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  1. Who are the 30 year olds with injury history and 6 years left at 6.5mill per on the Avalanche? Those are the prospects that chuck the turd is looking at getting back for Giroux. Today left me numb watching the presser. The arrogance and the ignorance is staggering. How the f(&k does comcast make money with that idiot involved?
  2. Arrogance and ignorance has put the Flyers where they are today. Only empty seats are gonna get their attention. These buffoons are probably sitting in the hot tub thinking the injuries are an aberation and they are only 1 or 2 34 year olds away from a deep playoff run. BITFU Bobby C, BITFU.
  3. No air conditioning, no ice in the drinks, no beer, peeing in a trough, great times, yet I was in awe every time I went in MLG. Lots of Marlie games, Toros games, concerts.
  4. The 2020 aberation was due to Carter Hart, period. They got pushed around in the playoffs, it was only due to the goalie it took so long to end. Thats not on the coach, thats on management and the players. You don't need high end skill to have passion and grit.
  5. This will be interesting, judging by Chuck's history. A frequent move in these kinds of trades is to take back salary. However, in the dysfunctional world of Flyers, albatross contracts with Hayes, Ellis and JVR make that moot. Newhook is a solid prospect, but picks from top 5 teams are less than likely to ever be top of the lineup players. Amassing as many picks as possible is the way to go, they then become negotiable assets to move up the draft board. At the end of the day though, I have absolutely zero confidence in this management group to properly rebuild this team. They are stuck i
  6. When they do decide to tank, they'll win 11 games in a row. That is the dysfunction of the Flyers. Striving for mediocrity. BITFU.
  7. Thats all there is to look forward to. Dreaming of a rebuild. BITFU.
  8. Nothing is going to help this group play better, they are heartless. They do merit several Mike Keenan bag skates though.
  9. Yandle is perfect. Along with JVR and Hayes he is helping them move up the draft board, and for way less money than the other 2. Keep up the really bad work. BITFU.
  10. Rich people born into it don't feel anything. People who have earned and worked hard for it have a sense of community. Comcast and Dave Scott are the non feelers. The rest of the Flyer management group have just suffered too many head injuries.
  11. I would love to see Sanheim and Provorov go postal on someone for several reasons. It would be entertaining, it would show they are frustrated and they care, it would help create an extra nanosecond of time for them with the puck (see Pronger). Right now, opponents forcheck the Flyers with impunity, nobody ever pays the price for jamming the net, and Hart gets pushed around his crease every night. A little nasty goes a long way, especially come playoff time, where anything can happen, ha ha. The Boston game the other night Bergeron planted himself in the crease and Sanheim's reaction was to wh
  12. Well, isn't that special. Who pissed in your fruit loops?
  13. Bang on AF. Perhaps he was trying to get people to stop talking about his putrid hockey team. Whatever his motives, it was the most exciting thing to happen to the Flyers so far this season. BITFU.
  14. As opposed to any other us govt in the past 30 years. You started it.
  15. Speculating what this management group will do is like..... Well, there is no metaphor for it, its never been done, a constant struggle to be mediocre. I'm sure there are a bunch of 30 somethings out there with major injury issues that would like a six year deal with a NMC that they can trade for or sign in July. 10 years of unwatchable hockey. Lets Go Flyers!
  16. IDIOCY (noun) utter stupidity Synonyms: insanity, lunacy, madness, asininity, cretinism, derangement, fatuity, fatuousness, foolishness, imbecility, inanity, insipidity, senselessness, tomfoolery, Flyer management, comcast.
  17. I think all of the upper management staff received their Christmas bonuses. They are right where they strive to be. Mediocre.
  18. I got a little excited when I saw the lineup last night, I thought Chuckie actually did something decent moving forward. There is nobody in this organization who will be part of a Cup win in Philly. Everybody from Scott, Clarke, Homer, all the way down to Gritty, they can all go, scouts, trainers, stick boys, BITFU, the only ones I keep are Provorov and Hart, and I would trade them out of pity and respect to them.
  19. What fc said. Me too. Merry Christmas and happy WJC.
  20. Wanna know how good he is? Trade him out of Dysfunction Junction. I still think he can be a legit #1, but never in the current Flyer atmosphere. They have not provided him with a supporting cast that every great player needs. The constant drive for mediocrity has affected him like all the others.
  21. I only saw the low lites of this toilet bowl game. The franchise should be ashamed of themselves for the abuse Carter Hart was forced to endure, yet again. DISGUSTING, soft, heartless dysfunctional hockey team. No end in sight.
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