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  1. Hes not soft enough to play for this powder puff team.
  2. The Flyers relentless, tireless never say never quest for mediocrity continues. What a **** show. Let Gritty be the GM. Maybe he will have the balls to build a contender. This team is so f&*king irrelevant right now it disgusts me.
  3. Always been a JW fan, always will be, he is even from my neighborhood. But there are no more ex Flyers who can come back and make it more than mediocre. There is a serious opportunity to manage the current assets, to make the Flyers significant once again, and get past the corporate desire of sneaking into the playoffs. I hope Fletcher has the stones to do it. He needs to gut the 30 somethings, not bring more in.
  4. tampas 1st is essentially a 2nd round pick. Raddysh and Katchouk.
  5. Missed it. Went to a jr game in Peterborough tonight. I see that the little sewer rat Gallagher got a hat trick. Pretty much all you need to know about the softness of this Flyer team.
  6. Only winner here is the agents and the moving company. Ho hum.
  7. Mojo they won 3 cups by paying the price. The current Flyers are in last place. End of story.
  8. Joel Quennville is obviously a good coach. Keep in mind though, there is no Toews, Kane, Keith, Seebrooke, Hossa, Hjarmalsson, Sharp, Oduya, Bickell. These guys make bad coaches good.
  9. I wish I could share everyone's evaluation of the Flyers talent. Somewhere on an NHL players skill set checklist there needs to be a column for heart, effort, integrity, toughness (mental and physical) pushback, resolve, teamwork, leadership, hockey smarts, coachability, and more. Not just skating and stickhandling. These traits come from inside a players soul, not from a coach. I am certain the current Flyers roster has many of these attributes. For some reason, they seem to have all disappeared at the same time this season. The Vegas mantra was to draft and trade for players who have all of these attributes. It seems to be working for them.
  10. There is no downside to his return. Even if he sucks he will fit right in. Could cause a problem for management. If he is good.
  11. This is 100% not intended to offend any of the players on the current rosters of the Flyers and Phantoms, nor any of the drafted prospects, but there is nothing even remotely close to bringing a cup to Philly. This fantasy that the young prospects are going to bring it is misguided. And 2 game winning streaks only hurt, not help. Has Fletcher already been given the mediocrity recipe? Teams on the playoff bubble are looking to make moves and probably overpay. First in usually wins, blow it up Mr Fletcher. You currently have nothing to lose.
  12. i hope he isn't trading the future for a playoff push by order of the corporate greed f*#ks. That would be a huge mistake. Still time to blow it up and turn it around quickly if done properly.
  13. People need to ask themselves what they want from this Flyer team. Do we want to watch our favorite players continue to wallow in the mud playing uninspired hockey, or do we want a team with an actual plan to win a cup in the future. Keep in mind there has never been an actual rebuild under Hextall, just a box of bandaids trying to sneak into the playoffs year after year. He held on to his picks and prospects, but how many of those mid round picks are ever going to be leaders in a cup run? If you think this team is a goalie and a stud dman away, you need to rethink your evaluations of the current roster and prospect pool. Drafting in the top 2 for the next 2 years would be a good first step.
  14. BLOW IT UP. Every day that goes by the value of Flyer players diminishes. What a dysfunctional organization it is right now. From top to bottom.
  15. Detroit won pre salary cap with 10 HOF players in the lineup. Crosby has 3 cups. Next.
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