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Why We Love the Game



blog-0313194001343939394.jpgIn the middle of a boring offseason that has been on "pause" since Parise and Suter signed in the State of Hockey, I figured I would write about a fun topic today. From time to time I find myself bored surfing youtube looking for old hockey clips. I often land on the the Drury tying goal in Game 5 of the 2007 ECQF against the Rangers, Pominville's 2006 series clincher against Ottawa, Briere's game one winner against the Flyers in 06, Parise's tying goal in the olympics, and Patrick Kane's nasty shootout goal this year against Minnesota to name a few. By the way am I the only one who laughs and says "wow" when I watch that Kaner shootout move every time?

Anyways the point of this blog is to rack up the comments, because I am turning this blog to you the reader. I want to know you favorite NHL game/moment/memory. I'll share my two:

As a Buffalo sports fan I have certainly had my ups and downs. I landed on two moments, the first was game 5 of the 2007-08 ECQF against the Rangers. I remember this game like it was yesterday. I was in the building in section 313 row 13 seat 2, my usual season ticket spot for that season. The entire game Miller and Lundqvist stood on their heads. Then with less then 10 minutes left in the thrid Martin Straka came down and beat Miller with a shot high glove that when out of the net as fast as it went in. The Rangers were on their way to a 3-2 series lead going back to MSG until the Rangers iced it with 13.7 seconds left. The Rangers couldn't change and were stuck with Jagr's line on the ice. Buffalo wins the draw it goes behind the net and gets to Connolly at the point he takes a shot and it is blocked. The puck then finds Chris "Big Game" Drury off of the deflection and he puts the puck past an out of position Lundqvist and a defender attempting to play goal. That probably was the loudest I have ever heard a sports arean/stadium in my life. I instinctivley started to jump up and down and scream like a little 14 year old girl and almost throw my then girlfriend now fiance over my head. After the fastest intermission of my life where I finally just got my breathe back Max Afinogenov beat Lundqvist 5 hole from a point shot. Again the place explodes and I again almost throw the girlfriend over my head. To this day I still get goosebumps/shivers seeing this video....

My second favorite moment was Pominville's Game 5 shorthanded winner against Ottawa in the 06-07 ECQF. Pommer went right after Alfie and blew by him on the rush and again made Ray Emery look foolish burrying the series clincher and allowing RJ to drop the best line in Sabres history "Now do you believe?! Now do you believe?! These guys are good! Scary good!!". What a series that was! The 7-6 game one win and the game three OT win by Dumont. I miss that team!....

So now I turn it over to you share your favorite moments/games/memories.


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A few of my favorite moments. Primeau's goal after 5 OT's is the first play I thought of. The other two are favorites.

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Wow, this is tough. Just a couple...

- Back-to-back Stanley Cup wins in the early 90's.

- Kasparaitis laying out Lindros.

- Crosby's return against the Isles.

- Lemieux goal against the North Stars.

- Lemieux's return against the Leafs.

- Pietrangelo with "The Save".

- Game 6, 2009 playoffs. Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia.

- 2009 Stanley Cup win.

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