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  1. Gudas to Caps for Matt Niskanen. Done Flyers retain salary.
  2. Flyers fingerprints are all over this. Be happy for them.
  3. PASS on Subban. DIVA. Have you done the capology on your roster? Might be a problem.
  4. great win for Craig and Brayden and the St Louis Blues. Big boy hockey at its finest!
  5. Trouba and Kevin Hayes (resigned) for Ghost and #11. Jets need cap help. This gives it to them. Flyers get 2 very good players. The #11 pick has no guarantees historically of ever being an impact player in the NHL.
  6. 45 years ago, Stanley Cup win over Orr and the Bruins. If you are old like me and remember it enjoy the memories!!!!
  7. flyer4ever


    Another team added to the list of sorrys from Bett turd and the NHL. If the Sharks win the cup, how many refs and linesmen will get their names engraved on the trophy? Go away Bett turd, you are ruining my game.
  8. flyer4ever


    Has the NHL apologized to Colorado yet? The offside challenge review had Bettman stink all over it. Another layer of credibility gone from the NHL. Approaching soccer for corruptness. Sad. The game used to played and decided on the ice by men with honour. Now it's just corporate bull sh&t.
  9. Never. He's a diva. Don't need divas.
  10. Man, you guys take everything way too literally. Its just a for instance the kind of trade you have to make in todays NHL in order to acquire decent pieces back. Maybe they should do nothing and just stay the way it is, that way nobody's feelings are hurt. I hate to burst your bubbles, but the youth in the system is probably not going to grow into what we are all hoping for. thats just the history of where they were taken in the draft. And mojo if you think that playing all 200 feet for all 82 games and earning your multi million dollar pay cheques and having pride in what you do and being accountable to your team mates is my type of player then you are correct.
  11. Tippett won 5 playoff series in 14 years as a head coach. Vigneault won 13 series in 15 years as a head coach. Not really close. I'm still not convinced a coach makes that big a difference. The talent and the character have to be there. The Flyer players all championed for Gordon to be retained at their exit interviews, yet they all quit on him the last 2 weeks. I think Fletcher will have a tough time hiring the right coach with the current personnel. I wish I could be more optimistic like some others in this group, but the on ice performance the last 2 years does not impress me or any perspective coach, nor does the handling of Haxtol.
  12. Oilers have a bit of a cap issue, they will pay 4 forwards 32 million next 2 years. You could probably take on some salary from them and get a nice piece or 2 as well. Maybe something like Ghost and Laughton and Hagg for Larsson Lucic and Puljajarvi. Ya gotta break some eggs to make an omelet.
  13. Anything that Bettturd is involved with lacks credibility.
  14. Pass on Subban. He gives the puck away. We already have that. Also he is on the downside of his ability. Would prefer a solid physical stay at home type player.
  15. From what I have seen (WJC, world junior showcase last summer, a number of OHL games) Farabee could be a top 6 guy, Ratcliffe a 6-10 guy, Obrien a bottom 6 guy. Frost I'm still not sure about. Hope I'm wrong about him, he just isn't consistently good when I have seen him play. Thtas just my humble opinion. They are still just kids though, long way to go.
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