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  1. OH nevermind.. see I'm good. Draft on Sept. 29? Hope all you guys are doin well and had a nice summer.
  2. Hey peeps... I'll join again. I logged into my Yahoo account, but I didn't see an invite or that I was part of any league. Did I miss some deadline?
  3. hahaha.. thanks buddy. And to Ron Hextall... Retirement, We Welcome you~~~ thanks man... life has been busy, but I've kept one eye on the Flyers. Just super tired of waiting for a chance at the cup again. 2010's memory still casts a shadow. I guess Homer felt the same way.
  4. Lol.. I dunno.. I've been around. I guess my fandom has been on rebuild mode for the last 5 years. I figured it was gonna take awhile, but it is getting ridiculous. Ok... after reading more replies and articles... I guess I see the point of firing Hexy. I still don't like it. I feel the coaching staff has to have it's share. Fire Hexy, then fire them all.
  5. wtf are the Flyers doing... sweet geebus. I haven't been following as closely as I have in the past, but it seemed quite obvious that this team has talent that is not being utilized properly. In other words... the coach seems to be the main problem staring everyone in the face. He should have been the obvious choice to depart first. I just don't get this move.. sure Hexy has made a few curious moves, but the team has a wealth of nice young talent and a fairly decent cap situation. Much better than where we were before Hexy. Can someone enlighten me?
  6. The fantasy hockey gods have FINALLY smiled on me just a bit. I've lost like 3 contests by a margin of a few points. I've been absolutely screwed on the goalie front as I missed the draft time. I'd be crushing this league if i had decent goalies If vasiline can catch fire... i'll be golden.
  7. Yeah.. maybe it's a bit better with the Name lettering in white. I dunno, though, I'm ok with the knockout black looks.
  8. Hey Podes... doin well.. just not involved in the hockey board dialogue of late. Figured I'd take a break from the world of politics, though, and join in again here. Things are much better in Flyerland these days. Been a joy to watch these guys play lately. Really happy to see the plan Hexy has been putting in place seems to be working out. What's new around here? doesn't seem to be any different from when I was last here... KK still complaining about everything lol.
  9. Love these sweaters. Don't usually get excited about any of the 3rd jerseys, but these are nice.
  10. Um.. not to throw shade on someone's bluster of outrage but uhh.. he was out for what? like a month? does take some time to get back to speed. And one does need to realize that he is here to win some face offs and take that burden off our captain. A value who's measure certainly is hard to quantify. I guess, all of this is to say... if we're complaining about Boyd, things are pretty good in Flyerland right now.
  11. I honestly don't know what sport you're watching because posts like these are truly confounding. If you look at Schenn's stats, since he's been here, he's consistently improved. He's only 4 games into this year and you're already ridin his back. He's what? 26? Just entering his 'prime' and you're ready to trade him for exactly what!? He's essentially avg 20g for the last 3 years, sprinting to 26 last year at the end. It's not inconceivable for him to hit 30 this year. Who, exactly, do you suggest the Flyers get for him who will provide more scoring for his contract value!?
  12. Re: Provy - It occurred to me, watching last night, that we have a great coach for developing these youngsters. While Provy has struggled mightily these last few games, Hak keeps putting him out there in key situations. We are literally watching him learn the bigly game. This is the necessary developmental process. As others have said.. he's not getting any better down in junior and he's not gonna just flip a switch and light up the NHL. So I guess any frustrations with him would have to be looked at as your own. Your expectations of him are unrealistic. This is a time worn tradition with Philly fandom so don't beat yourself up about it... but try to just sit back and accept it for what this is... another year of progress for a transitioning team.
  13. lol.. where's the eating popcorn emoji!?

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