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All #GivingTuesday Funds Will be Donated To Help Hockey Family





Mick Deaver is a 17 year old teenager whose one love is playing hockey.  Mick was living in Boston and living out his dream and hopefully continuing on after he graduated from high school.

On Friday, November 18, 2016 Mick was playing hockey for the Boston Bandits-Elite on the road in New Jersey with his parents, Shawn and Jennifer, watching the game streaming online. As Mick turned, to change directions, he lost the edge on one of his skates. On his way to the ice, there was a player traveling the opposite direction and Mick's head came in contact (collided) with the other player's knee. The collision caused serious injury to Mick's spine.

Mick was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and is currently in pediatric ICU.  Mick has damage to the C5 vertebrate.    As of today (11/21), Mick has feeling in his lower extremities, but cannot move his legs or feet.  He is able to move his upper arms.  He is conscious and able to speak.  Mick had surgery Sunday morning, and is scheduled to have a second surgery on Tuesday.  

Mick is expected to be at the New Jersey hospital at least four weeks before he will be transported.  It is too early to know what feeling and movement he will regain at this time but all are hopeful that Mick makes a full recovery.  


There is no doubt the Deaver family will experience much stress as the holidays approach.  The Mick's family was together in New Jersey for Thanksgiving.  His mom Jennifer and sister Mary will head back to Columbia this week while Shawn will stay with Mick until he’s ready to come home.  The hospital has provided housing for Shawn and Jennifer at the local Ronald McDonald house.

Undoubtedly, the physical, emotional, and financial stress will be a huge burden.  The Play It Forward Foundation will donate 100% of all proceeds raised from our #GivingTuesday Campaign which runs now through this Tuesday 11/29. Our thoughts and prayers will remain with Mick and his family during this time and hope he has a speedy recovery. 


If you wish to make a donation to help Mick and his family click here


We also will be at the Flyers game tomorrow so stop by our concourse table set up by section 118 if you happen to be at the game.


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