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  1. He's half-russian. His mother is a finn and he has lived in Finland for all of his life (his father is an icon for Tappara) , so he should be eligible for the Wild. Imagine Barkov-Kaprizov.... *sigh* Hey a man can dream, can't he!?
  2. Dear Paul Fenton - You need a true number 1 center: get Alexander Barkov.
  3. The hell is going on? Waking up for morningshift and I see Wild leading the Bolts with 3-0
  4. Hasn't Kunin played a lot at the wing though?
  5. March 1, 2019 AWAY HOME Pittsburgh 4 Buffalo 2 7:00 PM Washington 2 N.Y. Islanders 4 7:00 PM Montreal 3 N.Y. Rangers 1 7:00 PM Philadelphia 4 New Jersey 3 7:00 PM St. Louis 2 Carolina 5 7:30 PM Nashville 4 Winnipeg 2 8:00 PM Vegas 3 Anaheim 0 10:00 PM Colorado 1 San Jose 4 10:30 PM
  6. February 28, 2019 AWAY HOME Philadelphia 2 Columbus 4 7:00 PM Toronto 3 N.Y. Islanders 4 7:00 PM Edmonton 1 Ottawa 3 7:30 PM Tampa Bay 0 Boston 1 7:30 PM Vancouver 4 Arizona 2 9:00 PM Florida 4 Vegas 1 10:00 PM Dallas 2 Los Angeles 3 10:30 PM
  7. You don't always have to take what you get, atleast for time being. Fenton didn't even ask for a pick along with Fiala. He basically traded a known commodity for an unknown, without any backup whatsoever. And it does not really matter if it's a 3rd rounder or not, Kaprizov was drafted at 5th round and we all know what we feel about him. I am waiting to see what happens with Fiala, no doubts about that (heck I was patiently waiting to see what became of Granny and Dumba). But he better be at Tarasenkos level at his peak. Because that's how good Fenton and Fiala-fans reckon he's going to be. Anything less, and I'll be miffed about it.
  8. February 26, 2019 AWAY HOME Los Angeles 2 Carolina 4 7:00 PM Pittsburgh 3 Columbus 4 7:00 PM Ottawa 2 Washington 5 7:00 PM Calgary 4 N.Y. Islanders 3 7:00 PM Buffalo 5 Philadelphia 2 7:00 PM San Jose 3 Boston 1 7:00 PM Montreal 1 Detroit 2 7:30 PM Minnesota 3 Winnipeg 5 8:00 PM Nashville 3 St. Louis 2 8:00 PM Florida 5 Arizona 3 9:00 PM Dallas 3 Vegas 1 10:00 PM
  9. Oh I'm sure you will. I'm a fat, lazy bastard and ain't afraid to admit it, so I'll pass.
  10. Is that your way of calling yourself... old?
  11. We had one, and now he plays for the team that two of our top-5 used to play for. Hopefully Fiala has a similar debut like Donato had. And work from there.
  12. Tell me about it. Heck I'm arguing with several people about the return we got from Granlund over at The Athletic comments section. People are like 'Oh, Fiala is going to be, and has been, so much better than Granlund, especially during playoffs!' How about no? Granny was better the first two full seasons, compared to Fiala. Granny has better playoff performance compared to Fiala (albeit Granny could've been better), 0,5 pts/gp vs 0,25 pts/gp. Fiala also had top-6 minutes when Forsberg etc were injured a lot. Everything about Fiala is worse than what Granny brought, except for goalscoring. And I'll believe in Fiala being a 30+ goalscorer when he has done that on a consistent basis. Because I don't have much faith in peoples word about him having a high ceiling. Remember, these same people believed Granny would be a 80-90 point guy when he arrived here way back. I really, really hope this trade pans out well for us, but on paper it doesn't look good.
  13. You're talking about the pages over here? Keep in mind that this is relatively small site yet. So activity is very minimal apart from a few team forums. But checking other forums, people are more than happy that Nashville kept Tolvanen, Fabbri and their 1st rounder, considering they got Granny and Simmonds.
  14. Hey! We got a 7th round pick in 2020 draft for Matt Hendricks! Future Datsyuk incoming?
  15. That most likely happens. And he's soon becoming a father as well. So I wish him the very best.
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