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Avalanche preview are they still legit cup contenders?


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LAST SEASON 51-24-7 109 POINTS edged out the Stars by a point to win the division. Upset by the Kraken in first round. plus 54 goal differential


ADDITIONS Tatar just added as middle six depth. Johansson came aboard to be the 2C. Ross Colton is new 3rd liner with grit. Wood is a new net front presence. Drouin will fit in somewhere among the forwards.


SUBTRACTIONS longtime defender Erik Johnson is gone. Evan Rodgrigues and JT Compher both left as free agents. Newhook was traded for a first and third to the Habs.


ROOKIES Jean Luc Foudy was good in the AHL and will fight for and likely win a middle six role, he can play any forward position. Justin Annunen is blocked in net. but has a nice future. A couple of decdent winger prospects in Olausson and Ranta could play if their are injuries.


CAN THEY STILL WIN THE CUP? Maaybe. Landeskog is out long term but GM McFarland said two days ago he is doing amazing in his recovery from multiple knee surgeries and not to rule out a late season and postseason return. I do like the additions, I think they got a massive haul for Newhook who has settled into a 30 point a year role and even if he bumps it up to 50, getting a first and third was a steal. Johansson has a higher ceiling that Compher but also a lower floor, Tatar is basically Rodrigues, Wood brings a physical element they lost when Kadri went away, same with Colton. If those two can play their game and contribute 30 goals between them the Lanche will be able to role three lines that can score.


  Lots of ifs, but i love the core. MacKinnon is on the short list of who is the second best player in the game, Makar joins the same conversation. Rantanen is a pure goal scorer, Georgiev had a fantastic season. 


  A lot has to go right, but imho the Avalanche still have a window open. I think Dallas wins the Division, Colorado comes in second and loses in the second round to the Stars but this is still a very good team and a very smart organization. 

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