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Are the Leafs the worst team in the league?



The Toronto Maple Leafs suffer yet another humiliating loss at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers and all is lost for many Leaf fans. While some fans are calling for General Manager Brian Burke to be fired, others are calling the Leafs the worst team in the league.

The harsh words and opinions may simply be the aftermath of another disappointing season, which showcased a rather significant debacle. Regardless of anything, the fact of the matter is that the Leafs haven't appeared in the playoffs in eight years.

But let's be honest, everyone calling for Burke's head and running around saying the Leafs are the worst team in the league, are the same people that were claiming to be the #1 Leaf fan a few months ago. So, sometimes things didn't go as planned. In fact, things went terribly. This season ends as a completely failure for the Maple Leafs, but why is everyone blowing up over how bad the team plays in meaningless games?

After almost being a lock for the playoffs in January, the wheels came off the wagon and the Leafs find themselves in a lottery pick with half a dozen games left in the season. It's only logical that the players on the team would feel a little demoralized. I don't agree with the lack of effort the Leafs have put forth the last few games, but I'm not going to hold the teams future on the results of meaningless games.

I, for one, am excited for the Leafs next season. Sure, it's the same thing most Leaf fans say every year, but this team has come a long way since Brian Burke took the helm as the GM. A clean slate after the harsh debacle this season will be good for the team. So for everyone who is going to watch the last four games of the season with expectations of seeing the Leafs play a great game, I'm sorry, but you will likely be disappointed. So take a nap, or fire up Netflix and start watching some NewsRadio if you can't handle watching the game tomorrow night.



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