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Bruins/Caps Game # 2 5/17/21

Brewin Flames

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Jack Edwards going nuts reminds me of the deep indignation and dislike my father-in-law feels towards the Finnish sports commentator Antero Mertaranta:



"Now you may cry, now you may shout aloud!", he yells breaking every old rule of how a Finnish man should behave.


I wish the North American commentators would adopt Mertaranta style (my father-in-law doesn't watch the NHL, so he wouldn't mind 😅). I would love to hear Edwards go berserk with a totally broken voice 😄


He clearly has the potential to do it:



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I love Jack's knowledge and enthusiasm he has for the game, but what makes me dislike him, is his blatant and obvious homerism towards the bruins. I know he works for and gets paid by nesn, but he could call the games with alot less bias...



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