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  1. March 10 and 12th look very tough. Tampa and then Boston. Noone is unbeatable for sure. But they are very very hard tasks. However if they continue to play the way they have they can win those.
  2. DING! DING! DING! We have a funniest post of the week winner!
  3. Nah i got the affordable version....a Toyota...
  4. Yep. I've been following all year and that is the first tweet this comparing this Flyer team to ones from years past...who knew. To Walt Whitman you go...
  5. With 20 games remaining, the Philadelphia Flyers are on pace for their highest-scoring season since 1996-97.
  6. Man looking back the Hayes trade was huge i think no doubt. But Chuckles trading Gudas for a top pairing defenseman, a guy who can come in and provide Ivan the confident shoulder to lean so he can continue to round into one of the best defenseman in Flyer's history is soooo huge...i can't say enough how out of the park he hit this. Looking at how well those two are playing i don't think you could have planned it any better. Niskanen 7 goals 25 assist 32 points +5 71 blocked shots Provorov 11 goals 20 assist 31 points +4 100 blocked shots Man this has gotten better and better as the season has gone. And this has allowed the other two young guys i think Sanheim and Myers have less pressure so they can continue to work on their game. Having a dominate pair to put out vs the other teams top lines has been huge to helping Hart grown into his role. I just don't think Chuckles gets the credit he deserves....i know many have come here to put him on blast about all the negative things that could happen but none have really come out and it looks like they may have been wrong only a few to say well it looks good now but wait just wait it' may go south.....well we're waiting...i just hope the playoffs are their reward for turning it around this year.
  7. The best under the radar part of this winning streak is they are closing the gap on the ROW tiebreaker with these teams. Flyers have 31 the Isles have 32, CLB 31 and Canes 30 so that is a huge improvement. A few weeks ago these team and had 5 or 6 more than the Flyers...so this will be huge in fighting for that playoff spot down the stretch because it is a tight race. As has been said many times winning always helps and doing it in regulation or OT is the best way. Let's keep it going. Rangers are next and their young goalie is playing well. Hart vs Shesterkin should be a good one. These two could be going head to head for a long time.
  8. And now no Muzzin for 4 weeks with a broke hand....stick a fork in them they're done. R.I.P.
  9. Hey dominating the teams you're suppose to is what we have asked. It's a step in the right direction.
  10. Scary moment. @intheslot @AlaskaFlyerFan Hope the kid is ok.
  11. He might not be done let him get a hat trick then trade him!
  12. Great keep by Laughton. Laser pass by TK. Damn Hayes gets another one.... 4-1
  13. Laughton - Hayes - Konecny is on FIYA! So far so good.
  14. That is the way to start the second. 3-1 looks like the new top line is Hayes between Laughton and Konecny.
  15. Wow two post. No goal. And get a penalty to start the second. They need to forget that first period and come out much better to start the second. A shorty would be nice....
  16. A lot of sloppy play with the puck and it ends up in the net. No one there to defend the rebound. 1-1
  17. I don't care really where they play as long as they get the win and preferably in regulation and get 4 in a row. Do not sleep on these spoiler Sharks....go out get a lead and don't let your foot off the pedal keep it on their throat. They may not be done climbing in the standings...3 points from the second spot in the Metro is right there for the taking. Go get it!!!!!!
  18. Boy can he he has a nasty accurate wrist shot... ...man that thing is moving!

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