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  1. If you think Sanheim is a top line defenseman next year this team is in trouble he had some of his worst games this year on the top line .Ellis isn't a bust bet he'll play next year.He'll be on the 2nd line with York
  2. Ok I said hit someone every now and then doesn't mean take yourself out of position make a clean hit that's it. Being the best D man on this team is nothing to be proud of,the D in hole suck *** this year.Don't know about Ellis next year but if he plays he's on the top line
  3. Yes he was the best D man this year and that's really sad. What I have against him is he gives the blue line up all the time and is afraid to make any contact with an aposing player he doesn't have to be a tuff guy just hit someone evey now and then
  4. 98 lb weakling traped in a 6ft 3 body describes Sanhiem to a T
  5. He isn't excluding himself at all,he said everyone that would include himself.I think your reading too much into this
  6. Have no problem with what Ivan Provorov said he spoke the truth, who did he throw under the bus?
  7. Again York is playing on his wrong side and still is in the top line,they tried Sanheim on the the top line and he was realy bad.
  8. Funny he's playing his best hockey with a brain dead line mate dont figure. He's had one OK year in 5 years give me a break.
  9. York and Attard both have been out playing Sanheim since beeing called up and York is playing his wrong side,Sanheim / Risto are both 3rd liners
  10. York has been playing the wrong side since being called up and still out playing Sanheim. Flyers tried Sanheim onthe 1st line and it didnt work out well for him
  11. I hope Ellis can play next year , they tried Sanhiem on the 1st line this year and it didnt work our well for him.
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