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  1. Mediocrity is what the Flyers strive for. I'm sure they will achieve it once again this season.
  2. JR, with all due respect, I don't agree with any of your essay. Perhaps in the group of friends and family you associate with, you have been led to believe this. I worked 30 years in a busy big city fire department, in maybe the most multicultural community in the world, populated by hard working people. Most of them don't relate to hockey, simply because they can't afford it. Hockey in Canada is an elitist sport, has been for some time. When the little bett turd allows us to put our best on the ice, we pay attention. Problem is , this only happens every 4 or 8 years. The WJC doesn't even allo
  3. Yea, we sit up here in the snow wishing we had 35,000 gun deaths a year, engineered poverty and hatred, republicans, the worst covid response in the world, etc, etc. I do like Myrtle Beach in November, and Siesta Key is nice too.
  4. someone must have slipped the little bett turd a twenty. He does nothing for the game of hockey or the fans, he only knows one way. Money.
  5. All the changes were hail marys, bandaids, call it what you like. No big cause to excite now, no look to the future. Two exceptional top end drafts coming up completely overlooked by Chuckie. More mediocre. The only thing to look forward to this season is hoping Risto blows a few guys up. Maybe Chuck will surprise us and make some deft moves at the deadline to set himself up for the entry drafts to come.
  6. Hagg plus going to Buffalo. Don't know what the plus is yet.
  7. great win for Craig and Brayden and the St Louis Blues. Big boy hockey at its finest!
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