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Week That Was



blog-0938669001323641689.jpgI'll slightly touch on the Sabres snooze fest of a weekend. Borning 2-1 win in OT Friday against Florida and boring injury riddled 4-1 loss to the Blue Shirts Saturday. Enroth had his performance since the game on Columbus and the PP continues to be a joke giving up 2 shorthanded goals 5th of the season. Unacceptable that lands on coaching. This team is dead in the water with the current injury status, when you have Paul Szezechura centering your top line your in trouble. Hopefully by the time this team gets healthy they won't be to far out of the playoff race.

I'm a little sick of the boring and depressing Sabres blogs so I'm going to give some thoughts about some NHL stroies from the week that was.

I'll Start in Pittsburgh with Sidney Crosby. This cannot be a good sign for the Penguins and the NHL. Crosby is only slated to miss 2 games with "precautionary" sitting. We will see how this unfolds but it has Eric Lindros written all over it. Except Sid is the face of the NHL and the league needs him to play.

Will the Alex Semin rumors please stop? Anybody who trades for this guy and gives up anything other than a late round pick or player to be named later is getting robbed. He has the talent to be a top player in this league but refuses to try no matter who the coach is. If he doesn't rebound this year he will be in the KHL next season.

I'm a little surprised about how Artem Anisimov did not get a fine for his goal celebration after a goal in Tampa. I'm all for creative celebrations, I think it brings humor and creativity to the game, but what he did was classless and unacceptable. I think a fine was at least in order. I'm not sayin for the NHL to be like the No Fun League (NFL), but that was over the line.

I don't know what to think of the Canadiens and Canes trade of Spacek for Kaberle. The Canes got a solid underrated defender in Spacek, but very injury prone. Kudos to Carolina for dumping off that bad Kaberle contract so fast. Kaberle has declined the last few years in Toronto, Boston, and Carolina. Last year in the playoffs I saw soft play after soft play. The Canadiens got softer for sure in this deal, but need desperate PP help and Kaberle did have 2 assists in his Habs debut. I think though that critical Habs fans will be all over Kaberle's soft play soon.

At one point this week both the Florida Panthers and Minnesota Wild were tied or leading their respective conference. Parody is evident in the NHL this year. The standings are so close and every team is still in hunt, except maybe 2 or 3 teams.

Sabres have another big week with two home division games against Ottawa and Toronto and a trip to Pittsburgh to end the week. Hopefully this team starts to get a little healthier to stay a float.


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