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  1. Bettman is just a miniature version of the fake president. One concern only - his money. He has not given a single moments thought to the safety of the players, the their families, the on ice officials. Nothing but greed. The American Hockey League did the right thing. If he an ounce of integrity he would do the right thing and cancel the season, but he has never done the right thing, only the greed thing. He is a shameless little turd.
  2. In the best interest of our fans, our players, our coaches and management teams, our arena staffs, and all the bar restaurant, hotel and airline staffs that contribute to NHL hockey, we are announcing the cancellation of the balance of the regular season and playoffs. It is our hope that the 2020-21 season can commence in October and we can return to the great game of hockey at that time. It is our further hope that everyone takes heed to the social distancing measures currently in place so we can get back to our lives as we knew them. There you go Bett turd, stop festering about your f*&king money and do the right thing. How many dollars are you putting in your coffin when your dead? Health before wealth. Take a f&*king leadership role in this pandemic. Be a f&*king man.
  3. The old rinks had character, they had unique smells, they had noise. The new rinks are just what the little butt turd bettman wants, corporate tombs.
  4. None of this pro rating has any real validity, when you consider how the game has evolved. Fitness, equipment, depth of opponents, rules enforcement, coaching, skill development as young kids, all has improved in leaps and bounds. The only regression in pro hockey is the greed and ethics of the commissioner and the owners. We have been lucky to have watched these great players play the game, the numbers are just bar stool chatter. IMO, Ovechkin is the greatest pure scorer, consider his numbers against league averages in his career. Just my opinion, but lets throw this out there too. If you had to pick one player to start a franchise who would it be. My pick is Nick Lidstrom. Reliable, strong, he was so good and so smart he would go weeks without ever even doing a crossover. He was always right where he had to be, with or without the puck. He doesn't get enough credit because he did it without flash.
  5. In 1960-61 Frank Mahovlich scored 48 goals in 70 games. If you pro rate to an 82 game season he scores 56. So sorry Word, Matthews doesn't get the record.
  6. No smart ass taken, Disney has only closed until end of March. There is just so much sketchy information about this virus.
  7. So with all the expert advice I'm getting on this website, I am booked for 2 weeks in Orlando April 5, 3 grandkids, Disney, Universal, beach. Should we go or postpone?
  8. In America, you have a much greater chance of being dead by a gun. Shouldn't you talk about that. Just sayin. Kinda like the beard guy wearing a mask not talking about it.
  9. This is like Groundhog Day, ten years running, and 10 more to come. Lets Go Flyers.
  10. Any platform that gives the little turd Bettman exposure has a downside. It is no longert about the players, it is a corporate schmooz. He has snubbed the fans once again with his ignorant Olympics comments.
  11. I think this is why they brought JVR back. To address this apathy and lack of intensity.
  12. Tachuk is a petulant little girl in a boys body, just like his dad and his brother. He is the poster boy for where hockey is today. The game used to have a code, when it was played by men. He should not be celebrated for his behavior. He wouldn't have lasted a month in the NHL or the CHL 25 years ago.
  13. Flyers currently have 1 player in the top 50 NHL players, Claude Giroux. They have 1 player in the top 50 NHL prospects, Morgan Frost. There is only one way out of this, and that is to blow it up. The corporates won't like it, they prefer mediocre, but the loyal fan base deserves better. There is no fix through trades and UFA signings. GM's around the league are all more competent today, in addition to the salary cap. Hextall's dream of building whilst sneaking into the playoffs is just that, a dream. Trading from the top of the diminishing talent pool down will accrue plenty of prospects and draft picks. there are a number of teams who believe they can win in the playoffs by adding a piece or 2. The Flyers have a few of those pieces . If every Flyer prospect currently in the system were to reach their potential, they would still not have the right mix of players to win in the playoffs. Its time to BLOW IT UP, as it has been for the past 8 years.

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