola is more of a playmaker than a shooter, although he can sling a high-powered wrister that he seems to favor over his slapper, and he rarely takes low-percentage shots. Colorado and @hf101 you're on the clock.
  5. The Anaheim Ducks would like to thank Hockey Forums for hosting this year’s Fantasy draft and would like to announce a trade of the 9th overall pick to the Detroit Red wings for star winger Justin Abdelkader and top line defensive man Jonathan Ericcson … oh hold on … being told by HF101 to knock it off and make my pick…. The Anaheim Ducks are proud to select from the US National Development Team, From Bedford, NY, Trevor Zegras. At 6’ / 175lbs, Zegras deft passing, speed and sandpaper game will immediately place him as one of the top prospects in a deep Anaheim system as they are undergoing a transition from hulking pricks (sorry) prickly forwards to one of speedy skilled pricks. Zegras is your prototypical Anaheim Duck, he’ll get in the mix and get under your skin. I joke but I absolutely love Zegras and at 9 he’s an absolute steal. Slick playmaking center with exceptional hockey sense who last year took over the NTDP’s top line after Jack Hughes and Alex Turcotte were promoted, and spent a good chunk of this season as a left wing. Zegras, who is committed to Boston University, is very dangerous with the puck and appears quite comfortable handling the responsibilities inherent in leading a talented squad’s offense. He is both crafty and fancy with the puck, and his passes almost always are on the tape with authority. Zegras’s pass accuracy remains consistent anywhere on the ice and he’s just as dangerous threading the needle while manning the half wall as he is in open ice. His ability to stickhandle while keeping his head up allows him to be the first to identify trailers or back-door cutters, and Zegras will use no-look centering passes on the power play to exploit an open passing lane. He’s also capable of tricking goalies with a hard, accurate shot that he can tuck under the bar from bad angles. Zegras plays engaged with or without the puck and stays in motion in all three zones. He locks in on the puck regardless of where it is or whether or not he’s in control. Once he’s corralled it, Zegras can use a variety of stutter steps, gear changes or pirouettes to motor past, around or through traffic. His agility is outstanding, and he always seems to make the right reads when anticipating puck travel. Zegras is a strong, agile skater with very good straight-line speed who can stay low to the ice and maintain his elite balance as he zips through the neutral zone into opposing territory. His zone entries are surgical and designed to create time and space while maintaining possession. He is very good on faceoffs and will play physical along the boards. Zegras also has a mean streak and will get involved in scrums after the whistle Steve Kournianos The Vancouver Canucks and @bbgarnett you're up next.

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