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  1. Hey look at it this way in the last 13 games you and Patrick are tied in points. You're better than I thought hanging with a #2 overall pick we might have to expose him in the draft and protect you.
  2. Hey he was the 2nd overall pick. No excuses. Get an assist and we'll talk.
  3. Man Ekholm has as many points (4 goals 2 assist) in the last 4 games as Patrick has in 20.
  4. You never know maybe he brings one or even his tutelage will to Ivan, Myers and Sanheim will help bring one that still counts. And it's just as likely as Patrick scoring 20 goals in a season. Right now pointless in 13 games let's see him just get an assist oh #2 overall great one. #babysteps Oh no I'm not fearful of it, hell I'm the one offering him up for the chance. And hey it might not work. There are no guarantees. But I like the chances better with Ekholm than I do with Patrick. Nola
  5. We win a Cup. So it would be worth it. They got something we got something it's how it works. But I get it you live in fear that it could not work out. Fine keep your magic beans then.
  6. Good job now see that wasn't so hard was it? First the results of what Ekholm brought to the team would need to be known. If they go to the finals and maybe lose to say Vegas I was worth it for all the kids to gain that type of experience. Especially if it cost Patrick who looks like he isn't very interested in playing from what I have seen or that he doesn't want to play for Philly. Once we know the results I guess then we could decide if we want to keep Ekholm or not because he would be under contract for next season. And
  7. I agree it is what we have been discussing for a few hours now here. So now your turn let's hear your story on what positive can come from the trade. I can't wait to hear.
  8. Whew for a second there I thought you had a negative outlook on this situation...
  9. Well for starters he has gone 13 games without so much as an assist and is -7. Nice stat line. Basically a boat anchor it looks like.
  10. I don't see how he has no choice since he only has two right hand shots.
  11. Well he has his work cut out for him. All he has this draft is a 2nd a 5th and their 7th along with the Blue Jackets and Ducks 7th round picks. Yikes. I smell a fire sell coming.
  12. Yep I imagine he will have the big task of trading Malkenstein soon for a few picks and prospects soon maybe even this offseason.
  13. Yes give this kid the start that last game he played his team hung him out to dry. So get back in the saddle and strap it down.
  14. Who are we kidding here they ain't getting Ekholm it makes to much sense and to good to be true, they will let him go to a rival I know it. Watch Ron Hextall go out and make a move like that just to keep the Flyers from getting him.
  15. This could be an option too. But maybe you take away an option that Seattle would like in Ghost too. But surely there are options on the table to go get this guy because damn I would really really hate to have to play the Bruins or the Penguins with this guy guarding their blue line for the next two years.
  16. Not necessarily Chuckles can always work something out for them not to take him. There could be options. And also by then we would have a better idea of what he can bring and help out with. Teams did it with Vegas. So there would be options it isn't set in stone.
  17. I have seen way more passion and hustle from Frost than I have ever seen from Nolan. Sure I have concerns for him but it is no where the same in my mind. Frost just needs to get stronger so he can handle the rigors of the NHL but the tools are there. Patrick not so much. Frost needs to hit the weights get him a good nutrition program going which I have to assume he has already been doing before the injury now we just have to wait to see the results of his hard work. Morgan too is still young only 21. He is
  18. That is a solid choice as well. Basil Hayden is a very good one too. I grabbed two bottles of it at Costco last week.
  19. Yes it is the equivalent of giving Wentz the Oline WRs and running game he needs to be successful. Otherwise these Philly fans will be wanting to run Carter Hart out of town. Hell I have already seen where they are wanting to keep playing Elliott because Hart has struggled some. Get this kid the pieces he needs to succeed. Stop waiting for some magic beans they planted and hope to sprout. Today still counts.
  20. Exactly my gut tells me now the longer he plays and shows what we see now the further and further his value drops. I would love to be dead wrong and next week he blows the doors off of us all but I just can't see it. I just don't see anything in his game that says I want to prove I am the best young forward on this team and I want to show them I deserve that #2 center spot. Nothing I am sorry. I call it like I see it. So I trade him now while his value is at it's highest....because if you wait till this time next year you ain't getting shat for h
  21. More than likely they were sold out of it. It is my favorite. The Buffalo Trace bourbon from what I hear from friends is it is the closest thing you can get to Pappy without buying Pappy. I have never had the privilege to taste any Pappy so I take their word. I like Mitcher's is a good buy I think.
  22. They don't have a defenseman of Ekholm's caliber. There is a reason why I think he will more than likely be the crown jewel of the trade deadline...at least on defense. Guys like him don't come available every year...so be the guy to make to bold move. Be proactive. Not reactive.
  23. Well said. I could not agree more. Be bold, make a bold move... ...and as part of the arms race how much does it matter that Ekholm doesn't fall into the enemies hands weigh? I would rather play with him than against him and him taking liberties with the Konecny and Lindblom of the Flyers.
  24. Sure but this doesn't feel like that. This would feel like a move they made for Kimmo Timonium. What age was Kimmo when he started his Flyer career? 32. And he played 7 years with the Flyers. Maybe this works out. They trade a 1st round pick for him and Hartnell. And it worked out very well. Sure they fell short of the Cup but they haven't been back since. And this is a risky move to I get it. I'll take that chance...otherwise I feel they will be left holding their dicks when it all done
  25. Maybe it has already been spiked... ...I'll never tell.
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