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  1. 1 goal in 2 home games. This team is just not good enough.
  2. Finishing 8 or 9 in the conference gets you exactly what the Flyers are. Fair to middling. Mediocre. Check out TSN.ca tonight. They rank every teams young core players.
  3. this goes on in every sports locker room. F*#k that uber driver. Thats why you dont fet in uber cars.
  4. nope. The Flyers are soft enough already.
  5. Toews Kane Keith Seabrook Hossa in their 20's Quennville great coach. Same 5 guys 10 years later, not so great. Game gets faster and faster, younger and younger, salary cap gets tougher to manage. I give the Hawks credit for the contracts these 5 guys were given They earned them winning 3 Cups. Unfortunately it handcuffs them retooling their roster. I would be surprised if Coach Q would come to a situation like the Flyers are in.
  6. why would they want Hughes. He might take them out of mediocrity.
  7. i agree 100% this coaching staff gets outplayed every night. Having said that, IMO I would first trade a veteran or 4 and heres why. By gutting the coaches it gives the players a pass. I don't care who the coach is, there is no excuse in the world for the gutless heartless effort I saw Saturday. The players should all give their next paycheque to charity for that vomit. Call me old fashioned, but today would have been the worst bag skate in history if I was the coach. I still say blow it up.
  8. This bacterial infection has infected everyone in the organization. The only thing anybody gives a f#*k about is money. Shame on the Flyers right now, from top to bottom.
  9. Holy s&#t was that a body check by a Flyer player?
  10. If we blew this MEDIOCRE MESS up 4 years ago we would be better today. Just sayin. Finishing 8th gets you this.
  11. 4 years in for Hexy, still very mediocre, and way more boring. This team has no personality, seems to be lacking heart and desire. I thought at the very least Hexy would build a team that would compete and battle for each other. This is easily the least combative team in the league right now. Very disappointing.
  12. Philly has been the goalie graveyard since 1975 when Bernie injured his eye. Why should now be any different. Carter Hart should run like hell in the other direction.
  13. Teams regularly scout other teams, it happens every night in every building in the league. Draw whatever conclusion you want. And of course you meant foxnews.
  14. They didn't even reach mediocre last night. The compete level on this team is pathetic. Captain should have been stapled to the bench. The Flyers are a very easy team to play against right now.
  15. Finish 8th. Lose in 1st round. Count money. Stay mediocre. The Flyer way.

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