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  1. Colour me cautious, but probably the best choice available after Quenville signed with the Panthers. He brings structure and accountability, two things this team was severely lacking. The need for NHL experience was evident. They could have done a lot worse.
  2. Working on getting a keyboard for the phone...we will be able to chat about the draft at least. Looks like I was not wrong wishing for VanDeresche...the boys huge LB, huh?
  3. Hey OR...felt bad about not posting Eagles stuff with you. I only have this phone...and I cant type worth a damn on it...this post took me 4 times the time a computer would have...lol.
  4. I think he sticks in the NHL.. He can still learn the ins and outs...but his skill level says big leagues.
  5. Realistically, Gordon is a placeholder unless they can make the playoffs. The team would have to respond in fantastic fashion to save him. Maybe unfair, but I do believe that is the hill he has to climb.
  6. Prayers going out for Rick and his loved ones. In this very boring era of sports broadcasters, he stands out large, a good thing.
  7. Put me down for Hunter also. Great evaluator of talent who can break a close tie with his vast knowledge of jr hockey and young players in general. He can hire an expert for contracts and the cap...This guy will find the hidden gems and make the right calls on the early picks. Can recognize talent at the NHL level also...a skill you obviously need in trades.
  8. Could not read through all 7 pages, so forgive me if some of this is redundant. I get the disappointment in this year's team...but.. Upper management knew Hexy was taking a slow patient approach. What was he supposed to do...trade Giroux for a star goalie with Hart waiting in the wings? Now, he had limited funds to spend on goalies but inviting both Neuvy and Ells back did not inspire much confidence....and their play inspired even less. In the end, bringing both these stiffs back was a recipe for disaster. It may have cost him the ability to see his carefully laid plans come to fruition.
  9. I kinda see the Oilers thought process. The offensive depth is so bad, the only clear path to the playoffs (which is exactly what Chicc needs to save his job btw) is to switch to a trap type of defensive shell and hope McJesus comes through capitalizing on mistakes when needed.
  10. In totally unrelated news the Edmonton retail sector is doing the happy dance. The prospect of Mrs.Hitchcock with new access to NHL money is viewed as a real money "maker"....
  11. Initially, I thought Vegas gave up an awful lot. I think this move is tied to Fleury's age and ability to play at a high level for the next few years, before father time inevitably catches up with him. Suzuki could turn out to be better than Patches. However, I get the win now thing...if you follow my Fleury thoughts....but in general, smart franchises don't give up young star prospects for a veteran forward not signed past this year. I have never liked Tatar, but on the goal starved Habs...a nice throw in.
  12. Way to early to call this trade a Buff win, I like Pu, he has a LOT of upside. He is a nice skater, has oa nice shot and pays a lot of attention in his own zone....a complete player who will surprise a lot of people.
  13. I'm thinking this is the way it could play out..... Elliott is the starter. IF Lyon looks good in TC, the Flyers carry 3 goalies to start the year at the NHL level. When Lyon gets into games, if the Flyers feel comfortable with him as the back up....then Neuvirth gets traded to Carolina or some other goalie depleted team....or bought out. No way do the Flyers risk losing Lyon to waivers....he played WAY to solid in the AHL playoffs, basically carried the team on his back. Stolarz, they risk sending him down. He has been injured and should slide though. Hart is the AHL starter and his back up will be up in the air.
  14. I can see Stolarz getting traded, to many young goalies, not enough AHL spots.
  15. Not telling anyone stuff they don't already know, but the NHL game is SO much quicker, the release and accuracy of shooters off the charts. No matter how great Harts plays in TC, he needs to adjust to AHL players way before he tries the best league in the world.
  16. I can see the Habs adding Bieska for a mill a year on a 1 year deal. They have been desperate to add toughness, he brings that and a bit of offense, even at his age.
  17. Very fair money and term, slating a tad towards the team, but I guess the NTC was important to Zucker. Takes away a few UFA years, but does provide stability. The Wild needed this, badly. At least now Fenton knows what he has, and can try improve from a solid base. Important thing, Zucker should still be in his prime for the whole deal, and 30 goal guys in their prime do not grow on trees.
  18. I was going to make a thread on the Zetts retiring thing. Just a guess, but it seems to me like he is leaning towards hanging them up. You are right, the LTIR would be a god send. I think AA is to valuble to send packing JUST to get rid of Ericksson's contract. Shop around, perhaps you get picks and the contract gone. After all, Hossa has not been a 50 pt guy in years, and has never had the impact on a game like Zetts has....even an aging Zetts. In a top 6 role, Zetts gets 50 pts automatically.
  19. Having Bernier as a back up is a nice upgrade. He should get you another 10 pts all by himself. Not great, but a very respectable back up. Zadina needs to make the team and have an impact, same for Ras...a lot of things have to go right. Even if the offense is great, how are they gonna be in their own zone...ie dmen.
  20. Just to give you an idea of what you are dealing with when it comes to millennials....I heard this on the radio the other day. Apparently 36% of mills take fake vacation photos, in order to "keep up with their friends".
  21. I think Pavs gets into the HOF before Zetts. Let's face it, MANY players, from his team and others were not shy about saying he was the most skilled player in the league. At one point, it was taken for granted he had the most natural talent in the NHL. As was mentioned in this thread....it's always the great ones that are NEVER satisified with their skill level.....the true greats are on a non stop mission to learn, practice, and hone every skill they have. It's just engrained into them...ex. Crosby. Gretzky and Orr...the exact same thrist for improvement. Zetts is a bit of different animal. Better than average skill, but not great. BUT....that was not his real calling card, it was his passion for the game, the unbridled grit he brought night in and night out, even hurt. When it mattered the most, Zetts brought his A game in the playoffs. He took the grit to another level. He was downright mean and nasty to play against. Pavs for the HOF for sure. Zetts is more of a borderline case who might be hurt by frequent injuries. I have the utmost respect for Zetts though, he plays the game the way it was meant to be played. I have trouble retiring either of their numbers. They are not true greats like Howe, Abel, Lindsay, Stevie, Lids....it's a very tough call though, but reserve number retirement for TRUE SUPERSTARS. Weak and newer teams without the storied history can retire a Paul Karia (not great), but the Wings have such a storied history, it's a LOT to be compared to those other all time greats.
  22. That is my thoughts on the matter also. Unless they have a little tiny arena (which is not the case, it's average), I'm suspicious when an owner cries poor, especially from a team that sells out every single night. Seems to me, the sell outs would at least cover the bills and the sweet commercial and merchandise deals are pure profit. Even more skeptical if they own the arena and the concessions, which are a cash cow if I've ever seen one....not even talking about the outrageous parking fees....etc.
  23. Didn't read throug the whole thread, so forgive me if these points have already been mentioned. As far as attendance goes, they sell out the joint every night......to the tune of 106% of capacity. In that way, they are a lot like the Leafs, guaranteed to sell out, guaranteed fan support locally. However, I have to believe that managment wants to take profit to a new level....that means deep playoff runs. A deep playoff run(s) gets them to the promised land of profit.....and unlocks millions in merchandise sales. I have to believe ownership wants to unlock this door. They have not been wise with their investments, but it would be unfair to call them cheap also. I don't know anything about the Wild owner, so who knows if they really want things to be better for the fans.....but profit awaits....and that if nothing else, should be motivation to get better and win.
  24. Ray's career fight card....pretty busy for a goalie....lol. [Hidden Content]
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