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Sabres overcome hot young goalie to down Hawks

Buffalo Rick

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After one period the Sabres held a 16-5 shot advantage and it was a 1-1 tie.  Anyone that thinks Chicago deserved to win this game is wrong. The Sabres  skated circles around them yet trailed 3-1 with 8 minutes left and then Tage Thomson decided he had enough of them.  Yes, the guy that they paid the big bucks to. This time they got it right as far as Thompson is concerned.  That kid is a real player and is a force in this league now. Get used to hearing his name. He is the real deal.  Olofsson is too as a goal scorer, sniper.  His OT winner was a beautiful blast by the young goalie who was playing his first start in the NHL on the road. Up next, Red Wings.  Yes Tuch may be as big a name as Thompson but Tuch had no problem having Thompson lead this crash and bang comeback.  I will never understand Patrick Kane. Would rather play out his days on a team like the Hawks have now?   When he could have perhaps asked to come home to Buffalo?  Its never happening I know  And now, I would not want him.  Maybe two years ago, when Eichel was still here. So when we do play Jack it might be a hell of a game?  Vegas is probably the favorite in the West right now along with Edmonton.  As the Blues have been bad the last few games and I wonder if their coach is in trouble?  Calgary has also come back to Earth.  The Sabres good start is still good. The loss to an underated Kracken team and the tough loss to Montreal being the only two games that were not so good. The Kracken game is the only one they really did not show up in.  They deserved a better outcome vs Montreal and they will get their payback later on with them.  Now i hope they beat the Red Wings on Monday

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