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  1. This is 100% not intended to offend any of the players on the current rosters of the Flyers and Phantoms, nor any of the drafted prospects, but there is nothing even remotely close to bringing a cup to Philly. This fantasy that the young prospects are going to bring it is misguided. And 2 game winning streaks only hurt, not help. Has Fletcher already been given the mediocrity recipe? Teams on the playoff bubble are looking to make moves and probably overpay. First in usually wins, blow it up Mr Fletcher. You currently have nothing to lose.
  2. i hope he isn't trading the future for a playoff push by order of the corporate greed f*#ks. That would be a huge mistake. Still time to blow it up and turn it around quickly if done properly.
  3. People need to ask themselves what they want from this Flyer team. Do we want to watch our favorite players continue to wallow in the mud playing uninspired hockey, or do we want a team with an actual plan to win a cup in the future. Keep in mind there has never been an actual rebuild under Hextall, just a box of bandaids trying to sneak into the playoffs year after year. He held on to his picks and prospects, but how many of those mid round picks are ever going to be leaders in a cup run? If you think this team is a goalie and a stud dman away, you need to rethink your evaluations of the current roster and prospect pool. Drafting in the top 2 for the next 2 years would be a good first step.
  4. BLOW IT UP. Every day that goes by the value of Flyer players diminishes. What a dysfunctional organization it is right now. From top to bottom.
  5. Detroit won pre salary cap with 10 HOF players in the lineup. Crosby has 3 cups. Next.
  6. I am not bashing Giroux, he's a great player. Timing is everything, his in Philly has not been great and that is not on him. When he came to Philly the team was deep in leadership. Richards, Briere, Hartnell, Pronger, Timonen were all here for the 2010 cup run. He has had access to THE captain, Bobby Clarke. Unfortunately, your worth as a leader cannot be measured without a band of brothers following you into battle. That is also not on G28. Having said that, there is no need for anyone to pity him. He has made millions of dollars playing a game he loves. IMO, he is the single greatest asset Fletcher has moving forward. The reality is he will be on the decline when this team is a legitimate cup contender, if that ever happens. If G28 wants to win a cup IMPO it will have better odds happening somewhere else. With all that said it would be best to trade him now while his value is optimal, rather than wait for his value to diminish.
  7. They have sewn up one award this year half way through the season. They are a lock for the Cy Young. 27 no hitters in half a season. Very impressive. MLB record is 2.
  8. Sorry to be the guy pissing on your parade, but your moves don't make the team any different than it is today. Honestly I am sorry. You gotta gut it and build with the draft and top prospects you can obtain by trading the top of the roster.
  9. Size youth speed. If you are going to put Frost, Farabee, Hart in the lineup in the next few years you best have somebody to protect them from the Wilsons and Holmquists of the world. Not goons, big guys who can kill penalties and be a presence.
  10. If you only want to trade Weise MacD, Lethera, etc you are not going to move the metric. You will only get the same back. BLOW IT UP. There are 3 kingpins in the next 2 drafts. It would be fun to get 1 or 2 of them.
  11. Mojo I would love to see ( for him) Giroux hoist the cup in O&B, but that ain't gonna happen. He is the most valuable asset and can fetch the best return. I do not think retaining him as his worth diminishes is a good hockey move. This is all just conjecture, Comcast obviously doesn't have a hockey clue and we the fans will be left to suffer for another 40 years.
  12. Next, Ghost to St Louis for Parayko. Would even throw in a 3rd. THen Simmonds, Vorachek, Gudas, to Edmonton for Nurse, Talbot, Nugent Hopkins. Throw in a 2nd as well. Serious culture and identity change required. More to come. I am blowing it up!!!!!
  13. Would Vegas do Cody Glass and Shea Theodore for Giroux? That would be my first move. You gotta give to receive.
  14. BLOW IT UP. PLEASE. NOW. And forget about the playoffs once and for all and rebuild it properly.
  15. I am not a Jake fan or a Giroux basher but the Panarin goal is on 28. All he has to do is stand in front of his check. Sorry folks. it is what it is.

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