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  1. Yes. Myers, Sanheim and Ghost can bring the offense. They need a stay at home guy who plays defense and knows how to show the kids how to do it. Gudas can't be that guy because there are many times he doesn't know what the f**k he is doing. So i would move him out if you can get the stay at home guy. I could live with it but i would like to try him on the top pair first. The reason being i think Myers can soon be that top pair to play with Ivan. He was rumored on the block most of the season. Not sure if he can handle top pair minutes though. Depending on the cost.
  2. The guy i truly want probably wants to stay where he is at, since he has pretty much his whole career. And is already on a good team. Mark Giordano. So there has to be another option.
  3. This team just has no life in them it seems. Please for the love of God callup some talent to help in the bottom 6. Give NAK a shot that kid is ready and he may bring some fire because good lawd Varone, Knight and Bailey ain't get shat done... 7 games left WTF not? They might use him on the 4th next year at least to start.
  4. Yeah I agree. Which makes me wonder if they offer Gordon the job back this offseason. It's where I think he needs to be the AHL.
  5. Dave Isaac @davegisaac Just gonna pin this tweet because I must’ve posted this 50 times. Scott Gordon said he’ll play Morin when/if the Flyers are officially eliminated. Not when it *appears* they’re done, not when it’s the fans’ opinion they’re done. Not endorsing it, just saying that’s the plan.
  6. Tony Androckitis @TonyAndrock In that @davegisaac story, Farabee said to be nursing a small injury and will likely report to #LVPhantoms on ATO for the duration of the season if/when he's healthy.
  7. Tony Androckitis @TonyAndrock In that @davegisaac story, Farabee said to be nursing a small injury and will likely report to #LVPhantoms on ATO for the duration of the season if/when he's healthy.
  8. It ain't looking good for either to be honest LV is 8 points behind Hershey for the last spot in the Atlantic right now. So who knows maybe they let him play with the Flyers. Whatever is best for the kid is what I want.
  9. God I hope not I can't stand another one. Th main reason I think is they are looking around the league and teams are letting some of the kids play and work through the transition issues that will come with it. Hextall was afraid of that and over protective to an extent as in a bad way. Guess we'll see what they have planned going forward into the offseason. And with money to burn I expect them to peruse a guy like Panarin instead of just letting the Isles and Rangers battle it out for his services.
  10. He could and it won't cost him a year of his entry level contract because he signed a ATO and his entry level won't start till next year. But I wonder if he won't go to the Phantoms because they are fighting for the playoffs too and can use all the help they can get. Guess we'll see soon.
  11. morgan frost @_morganfrost_10 Let’s go!! @FarabeeJoel Morgan is happy for him.
  12. Looks like the Brayden Schenn's trade tree is beginng to show signs of blossom, how long till he and Frost bare fruit? He lead BU in points and goals his freshman year. One and done. Kid has some good sniper skills the Flyers need. And we see some amazing visison. Now we'll see where this leads...
  13. Exactly he will be the best pure sniper on the team till they add someone else this kid can score. And the Flyers need scorers something bad. 12 minutes a night night will be a good start for him the only thing bad though is it might bump Oskar down to the 4th. It is what it is is why I said earlier in the year some of these kids better take advantage of this year because new skilled kids are coming. Guys like NAK, Vorobyev, Vecchione and Laberge will feel the heat this next camp. Ratcliffe, Frost, Allison, Strome and Lacynski are coming space is limited. Snooze ya lose.
  14. We'll see. Let it play out. I'm betting he makes the team from his ability to score alone. 3rd line would be a perfect start and the PK more than likely once he proves himself.
  15. Well Flyers have their 3rd line LW for next year. [Hidden Content]
  16. Sweet all those guys leaving I am sure played a factor in it too. So it will be nice if he gets a game in to end the season once the are eliminated and I hope Phantoms make the playoffs so he can help them on a playoff run!
  17. Ghost, Sanheim and even Myers have a nice wrister. The thing they struggle with more it seems is the accuracy part of it and that just comes I think with more practice with it and then sometimes letting it go and see what happens goalies always struggle to glove a wrister than a slapper with or with out traffic because it comes down to a timing thing they can usually hear the slapper and then it's a bam bam play and it's on them. The wrister is harder because of the varying velocity that could be on it is hard to gauge. And if you get some traffic even harder then you have rebounds and deflection to worry about. What we don't know are they being discouraged to NOT use it I can't say.
  18. Right on sounds like you have watched a game or two of these guys I just have to add: Instead of getting a simple wrister on net with a clear lane,would rather choose to wind up and take a huge slapper, only with the lengthy time to do so giving a defender time to jump in and clog what was a clear lane for the block..
  19. Farabee may sign his entry level deal this week from reports, so yeah Frost and Farabee will be worth it...hopefully...
  20. What about instead of Hjarlmrsson it was Brayden Mcnabb from the Knights?
  21. He really was the Anti Finn those guys are known skaters with speed like Obama I need to see Jori's birth certificate...
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