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Overtime for the Kings




The Kings now have an 8-1-6 record under Darryl Sutter. Is this hockey or soccer? The number of overtime games of late has been astounding — 10 of the last 16 games — and the Kings now have 10 overtime/shootout losses, tied for Florida for most in the NHL this season. That’s what makes the Kings a difficult team to get a handle on. They have 22 points in their 15 games under Sutter, which is a very good ratio, but they’ve had outright wins in only eight of 15 games. A series of shootout losses is relatively productive, but it’s also difficult to get excited about. That said, the Kings have had only one regulation loss in their last 15 games, a stat that any team would appreciate. Rich Hammond

As a side note here's what one fan's reaction was to the latest home game.

"At what point does management begin to worry about the exceptionally dull experience going to a Kings game has become. The arena often sounds like a tomb. At a recent game the laugh of the night in Section 333 came from a guy who chanted “Awk-ward Si-lence” The buzz of going to a hockey game (the best live sporting experience that there is) is just lacking at Staples as a result of these results. Snooooze and Boooos. We need a Ziggy-type player again. Someone to elicit ooohs and aaahhhs."

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