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A trip to an NHL game with my munchkin.



Growing up in a town sans a NHL hockey, team I used to be enamored by NHLers. Over my career in hockey as I played in various leagues and went to pro training camps and practiced with an IHL team on a regular basis I grew a little disillusioned by NHLers. Knowing them on a personal level showed me that they are just as human as I was. With that said, they were all clearly taller and had more talent than I did as I grew up in the mid western U.S. and they in areas of the states, Canada and other countries that had more access to hockey development.

In my life time I saw more NHL games in person before I moved to a city that had an NHL team. Since moving to Dallas in 2000 I've seen maybe 4 NHL games here in town despite working for the team and having access to free tickets on a regular basis.

Tonight, I got free tickets to the Stars game, mostly on a whim. So, the munchkin and I went to the game. It was pretty crazy taking my "special" daughter to a NHL game with the crowds. It was even crazier having her meet coworkers and people I have reffed over the years. All that aside, it was fun to get out and see an NHL game again. I think I still prefer a CHL game or some other minor league, but again it was fun.

*UPDATE: I forgot to mention our meal at the game. You can't go to the game with out sampling some foods from the arena. Hot dogs were the main coarse with a side of peanuts in the shell. Now, when we ordered our meal, the man behind the counter told me. "We keep our nuts in a warming tray so they're warm. If you trust our warm nuts I'll get you a bag." How could I resist? I said. "Yes, I love warm nuts, please hand me a nice warm nut sack." I had to share that story.*

In pictures, here's our night. Hope you enjoy and here's a link to my actual blog of random nonsense and hockey debacles.



Outside the AAC. It is a beautiful arena.


Ah, the Zamboni, it used to be my other car. Well, for about 15 years it was.


The finished picture with with color and a star.


Slightly better but I love the tall linesman on the end. He's freaking huge, he's a freak. He has to maintain a 4 foot space between his shorter officials.


This seems a little ridiculous. It doesn't even clean the ice. This should go on my stupid car stuff blog post.


Here's the munchkin with her Mike Ribeiro bobble head doll. It was free which is why I allowed it. Seriously, the guy was chased out of Montreal. Whatever.


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