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AHL current state and locations

Buffalo Rick

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You know their are few constants  in the AHL over the years.  The Rochester Americans, my home team, the Hershey Bears are two that have been around for ages.  Springfield has had a team as well for ages but they have gone from Kings, back in 70s, Indians and now Thunderbirds.  But what really shocks me is just how far the league now spreads throughout North America. The central division has a team as far south as Texas and as far north as Manitoba.  No bus rides like in the 60s.  The West is also crazy with teams in California and one team in Ontario!  The travel expenses must be huge?  Of course most teams outside of division will never meet.  An example would be Rochester playing Bakersfield.  It could only happen if both reached the Calder Cup finals.  The AHL has really expanded.  Just as far reaching as the NHL but of course in the NHL all teams meet at least once home and away.  I have not attended a game in Rochester in years.  I’m fact the last time I was in the building it was to see the parent Sabres play the Devils in the only regular season game ever played in Rochester at an AHL arena.  They surrendered some money in revenue to do this but I think it’s a great idea and wish it were done in some other cities that could hold such an event.  When I went it was Brodeur vs Hasek and a 2-2 tie, back before the shootout rule.  
It’s good to see teams across N America and I hope that they draw the fans out as it’s entertaining with lots of scoring at times and necessary for player development.  Long live the AHL!

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