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Bruins/Caps 4/18/21

Brewin Flames

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Ignoring the results of gimmicks (3-on-3 OTs and shootouts), the Capitals are a dismal 0 wins, 5 losses, and 2 draws against The Bruins this season.

I gather that Zdeno Chara is not scaring his old mates a bit.


As far as odd-man breaks, when it is the Caps, they often look like an NBA point guard driving pell-mell down the middle but without good vision, or plan, or enough savvy, to make an effective decision.


I think it was the 5-3 Bruins goal where their 2-on-1 became a 3-on-2 where Carlson (who was with the 3rd attacker) went straight to net right next to the other defender and the goalie, all now close together, allowing that 3rd attacker a wide open shot for the goal.


If Washington draws Boston in the first round, feggedaboudit...

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Can’t bloody spell Zdeno
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