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  1. If you grew up in Canada in the 60's and onward, you heard all the legends, Foster and Bill Hewitt, Danny Gallivan, Dan Kelly, Don Whitman and others. On this scale, Emrick doesn't measure up. Won't have to mute the NBC broadcasts anymore. Happy retirement Doc.
  2. As I said, I'm sure you will all jump in on the exceptions. Since 2000, approx 4500 players have been drafted. The number of impact players chosen outside the top 10 is less than 3 percent. All I'm saying is the odds are stacked against winning a cup by drafting 15th or higher. Nobody wants this any more than I do. I'm 60 yrs young, was playing competitive hockey when they won back to back. IMHO, this approach will make for a competitive regular season team, not so much come playoff time, just like what we just saw.
  3. I sit and hope that the draft picks develop and contribute sooner than later. However, the reality is that players drafted after 10 rarely amount to very much. I am sure you will all point out the Brayden Points and others, and there is always the possibility, but the odds are stacked against the Flyers winning a cup with the creep into the playoffs approach. You need 3 or 4 top 3 picks to build a legitimate cup team around, and even then a certain amount of luck is required (JVR, Patrick), in addition to astute asset management. So I sit and hope and wait for all the ducks to line up. I just wish the Flyers would play with a little more passion, a little more grit, a little more push back whilst I sit and wait and hope.
  4. He'll fit right in. Soft and mediocre.
  5. #25 & #28 are 16 million reasons why the Flyers are stuck in neutral for 3 more years. You can't give the team to the young guys with these 2 still around. Bottom 6 is not the issue.
  6. I agree completely giving the team to the young guys and letting them scrape their knees while growing. That can't happen with Giroux and JVR taking up space on the payroll and in the room. If you are gonna give the team to the youth you gotta go all in, IMHO.
  7. Gretzky and Tavares also not great skaters, but always in the right place with the game on the line. You can be a great skater but you need a hockey brain to go with it. being a great skater but falling down all the time also not good. This player is heavy on his feet, which is a good thing when you're trolling the scoring area.
  8. pass on Gaudreau. We already have over paid playoff under achievers. Some size and speed with a dollop of sand paper please.
  9. All the tweaking with the bottom of the roster on this board is nice conversation, the Flyers issue is the top of the line up. The big 3 earners at forward, JVR, Jake and Giroux are probably the worst value in the league. Giroux was a great player, but not any longer. With a flat cap for 2 or 3 more seasons his contract is the new albatross, and there is no chance of trading him. Jake has some value, JVR is also a flat cap casualty. Hard to see a remedy for this. I would love to eat my hat 12 months from now after Giroux lights it up, but don't see it happening. Healthy Patrick, Frost and Farabee are the best hope, with an injection of physicality in the bottom 6.
  10. these awards are candy. There is but one trophy in hockey, it rhymes with manly.
  11. The best we can hope for is another season in the bubble. If they go back to selling seats the corporates will be preaching more mediocrity and sneaking into the playoffs. 5 years of Hextall got this franchise pretty much nothing. There is only one measuring stick. Cups. Its really hard to fathom how the 2nd most competitive player in franchise history (Hexy) compiled the softest lineup in the league.
  12. There are 2 elite talents in the organization. The rest are bottom 6 and 3rd pair players. 5 years of Hextall striving for mediocrity will do that. Drafting 14th every year makes the draft a long odds lottery. That is the reality of where the Flyers are at. All of the naysayers who eschew a blowing it up, this is what the results are.
  13. On the bright side, it should be easy for Fletch to make his Kraken list. I only get to six players I would keep.

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