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  1. Didn't watch the game, probably won't for a while yet. My sunny disposition is reserved for things other than this Flyers team, like grandkids, puppies and golf. 9-0, 8-3, 6-1 twice to Buffalo wasn't very professional and ate up all my sunny towards the Flyers. There is one singular goal Mojo, a Stanley Cup in my life, and beating a mediocre Pens team in a shootout is a step in the wrong direction in achieving that goal. Drafting outside the top 5 will ensure more of the same of what we've seen most of the past 20 years. Thats not un-sunny, that reality.
  2. The franchise is consistent in one aspect. Everything they touch turns to shite. Including the upcoming draft with results like tonight.
  3. There may be some truth to what you say O.R., but I will say this if I'm Sanheim. I would hesitate to wade into something on this team. You could find yourself in a 5 against 1 scenario if you're on the ice with 28 & 93. Nobody has shown any moxy for 10 years, not since Richards and Pronger left the building. As Canuck said, I am jettisoning 15 other guys before I get to Sanheim.
  4. You're welcome. Was at a coaching symposium years ago that he was a part of. It was part of his thought process to make the players all pull together. Making them all hate him gave them all something in common.
  5. I give him a year or 2 more. First, I don't think he's had any level of coaching since coming here. 2nd, IMO he needs a season or 2 with a guy like Jamie Oleksiak who can show him how to use his big body effectively, including putting a little snarl in his game. 3rd, IMO he has not seen any effective or proper professional game leadership in the room since he got here.
  6. This team has been a s*&^ show for ten years. THe 2010 cup final may have been the cause. The losers in the corporate suits were delirious rolling around in the playoff revenues with big chubbies and cheshire cat grins on their greedy disgusting little faces. The worst thing that could happen to this collection of poofters would be making the playoffs. It would just lock us in to several more years of what we have suffered through the past months. My favourite Mike Keenan story, and we all have different opinions on Iron Mike. First year in Chicago, Hawks were playing soft disjointed
  7. He is going to cost an asset in the Kraken draft. His final insult to the fans. For all he has done for the Flyers he has equaled with failure.
  8. If they blowed this up when they should have blowed this up they would be a serious contender with a young exciting team to watch. Hextall was a turd of a GM and a horrible assayer of talent and what it takes to win in the playoffs. I hope he does the same to the Pens.
  9. So, day after trade deadline, after no moves, after losing 9-0, 8-3, 6-1, 6-1, 5-3, all to non playoff teams, this is how Chuckles holds the leadership and players accountable for their collective pathetic effort the past month. " Don't worry about it, you can play tomorrow night and cash your cheque on Thursday". Dysfunction Flyers. The only thing left to hope for is they get bucket skated a few times before the season ends.
  10. Players who are accountable to themselves, their teammates, the families who got them where they are, and the crest on the front of the sweater. So nobody over 25 on the current roster.
  11. He doesn't have the cajonies. He proved it yesterday. Thats why they hired him.
  12. I think Chuck thinks Raffl and Gus are major changes. He is carrying the sabotage torch that Hexy lit to its conclusion.
  13. Sabre. I want a little brain damage on my backend. If they don't start protecting Hart,( one of the 2 legitimate assets they have), he will be the next Bryzgalov.
  14. Good signing Chuck, you dick. And with the 7th next year you can draft my 87 year old mother. She's tougher than every stay puff marshmallow on your team right now.
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