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Mock Draft

Buffalo Rick

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From YouTuber


9.  Joakim Kemell   Finnish forward that shoots the puck oftent.

16.   Danilla Yurov   Russian forward

28.  Filip Mesar   Finnish winger


all Euro's ?


Hockey Guy.  Guess who's jersey he wore doing his mock draft?   Yes.  The Sabres gold Buffalo jersey.  He has Montreal picking Wright as does the other guy.  They both agree on Devils pick also.  Slafkovsky.  He differs with other guy and has Flyers picking  center.  Matthew Sauoie?  

Now with Buffalo he is in agreement with the other guy.   Joakiin Kemell.  So we shall see.  

I think Hockey Guy has the jersey of the Sabres goalie way way back who was lucky he was not killed in that incident where the skate sliced his throat open.  Remember that?   Malachuck?  Something like that. It was scary.  I think it was the 80s


Oh boy.  Hockey Guy has our 16 as Conor Geekie?   C?  So he is not in agreement with Mr YouTuber

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