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NHL: Trade Talk - Cammalleri on the Move!



blog-0715873001390455045.jpgNHL Trade Talk: January 22, 2014

St. Louis Ready to Pull Trigger NOW!

- Talk out of St. Louis is that it is time for a change in net, and it has nothing to do with last nights score against New Jersey. It has been thought for multiple years that the goalie tandem of Brian Elliott and Jaroslav Halak was perfect. Lately that has come into question, and now Blues management is ready to make the move to bring in the goalie that will lead them to the Stanley Cup. There is a rumbling that the Blues are currently shopping Jaroslav Halak and Magnus Paajarvi. They have also made it very clear that they will not part with super prospect Dmitrij Jaskin. I got a strong feeling that Ryan Miller is number one on their list.

Gaborik up for Grabs Again!

- It is no surprise that Marian Gaborik is on the trading block once again. Columbus is looking to drop the pending unrestricted free agent. The truth is Gaborik could be one of the most exciting, and effective players in the league. It is not a secret that he is often injured, and very inconsistent. I do not think that the Blue Jackets will get that much for him at deadline day. I guess anything is better than nothing. I honestly see Marian Gaborik having a hard time finding a high paying gig for next season. I honestly would not be surprised to see him sign in the Kontinental Hockey League for next season.

Desperate Edmonton

- Just days after Edmonton owner Darryl Katz submitted a letter to fans apologizing on how poorly they are, and asking them to be patient. The Oilers are looking to make some moves. The main problem in Edmonton is that they feel their players value is higher than other general managers feel. They are an overrated team with over valued players. It is not a secret that the Oilers are looking for a high end top defenseman. The target is Shea Weber of Nashville. Is it possible or even being considered to trade this years (potentially number one) first round pick, and Sam Gagner for Shea Weber of Nashville. The move would probably help both teams.

Leafs and Flames Working on a Deal?

- Toronto Maple Leafs General Manager Dave Nonis is listening to offers for Nazem Kadri and Jake Gardiner. I have heard the Calgary Flames are first in line to snatch up these two guys. Calgary is in a total freefall, and is looking to rebuild. These guys would be a great addition to this rebuild. Here is a scenario Calgary sends Mike Cammalleri, Lee Stempniak, and a second round pick for Nazim Kadri and Jake Gardiner. I am not sure how all this will play out, but the Flames have some guys to move, and a deal could come out of this. Time will tell.

Evander Kane, Stay or Go?

- The rumors have been flying around for a month now, and quite honestly it is getting old. The Jets have been rumored to be shopping Evander Kane, but now the status of this is up in the air. The Jets have added new coach Paul Maurice and rattled off four straight wins, including the first team to beat the Ducks, in Anaheim, in regulation this season. Talk has been quiet because we just don’t know how the situation is with the new coach. There are teams interested, and recently Chicago has been added to the list. I do not see the Jets moving Kane now. He is too young,and talented to give up on him so soon. It would be smart for the Jets to see how he meshes with the new bench boss.

Trade Bait

- Olli Jokinen – The Pittsburgh Penguins and Montreal Canadians are the front runners. Totonto, Nashville, and Detroit have all expressed interest.

- Matt Moulson – I think more and more every day that he will be traded. Ottawa, Los Angeles and Washington are interested. I honestly look for him to land in Los Angeles.

- Curtis Glencross – He has one year left on his contract, he also has a not trade clause. Calgary has said that they would move him, but the value would be higher than a guy like Cammalleri.

- Mike Cammalleri – There is a lot of interest in bringing in Cammalleri in for a cup run, but the value is probably not all that high. Teams that have been rumored to be interested in his services are Los Angeles, Vancouver, Detroit, and Montreal. For some odd reason I don’t see him going to Vancouver, especially after last Saturday. I do think that he will be moved, and I would not be surprised if it happens prior to the Olympics.

NHL: Trade Talk - January 22, 2014



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