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Eric Staal Returning to NHL (59 Goals Shy of 500)


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11 hours ago, Villella McMeans said:

Another preseason game and no Stall brothers at all...I'm thinking next game they have to be in lineup together finally...

Lol.  If they didn't play Eric against Carolina, I'm not sure why he'd be dressed against TB.  I'm guessing they're realizing that Eric just doesn't deserve a contract at this point.  And, on top of that, they're probably regretting even signing Marc to a roster spot.  They both need to pack it up and call it a career.  This isn't the league of gifts that aren't deserved, even with GMs like Fletcher giving washed up vets or 30+ career AHL players gift contracts.

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7 hours ago, NHL HHOF said:

Panthers Can Still Get Something From Veteran Eric Staal on PTO


Written on Sept. 9th.   Before Staal played in 4 preseason games for them, providing almost nothing to them in about 14 mins ATOI.  Winning 9 of 35 draws.  No points with 8 shots.


What Ganzi did get just about right in the article:

"However, getting him a new deal might be a bit of trouble, considering the Panthers are currently over 3.3 million over the cap."(3.27 to be accurate)

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22 hours ago, NHL HHOF said:

No reports on why beforehand.

No reports needed.  He's still on his PTO status and hasn't even been given a contract.  He won't be able to appear in a regular season game unless that happens.  No reports necessary.  He simply needs to retire.

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12 hours ago, NHL HHOF said:

Eric Staal played his first game of the season tonight.

Was absolutely invisible in his 10:37 of ice time, and won 69.2% of his draws against the team that's now 3rd to last in the league in draws...

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15 hours ago, NHL HHOF said:

Eric Staal gets his 600th career assist!


Actually, not yet!


This is Eric Staal's 18th NHL season. It would have been his 20th if it had not been for the 2004-2005 NHL Lockout, and him not being signed by any NHL team for the 2021-2022 season. He also played in three shortened seasons - the 2012-2013 lockout, and 2-COVID seasons - 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. Eric Staal would have had 500 NHL goals by now.  Steven Stamkos, Evgeni Malkin, and Patrick Kane will become the 47th, 48th, and 49th members of the NHL 500+ goals club. After that, it is unknown who will become the 50th member of the NHL 500+ goals club. We will be waiting another 5 to 6 seasons to find out, if Eric Staal does not grab that # 50 spot. Eric Staal should play for two or three more seasons after this one, to make up for what he lost because of lockouts and covid, and get that 500th goal! It's time for the Hockey News Magazine to do a special commemorative issue for the 50 members of the NHL 500+ goals club. Ranking them based on their talent, not on their goals, and let's see how much different the list will look. Ovechkin would also have to pass Gretzky before that issue is published!

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