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How Quickly Things Can Change



blog-0919225001333232614.jpgAt this time last night Buffalo appeared to be in good position in the playoff race. After a tough 5-3 loss to the Penguins last night the Sabres no longer have the game in hand and sit in 9th with the Capitals owning the tie breaker.

Sidney "Sabres Killer" Crosby was at top form last night with 1 goal and 3 assists. The Sabres didn't help themselves missing numerous chances to put the puck past Johnson. I am stunned that Buffalo did not put at least 8 into the cage on Johnson. He looked clumsy and uncomfortable the entire game last night.

The news got worse today with Ottawa beating the Flyers in a shootout 4-3. The Sens now sit with 90 points and pretty much seal the 7 spot. Also the bad news came in when the Capitals announced that superstar center Niklas Backstrom will return tonight against the Habs. That should give the Caps a boost the Sabres don't need them to get.

The last set of bad news came on the injury front. The injury bug has hit the Sabres hard again and could be enough to knock them out of the race. Tyler Myers was hurt last night blocking a shot and will not play tonight in Toronto. He is listed as day to day, Mike Weber will also not play tonight with shoulder injury he received after a hit from behind by NHL goodie goodie Matt Cooke.

The good news you have the Leafs twice before finishing the season in Philly and Boston. More bad news going 4-0 doesn't mean your in the playoffs.

Washington has four games left as well against the Habs, Bolts, Panthers, and Rangers. A far easier schedule than Buffalo. You can count on the Rangers not showing up on the final day of the season. Probably the same with Boston for Buffalo.

Projected Lineup:










Toronto will counter with AHL goalie Ben Scrivens tonight. The Sabres cannot take the Leafs for granted and need to turn the fans on the home team right away. An early goal will do just that. The more "Let's Go Blue Jays" chants you hear tonight the better for Buffalo.

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I am not sure if the Sabres are mathematically eliminated but at this point I think only divine intervention will get them into the playoffs. Personally, Miller is not a guy I would want to face in the playoffs,especially with the roll he has been on. The injury bug has once again come up and bit Buffalo squarely on the butt at the worst possible time.

On another note, not sure if you are aware of this but Major Kudos to Terry Pegula for his contributions to PSU for the NEW Hockey Rink. His contributions will expand the college hockey following dramatically in the state of Pa and bring more recognition to the the sport.

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