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Alex Edler / Tomas Hertl collision


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I am all for players safety from bad hits or hits to the head but Shanni has this one all wrong - after all the views of the Tomas Hertl - Alex Edler collision that I saw - BAM!  That is exactly what it was - it was a collision of two players going for the puck, not a hit to the head by Edler on Hertl - both were going for the put from different angles and it was Tomas Hertl litterally running into Alex Edler's shoulder with his head and Hertl bouncing off him - am I the only one that see's it that way?  The suspension is BS! Edler did not even try check Hertl,he was going straight for the pucks, he merely braced himself for the hit. And I am surprised that I have heard no TV commentaters or analysts say a word other-wise about this collision resulting in suspension ( C'mon Don Cherry!).  Hertl will be rookie of the year if he avoids injury.

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