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  1. Seeler is also available it seems. Would give Wild some snarl in the backend.
  2. Taken from comment section: Minnesota Wild connection with CF? Check Defensively responsible? Check Able to model correct D behavior for young D-men? Check Shorter contract than Hamilton, but longer than Jones? Check Right-handed? No (can’t have everything). As long as it is no more than 6*4, this would be a win. A big win. Sign the contract the day after the draft, CF. Maybe even protect JVR. And first response: Point three is important.
  3. Luckily I wasn't a part of that posse. But yeah, sometimes the homerism was bad, especially the Koivu fandom. Nevertheless, finns weren't the only fans suffering from rampant homerism. Oh, the good ol' days.
  4. Oh gods, the whole 'message board mafia' debacle. Still remember that.
  5. Just got one word for this: Wowza!
  6. Whatever happens, it's been fun. Go Wild! On a sidenote: hope Wild win just so I can rub it in the face of my coworker, he loathes the Wild.
  7. Whitecloud seems to get his butt handed by any Wild player; first he gets tumbled by Kaprizov a while ago and now Moose sent him to the stands.
  8. Thanks for the read, LiG. I'm just gonna say that Wild has played well over my expectations this season. I honestly thought we were going to miss the playoffs this year so I was more prepared to watch and keep track of individual perfomances instead. Like hoping Kap having a good start to his NHL career (has been even better), Dumba having a comeback year (sadly hasn't happened) Talbot doing OK behind our defense (he's been great even). Stuff like that. Never did I see Eek score as much as he's done, Brodin is so underrated and now he's even shooting now and then. Didn
  9. Can we tempt you guys with Parise? He's good value! Promise! ... I'll see myself out.
  10. Same points the Vegas' beat writer wrote about a few days back. Biggest difference was that vast majority of Vegas' goals came from the slot while ours were more spread, with most coming from the goal area (aka scrappy goals). Also our bottom-6 is much stronger than theirs.
  11. When was the last time we've done well against the Blues? 4-5 years ago? Like we're Vegas' weak point, the Blues are ours.
  12. Wonder if our Foligno could pummel him a new one.
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