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Why the Optimism?

It's a Canadian Game


When Will the Lockout End?  

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  1. 1. Do you think the lockout will be resolved in time for the Winter Classic?

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blog-0135576001350116800.jpgThis past Thursday was supposed to mark the start to the 2012-2013 season, but of course thanks to the lockout we wait until a deal is reached. Now in the past few weeks some players have voiced their optimism of a new deal coming together before the entire season is wiped out, while others continue to believe there is no deal in sight. So, why is this?

Sidney Crosby this week was one of the few players who made it clear that he thinks the entire season won't be lost. Crosby stated, "I can't see it getting to that point, I really can't. It hasn't even crossed my mind to be honest with you. I think, if anything, my thoughts are more just about whether the NHL has a date in mind (for the season to start) and just when they're actually going to start negotiating." Crosby believes that the fact that both sides have been meeting together and that negotiations are taking place means that they are getting somewhere.

Wayne Gretzky is another who has voiced his optimism that a new deal will be made before the season's projected end. Gretzky believes that the real timeline to get a deal done is the Winter Classic. The Winter Classic this year is scheduled to be between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings on New Year's Day.


Wayne Gretzky interview about the lockout

The Winter Classic has been pointed out as a date of interest partially because of the huge profits the game brings and with this year's scheduled to be the biggest so far the NHL would be stupid to let this opportunity slip them by. The game between the Leafs and Wings is scheduled at Michigan Stadium where the record for the most people at a hockey game was set in 2010. The plan for this game is to try and break the record of over 104,000 people by hoping to get close to 115,000 fans in the stands and with a wait list for tickets already in effect that doesn't seem to be a problem. Tickets for the game have been priced between $79 and $279 so NHL is looking to make anywhere between $9,000,000 and 33,000,000 on ticket sales alone.

A preview of HBO: 24/7 from 2011 featuring the Flyers and Rangers

Now although, both sides have been meeting including two more meetings this past Wednesday and Thursday, it seems that, like we've heard so many times since the lockout began, both sides are no closer to a deal than when the lockout began. This week neither the NHL nor the NHLPA brought any new proposals to the table, solidifying the belief that no solution to the lockout is close.

Now for those hoping to stick by Crosby's comments, take them with a grain of rice because it was Crosby who said during the summer that the fans need not worry about an NHL lockout coming into affect.

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Crosby's statements are posturing, that is about all the players can do. Eventually the players have to present ownership with a deal that they will accept. And until they do that the lockout will continue.

What is encouraging imo is both sides are talking. I believe the owners do have a deadline in mind to get a deal done, but will the players actually present an acceptable deal to the owners? To me that is the question, for I feel the players are more than willing to take off the season.

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