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  1. this coach will last until end of the season at max, my bet buy Feb they let him go.
  2. all those guys he mentioned, my God it s f ing true. Patrick need to go and organization needed to have ball to tell his agent, parents and him he is done he will never be a NHL star. They need to make deal pay few millions to guy and let him volunteer retirement due health problems.
  3. Another problem in flyers organisation is selection players in draft, Him is another crystal ball. Time to move on this guy. He is done and never will be a impact player, he is just hurt forever. it's just waste of money.
  4. Statistics meant nothing. As I'm living in DC area I watch some Caps games, and some those players I never heard but they are looked great in Caps. Just one name Wilson,, avg player but look like "Giroux'' playing with top lines !. Just saying. Giroux is just no good, as to be a leader of the team.He needs to go and may will change Flyers line up eventually, as now they are building around him.
  5. Giroux is same as John Tavares. John Tavares is good as Giroux, but Isle were suck with him all there time . Giroux or John Tavares can be elite players but in these teams. John Tavares decided to see Toronto, and it's good fo him, as with Mattews he can look a d big help.
  6. I'm serious since 2013 as he become captian this team either not qualify for playoffs or lost in first round which is same as not qualify. the guy is working hard enough to be an elite player with such salary . I said it two years ago and never changed my mind. he didn't bring to the team . we had 4 different coaches over his time and no results. Just trade him f away. he is curse for the team.
  7. Does he remind you Carter ? But remember - "Carter shots - wide and high" I think it's same reason Haynes has only 50 points .
  8. I'm still wonder how is 55 - 60 point guy got 7 mil per year ! OV makes 9.5 per year ! But OV scores 50 + goals every year!. NHL goes nuts with salary. They should not do a cap space but other way around , grading per point match to salary. That will eliminate potentially future bad contracts. When guy got waived and everyone end up with loss. So next in line for contract Nolan Patrick and Travis Konecny they got 72 and 82 points respective, so they will get 9 mil !? they will make same as OV? WOW .
  9. I wonder if Flyers will move Giorux for cap space and get young prospect ?
  10. Its lot nowhere Wow I didn't know.
  11. I have not seen Flyers team worst than this team. They are really bad. I told many time send away Giroux, he is useless pr.... He does not make anyone better, just good player. But he is not Flyer, all this to be Flyer left in 2010???
  12. Willson is diver . What is piece of **** . Penalty for nothing
  13. I'm saying just as I watched highlight and his shot is really good while he was with Chicago. Last time I have seen same accure shot it was Briere. Yes he doesn't have skills as Briere but most goals are not lucky shots

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