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  1. Kaprizov is exempt due to him being a 1st year player
  2. Kind shows that Wild need to play hardnosed in-your-face type of hockey to win against teams like Vegas and Colorado. I'm just amazed how Kap shoots his wristers and snapshots with his hands so high up his stick. Kid has a seriously strong lower body and shoulders to pulls those shots off with that kind of accuracy and speed.
  3. Kinda telling when Kap-Rask-Zucc plus our 4th line that are able to stay the longest in the offensive zone.
  4. Fiala should try passing to the Vegas guys instead, maybe that way he'd actually manage to connect a pass to one of our guys. Because hot damn, even a blind and deaf person would give better passes.
  5. It's surreal, even NHL.com is now writing about the Wild.
  6. Think it's the first time in his career that he has a proper D-corp in front of him.
  7. Definitely. Couple of times when Eek or Greenway were in front of the net creating a mask, he made a pass instead of taking a shot.
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