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Filmmaker Looking for Great Hockey/People Stories

Eric Dennis

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Hi All,


New to the forum. I'm a avid hockey player and grew up in San Jose (Go Sharks!). Living in Denver and the video production company I co-founded with two other guys who are also avid hockey players (Rangers and Avalanche fans) are looking for a great story to make into a short film/doc. This story can be a small town rink or a player grinding to get his shot, a peewee coach any story worth telling. Just need the help finding those people and connecting.

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To All,


Feel free to PM the OP with any stories you might want to share with him.  Do not share personal information within the context of this thread as it goes against our guidelines. 


Hence the reason I am requesting that if you want to help out the OP that you do so via a Private Message (PM).

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