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  1. The hit was fine. Thats hockey. What isn't fine is the coach dressing a marshmallow line up against a team like Ottawa with Hagg and Stewart in the press box. The Flyers are lucky there wasnt 2 other concussions Saturday, Farabee and Jake were fortunate not to be pummeled.
  2. Embarrassing. Getting run out of your own building. No push back. Nobody to push back. Maybe Carter Hart will dummy Tachuk.
  3. 6-1 over the Leafs. Merry Christmas to me. Thanks Flyers. Keep up the good work.
  4. words of wisdom from words of wisdom. TDHLF.
  5. Neither gets moved. they fit in perfectly with the Flyers plan to hover around the 2nd wildcard for the rest of this century and the next.
  6. Striving for Mediocrity by the entire comcast and Flyer executive.
  7. Lack of leadership. Should not lose to this team.
  8. Patrick was injured when they drafted him. Nothing has really changed. Morin was a risk pick, he was ranked much lower in most scouting lists. Just more Flyer mediocrity, which is what we have all become accustomed to.
  9. The Flyers are exactly where a team that drafts mid teens year after year chasing playoff revenue should be. Mediocre cheque cashers.
  10. SOOOFFFFFFTTTTT. Sad when the mascot is the only toughness on the team.
  11. Predictions certainly to be wrong: the officiating will be better and Bettman will retire, enabling the game to move forward on the ice.
  12. Happy 70th Birthday Bobby Clarke, greatest of all Flyers.
  13. He has been a loyal heart and soul Flyer for more than 30 years. Thanks for your service Paul. If its a crime to try and win then he is guilty.
  14. Relax Ron its a nice summer day. A little touchy today about your clown president. I still like taking a chance on Puljaarvi. He is big and fast.
  15. Which would make it a fair fight with your current fake president.

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