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Flyers expected to tank and unload looking at much better cap friendly season next year

Buffalo Rick

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This is not from me.  I heard about this from some big time mainstream hockey guys on YouTube that say the Flyers may be tanking this year and unloading some guys they want to get rid of.  Next year they are supposed to be set up far better in the Cap dept.   I hear like millions to the good next year. Ill make a friendly wager that my Sabres finish with a better record than  Flyers as they did last year.  I am really hoping we can compete for the 7 or 8 seed but I know it will be tough.  I am not completely sold on Ottawa as one that will be in our way.  I am expecting the Bruins and Capitals to take major regressions.  And the Islanders and Rangers you can book a spot for.  The Isles wont have to play like 15 in a row on the road and dig themselves a hole they cant escape from.  We know the Rangers are good, and expect them to be even better.  The only thing I do not like in Buffalo right now is the coach's decision to even have Comry or Anderson play any number of games.  Obviously Anderson is the better of the two bums.  I would give Luukenen his shot. He was not bad last year.  Now they have Powers and Lawrence Pilut who I love is back. They have a good blue line, so the goaltending is the huge issue.   As for the Stanley Cup predictions they made, they were trying to find value.  And the value in the East is the Rangers and Panthers and in the West, its none other than my 2nd fav team, the St Louis Blues.  Colorado are the clear favorite and should be.  They will be a very tough out.  Edmonton is getting respect of course. And Calgary are another value play.  I am not as high on them as I once was.  But I need to see if they are any different in their lineup.  

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