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  1. Shane Wright is a 200 foot high IQ player, Bryan Trottier type player. Connor Bedard is an elite level high skill passionate goal scorer. Both foundation of a franchise players. BUT, they are kids, hopefully they stay on the curve, no reason to think otherwise just now.
  2. So what is wrong with Atkinson if CBJ are moving him straight up for the fan favorite JV?
  3. Craig Button had him at 19 in his final ranking. Mystery why he fell so far down.
  4. I am by no means defending Chuck here, but we have seen this over and over again the past 10 years. I am certain the bean counters are screaming at Holmgren and Scott to get in the playoffs so they can count the receipts with their greasy greedy little Mr Burns fingers. I think that is the pressure he is under, as was Hextall. The corporate pigs know nothing about hockey, they only know how to be selfish greedy cork soakers. And so the Flyer drive for mediocrity goes on.
  5. Giroux is far from the least, but also not the most pressing issue. He is like all Flyers for the past 20 years, a player overrated by Flyer management who is now a diminishing asset. He is the captain of a team that quit multiple times last year. He has had a decent career as a Flyer, bad timing on his part being there through the management meltdown. His only value to the team today is as a trade chip at the trade deadline this year.
  6. Wonder if Hayes and Giroux will waive their NMC now? If anyone has a Coyote jersey I will trade them a Flyer jersey and include all my picks in the next entry draft. That's how you blow it TFU. All in on Shayne Wright.
  7. Hagg plus going to Buffalo. Don't know what the plus is yet.
  8. Flyers need to "Kucherov" Giroux and Voracek. Give them both phantom hip surgery in training camp. LTIR them until the trade deadline 3 years from now when the cap freeze is over. Mr Fletcher is in a serious pickle right now. Implosion is the only way out, 5 years ago.
  9. Can't wait to see what he does with his cap space! Does he seriously think he's a player or 2 away from a cup run. This is more of the Flyer M>O>. The drive towards mediocrity. Sneak in the playoffs, count receipts, suck for another decade. It's a sad sad situation when you can't even give away your high priced talent.
  10. Chuck was probably asked to toss a bone to the Kraken to pick 25 or 93 but he is too scarred from his VGK experience to go down that road. OR, its just that nobody wants his junk.
  11. Hey heres an idea. Lets get older and smaller and tighter to the cap with another burnt out 30 year old. If anyone was wondering if Chuck was a f*#king loser he just removed all doubt. Welcome to Loserville Ryan.
  12. Tampa won back to back with defence, toughness and special teams, not pretty. Did you see anyone ever take liberties with their goalie? Part of Carter Harts decline was playing deeper in his crease because of the softness of the 5 guys in front of him. Shift after shift.
  13. This is the all lady byng line up. Stay puff marshmallow would be proud of this team.
  14. I hope that is exactly the scenario that unfolds. Fletcher can help to ensure it goes that way. Next 2 entry drafts have multiple franchise players at the top end.
  15. If we are herding these guys out of town perhaps there is a seat on the bus for #28. He is the captain of a team that quit multiple times last season, he is a diminishing asset that will cost an asset to the Kraken, and really doesn't fit into the rebuild by the time this team is competitive once again. But alas, the O&B country club saves spots for all who have come in.
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