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Most of old leadership gone...will Calgary name a captain this year?


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Thinking they will and they should since with Gaudreau/Tkachuk/Monahan gone the only Calgary veteran left is Backlund...


So I'm thinking it'll be Backlund as captain with Tanev and Lucic alternating...I think Lucic would be the best captain but there hasn't been a heavyweight captain in the NHL since who knows when...


This off season saw such huge changes that this Calgary leadership group has totally changed too with what we have left being a leadership group more of a Sutter style leadership group remaining...I see Coleman along with Lewis and Toffoli being among the leaders of this team too...and definitely the future leaders will be Huberdeau and Kadri...

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Coach confirms Tanev and Backlund will wear permanent A and Lindholm and Huberdeau will rotate an A saying those with Cup rings don't need a letter...it's looking obvious that Huberdeau is going to be the captain one day at least he's being given the chance to be this teams captain in the future like Iginla before him...

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On 10/16/2022 at 7:11 PM, FireDillabaugh said:

That can probably be debated.  Lol.  But, leaders don't need letters.  Leaders let the players in the room know who they are and that they're the leaders.  Whether they wear letters or not.

And whatever Sutter doing it working...for first 3 games of season at least haha...

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