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Avalanche 2024 year in review

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PRESEASON OUTLOOK pretty much everyone has them on the short list of teams capable of winning the cup. An elite team.


FINAL RECORD 50-27-5 105 points 3rd in Central. Made quick work of the Jets in 5, lost in six games to the Stars.


STRANGE STAT OF THE YEAR  What a homer!! Colorado had a brilliant home record, best in all of Hockey going 31-9-1. However, on the road they limped in badly at 19-16-6. They had the 14th best road record. Out of all home point leaders, this is the biggest difference in over 20 years.


HIGH POINT OF THE YEAR They started on fire, winning their first six games to establish themselves as a force. But March was very kind as well as they won eight straight, Rantanen was insanely good during that time, outscoring opponents 42-18 during that stretch.


LOW POINT OF THE YEAR The stretch drive was disappointing. Over their last 11 games, they never won more than one in a row, when they won they usually pummeled opponents but when they lost 4-1, 6-2, 7-4 and 7-0. At a time when you wanted them to peak they stumbled and bumbled down the stretch. 

  But the low point was when Nichushkin left the team for drug and alcohol treatment in the postseason. The team was banged up and being outclassed and outplayed by Dallas and they desperately needed him. He failed the team, the next day their season was over.


WHAT WENT RIGHT MacKinnon is a Hockey God, period, scoring 51 goals and 140 points. Rantanen had 42 goals and 104 points, Makar had 90 points and is the best offensive defenseman in all of Hockey. Nichushkin had 28 goals and 9 in the postseason. Drouin was surprisingly good, Ross Colton did a very fine job. Toews was brilliant, Manson was solid. Georgiev and Annunen were damn solid. Lehkonen was injured but scored very well when he played.


WHAT WENT WRONG Zero and i mean ZERO secondary scoring. They were froced to deal Byram to Buffalo for Mittlestadt who did very little post trade to justify. Ryan Johansen wore out his welcome and was ran out of town. Wood didnt do much, neither did Girard. Cogliano, Jacvk Johnson and Parise have absolutely hit the wall. Georgiev won 38 games but had a poor goals against of 3.02. Other than the top line the Lanche ran a very high 37 total players onto the ice and never found any secondary scoring. at all. Landeskog never was able to play. again.


FREE AGENTS Drouin is an UFA who tehy want back. They have lots, Trenin, Kiviranta, Sean Walker, a bunch of old guys who they probably wont return. They also have Mittlestadt who didnt do much but is a RFA who will certainly want term and money as the 2C. 

  They do have their first but no 2nd or 3rd and next year they have already traded their first three picks.


TOP PROSPECTS Sam Melinski is a bit overaged at 25 but looked good in a brief look on the back end. They like Jean Luc Foudy as a potential scoring winger but i think at best he is a third liner, tops. Oskar Olaussen is a decent third line prospect. Center 
Ivan Ivan is a decent 4th line prospect.  Lots of bodies, nothing to jump up and down over.


OFFSEASON QUESTION First it begins with Georgiev. He is on the final year of a sweetheart 3.7 million per, do you extend him or was his up and down season enough to cause serious pause. What the Hell do you do with Landeskog who has years remaining at 7 million per? How the Hell do you find secondary scoring? Nichuschkin should be ridden out of town on a rail but he has 4 years at 6.5 million per and they have to keep him and hope for the best. Would you trade Toews for a scorer? Rumor is they are entertaining the idea, which would leave Makar exposed by dealing his partner. 

  They went from in their prime to a bit older, they are an intersting team to watch this offseason.

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