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  1. The Rangers have started the dive fest. And the losers called referees are buying it.
  2. And we're back, to the coach carousel. Interesting remarks from Scott Burnside on The Daily Faceoff. Of the six coach openings, Flyers are ranked -wait for it- sixth. Last in talent, last in prospect pool, and I will add, last in hockey ops ability to fix any of it. Whoever the next coach is, it will be a plan B gor the lucky winner.
  3. Hockey gods got even with Calgary. Counted at least 3 slew foots in period 2 last night. Used to be a deadly sin in hockey. In bett turds nhl it's just another day.
  4. Risto is just the latest member of chuckles' legacy club. Praise, Suter,Hayes, Ellis, Risto. Most people get fired after 1 asinine move . Fletcher has made a career of it.
  5. Looks like the refs got the same email in Edmonton as they got it newyork. The bett turd wants long series. More revenue.
  6. Dont be confused. The game is in bett turds home rink. All you need to know. Canes are trying to win being nice and skating pretty.
  7. I'm indifferent really to the next coach choice. Until management enters the 21st century and acquire viable talent the next coach will just be the next coach to be fired.
  8. Barkov and Huberdeau are both talented players. Yet neither has elevated their game in the playoffs. They frankly have played soft and low IQ hockey. Toe drags and blind behind the back passes repeatedly fail yet keep happening.
  9. Ellis has played a lot of heavy minutes for 15 years or so. Junior phenom for your Spits and obviously in Nashville. It takes a heavy toll on a body. The red flag for chuckles was the very low cost to acquire him. I hope he can have a decent quality of life outside of hockey. There were a number of us on this board opposed to this trade, but the usual dysfunction in Flyerland prevailed. If Ellis was fit as a fiddle Poile would not have traded him.
  10. They have continually mismanaged assets for over a decade. Couturier. Giroux, Atkinson, draft picks, contracts . Has there been even one single positive move by chuckles.?
  11. you should make this a dollars paid to lazy ass as a ratio. It would be a toss up between JVR and Hayes. On recent Flyer teams the list of players earning their pay would be a shorter list. the recent Flyer management personnel who earn their pay would have nobody on the list.
  12. I have only 1 question for Chuckles. "Have you had the same number of concussions as Holmgren? Or more?"
  13. REC was a very talented player, with amazing anticipation and high hockey IQ. In addition to the heart of a lion. Sanheim was really the only bright spot this past season. He improved a whole bunch. Would still like to see a little more nasty in his game, it would give him a little more time and space chasing pucks in his own end.
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