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Top 10 NHL Teams to Watch on Television




Watching hockey is a nightly ritual for many hockey fans. But, lets face it some teams are more fun to watch than others. There are many reasons that make some teams more enjoyable to watch. It might be how fast and exciting they are, or how bad they may be. Hockey is an amazing sport to watch live, but for many fans the television is where they get their hockey fix. Here are the top 10 teams I look forward to watching on television.

10 – Toronto Maple Leafs – The Leafs are that team that you can’t turn off when you turn them on. They are exciting because the play is often sloppy, and you’re not sure what will happen next. It will be interesting to see what Brendan Shanahan will do to resurrect this team.

9 – Calgary Flames – The Flames are fun to watch because of their high energy. Now that has gone away a bit, but one is not sure what Flames team will show up. The fact that Johnny Gaudreau is on the team makes them fun to watch. He is one of the most electrifying players in the league, and a pleasure to watch. They are extremely hardworking team, and with young talent such as Sean Monohan, and Sam Bennett, how can you not want to watch this team.


8 – Anaheim Ducks – Lets face it the Ducks are one of the biggest, strongest teams in the NHL. They are a powerful team, and it is always fun to watch how NHL teams work to fend off their strength.

7 – Winnipeg Jets – Much like the Ducks the Jets are fun to watch because they are built under the same mold. They are big and strong, they work hard every night to overpower their opponent. They are also a small market team and underdog. They play in the wildest arena in the NHL, and everyone enjoys watching the underdog win.

6 – Washington Capitals – The great 8 makes the Capitals a must watch. Washington is a strong Stanley Cup contender this year, and a very upbeat speedy team to watch. Goaltending by Brayden Holtby, and goal scoring by Alexander Ovechkin make the Capitals very exciting.

5 – St. Louis Blues – It is kind of confusing to explain why the Blues are a fun team to watch. They feature on of the leagues most dynamic players in Vladimir Tarasenko, but also seem to struggle defensively. They are one of the best regular season teams to watch, but find a way to lose in the first round of the playoffs.

4 – Tampa Bay Lightning – Young, speedy and offensively gifted pretty much sums up the Lighting. A slow start this season has fans worried, but this a solid team both offensively and defensively. Victor Hedman and Jason Garrison highlight the defense, and superstar Steven Stamkos, Ondrej Palat, and Tyler Johnson dazzle on offense.

3 – Edmonton Oilers – The Oilers are great to watch because they are like playing the lottery. You feel like you are going to win millions, but just don’t seem to cash in. This is much like the Oilers. With a handful of #1 overall picks you would think the Oilers would be powerhouse. Well not so fast. Fans have been waiting three years for the Oilers to breakout, but that just has not happened. A poor defensive core, and lackluster goaltending has limited the Oilers success. Sadly the fact that their defense is so bad makes them super entertaining. Games are fast paced, and the chances are a plenty.

2 – Arizona Coyotes – Rookies are fun to watch. A team that last year I refused to watch this year I find myself looking forward to their games. Max Domi and Anthony Duclair have taken the league by storm. The rookies have been lighting the lamp, and veteran goaltender Mike Smith has found his game again. This has resulted in an upbeat style of play, and some very entertaining games.

1 – Dallas Stars – # 1 they are good. Really good! The Dallas Stars lead the powerful Central Division, and Western Conference in points. Forward Jamie Benn leads the league in goals with 17, and the team is full of scoring depth to help him. The Stars have three players in the top ten in points. Jamie Benn (33), Tyler Seguin (32), and John Klingberg (25). This is one powerful offense. Defensively they are better this year than last year, but not great. Goaltending continues to be a little shaky. Games have a tendency to be high scoring, back and forth affairs that will promise to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the game.

Now sit back, give a few teams that you normally don’t watch a chance, and enjoy the game.


* Photo by USAToday Sports Images


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Good list.

Not so sure I agree with Toronto and St. Louis on there though.


Leafs ARE bad, but really, I would not recommend watching garbage hockey (the kind they seem to play more often than not) to anyone who wants to enjoy the game.

I get the whole "they are so bad, they are fun to watch" type schtick, but frankly, I could think of other teams who are bad, but more fun to watch due to the talent and potential to turn things around...such as Buffalo and the Colorado Avalanche.


Blues? Bunch of big bodied, slow moving lane cloggers. Outside of a few players, this team just plods along for the most part. And if they find themselves against a really fast skating team, they look almost out of place on an NHL ice sheet.


Yes, they win, but they do so IN SPITE of the plodding ways...guys like Tarasenko don't fit that description, but most of the rest of the team DOES....hence why they find ways to lose in the post season....


So yea, I'd take out Toronto and St. Louis and put in  Buffalo (or even Florida) and Colorado in their place.

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I agree with you.  Toronto is probably marginal, and I do agree with the entertainment perspective you have with St. Louis ---- you nailed it.  I agree on Florida, and even Buffalo.  Colorado is sloppy and I don't see a lot of entertainment factor other than MacKinnon, and Duchene.  I have had some second thoughts on not having Chicago.  They are good and entertaining.  Just maybe a little sick of watching them, but that is not fair to them.  Thanks for your input....

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