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  1. Allen in net. It's a loss, since he's a hot goalie.
  2. I'm just waiting for Leipold to come to the realization that the Wild are in for a rebuild. A long one.
  3. If you have a sub for The Athletic, have a read: [Hidden Content] A quote if you don't: Granted, it's mostly for individual players, but I'm guessing he adapts those projections for team projections.
  4. I predict about a 40-45% win rate, which is like 32-35 wins. But only if they play neutral zone trap. Only realistic way they're gonna win games, because we just don't have any proper finishers. And we have a slow team, which means we can't play uptempo games either.
  5. Let's not kid ourselves, most players don't want to talk to the media anyhow. There's a reason most players have their cliché answers. Heck, I'd prefer Parise take his issues with the coach directly to the coach instead of blabbering to the media on "how it should be done".
  6. Same kind of contract as Donato and Eek signed. Basically a "Prove it"-contract. Good and fair deal nonetheless.
  7. Happy Birthday, my fellow 1984 baby! 😄
    Hope you have a great day!

  8. Nice. Liked Guerin as a player a lot and from what I've read, he's a great personality. Hope he can steer this ship back onto a proper path.
  9. Did you read the latest 'Down goes Brown'-article? It's pretty comical to read because it's pretty much the truth.
  10. It was 10 times, not 10 people, but I digress. If the Wild would've scouted or atleast watched 80+ of Rasks games, like they did with Staal prior to his signing, the outcome definitely would've been different. Or it wouldn't. Hard to say really after all the reports about Fenton and his personality after his firing.
  11. So Kessel decided to join Coyotes instead of the Wild.
  12. And he got traded just as his girlfriend was in labour. That prolly shook things up as well.

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