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  1. The Flyers are exactly where a team that drafts mid teens year after year chasing playoff revenue should be. Mediocre cheque cashers.
  2. SOOOFFFFFFTTTTT. Sad when the mascot is the only toughness on the team.
  3. Predictions certainly to be wrong: the officiating will be better and Bettman will retire, enabling the game to move forward on the ice.
  4. Happy 70th Birthday Bobby Clarke, greatest of all Flyers.
  5. He has been a loyal heart and soul Flyer for more than 30 years. Thanks for your service Paul. If its a crime to try and win then he is guilty.
  6. Relax Ron its a nice summer day. A little touchy today about your clown president. I still like taking a chance on Puljaarvi. He is big and fast.
  7. Which would make it a fair fight with your current fake president.
  8. Twofers are when stuff starts blowing up. And don't forget my American homies, Canada is civilized. We can fire up a big Bob Marley joint now.
  9. Hard Canadianing is 12 instead of 6! Very little exploding of any kind. Hope you survived the weekend.
  10. The Rifle. Had an 80 goal season. 61 and 19 in the playoffs. Pure scorer. Proud Canadian.
  11. I like these moves, they hopefully all have some stamina. I really don't care about the money, Comcast has lots of it. These players all have played with strong leadership last season, hopefully they can bring some of that into the room. The coaching staff also brings accountability. No more spineless heartless efforts tolerated. The players cannot shrug responsibility any longer. time to step up. would love to see Kapanen poached from Toronto, they will be in cap hell when the Marner deal is announced. His dad was a great character player, if his son is anything like him he would be a great add.
  12. Gudas to Caps for Matt Niskanen. Done Flyers retain salary.
  13. Flyers fingerprints are all over this. Be happy for them.
  14. PASS on Subban. DIVA. Have you done the capology on your roster? Might be a problem.
  15. great win for Craig and Brayden and the St Louis Blues. Big boy hockey at its finest!
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