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  1. Any platform that gives the little turd Bettman exposure has a downside. It is no longert about the players, it is a corporate schmooz. He has snubbed the fans once again with his ignorant Olympics comments.
  2. I think this is why they brought JVR back. To address this apathy and lack of intensity.
  3. Tachuk is a petulant little girl in a boys body, just like his dad and his brother. He is the poster boy for where hockey is today. The game used to have a code, when it was played by men. He should not be celebrated for his behavior. He wouldn't have lasted a month in the NHL or the CHL 25 years ago.
  4. Flyers currently have 1 player in the top 50 NHL players, Claude Giroux. They have 1 player in the top 50 NHL prospects, Morgan Frost. There is only one way out of this, and that is to blow it up. The corporates won't like it, they prefer mediocre, but the loyal fan base deserves better. There is no fix through trades and UFA signings. GM's around the league are all more competent today, in addition to the salary cap. Hextall's dream of building whilst sneaking into the playoffs is just that, a dream. Trading from the top of the diminishing talent pool down will accrue plenty of prospects and draft picks. there are a number of teams who believe they can win in the playoffs by adding a piece or 2. The Flyers have a few of those pieces . If every Flyer prospect currently in the system were to reach their potential, they would still not have the right mix of players to win in the playoffs. Its time to BLOW IT UP, as it has been for the past 8 years.
  5. What core? All he has are a bunch of diminishing assets. 10 more years of mediocre to look forward to.
  6. The current position in the standings is a little misleading. The high win % at home is against league bottom feeders, for the most part. The end of January will tell the tale, a tough month on the schedule. Overall though, this team is soft. They are not built for the playoffs, if they should make it. Hextalls thirst for skill has left the Flyers light and easy to play against. They give up a huge amount of easy goals against most nights. The talent we are all waiting to develop has probably hit the apex, mid first round picks traditionally aren't top 6 or first pair players, that is the historical reality. I honestly don't project a move up the standings with the current roster and prospects. Fletcher will have to do something creative to get this team to the next level. IMO, Hart, Provorov and Koneckny are the only keepers.
  7. Turds have been laid for the past decade, mostly in the GMs office, which has trickled down to the on ice effort. Mediocrity reigns.
  8. The issue is a team that drafts in the mid teens every year and remains mediocre for a decade. Not enough talent, lack of leadership, and an obvious disjointed management group. But a great mascot and the best anthem singer in pro sports. Happy New Year everybody.
  9. The answer to all your questions is a simple one. Bettman. He has no integrity, he only cares about the money. He would sell his own mother for a nickel. And unfortunately, the corrupt owners continue to back him. The little turd even put himself in the hall of fame. Torts had every right to vent like he did, I wish more coaches and GMs had his passion for the game and said what needs to be said.
  10. agreed, you can't give up line up spots, but the last 2 cup finals all 4 teams played heavy big boy hockey. Current Flyer line up is not ready to compete like that.
  11. Nobody in the league is afraid anymore. The linesmen babysit all the little rats. However, December in Ottawa has no similarities to Washington in May.
  12. The Flyers should trade for Sam Bennett and Mark Boroweicki. Farabee was not drafted to fight or be the team tough guy.
  13. This line up is soft and average at best, even when healthy. That is the reality. Sneaking into the playoffs and pleasing the corporation is the mantra. 9 years of rebuilding and still not close. Is anyone paying attention in the hockey office?
  14. The hit was fine. Thats hockey. What isn't fine is the coach dressing a marshmallow line up against a team like Ottawa with Hagg and Stewart in the press box. The Flyers are lucky there wasnt 2 other concussions Saturday, Farabee and Jake were fortunate not to be pummeled.
  15. Embarrassing. Getting run out of your own building. No push back. Nobody to push back. Maybe Carter Hart will dummy Tachuk.

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