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  1. Flyers Serious About Gostisbehere Trade We’d discussed the rumors before, but Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic confirms that defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere of the Philadelphia Flyers is available in trade. LeBrun writes that the team has moved beyond just contemplating a trade, but “shown a serious willingness” to move Gostisbehere for the first time. The 27-year-old blueliner has three more years on his deal at a $4.5 million cap hit, although the cash payout is $3.25 million per season from here on out because it was a front-loaded deal. That might be appealing to some teams. He screams change of scenery, that’s for sure. And it appears he may get one. source – ‘LeBrun: New GMs fast at work in Arizona and Florida ahead of pivotal offseason’ – Pierre LeBrun – The Athletic – 09/28/2020
  2. Flyers name Chris Stewart Player Development Coach NHL veteran joins Flyers Hockey Operations staff in development role
  3. Should have atleast resigned Myers first just mind boggling at times what this club does....
  4. I do you don't overpay for a 6th or 7th defenseman especially with Ghost already making 4.5 mill to ride the bench and when cap space is already tight...you just don't do it. I'm not the biggest fan of Hagg he has a lot of holes in his game...so now what do they do with Ghost?? No way you can't afford to go through another year of yo yoing him in and out of the lineup. Feels like they are painting themselves into a familiar corner...
  5. I think this is about 300K to much but what ya gonna do... ...so about 6.2 mill left to resign Myers and a backup goalie with and then for who else????
  6. I think this is about 300K to much but what ya gonna do... ...so about 6.2 mill left to resign Myers and a backup goalie with and then for who else????
  7. That's not saying much these days... sheeesh...
  8. If you can move out these assets you have to go all in on AP. I would love this move. Niskenen frees up 5.7 mill. Ghost 4.5 mill. And Hagg around 1 mill. It frees up 11.2 mill to pursue AP. What will it take per year 8.5? 9? Do it.
  9. I haven't seen this anywhere so i figured why not post this here... Provorov - Pietrangelo Sanheim - Myers Zamula - Friedman Morin Move Niskanen, Ghost and Hagg.....no one wake me please....
  10. Well i thought Sandstrom would've been a nice tandem with Ustimenko but man he struggled in the ECHL. His 885% with the Royals doesn't look inspiring. It is why is wish they would have brought him over sooner to work on his game in North america but they let him stay over in the SHL on his first year of his entry level contract never understood that and now he seems far behind. He will be 24 this year so the jury is still out on him not sure if they missed on him yet or not. I guess it took Markstrom awhile before he really showed he could be a capable goalie in the NHL maybe Sandstrom has a good year and gets bumped up. Looks like the forgotten one Matej Tomek finally found a good spot to work on his game and had a very good year with Trencin and in 32 games played put up 927% i wonder if he works himself back into the Flyers plans with Sandstrom struggling. Guess will see i'm afraid though Lyon is just another journeyman backup a dime a dozen type of guy.
  11. I believe he Hayes and TK could be an amazing line. I would love to roll the dice on it. And if he isn't then you can move on.
  12. I think this would be a decent trade for both teams. I think the Wild make out slightly better in this one. So might have to add to this deal since Dumba has 3 more years under contract and Laine will be looking for a new deal. Might have to find that guy through a trade because the top guy on the market is Ryan Nugent Hopkins who would top out as a second line center at best i think.
  13. I think it's a no brainer the Flyers have to move some salary out for this to happen but i have said i would entertain this before. Our favorite Flyer rumor guy at it again... On Gaudreau and the Flyers...I am told this possibility is really only there if the Flames can get Taylor Hall to return home to play, but if that does happen there is a deal that could be made (e4) So i'll leave it here to discuss. I think he and Hayes could rekindle their college days magic and worst case it's 1 or 2 year experiment to see if that can take place. But for two years 6.7 mill per why not especially if we are hoping Giroux, Jake and JVR get their heads out of their arses...why not move on of these bums and see if he can help??? If you could move out JVR for this roll of the dice i would go for it. Worst case scenario he doesn't workout and you trade him in the offseason with one year left on his deal or by the 2021-22 trade dead line as a playoff rental. Feel free to chime in or rant about something...
  14. I know injuries are part of the game but makes me wonder if injuries have caught up to the Stars vs Lightning. Stars would be much better if they had Johns, Faksa, Bishop and Comeau. I guess it goes to say next game is a must win.
  15. He'll be 28 this year so I think a very 3rd call up goalie is as about as good as he'll ever be. He just always seems to lose his positioning in the NHL when there is a lot of traffic near his crease and plays small in net at times. I would rather see Ustimenko get a call up honestly if they need a guy to get a look at him in net if the chance ever arises. If I am the Flyers I certainly kick the tires of Griess this offseason in place of Elliott too.
  16. @Brewin Flames @Podein25 The fight of all fights...after they go to the box skip to the 2:30 mark for the real fireworks... ...a new meaning to the term stick work...
  17. I can see them keeping their first two picks in the first but i would look to move the 28th pick for some help now...unless they want to tank again...
  18. I'm looking at the Senators sitting there with 3 first round picks this year in the draft (13 total to use)....could Chuckles persuade them into something of value to help use up that 39 million in cap space for say for Connor Brown (RFA) and a draft pick??? Just wondering aloud.....
  19. A good eye opening read... No one wants a John Tavares style contract this season [Hidden Content]
  20. I bet you wished you hadn't asked for that now....what a shi t feast...blow the Eagles up!!!!!!!
  21. This sucks. Guess Canadians are pissed no Cup for them again this year...
  22. I'm going to day Dallas in 7. Why? Because well I haven't picked them yet and they have proven me wrong so I guess now, why the f**k not?
  23. Yeah what if the Flyers had drafted Bjorkstrand instead of Goulbourne?
  24. Looking back through an old thread (slow day at work)... ...imagine if this had never went down Oilers could've had Barzal in their top 6. Maybe on McDavid wing...just think about that....
  25. Yeah Ratcliffe still need to learn how to play still and use his size better for the NHL, in juniors isn't wasn't such a big difference when he was bigger than everyone. But in the AHL/NHL they have some big boys he needs to learn to utilize it better and when to use his speed. Ratty has shown with Suzuki with a solid playmaker he can put the the net. In fact I think he is the only Flyer's draft prospect to actually score 50 goals in juniors since the Clarke and McLeish days. That is a long time.

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