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Sabres end much improved season by disposing of Blue Jackets

Buffalo Rick

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No Tage Thomson yet they still won.  Last visit here was a 9-4 Sabres win with Thompson scoring at least 4 as I remember.  So they win 42.  9 Games above 500 and the garbage Islanders squeezed by us.  If only Adams had realized he needed a netminder far earlier. Now they have Levi. I wonder what he will do with Luukenen?  I think if worst comes to worst, he is ok as the backup but I would prefer a battle tested veteran.  As for who is moved?  Not sure how much Okposo has left?  But Greenway and Stillman are head scratchers to me.  The guy is 6'6" or 6'8"?  I forget which.  But he does not play like it that often.  His highlight was that one handed goal he scored.  I just cant see him landing a spot on a young talented team but we do need  guys like this that are big and gritty to go with the speedy skilled guys.  Its hard to say what Adams does with him and Stillman. As for Stillman?  I really have no idea. But he is not Dahlin or Power.  Has not the skill to get points on a consistent basis. Samuelson is a keeper. I never thought Id say this but maybe Jokuharu stays?  I am not sure if they  are even in the draft lottery?  For now i move on to follow my Orioles.  6 months until the Sabres play again.  I expect this team to be better next year as the young guys here should do well.  Guys like Jack Quinn and Paterka and Owen Power.  I am really not sure where Olofsson fits in?  I think he was a bit of a disappointment. More was expected of him. Have to be delighted with the line of Thompson, Tuch and Skinner.  All three had great seasons.  Only injury kept Thompson from scoring 50.  And Tuch and Skinner are in the mid 30's.  Not bad. Cozens proved his worth as did Quinn and Paterka. Adams has work to do.

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