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  1. Thanks so much for the offer TFG... alas, I was away from the interwebs since Fri. Oh well.. good luck to ALL your teams.
  2. Hey Pill.. thanks for trying. I really appreciated it, but I was in the mountains since Friday. d'oh. Oh well.. next year. GL!
  3. Dang... I was super late to this party. Oh well, if you need another team next year...
  4. Here to concur. Lmk when fantasy starts up boys!
  5. OH nevermind.. see I'm good. Draft on Sept. 29? Hope all you guys are doin well and had a nice summer.
  6. Hey peeps... I'll join again. I logged into my Yahoo account, but I didn't see an invite or that I was part of any league. Did I miss some deadline?
  7. I'm sure she's on some STL board somewhere explaining to them how they just don't get it.
  8. Here lies the 2014-2015 Philadelphia Flyers: Murdered by a traitor and a coward whose name is not worthy to appear here.
  9. One might call it 'conjecture' to make the supposition of a drinking problem based on one incident, but it's also known as an opinion. An opinion based on experience and the fact that this 'one night of drunken misadventure' led him to the drunk tank for the night. Ending up in jail because of drinking would be considered a problem... from where I stand.
  10. I said this in another thread... but, to me... it's concerning. You can dismiss it as harmless tom foolery and maybe it will be just that. Time will tell. However, G is the face of your franchise and mixing it up with the law while drunk is just a bad bad sign man. This certainly points to a problem with alcohol which tends to get a lot worse before it gets better. IF it gets better. Now, I'm not saying he's an alcoholic who needs to be saved before he kills himself, but ... it does point to a problem that needs to be addressed now.
  11. Well, it might not be. But, then again... it might. Alcohol is a very slippery slope that anyone who drinks is on. You might be at the top of the slide now, but it's very easy to fall in. I am a little bit concerned tbh. G had that 'golf' episode last year... we might now guess that a few drinks were imbibed at the time. I mean... does a rational human break his club and his wrist while playing golf? I think, that if the Flyers are smart, they will be encouraging G to get some private counseling now. butt gate... this could just be an isolated incident... but it might also be a sign that G is headed down a bad path.
  12. haha.. good one Rux... The only thing that gives me pause about this episode is that this kind of alcohol use always gets you in the end. should i leave now?
  13. well well, this just brings up the age old topic of: how much should one really make of the NMC candy that homer was handing out. many posters have pointed to those NMC as the ultimate handcuffs for this team. well, this is apparently not the case. sure, hexy's options may have been limited, but they couldn't have been THAT limited for Hartnell to be shipped off to CBJ.
  14. This is probably just clever positioning for a bigger payday. Buffalo is a long way from the cap floor! If anyone's got the history and ability to overpay... that's his best chance right there.
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